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Gabriel Boric Font
Gabriel Boric Font (2018).jpg
Presidential Standard of Chile.png
President of Chile

From: March 11, 2022 – March 11, 2026
Predecessor Sebastián Piñera
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Coat of arms of Chile.png
Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, District 28 (Santiago)

From: March 11, 2018 – March 11, 2022
Predecessor Creation of the district
Successor Javiera Morales
Member of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, District 60 (Santiago)
From: March 11, 2014 – March 11, 2018
Predecessor Miodrag Marinović Solo de Zaldívar
Successor Dissolution of the district
President of the Federation of Students of the University of Chile
From: December 19, 2011 - November 28, 2012
Predecessor Camila Vallejo Dowling
Successor Andrés Fielbaum
Party Social Convergence
Religion Agnostic

Gabriel Boric Font (b. Punta Arenas February 11, 1986) also known as El Merluzo, El Mechero or El Cifras is a Chilean and self-described communist politician, current President of Chile, who was elected in Dec, 2021, at the age of 35 to serve between March 11, 2022, and March 11, 2026. He previously served as deputy from 2014 to 2022 and was a prominent student radical activist in the leftist mobilizations of 2011 which were about the nationalization of the education system in order to have a welfare state that provides 'free and quality education'.[1]

His coalition called Apruebo Dignidad is integrated by the parties: Social Convergence (Boric's Party), Democratic Revolution, Green Ecologist Party, Commune Party, Communist Party, Social Green Regionalist Federation.

He supported the writing of the progressive Constitution proposal that wanted to create a Plurinational State with the Indigenist idology and adopted the globalist 2030 Agenda from the United Nations, and after it was rejected by 62% of the Chilean People, he impossed (with the help of the center-right establishment) a new process to change the Constitution without making an entrance referendum. Boric is also an ally of the international communist São Paulo Forum.

During the 2019 Chilean October Marxist insurrection he was against the Chilean Armed Forces and supported the agreement of the 15 of November of the same year that made possible the Constitutional change process that was rejected years later, something that was viewed as too moderate by the far-left since the agreement was made with the center-right.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused him of supporting the burning of the metro stations in 2019 (by supporting the insurrection, he indirectly did).[2]


Sexual behavior

Boric was accused of being a sexual stalker in 2012. At that time, the complainant was an anthropology student, when he was president of the Student Federation of the University of Chile.[3]

The complaint was confirmed by the president of Social Convergence, Alondra Arellano, to the electronic newspaper El Líbero. She said that "without the consent of the victim" she would not refer to the events that occurred, when said media asked her for a tweet in which she declared that she was available to "initiate a procedure" regarding the behaviors attributed to her party's standard-bearer.

According to the publication, the leader E. Schneider, a transexual deputy, also confirmed on her Twitter account that the facts were "true." Another leader of the Boric community confirmed that after the fact was known, at least two cancelations were carried out against the flag bearer. One in Santiago, and another in Magallanes.

The events occurred in 2012 during coordination activities of the Voluntary Work team of the Federation of the University of Chile. The victim, Macarena Castañeda, is a feminist.

She consulted the deputy team for this situation, she sent the request to the National Directorate of Social Convergence, where they specified that "there are no submitted."[4][5]

He also said in an interview that had a 'teen exploration' kissing men.[6]

Boric probably had an affair with Giorgio Jackson as they both joked about "being vaccinated together" and Jackson responding "that happen in the past", the other leftist in the live said that probably he was incommoding Boric and Jackson romantic moment.[7] On Boric's Government jokes have being made of Giorgio being the "true first lady".

Support of Left-wing Terrorism

Main article: Left Wing Terrorism in Chile
Boric supporting Left Wing Terrorism with a T-shirt with dead Jaime Guzmán.

In November 2018, Gabriel Boric, along with deputy Maite Orsini, went to France, and visited Ricardo Palma Salamanca, a member of the terrorist left-wing group 'Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front', who was convicted for the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán in the 90s, and that he remains in asylum status in the European country.

The news generated controversy and criticism towards Boric, especially from the parliamentarians of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) and National Renewal (RN), who, through the Ethics Commission, announced sanctions against the deputies, risking a fine of 1,300,000 pesos.

