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Toddler rescued from Hamas/PIJ rocket (Oct 7.23)
Newspapers headlines Oct 8.23[1]
21 children are now orphans. A 4-year-old girl, whose both parents were murdered, was kidnapped alone to Gaza by Arab Palestinians - Oct.7.23
Innocent faces of 32 children held in tunnels by Hamas Oct 2023

Operation Swords of Iron,[2] which began Saturday of October 7, 2023 with Hamas's led infiltration of Israel by land, sea and air & comittiting atrocities for for hours.

Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" attack, atrocities

Beginning in the morning of Oct 7, 2023:

The Islamic Republic of Iran's backed "Palestinian" terror organization Hamas 'Gaza regime' in coordination with Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other terror groups - PFLP, DFLP, Fatah, after "officials from Iran and Hezbollah helped" planning:

  • fires (Oct 7–12) over 5,000 rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip over towns across Israel, including Jerusalem & Tel Aviv / central Israel, (in an attempt to overwhelm the system, many fired at once), many fell on the towns despite the Iron Dome system - wounding several, (a day later on a hospital in Ashkelon), wounding also in Ashdod, Ashkelon and in the Jerusalem area on Oct 9, murdering two in Eshkol on Oct 10th -

  • the infiltration of about 3,000-3,500 heavily armed barbarian Hamas / PiJ terrorists in Israeli towns and villages a group via 29 ways, breaching fence, hundreds using paragliders, armed with weapons, roaming on vehicles randomly shooting at people, slaughtering babies in their beds, shooting at the elderly, going from house to house, massacring hundreds;

- at times, entire families slaughtered, such as in Moshav Netiv HaAsara who lost dozens and in Nahal Oz;

- a pensioners' bus was attacked by a van arrived with armed terrorists who opened fire, killing thirteen;

- there were at least 120 murdered in Kibbutz Be'eri, "snatching children out of their beds,"[3] (2, 3 & 5 years old); kidnapping Jews, including women and children - entire families, dragging them (some barefooted) over to Gaza; even the disabled (- such as a Holocaust survivor), many to be lynched [4] and as trophies, a Be'eri resident "85-year-old grandmother.. was filmed being driven into Gaza in a golf cart by laughing militants," a major described when he had to shoot at terrorists - the difficulty to find an angle: "between the bodies of children, to jump over civilians who were handcuffed and shot";

- Captured document "top secret" instructions to target schools, youth centers, take hostages, to kill civilians, "as many as possible";

- In a "captive taking handbook", titled The Warrior's Guide - Jihad Version", the "terrorists are advised in detail on how to carry out the kidnapping. According to the description, the kidnappers are required to create chaos and intimidation, coercing and blindfolding captives, using electric shocks, and instructing them to execute any person who may pose a threat or distraction. They were also instructed to collect the captives and use them as human shields, if necessary, without distinction of religion, race, or sex. According to the barbaric text, similar to the terrorist organization ISIS, the terrorists are required to document their actions by livestreaming and executing hostages";

- The "terrorists came with precise maps, had time for selfies";

- "Hamas came in under the protection of its heavy rocket fire on Israel, by a massive invasion over land, and by air and sea. In order to disrupt the military's observation capabilities, Hamas launched UAVs to destroy communication towers and observation posts along the Gaza border, causing blind spots, while bulldozers broke through the border fence allowing hundreds across in the first wave, sources told the paper. A further 1,800, followed the initial invaders..";

- "Many Ordinary Palestinians Joined in Hamas's Atrocities Against Israel.. 'Just as Cruel as the Terrorists.'" A few terrorists spoke in Farsi

- The terrorists had developed a method, a real technique to increase the dimensions of the massacre.. the terrorists knew that the residents would lock themselves in the safe-room, and those who refused to come out, they simply opened the trunk of his car in the yard, took out the spare tire, lit it on fire and rolled it into the house to hasten its burning. We found bodies of people who died of suffocation in the gas tanks. Others were burned alive and those who tried to escape from the window were shot to death."

- Torching houses and vehicles some with people inside, parading with dead, wounded, hostages;

- A massacre such that of youngsters on a nature party 'Nova' near Kibbutz Re'im -- 364 which "constitutes a third of all those murdered" -- two youngsters who were there, before being kidnapped: "had WhatsApp conversations, sent their location, made it clear that the terrorists were walking around and lynching anyone they found"[5];

- "21 children are now orphans. A 4-year-old girl, whose both parents were murdered, was kidnapped alone to Gaza" by Arab Palestinians.

- In Kfar Aza, they "found babies with their heads cut off, entire families gunned down in their beds. About 40 babies and young children have been taken out on gurneys — so far."

- Eyes were gouged out, a woman's breasts cut off and a daughter had her legs severed.'

- From footage shown to journalists: 'Two soldiers without heads. Brutalized young women, one of them naked. Captives in Gaza surrounded by jeering gunmen... Hamas gunmen shooting at civilian cars and at people running across open fields as they flee the site of an open-air music festival. They whoop in triumph over their victims... one man scooping up two young boys, both wearing only underpants, as early morning sirens wailed, warning of incoming rocket fire. They ran out to a nearby bomb shelter. Assailants, lying in ambush, threw a grenade into the shelter, killing the man. The boys ran back to their house, where, distraught, one of them said he could not see anything. As a gunman rummaged in the refrigerator, the other boy cried, “Why am I alive?”.. In other clips, victims are seen gagged and with their hands bound behind their backs. Faces are frozen in shock and agony. Women’s bones are broken, their legs twisted in impossible angles.'

- "Hamas torture confirmed as Israeli forensics institute identifies victims." Among the images from forensics: "were those of charred hands with marks that revealed where the victims’ hands were bound behind their backs with metal wire before being burned alive... a completely charred mass of flesh, which at first glance could not be seen as ever having belonged to a human. It was only after a CT scan was done that experts could see the inhumanity of the image. Two spinal cords—one belonging to an adult, one to someone young—a parent and child bound together by metal wires in a final embrace before being set alight. “When you do this job downstairs, you get detached,” Dr. Chen Kugel, the head of Abu Kabir: “But then you learn the stories and connect to the people. It’s hard not to feel the tragedy. It’s so big. And when I go to the Shura camp [where deceased bodies in Israel are first collected] and see containers like you’d see at the port—but they’re all full of bodies… And you hear the stories—that behind their charred bodies, something terrible happened—it’s very difficult. I’ve seen many things in my 31-year career, but the magnitude and the cruelty [here] is terrible... The proportion of bodies we’ve received who are charred is high.. Many have gunshot wounds in their hands, showing they put their hands up to their faces in defense. Many were burned alive in their homes. … We know they were burned alive because there is soot in their trachea, their throats—meaning they were still breathing when set on fire... the age range of the victims spans from 3 months to 80 or 90 years old. Many bodies, including those of babies, are without heads."

- "Murdered Israeli children of Kibbutz Be'eri. They were tortured, dismembered, and then burned to death. Archaeologists are sifting through the rubble to find their teeth."

- Witness: "I saw one of my friends, she was begging for her life," she says. "She asked him to not kill her, to not kill her, to not kill her, and they didn’t care, they were laughing." She explains how, shortly after the break of dawn, her four friends were forced to line up and kneel down in the dust of an arid field. From her hiding place behind the trees, she overheard the single final word her friends heard from their murderers. "Enjoy," the Hamas militants said in English, as they laughed, before shooting the three men and one woman at point-blank range, she said.

- One massacre survivor testified that she saw another woman being raped in front of her. "I saw the Palestinians bending her down, raping her and simply passing her on to the next. She was alive when they raped her. She was on her feet and bleeding from her back. He pulled her hair. He shot her in the head while raping her, didn't even lift his pants. They cut her breast and played with it. They just carried around someone's head as if showing strength, walked with it like a bag."

- On a girl victim: "Her skull has been found. This means that these barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped off her head as they attacked, tortured and killed Israelis."

- A Hamas terrorist, using a murdered female victim's phone, calls his father: "Father, I killed 10 Jews! Check your WhatsApp! I sent you the photos! Father, I killed 10 Jews! I killed 10 Jews with my bare hands. His voice that is so ecstatic — sounded like he’s out of his mind... He was repeating the same thing over and over again, ‘I killed 10 of them.’ Then he added: 'The blood is still on my hands.' Check your WhatsApp. Father, be proud of me!" His twisted parents praised him.

- Hamas top dog, on the phone, to jihadi on the ground after reporting they beheaded people: 'Take photos of the heads as the guys are playing with them.'

- Hamas terrorist under investigation: "We were ordered to murder, women and children too."

- Terrorist operative said the combatants 'became animals' during the Oct. 7 massacres. Hamas terrorists confessed to raping Jewish dead, beheading children.

- Hamas terrorist: Shot crying children ‘until we didn’t hear noise anymore’ "The mission was simply to kill," Hamas operative told Shin Bet interrogators.

- a small body burned beyond recognition and a baby covered in blood;

- The plan was to go from house to house, throw grenades, and kill everyone there, including women and children." Hamas Terrorist of the Nukhba Force Confesses the Slaughter of Women, Children, and Post-mortem Rape of Dead Body - and with an Islamic religious permission for that.

- A handwritten note found on the body of a Hamas terrorist encouraged the jihadists to remove the heads, hearts and livers of their Israeli victims. "You must sharpen the blades of your swords and be pure in your intentions before Allah. Know that the enemy is a disease that has no cure, except beheading and removing the hearts and livers. Attack them!" the note reads in Arabic.

- Terrorist further "confessed that Hamas approved of abusing the bodies and even dismembering them."

- A "terrorist using a grenade to kill a father in front of his two sons."

- A woman whose job is to, clean the victim’s bodies as best as possible to prepare them for burial: "We wash the bodies and prepare them for burial. We try to bring them dignity in death...What these barbarians did to these people is beyond words... There is evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims' pelvis – women, grandmothers, children... People whose heads have been cut off. Women standing in their night dresses woken up and shot. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out.. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded... Women and children burned to charcoal. Bodies murdered with their hands tied behind their backs."

- A Colonel said, that what Israeli forces have discovered in the aftermath of the attacks was "evidence of torture and savagery...We have babies with their heads cut off. Bodies without hands, without legs, without genitals."

