Flawed coronavirus studies

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Flawed coronavirus treatment studies are being promoted by Never-Trumpers, particularly as a way to disparage the effective treatment of hydroxychloroquine.

The three most prominent flaws in these flawed studies are:

  • a placebo is not used for the control group, and instead another treatment is used which might also be effective (such as doses of Vitamin C)
  • the patients studied are all very sick and thus unlikely to respond to any effective medication
  • the patients studied are all relatively healthy and thus likely to recover regardless of the effectiveness of medication

Reports of inclusive results with the use of hydroxychloroquine typically have one of the above design flaws, perhaps intentionally so by someone who cares most about defeating President Trump for reelection, or perceives his employer or funding source for the study to have that priority.

Lancet study

A widely publicized study published about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the Leftist Lancet medical journal in England suffered from at least three fundamental flaws:[1]

  • No reproducibility
  • No traceability of the data
  • No transparency of the review

The Lancet was further flawed in that it did not examine QT intervals, and it used high, toxic doses of HCQ. The study also failed to use zinc in combination with HCQ despite how that combination is widely publicized as the effective protocol.

Numerous critics of the Lancet article have picked it apart and debunked it.[2]