Even so, Democratic Revolution (one of the main parties of his coalition), issued a statement that Boric and Orsini made the visit to Palma Salamanca under personal criteria and not on behalf of the coalition or their respective parties.

In December 2018, he was summoned by former deputy José Antonio Kast after taking a photograph in 2017 with a shirt that showed the image of Jaime Guzmán shot, later apologizing. In March 2019 he was sanctioned with a 5% discount on his diet for the Ethics and Transparency Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Theft in a supermarket

In January 2005, 19 years old Boric was caught by guards stealing alcohol at the "Líder" supermarket located on Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva Avenue in Punta Arenas. However, the case, led by prosecutor Juan Agustín Meléndez Duplaquet, was closed only a month later in February 2005. Because it was applied the "principle of opportunity".

The Public Defender's Office (DPP) explains on its website that the principle of opportunity is used when the prosecutor in charge decides not to proceed with the investigation because "the acts denounced do not seriously compromise the public interest and certain legal requirements regarding the penalty are met".

According to Rafael Corvalán Pazols, the judge who decided to close the case of simple theft against Boric, the complainants could express their intention to continue "with the criminal prosecution, having 10 days to do so", which was not done.

Boric gained the nickname "El Mechero"[8] which means "a person who commits petty theft from commercial premises. Usually shoplifting in supermarkets." in Chilean Spanish.[9]

Boric's mother, María Soledad Font, has been detained twice at the same supermarket in Punta Arenas,[10][11] which is located 13 minutes by car from the family home. Boric's mother's first theft occurred in October 2013, when, according to the complaint, she stole products valued at $37 thousand pesos. The second time, in 2016, the theft was only $8 thousand pesos, but being a repeat offender, María Soledad Font was forbidden to go near the Líder supermarket in Punta Arenas for at least one year and to pay a fine of $50 thousand pesos.[12][13]

Mental illnesses

Boric has obsessive–compulsive disorder.

2021 Election

Main article: Chile presidential election, 2021
Boric arguing with military personnel during the 2019 Marxist Insurrection.

In the 2021 Presidential Election, the final front-runners were the Republican José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric. Kast won the first round with a 27.91% of the votes (1,961,387 votes) and Boric obtained 25.82% (1,814,777 votes). But Kast lost the second round obtaining 44.13% (3,650,088 votes) against 55.87% (4,620,890 votes) from Boric. With this Chile ends an era of free-market oriented policies and Socialism retakes the government.

Earlier polls showed a very tight race.[1]

Boric promised a welfare state, ending with the private pension system (making pensions non-inheritable and transferring them to a common fund), increasing taxes, limiting the working hours to 40 per week and creating a public fund for health.[14]

After Boric won, he was asked: "how much weight will the Communist Party have in your government?"[15]

Using pop culture

Regardless of politics, he generated youngsters' leftists excitement, who couldn't care less about politics, through his professed being a fan of singer Taylor Swift.[16][17] What is called a "Swifty." Like Barack Obama, he knows how to use pop culture, including natiive masses.


Boric with the Presidential sash.

Indigenism and Marxism

See also: Indigenism

Boric's Government has been characterized for making symbolic changes in favor of progressivism. His ministers have used the separatist term Wallmapu supporting separatism in the South of Chile, and indirectly in Argentina, something that strained relations with the neighboring country, specially when the first international trip of a Chilean President is always there. The Minister of Interior, Izkia Siches made a manual for the media to use more the term, she apologized weeks later for the inconveniences that the use of the term made. Boric avoids wearing a tie and has paid tribute to Salvador Allende.

Boric at first refused to use the State of Exception (deploy the military in the zone of constant terrorism) in the South of Chile. This caused the truckers to go on strike. Later on, he implemented the State of Exception in the surrounding areas of the highways, but not the rural roads which suffer the most with the terrorist incendiary attacks.

Environmentalism and Globalism

The Government signed the globalist-environmentalist Escazú Agreement which the previous President refused to sign. Boric is a promoter of the anthropomorphic Climate Change idea and the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

In June 2022, Boric announced the closure of the "Ventanas" smelter (dependent of Codelco national copper company), the workers went to a strike of few days while the progressive left supported Boric's plan for being environmentalist. The strike was ended soon with an agreement.