- "Many of the bodies" -- worker at burial sociey -- processed bore witness to the violent way in which the murders had happened: There were gunshot wounds, burns, dismemberments, stabbings and more..."

- One "was gang-raped, then executed." “I saw them forcing her to bend forward and then someone rape her,” the testimony (of a young woman who hid with her boyfriend in a shelter, where she witnessed the rape and murder of another Israeli woman) reads: “They were dressed in olive-toned fatigues, she was alive, and then she fell silent. She was raped and then killed.”

- According to the testimonies of the volunteers, there were also sexual abuses against some of the men who were found. In some cases, the victim’s private parts were mutilated. One volunteer said that in many cases, “it was hard to tell if it was a man or a woman.”

- "I'm a 15-year-old girl, I have school tomorrow," the girl said on the phone just before the terrorist holding her took her device. The police officer who took the call tried to beg for the girl's life, but it was in vain, and she was killed.

- 'In one of the investigations, a Hamas operative described how he killed a man and a woman with a hammer.'

- It was found a "USB key with instructions for producing a 'cyanide dispersion device' on the body of a Hamas operative who participated in the Oct. 7 terrorist attack";

- "They gathered young boys in lines and shot them. They raped some of the girls who came to the music festival. Some of the young people were gathered together and burned. We found the remains, and didn't understand what they were at first- we thought perhaps there had been an accident. Then we started searching for the missing, and we saw fire. We said 'Wait, maybe there are people in the fire'. There were twelve people burning. I looked up and saw more fires, and realized that we should just follow the fire. We burned our shoes trying to get them all out. We had to hurry because, in just a few hours like that, there would have been no remains left. I have horrific videos of that."

- Dual Israeli-US 4-year-old Abigail Edan, abducted from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, her parents were murdered by Hamas terrorists. She ran to a neighbor's home where she was kidnapped.

- witness: 'on October 7th. I was talking to my friends, to three families. One of them has been murdered, as we were talking, on WhatsApp, texting each other back and forth. Some of them are hiding in the attic, waiting for this to be over. Some of them were in a bomb shelter, telling me that there are grenades thrown at the door. And I can't believe what I'm reading, and I'm texting back, and I'm trying to talk to them, and I'm trying to call them. (They), were actually murdered, as we were talking. And then, her sister is writing to me, "They have been shot. They have been killed." Their 7-years-old daughter is hiding in a closet, right now, texting me that "Mom and dad have been shot." '[6]

- Hamas drugged children; burned legs with motorcycle exhaust for identification.

Arab "Palestinian" terrorist calls his parents to livestream during his massacre of Jewish civilians. “Hi dad, Your son killed Jews! … I killed 10! 10! 10 with my own hands, dad! Their blood is on my hands! Let me talk to mom.” (Oct.27.23)

"Palestinian" Islamist shoots at family from outside home. Oct 7, 2023)
Hamas terrorists consult a map during their attack. Oct 7, 2023

Take photos of the heads as the guys are playing with them - Palestinian jihad Oct.7.23

Other slaughter sites include in: Urim & Nirim.

Victims counted as on Nov 2, fatalities: over 1,400, wounded: over 5,000 wounded; 242 hostages, 32 are children.

ISIS flag among Arab "Palestinian" terrorists Oct 2023

The (ISIS) 'Islamic State' flag was found on a slain Hamas terrorist.

Al Qaeda and ISIS training booklet found on the Palestinian terrorist. Oct 2023

Al Qaeda and ISIS training booklet found on "Palestinians" terrorist.

Sick note found on body of Hamas terrorist calls for beheadings, removal of hearts (Oct/2023)

The accuse Barud of being behind the October 7 2023 attacks that killed hundreds of Israeli civilians

Herzog reveals recovered "Palestinian" radicals' captive taking handbook - the warrior's Guide - Jihad version (Oct 2023)

A note found [7] near torched vehicles showed Islamic religious text 'inspiring' to the violence. At the Rave Massacre asides from weapons, copies of the Koran were found. Arabic speaking journalist Ohad Hemo: Hamas that I spoke with, they have no problem with half of Gaza to be wiped out.

Hamas had announced that many hostages are being held in tunnels where they store weapons, missiles.

155 families were notified by the government that their relatives have been taken hostage.

Entire family slaughtered by Palestinian savagery Oct.7.23
Toddlers held by savages Palestinian militants Oct 7 2023
Family held by Hamas barbarians Oct 7, 2023
German tattoo artist held by Hamas.."Her body was filmed splayed in the back of a truck, with one leg at an unnatural angle, terrorists sitting around it and supporters of the group cheering, running alongside and spitting on her."
Held by Hamas barbarians. Oct.7.23. "Doron and her two young daughters, Raz and Aviv (4.5 and 2.5 years old), cruelly kidnapped by Hamas. Noa, who was enjoying a party with her partner, also abducted. Ivonne and Antonio, parents of a 6 and a 4-year-old, are still missing."
From: Israel ישראל 🇮🇱 @Israel. "Viewer discretion advised. The images that you are about to see are not from a horror movie. In the past 36 hours Israelis have been butchered in their homes by Hamas terrorists. Children and mothers taken captive. The dead bodies of women desecrated in the streets of Gaza. Listen to the cries of the victims. Remember each and every one of them. Oct 8, 2023." [4]
A scene out of many in Kfar Aza massacre by "Palestinian" Muslims including 40 babies some beheaded Oct 2023

Images -- of little girls and elderly people held by Hamas, bloodied women, as well as parading of various doubt alive or dead and Palestinians beating them, young German woman was murdered by Hamas while attending a music festival in Israel before the militants desecrated and paraded her body on the back of a truck -- shocked the world. It brought back ISIS style barbarity.

US president Biden describing the atrocities: "sheer evil."

Among the horrific tales:

- a father who tried to shield his two children with his body was "murdered with an ax in front of his children."

- "There have been reports of sexual assault and torture."

- A survivor recalls how some were raped next to dead bodies before being murdered. Raping girls and then parading them as they bleed. Women were raped and dragged through the streets.

- In some places, the butchers sat down eating comfortably while the dead bodies beside them.

- Testimony: 'they raped the girls, then they killed them. Then they switched - did the opposite, first murder then rape them. They always laughed when they did it, I can't forget how they laughed.'[8]

- According to one survivor, “They came to slaughter, to destroy. I know they kidnapped girls. They raped women even after killing them.” Another survivor tells of returning to the site later to look for his friends, and seeing mostly bodies “of young women, lying cold and mutilated.” Another widely-shared video showed a young woman’s nearly naked body, lifeless and mutilated, being paraded through the streets of Gaza in the back of a pickup truck. Palestinian men sat on her, draped their legs over her, pulled at her hair, and spit on her: a broken female body brandished like a trophy.

- Shooting girls in the legs so that they can't run.

- A grandmother burned alive at her home. News reporter: "After my family hid in the bush together for hours, one of the terrorists spotted them and started shooting. My family was massacred."

- To one family, the barbarians called and said: "Your girl is in our hands, we will rape and kill her."

- A grandchild: "my grandmother was murdered yesterday in a brutal murder by a terrorist in her home. At 7:00 I saw the nightmare of my life, a terrorist entered her home, murdered her, took her phone, took a picture of the horror and posted it on her Facebook. That's how we found out."

- There were 'personal' killing, shooting in point blank, kniving.[9]

- Images of : "charred bodies set on fire by the terrorists, the Hamas terrorists are being transported in a van with the corpses of women while sitting on them, photos of dozens of corpses lying on the ground after the inferno at the nature party, Hamas terrorists shooting dogs and setting fire to residents' homes in Otef-Aza."[10]

- Some "simply stood in line and were shot to death in cold blood."

- A child being captured by Hamas was seen being abused by 'ordinary' Gazans
(Arab racism en masse).

Stressed: "this wasn't.. some local initiative and an operation that went astray or people, operatives on the ground who got carried away with themselves. This was the plan. The Hamas spokesperson, a day and a half after the attack happened, he said, the attack went according to plan, and we are happy with the consequences. So that is what we're looking at."

Kfar Aza - beheaded babies - confirmed - Oct 2023
White House spokesperson breaks down while speaking about scenes coming out of Israel

Added separate hostage situations inside Southern Israel unfolded on at least two locations: Kibbutz Be'eri, where one group was neutralized, yet the hostage situation went on for many hours - holding dozens till resolved by killing terrorists and successfully in that case - rescuing the 11 held hostages unharmed, and in Ofakim, in the latter, while 20 terrorists were captured in the police station, 5 Hamas gang/terrorists took over a house and held hostage -- with Kalashnikov and hand grenade -- a couple in their 40s, for 15 hours - till rescued by the IDF's special YAMAM.

"It was a combined ground raid which happened through paragliders, through the sea and through the ground." Hamas' Muhammad Deif called on Israeli Arabs to join in any way, that "this is your chance."

Hamas human shields - Oct 2023

Added to the complexity, the difficulty to recognize a terrorist, as they don't wear uniforms, many wore similar to IDF colors and some even wore IDF uniforms, and who use even their own people as human shields.

The jihadi operation was helped by Iran, over several weeks, and the terrorist were given the green light by the IRGC 5 days prior to the attack.

Kibbutzim where atrocities occurred by "Palestinian" were founded before 1948 and many of its victims believed in a "Two State solution."

Communities attacked believed in coexistence with Arabs.

Israelis take cover as a rocket warning siren sounds in "Hostage Square" outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Oct. 28, 2023

Hamas’s terror command center is "built under Gaza’s main hospital - Shifa, sharing detailed information on "how Hamas has turned hospitals into terror command." (2023)
Terrorists admit- Shifa hospital being used for terrorist activity (Oct. 2023)

Jihadi Hamas rocket launchers near playground, pool (Captured Nov 2023)

Hamas uses hospitals in Gaza for military purposes (Captured Nov 2023)

50 Hamas rocket launchers at youth center. (Found Nov 2023)

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: "we Need the blood of women, children, and the elderly of Gaza." (Oct.26.23)

Hamas laws of war

Oct.2023. Hypocrisy and laughable: LGBTQ+ flag has "Palestine" colors, despite criminalized in Gaza and widely condemned in Palestinian Authority. ("Little Palestine" Arab community Bay Ridge and other)

"Hamas will no longer throw LGBTQ+ people off buildings. "We have no tall buildings left" (Meme - Oct 2023)
Columbia Untisemity
Hamas terror ambulance Nov.3.2023
Hamas terror ambulance Nov.3.2023

Hamas tunnels -weapons found near amusement park and university 1
Hamas tunnels -weapons found near amusement park and university 2

On Oct 24, 2023, "Hamas official Ghazi Hamad: We will repeat the October 7 attack, time and again, until Israel is annihilated...Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country"

Sexual crimes en-masse

Elaborated Dec.2.23 report in The Times (UK) on the mass rape of Oct 7: 'First Hamas fighters raped her. Then they shot her.'
Elaborated Dec.2.23 report in The Times (UK) on the mass rape of Oct 7: 'First Hamas fighters raped her. Then they shot her.'

