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Sun News Network

The Sun News Network was a Canadian conservative news network that launched April 18, 2011 and closed February 13, 2015. It was known for being contrarian and very open with its journalism, compared to the leftist mainstream media in Canada. Since its closing, Sun News's former journalists formed the Rebel Media (now Rebel News[1]).

Reason for going off the air

Its closing was the result of poor coverage on many cable companies because, unlike many of the left-wing television news channels in Canada, Sun News was not given mandatory subscription status since cable TV providers in Canada are forced to provide and charge fees for stations like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CTV, BNN etc. The burden of government mandated channel carriage made many Canadian cable companies to not bother with carrying Sun News. When Sun News closed because of low-coverage (which was not even their fault), the leftist media took advantage of this and tried to make it look like "the station had poor viewership because of its conservatism", even though this was not the case.