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The Foro de São Paulo or São Paulo Forum is a conglomerate of Progressive, Socialist and Marxist parties of Latin America created in 1990.[1] One of its founders is the former Brazilian President Lula da Silva who was in charge of the Workers' Party.

The forum supports tyrannies like the Castro Dictatorship in Cuba, the Nicolás Maduro and Hugo Chávez Dictatorships in Venezuela[2] and the Daniel Ortega Dictatorship in Nicaragua as well as many corrupt leftist parties[3] like the already mentioned Brazilian Workers' Party involved in the Lava jato and Odebrecht Case.[4][5]

The Forum does not only promote economic Socialism but also cultural Marxism in many ways such as Indigenism, ecologism, gender ideology, the homosexual agenda, abortion and feminism.

The Forum gave a new focus to the Latin American Left since it made them abandon violent extremism, participate in democracy and to adopt Cultural Marxism. Also it promotes amnesty law for Left-Wing Terrorist groups like the FARC.

List of members

Communist Party of Argentina
People's Empowerment Party
Communist Party of Bolivia
Movement for Socialism
Workers' Party
Communist Party of Brazil
Democratic Labour Party
Brazilian Communist Party
Brazilian Socialist Party
Free Homeland Party
Citizen Left
Communist Party of Chile
Democratic Revolution
Humanist Party of Chile
Socialist Party of Chile
Alternative Democratic Pole
Colombian Communist Party
Marcha Patriótica
Presentes por el Socialismo
Costa Rica
Broad Front
Communist Party of Cuba
Sovereign People
Dominican Republic
Dominican Liberation Party
PAIS Alliance
El Salvador
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity
Struggling People's Organization
Liberty and Refoundation
Communist Party for Independence and Socialism
National Council of Popular Committees
National Regeneration Movement
Labor Party
Party of the Democratic Revolution
Sandinista National Liberation Front
Democratic Revolutionary Party
People's Party of Panama
Paraguayan Communist Party
Party for a Country of Solidarity
Tekojoja People's Party
Peruvian Communist Party
Socialist Party of Peru
Peruvian Nationalist Party
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
Socialist Front
Hostosian National Independence Movement
University Pro-Independence Federation of Puerto Rico No representation
Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia Labour Party
Trinidad and Tobago
Movement for Social Justice
Broad Front
United Socialist Party of Venezuela
Communist Party of Venezuela


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