From the Nov 28.23 meeting on Hamas led attack - the sexual crimes:

"We’ve collected by now 1,500 terrible testimonies that the mind "cannot digest Earlier this week, a special meeting of the Knesset's Committee for the Advancement of Women's Status and Gender Equality dealt with the crimes committed by Hamas against women during the October 7th massacre.

“The investigation includes gathering testimonies from survivors, families of the murdered and kidnapped, security and armed services personnel, ZAKA (The Disaster Bodies Identification national unit), fire fighters, first responders, and paramedics” Harush said. “We are only at the beginning of the investigation, wherein we have already collected more than 1,500 terrible and difficult testimonies, which the mind and the soul are unable to comprehend or digest.”

“The murderous terrorists weren’t satisfied with the murder of innocents, but rather they documented the murder of their victims as they tried to flee, they engaged in the desecration and mutilation of dead bodies, many of which involved the amputation of limbs and the burning of bodies. They worked systematically and with a plan to carry out mass murder. A mass extermination of everyone who crossed their path.”

“The scope of these acts of terror is unfathomable, both in terms of the number of victims and injured, and in terms of the atrocities, the corruption, the evil, and the brutality, all of which is described in detail by witnesses. A survivor of the Nova festival describes in his testimony: ‘It was like an apocalypse of dead bodies, girls without clothes, top halves, bottom halves. People cut in half, people slaughtered, some beheaded. There were girls whose pelvises were broken from the extent of the violent rape; their legs parted into a split.’

“A member of the search and rescue team deployed to the Nova festival describes: ‘There were bodies everywhere, injured. I saw a lot of women victims' bodies that were naked; someone I remember had been shot in her chest.’ A female member of the extraction team recalls: ‘a tent full of bodies, bodies with their hands bound behind their backs. I remember a body of a woman bleeding from her genital area’.

“Another witness described: 'tons of bodies mutilated in the head and neck areas, crushed heads, the body of a woman with her jeans pulled down around her knees. Heads without bodies, mostly men. A body with a knife sticking out of the jaw.’

“‘There were many gunshot injuries, gun fire directed at men’s genitals, bullet wounds in the stomach area, in the limbs, and in the buttocks”, said another witness. ‘They had an obsession with genitals, of both men and women. We saw women whose breasts had been cut off. We saw many men whose genitals had been removed.’

A female survivor of the Nova festival described: ‘It started with a girl with short hair, I didn’t see her during the party. I saw a situation where she was sitting on her knees, begging. A terrorist was standing over her, spitting on her face. He filmed her and then he shot her head. The area where we were hiding – that was where they brought all the women, even decapitated heads of women.”

“There was a situation where they bent someone over and then they raped her and passed her along between themselves. They were dressed as soldiers, I heard yelling in Arabic. The girl they were raping, she was still alive, she was standing on her feet, bleeding from her back.

“There was someone else who I remember that the terrorist pulled her hair. She wasn’t dressed, he cut off one of her breasts, threw it on the ground and started playing with it while still pulling her around. One of them penetrated her and then shot her in the head. He didn’t even look up, he shot her in the head while his pants were still down״.

Additional testimonies from the search and rescue teams refer to a residential home in one of the villages in which the terrorists committed the massacre: ‘In the shower there was the body of a woman, bound. She was naked on her bottom half. Her body was in the corner, hands tied.’

״Another witness recalled: ‘I saw an older woman, naked without underwear.’ Another witness describes: ‘Between the houses we found a body, among the rubble we saw only the head and neck. Her mouth was bound with some kind of fabric, the body was naked.”

“We saw the bodies of women who had been shot, those who had been shot in the center of their faces, and not by chance. We saw those who were shot in sensitive areas of the body. We saw bodies that were bound, bodies missing particular limbs and sexual organs, because they were cut off by the murderers. We saw the blood and the suffering.”

“We saw among these bodies, women and girls. We saw the small body bags containing the bodies of dead children, girls and boys, some brought in as entire families. And we saw the bodies of parents alongside their children, sometimes in an embrace. We couldn’t help but imagine the final moments these families experienced before their murder.

“We saw the young women in their fashionable jeans or in comfortable festival clothes, the girls with tattoos who had gone out to party, we saw bodies with women’s shoes, we saw their long hair covered in blood, the dread locks, the clothing that the victims intended to wear to work, or to celebrate, or just to be with their children.”

“We saw their shiny, sparkly nail polish. We learned that gel polish can withstand massacres. Something that for women was a symbol of hope and self-care has become, to us, a representation of the extinction of their lives and their femininity, and of abuse.

"As police, we are used to collecting witness testimonies, ... witnesses of the atrocities, most of them were murdered as well. Among those who survived, many are children, and we have not yet spoken with them. It is unlikely we will be able to speak with them given the depths of the trauma. We assume that the hostages will also have information pertaining to this. It seems that we still do not know the scope and the depth of the atrocities."

'Hamas raped men as well as women during October 7 attack: Investigators reveal how sex assault victims were tied up, stripped and mutilated as Israel launches its 'biggest ever criminal investigation... One horrifying image he described was the moment a woman's decapitated head rolled across the road, after she was beheaded for refusing to be stripped naked.'

UN testimony Dec/4/23: Hamas terrorists had 'a thing with sexual organs' and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims. "This was premeditated. This was planned. This was instructed." There were "horrific things I saw with my own eyes and I felt with my own hands," said stricken Simcha Greinman, a volunteer who helped collect the remains of the slaughtered victims. Israel accused the UN during the special session of moving too slowly to address reports that the terror group unleashed sexual violence as a weapon of war in its attack.

Biting the hand that feeds them

"Kibbutzniks who drove Arabs from Gaza for treatment in hospitals in Israel saw those Gazans participating in the looting of the kibbutzim." "In addition, those Arabs from Gaza passed on information about the moshavs and kibbutzim."

"Israel’s work permits for Gaza, enabled the Hamas attac. Gazans got permits to work inside Israel. They came as killers and rapists."

Pre War

Israel was actually extending a hand to Gaza, thousands came daily to work in Israel, we were giving Gazans the best medical treatment. But at the same time, Hamas were planning this attack.[11]

6 days earlier, on Oct 1, the "Shin Bet and IDF: to continue economic operations for Gaza." The "top brass pushed for an increase in the number of workers from the Gaza Strip."[12]

Iranian military clips showed announcements: "Israel will be erased from the face of the earth. Death to Israel!" Adding that if Israel makes a "mistake," Tel Aviv and Haifa will be razed to the ground,

A captured terrorist said (Oct 8) that they were inspired by the (lefty anti-government) demonstrations and were surprised they were not shot at sooner.


New York - Ground Zero: Israeli flag in solidarity, by the governor
EU puts up the Israeli flag in solidarity with Israel
Israeli flag in Brandenburg Germany in solidarity with Israel
UK puts up Israeli flag in solidarity with Israel (Oct/23)
Eiffel Tower illuminates in solidarity with Israel (Oct/23)
Arch of Titus in solidarity with Israel Oct 2023
The government palace in Rome displays solidarity with Israel (Oct 2023)
US' Biden in Israel for solidarity after Jihadi atrocities Oct.18.23
UK's PM Rishi Sunak in Israel for solidarity (Oct.19.23)
Ex MLB's Ian Kinsler with Israel Jersey for solidarity. (Oct/2023)

Inside Israel a unity of all tribes. Lines to donate blood stretched miles long, masses waiting for hours. As well as donating supply, food, toys.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the civilian efforts in the wake of the war: "I also had the chance to see up close the genuinely inspiring solidarity of the Israeli people in the wake of Hamas' attacks when I visited one of the many sites where citizens have swiftly organized efforts to collect, to sort, to distribute donations to those in need, including many families who have been displaced from the south... In our time here, everywhere we've gone, we've met people who've been touched, in one way or another, by Hamas' bloody hand. We encountered a nation knit together by grief but also a nation united in resolve."

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to Bibi: "As you know, I was the one who planned the war against ISIS For the first time. So I know ISIS well, and it's worse than what I saw with ISIS. We are with you and we stand by you, Mr. Prime Minister."

The West, including the US, the UK, EU and European nations individually, like: Germany, France (with its PM condemning the French left and an anti-Semite trying to make some moral equivalence), Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Ireland, Romania, also Australia, India, have sharply condemned Hamas and had defended Israel as well as others like Argentina & Mexico denouncing Hamas. Among the Arab States, the first to denounce Hamas was the UAE. Also noted people like Elon Musk and some celebrities in Hollywood. As well as noted personalities like Dr. Phil.

Then, (Oct/9) a joint strong statement was put out by "France, Germany, Italy, UK, US support Israel, condemn Hamas."

In the two weeks aince the massacres, there were large pro Israel demonstrations in Europe (including, Berlin, London and Geneva) and in the US.

India stood out on its historic condemnation of Hamas and defending Israel.

