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Ivermectin Given A Fair Hearing to Treat Covid
by Nancy Thorner

In a report published by Liberty Counsel on Sept. 14, 2021, Ivermectin: Scare Tactics Unfounded, the report begins as follows: "The media is attempting to paint a picture in our minds that ivermectin is a “horse wormer” and isn’t for human consumption. There are in fact two different forms of ivermectin. One is for livestock and the other is for human beings. As for safety, over 4 billion doses have been given to human patients since 1998.”

“In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases for six decades prior, honored the discovery of ivermectin, a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since it came on the market, it has been used off-label for other diseases and conditions such as Systemic Lupus and Papulopustular Rosacea. In 2018, a patent was filed to treat certain autoimmune disorders.”

Said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver: “The FDA, CDC, Fauci and Biden are deceiving the American people in support of Big Pharma. We need open and honest dialogue, not propaganda sponsored and directed by Big Pharma. The censorship and misinformation must end. ivermectin has been proven time and time again to be a viable option in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.”

According to Christopher G. Adamo, Attacks on Ivermectin and HCQ Are Textbook 'Alinsky': "Ivermectin has surfaced and is showing great promise in treating Covid cases. Much like HCQ, Ivermectin is time tested, widely available, and safe/easy to use. It is also establishing a strong track record of success against the virus. So, of course. the leftists are once again on the attack!

“Derisive reports of Ivermectin, universally mocking it as “horse medicine” have been far too extensive, immediate, and universal to not be orchestrated and agenda driven. When the entire leftist Fake News world uses the exact same phraseology, it is clear that somebody has delivered them talking points which they parrot mindlessly and dutifully. And, of course, their premise is as baseless as it is contemptible.”

“If Ivermectin can be derided as “horse medicine” then so can penicillin and a host of other medications that are well known for their healing powers in humans, but have also been widely administered by veterinarians to treat their feline, canine, and equine patients. And in the case of Ivermectin, its incredible benefits to humanity in fighting infectious diseases resulted in it receiving the Nobel Prize in 2015. It was the first pharmaceutical to be awarded on that basis since 1952! Somehow, this is something the leftist Fake News crowd never mentions."

As to the Nobel Prize in 2015, "The Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls."

"During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments.”

As Wayne Allyn Root, indicated in his article of September 5, 2021, Important: The Government and CDC Are Lying About Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin. The Question is Why?, Using results in Israel, Wayne Allyn Root refutes the US government and CDC’s arguments that the vaccine is our only chance to survive and that people are hospitalized and dying with Covid because they are unvaccinated.

Michalle Malkin had to say about ivermectin in her article of September 1, 2021, Ivermectin: Horse Hockey Versus Truth:

First things first: The government and corporate media’s repeated description of ivermectin in headline after headline as a “horse de-wormer” is pure propaganda. Yes, it is used as an anti-parasitic for animals. But ivermectin has been used to treat humans for parasitic infections for more than three decades.

Billions of humans around the world have taken ivermectin (approved by the FDA and considered an “essential medicine” by the World Health Organization) under mass distribution programs to eradicate onchocerciasis (river blindness) and other tropical diseases. Ivermectin has also been shown to inhibit a broad range of viruses in laboratory studies, including HIV, influenza, West Nile virus and other RNA viruses. In 2018, more than 130,000 patients in the U.S. were prescribed the drug. It is a human drug, no matter how many times the mad cows in the media try to fear-monger you into believing otherwise.

Effectiveness of Ivermectin

"For COVID-19, no vaccine, treatment or other intervention is 100% available and effective for all existing and future variants. Every practical, effective, and safe means should be used to mitigate COVID-19."

“Ivermectin (IVM) when combined with other medications and supplements is significantly effective for treatment of COVID-19 ... including "breakthrough" disease for those vaccinated and for those with natural immunity from previous disease.”

​Follow the scientific medical evidence here: ​​and

​"​Due to its particular mechanisms of action, Ivermectin is effective against variants of SAR-CoV-2."

“Ivermectin is well-tolerated by and very safe for humans."

