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Dr. Li Wenliang. In a post-Communist China, should the Chinese people ever be able to throw off the yoke of Marxism-Leninism, Dr. Wenliang will be celebrated as one of the heroes and martyrs who made it possible to liberate the Chinese people from oppression in a godless leftwing totalitarian technocracy that does not respect the civil, human, and constitutional rights of its people.

The Wuhan epidemic cover-up refers to the intentional failure of the Chinese Communist regime to disclose to the people of China, and the people of the world, of the outbreak of a deadly infectious disease widely transmissible between humans in Wuhan, China in late 2019. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a ruthless leftwing, anti-democratic, authoritarian regime with a long record of crimes against humanity - surpassing that of Hitler and the Nazis[1] - and is obsessed with retaining power.

As early as January 7, 2020, President Xi Jinping and the six other members of the ruling Politburo Standing Committee were informed of an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province.[2] As healthcare workers became infected treating those who were sick,[3] it became increasingly obvious the new virus was transmissible between people.[4] The ruling Communist party, from the top down, ordered that no information be made public, and additionally lied to international public health professionals about the true nature of the pandemic. These events occurred two weeks before China's biggest travel holiday, the Chinese Lunar New Year which was beginning on January 24 that year.

The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mr. Tadros Adhanom is the former minister of foreign affairs and minister of health for the Tigray People's Liberation Front, a Marxist-Leninist party which has ruled Ethiopia since 1989.[5] Adhanom was elected director-general the same month China held its first Belt and Road Summit, which Forbes describes as China's plan to capture global supply chains.[6] Ethiopia received over $10 billion in loans from China since 2010.[7] On January 14, 2020, the WHO tweeted CCP talking points to the rest of the planet, claiming that the pandemic was "not transmissible".[8]

While the CCP was keeping a lid on the devastating extent of the outbreak, the CCP began hoarding medical supplies. The CCP instructed operatives worldwide to purchase medical PPEs (personal protective equipment), masks, surgical gowns, swabs and ventilators, and ship them back to China while clamping down on export of the same items. As the pandemic spread, the CCP gouged foreign customers, shipping them defective and inferior medical supply products.

Initially the cover story was that the virus arose in a Wuhan wet market that sold snakes and bats for human consumption. In fact, no bats were sold at the Wuhan wet market.[9] The Wuhan Center for Disease Control, where viral research was being conducted with bats, is located directly across the street from the Wuhan wet market. A "wet market" refers to the blood of live animals for food which are slaughtered on the spot.

Chinese New Year travel holiday

From January 12 to 16, an estimated 3 million passengers left Wuhan by train over the Chinese New Year holiday, to visit family and friends in other cities in China.[10] On January 17, 2020, Wuhan's tourism bureau issued over 200,000 free tourism tickets. It was an effort to entice people to visit the city so they could experience the “Chinese style and warm sentiments of Wuhan.” On January 18, Baibuting, a populous district in Wuhan, held an annual banquet to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday. Three days before, staff from the neighborhood committee who were concerned about the outbreak asked if they could cancel the banquet, but communist officials denied the request. Over 40,000 families attended the banquet. Local communist apparatchiks ordered labs to stop testing for the virus and destroy the existing samples.[11]

There were about 2,300 departing international air flights from the infected area to New York City, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Rome, Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, Sydney, Bali, Bangkok, Moscow, Osaka Japan, Seoul, and Singapore before the CCP ruling class alerted the public of the spread of the virus.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO), an organization beset by corruption,[12] is funded about 21% by U.S. taxpayers. Due to diplomatic pressure by the Beijing regime, its 194 member states does not include Taiwan, which had formerly held China's seat in the UN until 1971 when it was displaced in favor of Red China.

Tadros Adhanom was the director-general of the WHO at the time of the CCP virus pandemic. Adhanom was a leader in Ethiopia's Tigray People's Liberation Front, a wing of the ruling Marxist Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. Adhanom served the repressive regime as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012 to 2016 after a stint as Health Minister. As a candidate for the top post, The New York Times accused Tad Adhanom of covering up at least three epidemics.[13] Adhanom was elected WHO director-general with the Chinese Communist Party's support. One of Adhanom's first actions as director-general was to name the repressive Marxist-Leninist dictator Robert Mugabe as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador.[14]

Tad Adhanom criticized travel bans to and from China where the deadly outbreak first occurred saying, "There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade." The Marxist regime of China did not allowed an advance team of observers and advisors from the WHO into China until February 10, 2020,[15] more than two months after the outbreak was first detected.

Adhanom praised the Chinese Communist Party's response: "We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership and the transparency they have demonstrated," and "China is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response." Film clips of Adhanom were shown on Chinese television saying, "China took action massively at the epicenter at the source of the outbreak. This is heroic. The actions of China is making us safer."

Wuhan outbreak

On January 23, 2020, the Wuhan virus exploded. While Wuhan announced the lockdown of the city, Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, published a paper in the authoritative science journal, Nature on February 3, 2020, stating that the Wuhan coronavirus was of probable bat origin.[16] The paper indicated that the Wuhan virus utilized the same key as SARS to gain entry into the human body. She also announced the 2019-nCoV genome sequence was 96.2% consistent with a bat coronavirus originating in Yunnan, China, called RaTG13, signaling a natural source of the Wuhan virus.[17]

Since the SARS outbreak in 2003, Shi Zhengli had been conducting research on coronaviruses. From 2010 onward, the focus of Shi and her team, was redirected to identifying the capacity for coronavirus transmission across species, specifically putting the spotlight on the S protein of the coronaviruses. Her team's research in the Wuhan virology lab, has been looking into the part that can make coronaviruses transmittable to humans.