On the other hand, Palestinian Authority called to "bolster the Palestinians." Fatah incited that the attack should be expanded in the West Bank and added that "apes and pigs" dehumanization garbage too. "The Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority on the day after the war: Hamas is a central part of the Palestinian political landscape. We are working to achieve unity, under the guidance of President Abu Mazen." Iran and Hezbollah cheered, with the latter adding that this is a message against normalization with Israel. Indeed, days before this war, the normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia was very close to being a reality. Al Jazeera's boss - Qatar on the Hamas side, Hamas leaders there celebrated. "Palestinian" column on Qatari Al-Watan Daily: Hamas attack on Israel – Like Muhammad's attack on Jews of Khaybar in 628. (Al Jazeera was hacked by pro-Israelis for its terrorist groups links). Mosques in Judea Samaria agitated. In Eastern Jerusalem some Arabs attacked. An Arab "Palestinian" pizzeria (Eiffel) in Huwara was closed, sealed by the authorities after a Facebook ad on its site mocked a bidtahlfe, Holocaust survivor. Gaza "Palestinian" writer & educator Refaat Alareer (who in Sep 26, 2020 tweeted that "Hitler is as peaceful as..." and had demonized 'most Jews' [7]), dared to compare the Palestinian depraved barbarity attack to a brave uprising during WW2.

'UNRWA Staffers, Teachers Celebrated Hamas Massacre of Israeli Civilians, Watchdog Report Finds.'

Oct 20, a large pro Hamas Arab demonstration in Hebron.

Oct/9, Inside Israel, stood out only "Haaretz justified the massacre and mocks the kidnapped victims." (Typical Haaretzism). Its decision to publish horrific Amira Hass' piece.

In US, notable in supporting Hamas soon after the bloody butchery were the usual suspects: SJP, (the one infamous for disrupting Holocaust memorials:) Nerdeen Kiswani (WOL) and Muhammad El Kurd. Sulaiman Ahmed admitted only after 800k views that his libel to incite against Israel was fake and the church is fine.[13]

After inciting 800K views, Sulaiman Ahmed finally admitted -- the spreading a false libel -- about a church. That 'the church is fine.' (Oct 9, 2023)

Iranian masses organized by the Islamic regime have been celebrating, dancing to music. In Baghdad, Iranian militias linked crowd burned Israeli and US flags.

The demonization of Israel and Zionism (with false terminology) was stressed by ADL, in this context the "ideology that dehumanizes..."

Inside the US: while the most vocal against Hamas barbarism and for Israel's right to defend was coming from the GOP, but also from many Democrats, [14] yet, the deafening silence from liberal 'Squad' gang within the Democratic party was noticed, the hypocritical group claiming to care about human lives and human rights. The Squad waited till news of an Israeli attack began and then rushed to call for a cease fire.

Swastika at Palestinian anti Israel rally. (Oct 8 2023)

The "Squad's Socialist Party rallies in support of 'Palestine' hours after Hamas terror attacks."

It was held a day later - condemned by NY Governor. A swastika also shown at the "Palestinian" really. And some taunting mourning Jews by shouting "700" (referring to the widely known number of Jewish innocent victims at the time).

Arab Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib refuses to denounce beheading of babies by Palestinian militants Oct 2023

Rashida Tlaib refused to condemn beheadings of Israeli babies when confronted by media.

Diala Qasem, a "palestine" activist, staffer for Dem. Rep. Andre Carson, shared messages justifying Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

Islamic lobby Group CAIR, put out a statement to renege on Abraham Accord and put maximum pressure on Israel.

BLM Chicago was blasted after it posted an image of PLO flag with a paraglider to celebrate the carnage (as the savage-jihadists came in via paragliders). They added "I stand with Palestine. That is all that is."

Harvard's Arab Alumni Association offers support for Arabs who wrote pro Hamas letter following Palestinian atrocities (Oct 2023)

Following a group of racist Arab students in Harvard's pro Hamas' letter - denounced widely (as well as Mrs Claudine Gay's response), Harvard's Arab Alumni Association (HAAA) asked members to support Arab students whose groups signed the Hamas letter HAAA asks alumni to consider providing "legal counsel, healthcare, mental health."

Three such students are doxxed and lose job a week later.

GDL Minadeo Hitler salute cheers Palestinian Hamas led massacre Oct.8.23

White Supremacists celebrated the attacks, and Minadeo (gdl) saluted the Palestinian attacks with Hitler salute.

Miami dentist, radical racist Arab supremacist, "Ahmed Elkoussa is fired after he's seen on video with his friend Xave Ramou ripping down posters of kidnapped and murdered Israelis."

Oct 16-18 poll: "57% of US Muslims Believe Hamas Atrocities Justified." In a unique poll "in that it polled Muslims in America as a separate group about the Hamas attack on Israel during which the Islamic terrorists massacred civilians, raped and kidnapped women, and killed and kidnapped children."

Reported Oct/19, Nejwa Ali, PLO ex-spokeswoman, put on leave by Citizenship and Immigration Services, "after being confronted with her history as an operative for the Palestine Liberation Organization and a more recent series of pro-Hamas social media posts."

Gaza UMRWA staff celebrated Hamas massacre.

Reported on Oct 24, for the second time in 10 days, swastikas were scrawled on a wall on the main road in Arab "Palestinian" Huwara [حُوّارة].

Israeli-American screenwriter quits Writers Guild over silence on Israel-Hamas war.

Hundreds of Muslims at pro Palestine rally chant "Gas the Jews" - in Sydney on Oct 9 2023

In Sydney, Australia, hundreds of Muslims at Pro-Palestinian rally chanted "Gas the Jews."

In Colombia, which has a large Arab community, including "Palestinians," Israel's embassy defaced twice with vile swastika graffiti in 'barbaric gesture.'

The Antisemitic social media history of Associated Press (AP)’s correspondent in Gaza - racist Arab Issam Adwan -- has been revealed. He worked first for Al Jazeera.

Notably, Reuters, NBC & BBC (such as with that longtime anti-Israel Jeremy Bowan). In addition, a reporter resigned over its refusal to call Hamas terrorists.

After the Hamas Massacre, UK Paper, The Guardian, Hates Israel Even More

This is how a meme was born: Saleh al-Jafarawi - the Gazan influencer who became the biggest network joke in Israel. First he laughed and praised Hamas and then cried when the IDF bombed in response. Now his video from the hospital, where he looks seriously injured, has become a new joke when surfers realized that it was a particularly bad game.

Unknown to average Americans, US tax payers money fund Pro-Hamas rallies. Biggest "winner": Arab American Association of New York, a Brooklyn-based group that helped plan a hate-filled “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” protest in Bay Ridge on Oct. 21, where racist-Arab protestors called for the eradication of Israel and held a sign of the Israeli flag in a trash basket that read "Please keep the world clean!" Them, the Muslim American Society - MAS. Muslim Brotherhood linked.

Huwara (حُوّارة) PLO and Swastikas Oct 2023. (See also related: Nazism at Arab Palestinians: 2000s 2020+)

Sohaib Abuayyash - Arab Palestinian-Jordanian illegal immigrant arrested for plan to ‘attack Jewish gathering’

A CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corp) employee George Achi instructed reporters to: 1. not to mention Gaza has not been occupied since 2005 2. not refer to Palestinian terrorists as terrorists.

NY Times rehires Hitler-praising Soliman Hijjy to cover Israel-Hamas war. Since Oct/12.

At bigoted Haaretz, it had another rewriting history by the Arab Hamin Majadli.

"Alongside the shameful celebrations of the Israelophobic left, there has been a notably muted response to the Hamas invasion in the liberal media. ‘Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza Strip… after Palestinian gunmen infiltrate its territory’, said BBC Breaking News. What nice, neutral language to describe an extremist onslaught against a sovereign nation."

"Brazil President supports Hamas; his Parliament sings Hatikva."

Large demonstration in front of the UN pro Israel (Oct 8, 2023). Jewish communities mobilized. In the NY, near the pro-Israel demonstration, a group of mostly Islamo-Arabs (such as "Palestinias"), joined by 'socialists' - "protested" against Israel with an Arab accent chanting on loudspeaker supposedly about "freedom." (Nevermind that Hamas and other such entities openly seek Israel's destruction as a whole. And even on its own people: Oppression, torture. Hoarding resources to enrich leadership and push to violence).

The US demanded (Oct 8) that the UN condemn Hamas, but the Security Council took no immediate action. Though several countries did condemn.

Oct 15, Ilhan Omar used an image of children massacred by Bashar al-Assad in Syria, in 2013 from his (sarin gas attack[15]), in order to blame Israel falsely on a so called "genocide." She just reposted this Pallywood from another Islamist anti-Israel propagandist Sulaiman Ahmed.

The MSM just copied the numbers of fatalities given by Hamas controlled regime as well as who is a civilian. Oct 8+.

"Get the f###ing Jews wiped out!" Shouts ring out at today’s Palestinian protest in Sydney. (Oct 15, 2023)

Marie Andersen with Arab Palestine antisemitic image (Oct/2023)

A (Norwegian) student (with a history of posting extremely antisemitic content online) Marie Andersen, together with a smiling Arab-Palestine girl next to her, holds sign 'Keep The World Clean’ with an image of the Jewish Star of David in a trash can in Warsaw. Condemned. (Oct 21, 2023).

File:Hamas dead baby doll (Oct 2023)[16]

In the beginning of the operation, weeks before pictures of dead babies appeared on TV screens - casualties of Hamas using civilians. The desperate Gaza regime produced a clip with a 'dead baby,' only that it was actually a doll.

Pallywood at Pro Palestinian demonstration in Paris using old dead baby photo of Turkish earthquake - Oct 2023

Pallywood: French daily Libération reports on its front page a photo of a (Oct/2023) protester holding up a photo of a child allegedly lying in the rubble of Gaza. This picture, which was already used in February 2023 in connection with the earthquake in Turkey, was generated by IA.

Mom I'm OK - it's just for the cameras - Pallywood Nov.2023

Arab-Palestinian Abu Rahma praising Hitler

It turns out, the woman who CNN & BBC gave airtime: Dunia Abu Rahma - "Palestinian" Gazan, had celebrated Hamas massacre & wished Hitler had finished the "job."

Following shutting down billboards with photos of hostages: On Oct/22, some 15,000 protested in London in a demonstration called 'bring them home.'

"Iranians desecrated tombs of Mordechai and Esther, Jews asking for protection Residents of the Hamadan province." (Reported Oct/25)

Former al-Jazeera guy, Pakistan born, Islamist Nur Ibrahim, shilling for Iran and Hamas, propagates, distorts dacts at Snopes, especially on Oct 10, 12, 19.

Ibrahim Bharmal who 'worked for the Council on American Islamic Relations,' (CAIR) - leader in harassing a Jewish student on Oct 18, 2023, the protesters surrounded an Israeli student, grabbing and shoving him to the ground while covering their faces with keffiyehs. He is of the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) / SJP. Bharmal has extensive involvement in campus groups in addition to editing the Harvard Law Review.