“Ivermectin for COVID-19 is effective and has been given to us on a silver platter. It can completely change the history of this disease. Ivermectin is one of the safest medicines you can give a human being. It has been in use for 40 years and is on WHO’s list of essential medications.” Dr. Paul Marik, MD, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School."

“Ivermectin works. I’ve seen that in my patients. Ivermectin can really be the game-changer against COVID-19. It’s safe, it’s cheap and it works.” Dr. Alessandro Santin, MD, Yale School of Medicine." Quotes from link ends here.

More positive information about the use of ivermectin for Covid treatment can be found here by Barnhardt:

"Ivermectin is one of the most important drugs ever discovered, along with penicillin and aspirin, for human use and health. It is an anti-parasitic, but the events surrounding the Covid-19 crime against humanity have revealed that Ivermectin has stunning antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that have been described as “borderline miraculous” in treating viral pneumonia, and as a broad-spectrum prophylactic against cold and flu viruses."

In another post, Barnhardt has a map of Africa that shows the immense difference between Covid death between those countries that dispense ivermectin and those that don't.

“Part of that difference could be due to the use anti-malaria drugs like hydroxychloroquine but in any case, there's no money in either one for Big Pharma, so another inconvenient fact buried by the media and their Silicon Valley allies.”

Why the push to end prescribing, dispensing and use of ivermectin?

The anti-Ivermectin studies were funded by the notoriously corrupt FTX cryptocurrency exchange.[1]

The American Medical Association (AMA), The American Pharmacists Association (APhA), and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) have called for an immediate end to prescribing, dispensing, and use of ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19 outside clinical trials.

"There are currently at least 104 studies with 66 being peer-reviewed as of August 7, 2021, showing that Ivermectin is not only the silver-bullet treatment for COVID-19, but is also a highly-effective prophylaxis against COVID-19."

"The FDA lied about ivermectin saying it was dangerous and even lethal when in fact it was the cure for COVID. Instead Fauci’s Remdesivir and Regeneron was used for 10 months in 2020. It did not save lives, Remdesivir actually caused kidney failure.

According to Professor Eli Schwartz, the founder of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Disease at Sheba, "a drug called Ivermectin can be used to help reduce the length of coronavirus."

"The drug is also extremely economical. A study published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Therapeutics showed that the cost of ivermectin for other treatments in Bangladesh is around $0.60 to $1.80 for a five-day course. It costs up to $10 a day in Israel”, Schwartz said.

Doctors in general, and pediatric doctors specifically, are being told by licensing boards & regulatory agencies tied to the political systems of healthcare – that medical providers board certification and licensing could be in jeopardy if they are found to be discussing negative vaccine outcomes and/or contradictory issues about COVID-19 treatment in non-private settings.”

This is why hospitals and doctors are refusing to provide Ivermectin, even to the point of defying lawsuits to prevent needless deaths.

Dr. Fauci himself has also spoken out against the drug. “Don’t do it,” he warned, according to “There’s no evidence whatsoever that it works and it could potentially have toxicity…with people who have gone to poison control centers because they’ve taken the drug at a ridiculous dose and wind up getting sick.”

Fauci added: “There’s no clinical evidence that indicates that this works.”

On public record

In January of 2021, a New York judge saved the life of an 80-year-old woman by ordering the hospital to give her ivermectin.

On September 5, 2021, a judge orders hospital to provide ivermectin to Covid 19 patient.

Rolling Stone Under Fire: Dr. Jason McElyea is supposed to have said that gunshot victims couldn’t get care due to people overdosing on ivermectin. Unfortunately, the hospital came out and stated “ NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose. All patients who have visited our emergency room have received medical attention as appropriate. Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care… and McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, “he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for our emergency room, (but). McElyea has not worked at our Sallisaw location in over 2 months.”

In typical leftist propagandist fashion, the Associated Press bogusly reported on August 23, 2021 that 70% of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center involved Ivermectin. When called out on their totally misleading story, the AP recanted. But while some presume this to be a “black eye” for the AP, the ruse ultimately worked. The amount of coverage given to the original alarmist rant vastly eclipses their quiet retraction.