When he was depute, he opposed the TPP treaty TPP, during his presidency, his coalition was divided on the topic, the center-left (from Bachelet's parties) wanted to approve the document while the harder left wanted to reject it (from the Broad Front parties). The Administration approved the document trying to add side-letters to it, something other countries didn't wanted to approve, like Canada (that had a progressive government at the moment).

Amnesty to criminals

The first measure taken by the government was to withdraw 139 complaints invoking the State Security Law regarding crimes that disturb public order for people detained within the riots caused during the Marxist insurrection of 2019. In a televised interview, Boric asserted that he hopes that the amnesty bill for them "comes to fruition" in the National Congress, describing this action as a "meeting and healing point" rather than impunity.

In December 2022, Boric pardoned 13 criminals causing controversy even on the center-left.[18][19] Half of the beneficiaries who were involved in the events related to the 2019 Leftist Insurrection -Juan Olguín, Bastían Campos, Jordano Santander, Brandon Rojas, Luis Castillo and Sebastián Montenegro- were sentenced for common crimes, in addition to the charges they faced in the cases for which they were pardoned by Boric. As for their arrests, there are repeated cases of robbery, theft, threats and drugs. Only one does not register anything prior to the insurrection.[20]

The controversy was not assumed by Boric and made the Justice minister responsible for it.[21]

Facilitating Terrorists grip

Iran, its Hezbollah and Quds Force intensified its presence since Boric's elections.[22]


His girlfriend, Irina Karamanos, refuses the title "First Lady" for being patriarchal arguing that she is not first nor lady.[23] The institution was renamed "Cabinet Irina Karamanos", something that was controversial.[24]

Gun control

Boric wants to make impossible to get a gun in Chile with a "total ban on gun ownership",[25] a country that doesn't have laws as the U.S. nor the culture of self-defense.[26]

Second Constitutional Referendum

On September 4, 2022, the second Constitutional referendum took place (the first one was in October 2020) in which the 'Rejection' option won with 61.86% of the votes against 38.14% of the 'Approve' option. The main difference with the first election was that the vote was obligatory in the second one and not the first one, having bigger participation of older generations which tend to vote conservative. After the triumph of the 'Rechazo', Gabriel Boric changed the cabinet of ministers of his government.[27][28] Even with the referendum being the end of the "Constitutional Process" as stipulated in the Article 142 of the Constitution, Boric insist on continuing with the change of the Constitution, without making a new referendum asking if the country wants to start a new process.[29]

Military Parade

General Vial watching Boric.

Boric was booed in the annual Military Parade on September 19 by the people of Chile, calling him Merluzo and Mamarracho.[30]

Tax Reform

In March 2023, the Congress rejected the Government's Tax Reform[31] which tried to increase taxes even more, even with votes from left-wing congress members such as Pamela Jiles and Viviana Delgado, the last one was from the Ecologist Green Party which left the coalition after the depute was disrespected by the Education Minister Marco Antonio Ávila.

Labour Reform

Boric's Government wants to decrease working hours from 45 to 40 per week, decreasing productivity in the country.[32]

Constitutional Convention 2023 election

Main article: Chile constitutional council election, 2023

In 2023 the political class of Chile restarted the "Constitutional Process" to change the constitution without asking the people on another referendum. An election was held to elect people to be in the Constitucional Convention of the illegitimate process. The conservative Republican Party of José Antonio Kast won 23 seats, and the center-right 11, having a right-wing majority. also, the "invalid vote" (Nulo, Voluntary refusal to choose a candidate by the citizenry in a mandatory election) was on the 3rd place, expressing that the people doesn't want this process, and having more votes than the center-right, center-left and the People's Party. This massive conservative win made the Republican Party the hegemon of the Chilean right-wing, had a record of Nulo votes and was a failure for the Gabriel Boric Government.[33][34][35][36][37]

Propaganda Against Pinochet

Main article: Military Government (Chile)#Smear campaign against the Military Government

During Gabriel Boric's Government, the 50th anniversary of the military intervention of 1973 happens, the government continues spreading propaganda against Augusto Pinochet repeating the leftist dogma of "systematic human rights violations", "a dark and terrible moment for Chileans", and reivindicates Salvador Allende.