Oct.23.23 - B'nai B'rith letter Sent to the Editor: Washington Post misses central point about UNRWA: Far from being an agency acting merely "to protect and support civilians," it is an extremely problematic entity that for 75 years has exacerbated the Palestinian problem and symbolized the failure to solve it... UNRWA is, in fact, an outrageous anomaly (all other refugees in the world are covered by UNHCR—the U.N. refugee agency) that has perpetuated the Arab-Israeli conflict and has thus cost many thousands of lives, including the lives of over 1,300 innocent Israelis massacred on October 7 by Hamas terrorists claiming the phony grievances—of “dispossession”—that are pushed by UNRWA.

"Israeli comedians ruthlessly mock BBC reporting of Al-Ahli hospital bombing in Gaza: Satirical show pokes fun at the Beeb with report by fake journalist 'Harry Whiteguilt' - after broadcaster was slammed for its coverage of blast." (Oct.27.23)

"Israeli comedians ruthlessly mock BBC reporting of Al-Ahli hospital bombing in Gaza: Satirical show pokes fun at the Beeb with report by fake journalist 'Harry Whiteguilt' - after broadcaster was slammed for its coverage of blast." Making rounds in UK (Oct.27.23).

Islamist-Nazi Afnan Ullah Khan, Pakistani senator: "Now the world knows 'why Hitler killed the Jews."

"Jewish students at Cornell urged to avoid kosher dining hall following threats. Jewish students at Cornell University advised to avoid kosher dining hall after threats to Jews were posted on university discussion forum." (Reported Oct/30).

"The Washington Post's World View is thoroughly distorted. The newspaper continues to treat Hamas casualty claims as reliable." And columnist Islamic bigot Ishaan Tharoor "insists on giving the genocidal terrorist group the benefit of the doubt."

Czech Republic - enthusiastic supporter: the European country that stands by Israel.

"The world is moving quickly from empathy to Israel - to blame": Yonit Levy's interview on CNN (Oct.29.23). "The world has moved on quite quickly from showing very, very brief empathy for what we are still going through to, in many cases, even blaming Israel for what has happened. ..many Israelis feel like their case isn't clear enough, maybe hasn't been clear enough for years. But how do you wage this war against this terror organization, which has been so cynical, that starts by murdering your own children and then hides under their population, not at all caring if they're hurt? So it's a very difficult thing to manipulate and maneuver, I think that Israelis on the one hand do feel like the stopwatch has begun to run its course, Israel always has a short window. But we are also kinda angered by the fact that there is a stopwatch to begin with because they feel like they have been through something that should never happen again."


An attempted infiltration at Zikim beach was thwarted and the terrorists were eliminated. There were more attempted of infiltrations afterwards on various fronts.

The other terror groups Iranian hands', a Hezbollah gang fired from a tent they put up, and were immediately eliminated. (Oct 8).

An Egyptian police officer / Arab-terrorist murdered two Israeli tourists in Alexandria. (Oct 8).

More injured from rocket attacks on Oct 9, some seriously.

A "Palestinian" terror gang infiltrating northern Israel from Lebanon was eliminated quickly (Oct 9).

Hezbollah got hit, 5 were eliminated, including losing a senior operative, after attacking Israel, (Oct 9).

Though attempts of incursions were going on, after 48 hours the IDF declared they have total control over southern Israel.[17]

On Oct 10, from another Iranian linked location - Syria - mortars were fired and Israel responded.


Whoever had a weapon used it heroically. People saved lives of others while sacrificing their own and many fell while saving others. A 25 young woman quickly armed the Kibbutz and they eliminated 25. A policewomsn wounded, played dead, fought the trerrorists. Testimony: "Individual citizens with weapons fought against hundreds of terrorists." 'They fought heroically... we know for example of a case of about 30 soldiers against 300 [Palestinian terrorists].'[18] In Eshkol: "they were 100 terrorists, against 12 members of the standby squad."

Kfar Aza - he jumped on the grenade to save his girls friend (Oct.7.23)

A young man (22) saving his girlfriend by jumping on the grenade and she hod behind his body (Kfar Aza).

Dashcam footage documents farmer who saved 120 lives on Oct. 7.


Israel changed its policy against civilians arming themselves, speeding up licensing.

(In 2022, Haaretzism [those that excuse racist Arab supremacy / Islamic jihad - terrorism and hutl vile terms against those who fear it] type liberals demonized those advocating for it at the height of terror attacks).

Operation +

A child's prayer blessing his father who goes into battle - Israel 13 Oct 2023[19]

Israel's PM Bibi Netanyahu stated that with the help of God we shall prevail.

Slowly, the IDF began cleansing the dozens of villages held by roaming Hamas shooters.

The IDF urged Arab "Palestinians" in Gaza to evacuate as it tries to minimize non combatants' casualties [even] on its adversary side.

And many followed the order.

Israel to Gazans Every target and every terrorist is a mortal - run away, as long as you can - Oct/2023

In addition, days later, it took control of Hamas TV and urged residents to "run away, as long as you can."

Flyer to Gazans - asked to leave Oct.2023

Hamas has been using vital supplies to get only to their military. Leading Israel to block.

Oct 11: "Using civilians as human shields, Hamas has called on Gazans not to leave their homes when Israel warns about bombings."

Hamas terrorists uses hospital Shifa, a bunker. (Reported on Oct 11). An Arab-Israeli volunteer in a Jewish rescue organization was shot and used as Human Shield By Hamas.

On Oct 12, Hamas leader Mashaal called for day of "rage" against Zionists and Americans by Muslims and Arabs all around the world.

On Oct 13 (12 in the US), it told the UN that North Gaza residents must be evacuated to the south. Already 400,000 left. IDF also dropped fliers asking to leave, as well as recorded messages on cellphones. Hamas regime told Gazans to stay and not to believe. UN shames Israel instead of pointing to Hamas' use of Human shields. The IDF keeps stretching the 'deadline' - which was set, just to urge. Hamas blocking Palestinians from evacuating North.

Roadblocks set up by Hamas on evacuation routes designed by the IDF in Gaza (Oct.2023)

Already on the first day of operation, it began by hitting targets specially in Shejaiya, where main orders and supply came from. Military infrastructure was attacked in the house of Farah Hamad, a senior operative in the terrorist organization Hamas, "the military infrastructure in his apartment is located near a mosque and three schools, this target proves once again that the terrorist organization Hamas exploits (their) holy sites and the civilian population in order to promote terrorism."

  • On Oct 14:

The IDF eliminated Palestinian Hamas terrorist who led the Oct 7 2023 massacre. Nakba's Ali Qadi [علي القاضي]. IDF conducted ‘localized’ ops in Gaza as war enters 2nd week. It IDF also "killed Murad Abu Murad, the head of Hamas’s aerial array in Gaza, who "took a big part in directing terrorists during the massacre." Several times, Palestinian terrorists directed by Hezbollah attempted to infiltrate and were eliminated. Barrage of rockets hits Tel a Aviv too. Then Hezbollah admitted for a new shooting. Intense fighting with Hezbollah who fired mortars. One Hezbollah commander was eliminated, following that. Then, other proxies from Syria fired at Israel too.

  • Oct 15:

Israel eliminates leader of the Kibbutz Nirim massacre. "Billal al-Qedra, the commander of the so-called Nukhba unit's southern Khan Younis battalion." Israel resumed water supply IDF Spokeperson: 'Hezbollah working to escalate tensions on the northern border.' One Israeli killed by Hezbollah. Hamas stopping crossing, preventing Palestimian-Americans to leave.

  • Oct 16:

IDF eliminated the head of Hamas's general intelligence Khan Yunis Brigade. Later, it killed the head of the Shura Council of Hamas, Osama Almazini, in the Gaza Strip. Intense barrage of rockets by Jihadists on Tel Aviv. IDF hits Hezbollah after the latter's yesterday's attack that killed an Israeli. "UN Security Council rejects Russia’s resolution on Gaza that fails to mention Hamas." Russia was slammed by the US: "By failing to condemn Hamas, Russia is giving cover to a terrorist group that brutalizes innocent civilians. It is outrageous, it is hypocritical, and it is indefensible."

Hamas Jihadists stealing aid from UN

The UN refugee agency UNRWA accuses Hamas of stealing fuel, medications from its Gaza premises. UN deleted the post after fear from Hamas but reiterated to this truth.

Islamic Terrorists killed their own people in hospital explosion - then falsely blamed Israel (Oct/23)
Hamas a minute before Al Ahli hospital hit by jihad Oct.17.23
Confirmed Islamic Jihad rocket caused Gaza hospital Al Ahli blast Oct 2023
NYT changing headlines after swallowing jihadists' claim about Palestinians killing Palestinians Gaza hospital al Ahli. (Oct.17.23)
Footage from TV station's cameras at the time of the Gaza al-Ahli hospital explosion definitively showing how a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket is responsible for the incident Oct 17 2023
To Israel, every civilian death is a tragedy. To Hamas, it's a propaganda tool

  • Oct 17:

Islamic Jihad failed rocket hits Gaza hospital al-Ahli, several killed. Naturally guilty Palestinian Hamas regime blamed Israel for their "accident", which triggered protests among the Arab world. It also inflated numbers.

