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National Renewal Logo.

National Renewal (Renovación Nacional in spanish) is a Chilean political party founded in 1987. Originally it was right-wing and supportive of Augusto Pinochet in the 1988 National Plebiscite, however today the party is a mixture of a center-right, a centrist majority[1] (arguably socialdemocracts) and few Pinochetists like Camila Flores, the Evangelical Eduardo Durán and formerly the José Antonio Kast supporter Cristóbal Urruticoechea who is also member of the Republican Action Movement.

Today the party is member of the Centrist Democrat International.[1]

The current President of the party, Mario Desbordes, is in favor of the Gender ideology, open borders and to incorporate immigrants to the Chilean Politics calling them "New Chileans", something that the Santiago mayor is also promoting.[2] [3] Mario Desbordes also has a close relation to the Christian Democrat party leader.[4]

The party supports the Haitian immigrant trafficker, Pierre Richard (that is linked to the law infringer LAW airline), as candidate for councilor.[5]

The party is part of the center-right coalition called Chile Vamos who supported the globalist President Sebastián Piñera.