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A COVID Passport, sometimes referred to as a vaccine passport, Green Pass, e-passport, digital passport, or digital ID, is a system of population control through mass surveillance that allows individuals to work, travel, shop, eat or otherwise participate normally in society. The system is designed for an individual to prove their compliance with governmental mandates. Typically, the individual being controlled will be required to install a mobile application on their smartphone. Then when they attempt to participate in society, government officials or other gatekeepers will demand to see their "passport." This "passport" will consist of a QR code, which will be scanned by the authorities, giving them an instant declaration form the government as to whether or not that person may be allowed to proceed. The digital passport system came about as a result of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and global Build Back Better initiatives.

The Communist Party of China's social credit system is the prototype for digital IDs.

COVID passports have been criticized for creating a system of totalitarian control and medical apartheid.

Green Pass

As of 2021 in Europe, the vaccine checkpoint and registration processes known as the EU “Green Pass." was being tested. The “Green Pass” is a similar technological system that gives a vaccinated and registered citizen access to all the venues and locations previously locked down while the COVID-19 virus was being mitigated.


As of 2021 in Australia, citizens were required to have their physical location scanned via a QR code on their phone. These checkpoints were to assist in controlling the COVID spread and were used for contact tracing throughout the past two years. However, the checkpoints and gateway compliance scans also registered your physical location; the consequence was an increased ability for police and COVID compliance officers to catch people violating the COVID rules. Ex: If you checked in at the grocery store, they knew how far from home you are, and the police could figure out if you violated your one hour of time outside the home at the next checkpoint.

The result of all this compliance monitoring was thousands of fines, civil citations for violating COVID rules. Thousands of people given thousands of fines that would need to be paid. The enforcement actions to collect these fines from the State Penalty and Enforcement Register (SPER) are quite extreme. Citizens with outstanding tickets had their driver’s licenses suspended; bank accounts frozen and seized; homes and property confiscated, as well as business licenses suspended for outstanding citations.[1]


In May 2021, then Health Ministry Subsecretary from Sebastián Piñera's Government, Paula Daza, implemented the "mobility pass" (pase de movilidad). This document was given to people with two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, later it was upscaled to three doses and later on in the same year four doses were required, being one of the most drastic vaccines passports in the world. Gabriel Boric maintained the policy until October 1, 2022 for Continental Chile and it continues on Insular Chile (Easter Island).