The failed jihadists' missile was one of approximately 450 that land within the Gaza Strip. In fact, "radar detected outgoing rocket fire at the same moment the blast at the Gaza hospital occurred," In addition, Gaza-regime Hamas, often working with Islamic jihadists at rocket launchers had warned, one minute before the hospital explosion on an upcoming missile to reach Haifa, which didn't reach that city at the end, and missiles launched do trigger second explosions. Nevertheless, the Arab world continued to blame Israel, with rioters breaking into the Israeli embassy compound in Jordan, and protests outside Western embassies in other Middle Eastern countries. Hamas/ other Jihadists' mouthpiece Al Jihadzeera incited the Arab world-- with much in the Arab world, embarrased by images of Hamas/PIJ Oct 7 atrocities, trying to believe or at least to say they believe the blaming Israel version -- with the "Palestinian" Rashida Tlaib - silent on Palestinian atrocities against Israeli-civlians suddenly waking up and repeating despicable Hamas' lines, and initially some at MSM blaming the non-jihadi side too. Evidence, video of Palestinian failed rocket launch at the time, was published. Also, "Military intercepted communications indicating Islamic Jihad fired hospital rocket." Indeed, "US analysis showed Israel not responsible for hospital explosion." Even forthright (formerly at HRW) critic of Israeli Military says IDF Not responsible for Gaza hospital explosion: ‘It Wasn’t An Airstrike’

Naftali Bennett hit at the NYTimes for blindly recycling Hamas' version for hours before investigating.: "Hamas immediately understood that this was the Islamic Jihad’s rocket, and launched a massive lie campaign, blaming Israel. The New York Times immediately adopted Hamas’ version, peddling this lie for hours... New York Times: Shame on you. Apologize now for this slander... Aren’t you supposed to check facts? Isn’t that your claim to fame? Is there a special exemption from fact-checking when it’s the Jewish State involved?... In addition to the aerial footage, there is a recording of Hamas terrorists discussing the hit, describing the shrapnel at the site as "local" and "not Israeli." " "Clown Trudeau becomes the only Western leader who condemned Israel for the Gaza hospital blast, before evidence emerged that a terrorists' misfired rocket caused it."

NYT rehires Hitler-praising Soliman Hijjy to cover Israel-Hamas war. Oct/2023

Ayman Nofal, a member of the Hamas terror group's General Military Council was eliminated.

Palestinian Authority to immediately reward families of Oct. 7 terrorists with nearly $3 million.

Conservatives call for Congress to defund Palestinians across board.

  • Oct 18:

Arabs in the Middle East protests, despite publicized proof of Palestinians on Palestinians killing of the Al Ahli hospital. (Hamas' unofficial mouthpiece:) Al Jazeera's already dangerous agitation 'worked,' as wildfire . "Pro-Hamas extremists and neo-Nazis flood social media with calls for violence." Biden's visit for solidarity with Israel. Arab Jordan cancels meeting with him. "Despite US admission Hamas ‘may seize’ aid to Gaza, Biden announces $100m in Palestinian aid." Rashida Tlaib propagated Hamas' version even after debunked.. The "European Parliament calls for Hamas to be ‘eliminated,’ urges release of hostages."

"2024 GOP candidates condemn Biden’s $100M pledge to Palestinians.

At Sky News, noted, Anna Botting terrible conduct a day after the facts of Jihadis attack on al Ahli hospital (Oct/17) became known.

  • Oct 19:

Jamila al-Shanti, 1st woman in Hamas political bureau, eliminated.

Rafat Abu Hilal, head of military wing of Gaza’s Popular Resistance Committees, eliminated. He previously called on Palestinians abroad to 'target every infidel-zionist.'

The "IDF says it targeted several members of Hamas’s so-called Nukhba commando forces, who led the October 7 onslaught," ten Nukhba members were eliminated.

Panic on the Internet, as Arab suspects photograph houses, entry to houses, some pretend to be "cleaning." The police tries to reassure Israelis. United Kingdom's PM Rishi Sunak visits Israel for solidarity. Several injured from Hamas' linked terror jihadists firing from Lebanon. Iran's proxies in Iraq and Sytia attack US warship/bases, via drones. Iran's other proxy, Houthis in Yemen fire missiles, drones, US shoots down. As "Iranian terror axis begins challenging US in Mideast."

In Houston, TX, illegal alien "Palestinian" (from Jordan) Sohaib Abuayyash arrested on Oct 19, on Nov 3, he was charged with firearms violation. He planned to attack Jewish gathering, "spoke of committing ‘martyrdom’ in support of a religious cause and made statements ‘that he wants to go to Gaza to fight.’"

  • Oct 20:

Rockets continue from Gaza and from Hezbollah / Palestinian jihadists in the north. "For fifth time today, UAV kills terrorist squad on Lebanon border." IDF eliminates senior Hamas engineer, Mahmud Sabih, "who operated to facilitate the transfer of information for Hamas in the production of weapons and UAVs." As Hamas is exposed pressured for its beasty behavior, as part of its psychological warfare, it did not release even one child out if the 30, but released only two Americans and dared use the word "humanitarian."

  • Oct 21-22:

Hezbollah keeps attacking, several injured. Israel warns: Hezbollah 'dragging Lebanon into war.' Gaza aid shipments inspected for weapons by Israel. "Israeli forces raid Samaria home of Hamas’s second-in-command Troops reportedly entered Saleh al-Arouri’s home in the village of Arura and arrested more than 20 people." Hamas "Terror Operatives" In Jenin Al-Ansar mosque, eliminated, the place "was used by the terrorists as a command centre to plan the attacks and as a base for their execution." The terrorists plotted to imitate Oct/7 atrocities. Per Oct/22: The IDF has arrested 727 Palestinian terrorists across Judea and Samaria since the start of “Operation Swords of Iron” on Oct. 7. Out of the 727 Palestinian terrorists arrested, more than 480 are affiliated with Hamas, including 27 Hamas members arrested overnight.."

  • Oct 23-24:

The IDF responded to Hezbollah attacks. The police detained for questioning Maymisa Abd Elhadi, the actress who shared a series of stories in which she encouraged the atrocities of Hamas on October 7. 10 Hamas terrorists killed in another infiltration attempt near Zikim. Hamas releases only two hostages - out of 222, elderly women. IDF: "Great efforts are being made to release the abductees - their faces and not their passports are in front of our eyes." Warplanes, guided by intelligence information from the Amman and the Shin Bet, eliminated the head of the anti-tank system in the northern Gaza Strip of the terrorist organization Hamas, Ibrahim al-Sahar. Great Britain also confirms: the Oct/17 explosion at the al-Ahli Hospital in the heart of Gaza City "was apparently caused by a missile fired from Gaza towards Israel". "The IDF released excerpts from an investigation conducted with a Hamas terrorist who participated in the attack on Kibbutz Alumim and was arrested by the security forces. During the investigation, the terrorist revealed that the terrorists received permission to commit atrocities, including religious legal instruction: "The plan was to go from house to house, from room to room, Throw grenades and kill everyone there, including women and children." The terrorist further confessed that Hamas approved of abusing the bodies and even dismembering them."

The "IDF hits Hamas apparatus which prevented Gazans from evacuating south In widescale strikes," and "hits Hamas terror tunnels, command centers responsible for arresting and imprisoning Hamas opponents." Second day in a row, White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre universalizes Jew-hatred As she began the daily press conference (Oct/24), "ostensibly to correct her pivot to Islamophobia the day before when asked about Jew-hatred, began discussing Muslims again." Israeli UN ambassador demands UN secretary-general A. Guterres resign after 'shocking' speech, uttering a terrible statement somehow "explaining" Hamas led atrocities not coming, supposedly "in a vacuum." Guterres tried to correct -- by denouncing Hamas massacre in injuring and taking hostages -- but in Israel they do not forgive.

Oct 24, "Hamas official Ghazi Hamad: We will repeat the October 7 attack, time and again, until Israel is annihilated...Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country."

  • Oct 25-26:

IDF exposes the true identity of Hamas terrorist Abu Obaida: Hudhayfah Kahlot, "hides behind his red keffiyeh just as Hamas hides behind civilian facilities." After Hezbollah's Oct/25 announcement that two more of its terrorists were eliminated, the total of Hezbollah killed so far stands at 40. Congress passes pro Israel resolution - a long time coming. Small ground incursion operating against terror dystem in Gaza. "Shati Barud, deputy head of Hamas intelligence who helped plot Israel terror attack is killed by Israeli air strike." "Rocket fire from Gaza targets Tel Aviv, central areas; Apartment in Petach Tikva takes direct hit causing fire, no injuries"; hearing "Gazan saying Hamas blocking civilians from reaching south." "They are shooting at people." Hamas Islam scholars: 'Spill the blood' of Israelis. "In decree published in Gaza, clerics permitting and encouraging the killing" of 'Zionist soldiers and so called settlers (- a reference to all Israelis) both within and outside of Palestine' (by "Palestine" - they refer to the entire area of Israel). "Hamas official: 'guide their strikes and gunfire upon the Jews' throats.' "

Replying to journalist quoting Islamic lobby CAIR's demanding Biden apologize, White House spokesperson Kirby clarified, Biden will not apologize for saying civilians will die in war. “What’s harsh is the way Hamas is using people as human shields. What’s harsh is taking a couple of hundred hostages and leaving families anxious, waiting and worrying to figure out where their loved ones are. What's harsh is dropping in on a music festival and slaughtering a bunch of young people just trying to enjoy an afternoon. I could go on and on. That's what's harsh,” he said.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: "..We need the blood of women, children, and the elderly of Gaza – so as to awaken our revolutionary spirit."

  • Oct 27-28:

Tel Aviv apartment hit by Hamas rocket, three wounded. IDF publishes how the Al Shifa hospital serves as a military location for Hanas terrorists - part of "Hamas' use of humanitarian facilities in the Gaza Strip for terrorist infrastructure in a way that endangers the residents of the Gaza Strip." A day later, admission of terrorist to this fact publicized. 36 wanted persons were arrested in Judea and Samaria, including 17 Hamas operatives. "Four people were injured in a direct rocket strike on a residential building in Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon, ranging from moderate to light injuries. Half an hour after that attack, central Israel was again targeted by rockets." Incursion into Gaza, ground forces stay in northern Gaza. On Saturday, direct hits on homes in Be'er Sheva and central Israel. Rockets continue to be fired from Gaza and Lebanon terror groups. Injuries in Ashdod. Hamas in 'psychological terrorism' "proposed a deal." 9 years old girl dies after cardiac arrest while running to bomb shelter.

NYTimes, in a piece titled "As Gazans scrounge for food and water, Hamas sits on a rich trove of supplies," asserts: "Arab and Western officials say there is substance to Israeli claims of Hamas stockpiling supplies, including desperately needed food and fuel. Hamas, they say, has spent years building dozens of kilometers of tunnels under the strip where it has amassed stores of virtually everything needed for a drawn-out fight. It is a reality that Israel may soon find itself grappling with if it makes good on its threat to invade Gaza. Hamas has hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel for vehicles and rockets; caches of ammunition, explosives and materials to make more; and stockpiles of food, water and medicine, the officials said. A senior Lebanese official said Hamas, which is estimated to number between 35,000 and 40,000, had enough stocked away to keep fighting for three to four months without resupply... Hamas has grown adept at manufacturing its own weapons in underground bunkers and shielding them from Israel’s advanced surveillance systems, the Lebanese official said."