In June, 2010, a team including Shi Zhengli, published a paper. It described research to understand the susceptibility of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 ACE-2 proteins, of different bat species to the S Protein of the SARS virus. In the experiments, they also modified key amino acid codons to mutate the bats ACE-2 to examine compatibility with the SARS S Protein. This paper demonstrated their awareness of the special relationship between the S Protein and the ACE-2 receptor. It also signified that Shi had unearthed the passageway for coronaviruses into human bodies.

In October, 2013, Shi and her team published a paper in Nature. They claimed a breakthrough in coronavirus research. They successfully isolated three viruses from bats, one of which had a S Protein that integrated with human ACE-2 receptors. This effectively demonstrated the direct human infection of SARS-like viruses to humans, without the need of an intermediate host.

Then in November, 2015, Shi and her team at the Wuhan virology lab once again published a paper. This time in the British journal, Nature Medicine. They discussed the creation of a synthetic virus, a self-replicating Chimeric virus. This virus had the SARS virus as the framework, with the key S protein replaced, by the one they had found in a bat coronavirus, she mentioned in her 2013 paper. This new virus demonstrated a powerful ability for cross-species infection.

The mice infected with the synthetic virus revealed severe lung damage with no cure. This symbolized that Shi's successful splicing of the SARS virus, was a key to open the door to the cross-species transmission. They planned to further experiment on primates, although Shi Zhengli did not indicate any conclusion from this research. Her move to research on primates wasn't done without controversy. Shi's experiments quickly triggered widespread debates from the academic community. Simon Wain-Hobson of the Pasteur Institute in France, expressed deep concerns. He told Nature, "If the new virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory. Propagation could happen anywhere."[18]

On November 14, 2018, Shi Zhengli spoke at the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The topic was, Bat coronavirus and its cross species infection. Reports of this event have since been deleted from the university website.

After the Wuhan outbreak, Indian researchers compared the S Protein sequence between 2019-nCoV (Wuhan coronavirus) and SARS. They discovered that 2019-nCoV (Wuhan coronavirus) had four new sequences inserted, all of which can be found in HIV sequences, through a search on GenBank. Shi Zhengli discredited those observations, although she never denied the existence of the four inserted sequences. However, scientists probing GenBank, found that there were only three viruses containing all sequences. The first is the HIV virus itself. The second is a bat coronavirus discovered by Shi, and the third is the Wuhan coronavirus.

CCP orders information destroyed

See also: CCP propaganda war

On February 29, 2020, NTD News[19] reported:

Internal documents obtained by NTD revealed a province close to Beijing ordered a city to destroy data on the coronavirus epidemic Liaoning Province has been on lockdown for more than 20 days [as of Feb. 29, 2020] amid the corona virus outbreak one city in Liaoning province sent a report on February 23 [2020] to the province Health Commission. The report said the city's transport department as well as two district authorities had already followed an urgent instruction from the province and destroyed all data. According to the report, Chaoyang city was also required to register all people who had contact with the data and make sure that they all signed a nondisclosure agreement. The data mentioned in the report refer to information about people who had close contact with those infected with the virus. There were 13 signed non-disclosure agreements attached to the report. The agreement refers to classified data obtained on February 21 [2020]. The people who signed promised to (1} destroy all data files and storage devices such as computers, USB flash drives, mobile phones, photos, and notes; secondly, none of the above-mentioned data could be sent to anyone for any reason. And thirdly, this information may not be disclosed unless otherwise required by law. If any of these steps are violated, there will be legal consequences.

So what happened on February 21 [2020]? Official documents released that day state there were zero new cases of the corona virus in Liaoning Province. As for Chaoyang city, there were all together six reported cases and no deaths.

Since authorities were asked to destroy all data, what is it they were trying to hide? Is it the official number of cases since the outbreak began? The official number of confirmed cases in China keeps fluctuating, with many people not knowing what to believe. Earlier this month [February 2020] Shangdong Province, the second most populous province in China, was underreporting cases by up to 52 times. That's according to internal documents obtained by NTD.[20]

The Guardian reported that mass deletions of online research related to the origins of the coronavirus suggest China's efforts to control the narrative escalated wildly:

China is cracking down on publication of academic research about the origins of the novel coronavirus, in what is likely to be part of a wider attempt to control the narrative surrounding the pandemic, documents published online by Chinese universities appear to show.

Two websites for leading Chinese universities appear to have recently published and then removed pages that reference a new policy requiring academic papers dealing with Covid-19 to undergo extra vetting before they are submitted for publication.

Research on the origins of the virus is particularly sensitive and subject to checks by government officials, the notices posted on the websites of Fudan University and the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) said. Both the deleted pages were accessed from online caches.[21]

The Epoch Times noted CCP has been actively engaging in a disinformation campaign, and media outlets around the world have parroted the propaganda. As a result, entire nations have been operating under false information as they try to battle the pandemic within their borders.[22]

CCP kicks out American journalists

See also: Media hypocrisy
Many U.S. fake news outlets only too willingly parroted Communist Chinese propaganda.

In an effort to "control the narrative" the CCP kicked three major American news agencies, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal out of China in March 2020.[23] The Democrat Party and liberal media only too willingly pushed Chinese Communist propaganda on the source of the global pandemic.[24][25]

To curry favor with the Chinese Communist regime despite being kicked out of the country by them, The New York Times jumped on board the CCP propaganda train and dutifully and falsely blamed Donald Trump and Christians for the ChiCom flu.[26]

In April 2020 Hua Chunying, director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department, claimed anyone is able to travel to China "anytime and talk to anyone in the streets to enjoy the freedom." U.S. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr responded on Twitter asking to speak with people, from citizen journalists to medical workers, who have disappeared after raising the alarm over the new virus.[27]


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