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Lauren Cherie Southern is a libertarian activist, political commentator, and writer and host for The Rebel Media, an online media channel based in Canada.

Southern is a student of Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley. She was born on 15 June 1995 in Surrey, British Columbia.


In 2015, she was a candidate in the Canadian Federal Election representing the Libertarian Party of Canada. Party officials suspended Southern's campaign over controversial issues, but she was reinstated after public outcry.

In March 2015, Lauren Southern was accosted and covered in urine by left-wing activists in Vancouver for claiming that there are "only two genders".

In June 2015, her Rebel TV cameraman was shoved at the SlutWalk in Vancouver, her protest sign "There Is No Rape Culture In The West" was torn up while reporting on the event.

In May 2016, Southern's Facebook account was blocked after she criticized Facebook for banning the administrator of the pro-Trump group, Disdain for Plebs that wrote a post that argued that Donald Trump was not against Muslims but anti-ISIS. Her post read: "As I suspected my friend who runs Disdain for Plebs has been banned on all his accounts that run the page AND Facebook deleted his post calling them out for censoring conservatives. This is utterly insane."[1]

Southern initiated "The Triggering", whereby every March 9, the day after International Women's Day, Twitter users post content deemed taboo in defense of free speech.