  • Oct 29-30:

IDF attacks over 450 Hamas targets in Gaza Strip as incursion expands. Two Israeli soldiers wounded as ground op expands in Gaza. IDF strikes Lebanon as Hezbollah and Hamas linked Jamaa Islamiya's rockets pummel central Israel.

In Dagestan, Islamic antisemitic airport, Muslim mob attempt to lynch Jews while shouting Allah Akbar as well as antisemitic chants. Also invading a hotel looking for Jews going from room to room.

Syrian front: responding to attack, the air force attacked targets in south Syria. Southern Lebanon: hours after the thwarted infiltration attempt, Islamic Jihad accepted responsibility. - About 20 rockets were fired from Lebanon, the IDF attacjd Hezbollah infrastructure in response. In Gaza: the IDF attacked targets in the Al-Quds Hospital area - one of the many civilian facilities used by Hamas for terrorist purposes. IDF spokesman: we sent messages to the families of 239 abductees.

"IDF ground forces close in on Gaza City as Hamas fires on central Israel More than 700 Hamas members arrested in Judea and Samaria since the start of the war; UAV strikes a terror squad in Jenin." "IDF soldiers killed tens of terrorists overnight on Monday who fortified themselves and tried to attack them " "Israeli forces in Gaza free captive IDF soldier."

Caught on camera, an Arab, who lives in the Shuafat camp, worked as a delivery picker at the Shufersal network in Jerusalem. During his work, he placed notes showing the finger pointing to the state flag next to a swastika, inside the customers' deliveries. On Oct 29, 2023, he was arrested for questioning on threatening crimes, behavior that may violate public peace due to racism and hostility towards the public. behavior.

Caught on camera, an Arab, who lives in the Shuafat camp, worked as a delivery picker at the Shufersal network in Jerusalem. During his work, he placed notes showing the finger pointing to the state flag next to a swastika, inside the customers' deliveries. On Oct 29, he was arrested for questioning on threatening crimes, behavior that may violate public peace due to racism and hostility towards the public.

  • Oct 31- Nov 1:

IDF Conquers Jabaliya; senior terrorist killed; buildings collapse as tunnels were Blown Up. 2 IDF Soldiers killed while fighting Hamas in Gaza. Israel intercepts fresh Yemen aerial assault toward south.

The "BBC interviews (President) Herzog, omits his criticism of the network."

"Israel deploys missile boats to Red Sea after Houthi attacks." "In battle for Gaza stronghold, 100 women and children pushed forward by Hamas to act as human barrier." So far, since the beginning of Gaza incursion, 16 IDF soldiers died. Hamas siphons fuel from hospitals, revealed in intercepted call. Commander of all Hamas anti-tank forces in Gaza, Muhammad A'sar, eliminated..

"House passes Hamas sanctions bill, Iran resolution in by wide bipartisan margins The House voted for new sanctions on Hamas’ international backers and a policy of opposing Iran’s nuclear program ‘by any means necessary’ but rejected an effort to censure Rashida Tlaib."

House passed H.R. 3266, a bill to increase oversight of American taxpayer funded education materials used by the UN - UNRWA, "requiring annual report on Palestinian teaching materials."

The NY Times slammed for quoting ‘experts’ Sultan Alamer, who praised ‘mass murder of Jews.’

"Egyptian TV Host slams Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzouk's (Oct/27) claim that Gaza civilians' safety is the responsibility of the U.N., not Hamas: This is an insolent and disgraceful statement; Hamas government must step down."

  • Nov 2:

Galilee comes under heavy rocket fire in consecutive barrages. Home, restaraunt struck by rockets from Gaza and Lebanon IDF's Golani Brigade take out 20 terrorists in Gaza. Iranian Jews cut off from relatives in Israel. Israeli slain in Samaria terror attack.

Racist Arab lawyer representing terrorists Hamas and Islamic jihad to an officer: "sti--y Jewess," she spat at her and came at her too. It was after some 250 terrorists were arrested.

Publicized: in NY, two Arab-Muslim sisters of Lebanese decent, Aya and Dana Bakaret, caught (Oct/31) ranting while tearing down posters of abducted Israeli children by Hamas, one is smiling.

Exposed: Around five dozen individuals, some associated with Hamas and collectively boasting more than 100 million social media followers, have been waging a propaganda campaign against Israel on various social media platforms since the start of the Swords of Iron war on October 7. Posing as "independent journalists," are often seen sporting blue press vests and helmets. They have also reportedly found refuge in Al-Shifa hospital, which serves as a Hamas command and control center, providing them with access to electricity and the internet.

Grieving Palestinian woman in Gaza: “All this is because of the dogs of Hamas.” ("كل هذا بسبب كلاب حماس"). They immediately cover her mouth to silence her. It went viral in the Arab world.

Hezbollah on onslaught attack using Iranian drones too.

Faced with rise in Jewish hate, Kamala Harris tackles made-up ‘Islamphobia.’

Russia’s Wagner Group Plans to Send Air Defenses to Hezbollah. The Arab Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad on France was condemned for his antisemitic post.

  • Nov 3:

Hezbollah's Nasrallah, in a speech full of lies, says "America is the great devil," threatens Israel and the US "threatens to escalate his group's fighting in 'holy war.'" And that "the United States is fully responsible for the war in Gaza. Israel is merely its servant to carry it out."

An ambulance was attacked after Hamas terrorists tried to hide inside it and used it to tranport weapons too.

IDF in Judea-Samaria eliminated terrorists in Jenin and destroyed a house --belonging to one-- in Nablus. A printing house in Kalandia distributed inflammatory posters - sealed.

White House says, Hamas terrirists tried to flee to Egypt via ambulance. "Hamas put wounded fighters on departure lists, delaying efforts to evacuate foreigners, a U.S. official says."

Viral video shows Hamas snipers murder dozens who were attempting to travel from north to south Gaza, displaying white flags.

Terror groups Al Mazen and El Haq - Haaretz sources for what is happening in the Gaza Strip (Haaretzism).

  • Nov 4:

"Israel strikes Hezbollah posts, deepens IDF operation in Gaza." By today, 58 Hezbollah terrorists were eliminated since Oct 8. The IDF spokesman's message to the Gaza residents: "Turn south." In Arabic: "The IDF will allow free movement on the Salah al-Din route between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. For your safety, use the time to move to Wadi Gaza. Be sure that the leaders of Hamas are already taking care of protecting themselves." Some of them "stayed there against their will or are afraid to leave - despite the IDF's repeated warnings "or influenced by Hamas propaganda. Cruel Hamas abuses the humanitarian window and attacks IDF fightets. After the rocket barrage: a direct hit to a residence in Sderot. Israeli drone strikes Gaza home of Hamas chief, Ismael Haniyeh, (now) in exile.

'Hamas exploits ambulances for terror:' Israeli envoy slams UN chief, as "UN's Guterres spreads Hamas lies to the point of complicity in terror." Israel slams Turkey for recalling envoy, ‘siding with Hamas.’ Blinken brushes off Arab leaders' calls for ceasefire.

In DC, days after anti-Israel demonstration orgaized by ANSWR, "a nearby building was spray-painted with antisemitic and "violent" language, on the same weekend as a massive pro-Palestinian demonstration in the capital," with graffiti reading "Free Gaza" and "F--k Israel" on the building's walls, 'Death to Israel' and 'Glory to our Martyrs,' among others.

An Arab Foreign affairs officer Sylvia Yacoub criticized the US president on social media for his lack of full-throated support for "Palestine."

Bill Maher pummels leftwing antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war: 'You’re the ones with the tiki torches now!'

Israeli actress Noa Tishby 'sets the record straight' for US Rep. Rashida Tlaib on the true racist-Arab meaning of 'from the rivers to mtyhe sea.' “Rashida is a liar. Why? Because the chant ‘From the river to the sea’ is a translation of the original Arabic chant ‘from the water to the water, Palestine will remain Arab.’ This is a genocidal call to ethnically cleanse the land from all non-Arabs i.e. the Jews.”

Arabs in Colombia "dressed up as Hamas terrorists riding in a van at the Halloween celebrations," glorifying them.

Arab Muslim anti-Israel groups organized massive protests in DC. "Attendees, who numbered in the tens of thousands, went much further and leaned into rhetoric supporting the October 7 Hamas massacre and other acts of terror targeting Israel, calls for the end of Israel, comparisons between Israel’s military actions and the Holocaust and language amplifying antisemitic themes. "

  • Nov 5:

Hamas using Qatar-funded hospital for terrorism. IDF reopens Gaza humanitarian corridor despite Hamas attacks Over 2,500 targets have been hit since the start of ground operations in the Strip. IDF shows Hamas rockets next to children’s pool, playground. Israeli killed in Hezbollah missile attack from Lebanon.The IDF returned fire against the source of the attack in Lebanon.

Gazan cheering at one case of Hanas firing at a rank with full electricity refuting Pallywood drama week earlier that they are out of it (with Unicef, WHO repeating their propaganda to the world without checking facts).

RA'AM's racist Arab-Islamist Iman Khatib-Yasin denies chikdrrn were killed on Oct/7 and refuses to see video. She is banned by her party.

Iran confirms Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh met with Khamenei.

Netanyahu: "Sinwar doesn't care about his people and is behaving like a little Hitler in a bunker."

Between Nov 3, 4 & 5: Arab Journalists: 'Al-Jazeera Is a mouthpiece of the terrorist organizations.'

ABC reporter, Mary Bruce, ripped for calling anti-Israel protest 'passionate' that defaced White House gates.

The Israeli comedy show Eretz Nehederet posted a skit parodying LGBTQH (H is for Hamas) students at Columbia University. "Columbia Untisemity": Israel's No. 1 Satire program mocking the support for Hamas on college campuses - went viral.

