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Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak.jpg
79th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Term of office
25 October 2022 -
Political party Tory Party
Preceded by Liz Truss
Born May 12, 1980
Spouse Akshata Murthy
Religion Hinduism

Rishi Sunak (b. 1980) is a British politician, warmonger and the undemocratically chosen center-left[1] Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.[2] He is the leader of the Tory Party since 25 October 2022, and has been Member of Parliament for Richmond in North Yorkshire since 2015. He served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer between 2020 and 2022. He has holds some genuinely conservative positions, but is entwined with the Chinese Communist Party, for example, being endorsed by China's communist regime.[3][4] Sunak has been criticised as a stateless elite with no connection to local communities; indeed, for Sunak's ineffective approach to border control, Darren Grimes concluded that "the man is more Davos than he is Darlington" (Darlington being close to Sunak's own constituency of Richmond).[5]

Joe Biden, the disputed 46th President of the United States, appears to think Sunak is called "Rashi Sanook".[6]

Sunak's religion is Hinduism, which is generally pro-life and opposed to the homosexual agenda. However, Sunak has a mixed record on these issues.

Early Life

Sunak was born in and grew up in Southampton, where his father, Yashvir, was a doctor for the NHS and his mother, Usha, who had immigrated from East Africa, operated a pharmacy. Both are of Indian descent. He attended Winchester College and later Oxford University, then went on to study at Stanford University in California.[7]

In 2009, Sunak went work for a London hedge fund before quitting the following year to establish his own investment group, Theleme Partners. He prospered in this business over the next several years, then in 2015 began his political career, winning the parliamentary seat of Richmond in North Yorkshire as a Conservative in 2015.


Summer 2022 Conservative Party Leadership race

Following Boris Johnson's 2022 resignation as UK Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party, Rishi Sunak announced his bid to succeed Johnson on 8 July 2022. His bid for prime minister was endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party.[4]

His initial bid to succeed Boris Johnson was unsuccessful, winning only 43% of the popular vote against Russophobic, neoconservative warmonger Liz Truss.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2022-present)

Neocon warmonger Rishi Sunak sent depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.

Liz Truss became the shortest serving Prime Minister in UK history after resigning in late October 2022. After Penny Moraunt dropped out of the October 2022 Conservative Party leadership race, Rishi Sunak became Conservative Party leader and, as a result of the party having a parliamentary majority, UK Prime Minister on 25 October 2022. Sunak made history for being the first "person of color" as PM.

Sunak's appointment as Prime Minister was widely celebrated by Britons of Asian descent, seeing it as a source of pride; the president of his home temple in Southampton went so far as to compare it with the 2008 election of Barack Obama as US President, evidently meaning that as a compliment. [8]

On 23 December 2023, Rishi Sunak said it was "completely reasonable" for the UK government to block Scottish dictator Nicola Sturgeon's controversial "gender reform" legislation.[9]

Sunak made one of his most conservative actions on 16 January 2023, in which he vetoed the extreme gender reform legislation of the SNP regime, which was even too woke for the globalist UN. Scottish socialist autocrat Nicola Sturgeon pledged to defend the legislation, opposed by around 80% of Scottish people, in court.[10]

On 21 March 2023, it was reported that Sunak ordered the deployment of depleted uranium nuclear weapons to the NATO proxy regime of Ukraine.[11]

On 10 April 2023, it was reported by The Telegraph Sunak was planning a general election for October or November 2024. Political editor Ben Riley-Smith said that this would allow Sunak to close the polling gap with Labour by allowing the economy time to improve and the laws supposedly to stop illegal immigration to work. At the time of reports, Sunak's Tories were 18 points behind Labour.[12]

Rishi Sunak, on 14 April 2023, stated the fact that, despite the assertions of transgender activists, 100% of women do not have penises, as opposed to his Labour rival Keir Starmer who thinks that one in every 1000 women has a penis.[13]

Depleted uranium dirty nuclear weapons

Sunak delivered depleted uranium shells - essentially dirty nuclear weapons - to the fascist dictatorship of Volodymyr Zelensky.[14]

On March 20, 2023, it was announced the UK was supplying nuclear weapons to Ukraine.[15]

On January 25, 2023, Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of the Russian delegation to the Vienna Negotiations on Military Security and Arms Control, warned:

“We know that Leopard 2 tanks, as well as Bradley and Marder armored fighting vehicles, can use depleted uranium shells, which can contaminate terrain, just like it happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq...If Kiev were to be supplied with such munitions for the use in western heavy military hardware, we would regard it as the use of ‘dirty nuclear bombs’ against Russia, with all the consequences that entails.”

