Vaccine police

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The vaccine police are people who insist on mandatory vaccination or mandates which require vaccination for basic activities such as travel or attending school.

The vaccine police typically engage in fear-mongering about diseases which vaccines supposedly protect against. Many of these disease have not been seen in decades, or have not been serious illnesses for a half-century.

The vaccine police also distort history as a way of further advancing their agenda, as in claiming that:

  • FDR had polio (he did not)
  • the measles vaccines caused the sharp decline in mortality from the measles, when in fact that mortality had declined to nearly zero before the vaccine was even introduced[1]

The vaccine police disparage and underpublicize cheaper, safer ways to avoid contracting a disease, such as using hydroxychloroquine as preventive and early treatment for COVID-19, and simply adopting abstinence to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.