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The COVID19 Coronavirus mortality rate is estimated to be anywhere from less than 1% for young people, to as high as 50% for immunocompromised elderly. The mortality rate, as well as the infection rate, will vary in countries reporting to a central data collection point such as the World Health Organization (WHO) based upon the number of people tested.

Competitive athletes, about whom much attention is focused due to the cancellation of sporting events, have very little risk of mortality from the coronavirus (Covid-19).


As of March 16, 2020, in Italy the total number of coronavirus diagnoses was 27,980 Monday. A total of 2,749 have recovered, while 2,158 have died from the disease. Slightly more than 23,000 are still infected with coronavirus, of whom more than 11,000 are hospitalized. The remainder are recuperating at home.

Nearly 2,000 of those who are hospitalized for this disease are being treated in intensive care

Testing in Italy has been done on 138,000 people.

A news organization called AltNewsMedia reported on what likely caused Italy to have such a large infection rate:

With a complete lockdown announced by the Italian Government, everyday life for Italians has ground to a halt as the rise in cases of Wuhan-Flu continues.
This has raised the question of why Italy has suffered more than other countries to date?
AltNewsMedia has a theory as to what may lie behind this.
Many Italians in Northern Italy have sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese workers from Wuhan and Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct flights between Wuhan and Northern Italy. This continued post outbreak, so is it mere coincidence that Northern Italy is now Europe’s hotspot for Corona Virus?
The murky reality is that the EU turned a blind eye to vast numbers of illegal Chinese immigrants working in Italian factories. The ‘Open Borders’ EU will of course try to keep this under wraps, but reality is, the Chinese Mafia operate Italian textile factories with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants shipping ‘made in Italy’ goods into China and elsewhere.[1]

South Korea

In South Korea, because of the density of population in a relatively small area, widespread testing was conducted fairly rapidly. The infection rate was reported at 4%, and mortality rate under 1% from a fairly large sample base of people tested.


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