Depleted uranium is a very dense metal, ideal to be used on projectiles because of its mass, and also because it ignites at around 600 degrees Celsius; it can penetrate an armoured vehicle and incinerate the crew once it enters the cabin. As a block or a projectile, the material can be handled with no health consequences, but when it ignites or explodes, it's turned into dust, then, it can be inhaled or ingested by live creatures and it wreaks havoc in the internal organs, creating a very large number of cancerous lesions and genetic malformations.[16] That is why it is considered a very dangerous polluting material, same as a dirty bomb.

The use of depleted uranium shells was developed by the United States in the 1980s. The Russian military made the decision at that time not to follow suit and compete by developing depleted uranium as a battlefield weapon because of its long lasting environmental and health effects. Existing tactical nuclear weapons were considered a sufficient deterrent to what is essentially a nuclear dirty bomb used by NATO and the United States.

On March 20, 2023, Annabel Goldie, the British Minister of State for Defence, declared that her country would provide depleted uranium munitions to the Kyiv regime.[17] In response, President Vladimir Putin reported on March 25 that the decision had been made to deploy a tactical nuclear weapon on the territory of Belarus by July 1, 2023, to reduce flight time against NATO aggressors. Reduced flight time, if even by a few seconds, is an important consideration in the age of modern missile defense.

Prevailing winds after the release of gamma radiation from British depleted uranium shells in NATO occupied Ukraine.

On May 2, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., tied for the lead in the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination,[18] warned:

"In another reckless escalation, Britain has confirmed delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine. DU munitions should be banned. They partially vaporize on impact, poisoning the environment with uranium dust that causes cancer and horrific birth defects."[19]

On May 13, 2023, a series of explosions at the Khmelnytsky ammunition storage depot in western Ukraine led to a significant increase in gamma radiation levels,[20] suggesting the release of depleted uranium dust into the air posing severe risk to public health. The resultant fire was remotely extinguished by robots. Depleted uranium munitions, while typically emitting minimal gamma radiation, are known to pose risks when a large stockpile is destroyed, as in the Khmelnytsky incident.

The effects of gamma radiation can be particularly detrimental to cellular structures and DNA/RNA molecules, with an extended range of damage in fluids such as gas or liquid. The British Department of Defense (DoD) confirmed that it provided depleted-uranium tank rounds to the Ukrainian armed forces. Reports indicate that the detonated warehouse in Khmelnytsky contained a substantial quantity of depleted uranium shells, causing alarm among locals and prompting residents to evacuate nearby areas. Yuri Kot, a political scientist, has stated that his sources confirm the presence of a large stockpile of depleted uranium shells in the destroyed Khmelnytsky warehouse.

Following the explosions, gamma radiation levels in Khmelnytsky have rose steadily. This surge is particularly concerning as depleted uranium typically emits only a low dose of gamma radiation, suggesting the destruction of a significant quantity of munitions and the release of uranium dust into the surrounding environment.

Dosimetric patrols in the city conducted radiation background measurements in uncharacteristic locations. Previous measurements were concentrated around the Khmelnytsky Nuclear Power Plant but were expanded to cover the regional center, western regions of the area, and Ternopil. The prevailing wind direction, blowing northwest at the time of the explosions, raised concerns about the spread of radioactive particles to Warsaw, Berlin, and Prague.[21]

Residents were in a panic and began gathering their belongings and leaving the affected areas, including Khmelnytsky, Lviv, and Ternopil.[22]

Political views

International relations and terrorism

Rishi Sunak photograph taken on the day of first speech as Prime Minister.

On Aug 3, 2022, Sunak vowed crackdown on Islamic extremism.[23]

In an August 4, 2022 interview with the JC, he described Israel as a "shining beacon of hope". [24]


During his parliamentary career, Sunak positioned himself as firmly on the side of Brexit, and even in his youth had been critical of the idea of further European integration. In 1997, he wrote of newly-elected Prime Minister Tony Blair, "He revels in the idea of patriot, but has plans for the possible break-up of the United Kingdom and membership of an eventual European Superstate." He supported the "Leave" vote during the Brexit referendum in 2016, and opposed the idea of a second referendum that might overturn its results.[25]

Social policy

Sunak has largely abstained on parliamentary votes on abortion.

Sunak stated in 2022 that he would crack down on elements of the homosexual agenda such as gender neutral language.[26]


Sunak has been nicknamed Rishi 'Reset' Sunak. Sunak held a U.S. Green Card, declaring himself a U.S. permanent resident to escape paying UK taxes until 2021, while raising taxes as a member of the majority Tory party on British citizens back home.[27] Sunak has been criticized as a stateless banker with no connection to local communities.


Sunak's father is the founder of a company, linked to the globalist World Economic Forum, that is developing a China-style social credit system.[28]

Sunak's wife, Akshata Murty, like him of Indian (Asia) descent, is the daughter of billionaire businessman N. R. Narayana Murthy and a wealthy capitalist investor in her own right. The couple's estimated net worth is in excess of $800 million and are among the top 250 richest people in the UK.


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