Essay:After Two Years of Fauci Medical Fascism

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After Two Years of Fauci Medical Fascism

By Nancy Thorner

After two years of work to control the spread, after brutal shutdowns of the whole country — shutdowns that happened two years too early, as judged by actual case trends below, and trillions spent, that Fauci shot to stop Covid is just dandy, isn’t it. But not to worry ... maybe it will get better when they start to push the shots on 5-year-olds, who have, um… a literal ZERO percent chance of dying of Covid if no co-morbidities, and almost zero of transmitting it. All the efforts, all the propaganda, all the astonishing spending and compulsion — the shutdowns, masking, size limits, travel restrictions, vaccination requirements, the track and trace, the endless testing — and what do we have to show for it? We now know that it is the vaccinated spreading this virus…including one triple vaxxed Israeli doctor transmitting the virus to another triple vaxxed doctor.[1]

Sept. 2021, new data from Oxford University revealed that Israel had the highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita. Specifically, September 3, Israel - which had a third shot in the arms of 2.35 million citizens at that time - had a rolling seven-day average of 1,143 COVID-19 cases per million people – more than double the rate reported in the United States for the same day (501 per million). The shot’s ability to supposedly “prevent” the spread of SARS-CoV-2 to close contacts declined just three months after a person’s second jab, one study says – and the protective effect was relatively small, to begin with. This corroborates another recent study published in The Lancet, which found that the Pfizer mRNA shot was a mere 47% effective at preventing infection 5 months after the second dose – a steep fall from an alleged 88% efficacy within one month following the second dose.

And more alarmingly, the data from the United Kingdom’s PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report suggests that people who have been “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are losing about five percent of their immune systems per week. Story here: Doubly injected people between the ages of 40 and 70 have already lost about 40 percent of the immune system capacity from the moment they get injected. They then progressively lose more of it over time, with peak immune system loss for many expected to arrive by Christmas. “If this continues then 30-50 year-olds will have 100% immune system degradation, zero viral defence by Christmas and all doubly vaccinated people over 30 will have lost their immune systems by March next year,” reports The Exposé. There is no denying, based on the data, that fully vaccinated people now suffer from what appears to be acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, more popularly known as AIDS. Their immune systems are fading away, which many have been warning would be the case. “People aged 40-69 have already lost 40% of their immune system capability and are losing it progressively at 3.3% to 6.4% per week,” The Exposé says.