Kidnapping and murder of a Venezuelan retired lieutenant by the Maduro regime in Chilean territory

The public security crisis facing Chile, with a new criminality and the deployment of transnational gangs, has a new black episode. A Venezuelan ex-military dissident, Ronald Ojeda, 32, a political refugee in Chile since 2018, was found dead after 10 days missing following his kidnapping. Prosecutors and police officers found him in a suitcase buried 1.4 meters under cement in an informal migrant slum in the commune of Maipú, in the western part of Santiago. He lived in Santiago with his wife and young child. A sister also lives in the city. With Ana Maria Sanhueza, last Friday night we tell the details of this brutal finding in this chronicle.

The Parliament has returned to session after the legislative recess and the Government of Gabriel Boric approached the halfway point of its mandate on March 11. And one of the main doubts that remain, as we wrote with Ana Maria, points to the motive that the criminals had to take Ojeda out of his house in his underwear in the early morning of February 21 and, finally, kill him. Was there a political motive given the dissident nature of the Venezuelan? It is a thread that has not been completely discarded, as this chronicle by Maolis Castro, where he reports the tensions from this case between the Chilean government and the ruling party and the dissidence in Caracas.

Of what there is no doubt: it was the Tren de Aragua, the Venezuelan criminal organization with presence in Chile about three years ago, which executed the murder. This is what I report in this text where it is informed that Ojeda's body had no bullets and that the cause of death was asphyxiation. In this piece by Antonia Laborde we tell the way in which this group has landed in Chile, the crimes it carries out most frequently and the attempts of the Prosecutor's Office and the police to dismantle it again and again.[38]

The Maduro Regime of Venezuela killed him using mercenaries.

Symbolic changes

Boric doesn't want to wear a tie to defy traditions, also during the first year of the government, his Interior Minister, Izkia Siches, used the Indigenist separatist term "Wallmapu" to describe the Araucanía Region.

Abortion and Euthanasia

In 2024 Public Account, Boric announced that his Administration was sending a law for the approval of Abortion without restrictions. Also he wants to give priority to the euthanasia law project.

Foreign policy

Views on Israel

Boric in support of the "Palestinian cause".

Boric showed anti-Jewish bigotry after he got a blessing gift from the Jewish community in 2019, though it was masked under "criticism of Israel" - totally unrelated.[39]

Chile is home to largest Arab Palestinian population outside the Middle East. Many Jews intented first to vote for his rival, right-wing: José Antonio Kast as Chile's Jews felt under ‘siege’ from anti-Israel sentiment.[40]

It's against this background that Christian Arab activist visited Chile in Apr/2022 to explain reality vs anti-Israel propaganda.[41][42][43] Even Hamas was occupied with this.[44] He has received the Chilean Congress medal. [45]

In September 2022 Boric refused to receive the ambassador of Israel after he was invited with his wife. This after incidents in the Arab-Israeli Conflict in which Boric supports the Arabs. Hamas congratulated the Government of Chile for this action while Israel and its allies condemned it.[46] Boric backed down and at the UN Speech said he believed in the right of Israel to exist inside international recognized borders and to "condemn Human Rights violations against Palestinians".[47]

Iberic America

Despite being left-wing, he criticized the dictatorships of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Cuba.[32] He is also supporter of Ukraine in the war.

In 2022 he criticized Peru's Constitucional President, Dina Boluarte, for repressing left-wing violent protests in the South of Peru. His government had good relations with Lula da Silva from Brazil, Gustavo Petro from Colombia and Alberto Fernández from Argentina, despite diplomatic problems such as the leak of an audio of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejola, that she said about the Ambassador of Argentina: "You know what? Enough! (Bielsa) does what he wants when he feels like it and the explanation is that he's crazy?".[48] Argentina's President Fernández didn't wanted a controversy about that and downplayed the topic. On February, 2023, Marco Enríquez-Omminami from the Progressive Party was accused of corruption by the judicial system, he is a close friend of Fernández and the Foro de São Paulo, so Fernandez sent a letter denouncing "political persecution" to Enríquez-Omminami, which Boric said it isn't real and he doesn't want interference in the judicial system.[49]

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