  • Nov 6:

450 targets were attacked, the IDF took over a Hamas outpost. Shurat Hadin organization turned to Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the world, and demanded that he help the Israeli evacuees. Because they are Jews." Arrest of Arab Palestinian star, Ahed Tamimi, who dats earlier incited on social media "what Hitler did to you was a joke," and that they will "drink the blood" of Israelis. IDF find some 50 Hamas rocket launchers at youth center, mosque. A stabbing attack in Jerusalem by an Arab of Issawiya, kills Israeli American police officer, another officer was moderately wounded. Terrorist was killed at the scene. 30+ rockets fired from Lebanon. Ruba Awni Almaghtheh - Arab Palestinian woman slams car into building after mistaking it for Jewish structure. (Indianapolis).

"Palestinian" attacked an elderly Jewish man (65, Paul Kessler), the day before, at the pro Palestinian protest in Los Angeles. The victim was “struck in the head by a megaphone wielded by a pro-Palestinian protestor.” He was pronounced dead on Nov/6. A "protester" was arrested.

Ahed Tamimi Palestinian Arab star on drinking the blood of the Jews (Oct 2023)

Ahed Tamimi Palestinian Arab star: "Our message to the herds of settlers (i.e. all Israeli Jews) We’re waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank, from Hebron to Jenin We will slaughter you and you will say that What Hitler did to you was a joke We will drink your blood and eat your skulls Come on, let’s go, we’re waiting for you."

Ruba Awni Almaghtheh - Arab Palestinian drives into building, attempts to target Indianapolis Jewish community (Nov.6.23)

Elderly Jew dies after beaten by Palestine protester in Los Angeles (Late Paul Kessler. Nov/23)
Paul Kessler murdered by pro Palestine
Loay Alnaji jihadism
Loay Alnaji with Palestinian wife Nada Al Hammouri

A Muslim female was arrested for attacking religious Jews with pepper spray in Brooklyn, NY. She pepper sprayed multiple people who he ran up to on the street in a Jewish neighborhood. He was also seen tearing down kidnapped Israeli signs and making antisemitic remarks. Se screamed Allah Akbar.

  • Nov 7:

IDF Locates Terror Tunnels Near Amusement Park, University . It takes control of another Hamas compound in Gaza. Israelis mark one month since the Oct. 7 massacre. Lebanese terrorists fire 20 rockets into Israel. Israeli forces foiled a terrorist attack by neutralizing a Palestinian woman.

Strange and laughable: Qatar claims it doesn’t support Hamas.

Montreal synagogue firebombed amid sharp rise in antisemitism

NBC News quietly Stealth-Edits headline after downplaying death of Jewish man killed on pro-Palestinian protest (Paul Kessler).

The US House voted late Tuesday to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — the only "Palestinian" American in Congress — an extraordinary rebuke of her hate rhetoric.

A UK reporter (for the Daily Telegraph) sees Hamas shooting from inside Hospital and UNRWA school.

  • Nov 8:

Anti-tank missile from Lebanon wounds two IDF soldiers. Hamas: We want permanent war with Israel.. G7 countries express support for Israel’s self-defense.

Publicized confessions of captured terrorist on Oct 7, this is how the terrorists use the hospitals: "I have ambulances, I can go with whichever one I want."

Ahmed Siam, commander of a division in Hamas uses "the displaced and the patients inside the Rantisi hospital as a human shield and puts them at risk."

IDF assessment: Since the ground maneuver began, over 2,000 terrorists have been eliminated, most of them under the tunnels.

The head of Hamas's Weapons and Industries Department, Mahsan Abu-Zina, was eliminated by the IDF in an airstrike. Troops destroy terror tunnel shaft near UNWRA school.

So far, the IDF destroyed 130 Hamas tunnel shafts, 50 thousand Gazans evacuated to the south.

An attack against Israelis was thwarted in Brazil, the Mossad: "Hezbollah and the Iranian regime continue to operate around the world."

Israel, US strike Iranian proxies in Syria.

In the US, Donald Trump's rivals vow to back Israel and argue over China and Ukraine at the third debate.

  • Nov 9:

Forces capture key Hamas stronghold in northern Gaza. Twelve terrorists killed in Jenin counterterror raid. Terror shooter wounds two Israelis near Nablus. One person injured in drone explosion at school in Eilat.

IDF finds Hamas weapons factory next to Gazan children's bedroom.

Hassan Eslaiah, an AP and CNN contributor, taking a selfie while being kissed by Yahya Sinwar. [5]

Photojournalists covering Oct. 7 attacks raise ‘ethical questions,’ watchdog said on Nov/8. The six freelance photographers—Hassan Eslaiah, Yousef Masoud, Ali Mahmud, Hatem Ali, Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa and Yasser Qudih—who were present during the attacks, and whose work the Associated Press and Reuters are selling to other publications. GPO, on Nov 9, demanded explanations from the media outlets: AP, CNN, NYT, and Reuters. As they "may have known Hamas would invade."

Nov 8-9, at Concordia University in Canada, an Arab "pro palestine" hurled a neo nazi slur at a Jewess. Professor Yanise Arab, specialized in “dominance and resistance in the Arab world," was filmed cursing a Jewess with an Arabic slur and calling on her to "go back to Poland." Swastikas were found, online threat made.

  • Nov 10:

After three days of silence: Hamas launched a salvo into Gush Dan and the Shfala, 9 rockets were intercepted. 3 aircraft penetrated into Israeli territory - one was intercepted, 2 fell in the northern region. Netanyahu to the heads of the councils in Otef: Even after the war, the Strip will be controlled. Alarms were raised in the north. The encirclement of Shifa Hospital used by the jihadists has been completed, there are battles between IDF forces and Hamas terrorists.

IDF has struck 15,000-plus terror targets in first month of war Acting on precise intelligence.

  • Nov 11:

"The IDF eliminated Ahmed Siam, a company commander of Hamas's Naser Radwan Company, the terrorist responsible for holding approximately 1,000 Gazan residents hostage in Gaza's Rantisi Hospital preventing them from evacuating south to safety." He was eliminated while hiding in a school.

IDF Conquers 11 Hamas Posts, Kills Hundreds Of Terrorists. IDF: Hamas has in fact lost control of the northern Gaza Strip, residents of the northern Gaza Strip are leaving their homes contrary to its instructions. "Yesterday they rushed to accuse us of attacking a hospital, and once again we discovered that it was a mistaken launch.. Hamas shoots and kills its own people, commits a war crime by using the hospitals." IDF is not firing at Shifa Hospital, but battles are taking place in its vicinity. "There is a safe and permanent exit and entrance in the eastern part of the hospital," said Brigadier General Hagari. "We also spoke with hospital staff members and said clearly: "The IDF will not attack. We will continue to allow the hospital and the residents of the northern Gaza Strip to move south safely."

Names of five IDF martyrs were allowed to be published. A hostile aircraft is launched towards Sderot and surrounds Gaza - and is intercepted. 2 rockets from Syria fell in an open area in the Golan. Gallant on the northern border: "Hezbollah is close to making a grave mistake." A hostile aircraft entered Israeli territory in the Western Galilee - and was intercepted. Falls in open areas in the Western Galilee. Several injured from Hezbollah firing. While thecterror group announced 71st terrorist killed so far.

Hamas fires on IDF soldiers evacuating civilians in Gaza.

The security forces eliminated 20 terrorist operatives from various organizations in other areas.

EU condemns Hamas for using 'hospitals as human shields.'

Girl: “They put the Arabs in danger. They are underneath, in tunnels, and we – the victims who are dying – are civilians.” Posted text: “A reporter of the [Al-Mayadeen TV] channel that is affiliated with Hezbollah and Iran attempts to get a response in favor of Hamas out of the girl, but she told him the truth.”

Muslim masses protest against Israel in London. Some chant the genocide call Khaybar. Sunak condemned hate chants by pro-Palestinian as well as right wing groups. One Muslim was filmed praising Hitler.

Microsoft chief said Russia is spreading Middle East disinformation against Israel.

Annotated copy of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf found at a Hamas terror base in Gaza. ((Nov.2023)
Mein Kampf at a Hamas' home used for terror activity.((Gaza, Nov.2023)

  • Nov 12:

IDF opens, secures evacuation routes from north Gaza hospitals. IDF strikes terror infrastructure sites in Syria. Hezbollah anti-tank missiles from Lebanon wound 21 Israelis, the IDF targeted the source of the attack with artillery, ramping up attacks.

Filmed: "Hamas operatives brutally beat Gaza residents who tried to take food from a humanitarian aid truck. Afterwards - Hamas took the contents of the trucks for use by the terroristorganization."

Hamas prevented the Israeli military from providing 300 liters of fuel for urgent medical purposes at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City,

Israel's president Isaac Herzog revealed to the BBC that, days earlier, a copy of Hitler's book Mein Kampf was found at a children's room used as a Hamas terror base in the Gaza Strip. Showing that some in Hamas were researching Hitler's anti-semitic ideology. The "terrorist wrote notes, marked the sections, and studied again and again, the ideology of Adolf Hitler to hate the Jews, to kill the Jews, to burn and slaughter Jews wherever they are. This is the real war we are facing."

JCPA elaborates on Hamas' "Numbers Warfare."

'ADL debunk: myths and false narratives about the Israel-Hamas war.

  • Nov 13:

Yaakub A'ashur, Head of the Anti-Tank Missile Array of Hamas' Khan Yunis Brigade, killed along with senior operative Mohammed Dababash.

Terrorists shoot at IDF soldiers from Gaza hospital. 21 eliminated. Stabbing attack thwarted in Tel Aviv, 2 arrested.

An "electric worker killed in Lebanon missile attack Sunday; assaults in north continue Shalom Aboudi was on team repairing lines damaged by previous fire; 2 Israelis injured in missile attack near Netu’a; IDF hits Hezbollah compounds, command center in response."

IDF reveals Hamas tunnels leading into Gaza Rantisi hospital and weapons.

Anti-tank missile from Lebanon wounds two Israelis.

IDF soldiers with Israeli flag at Hamas Parliament in Gaza 13.Nov.23

Golani soldiers raise Israeli flag in Hamas parliament.

  • Nov 14:

IDF coordinates transfer of incubators to Shifa Hospital in Gaza. 'IDF announced the start of an “extensive” effort to transfer incubators to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. “The pediatric ward at Shifa Hospital needs assistance. Israel is ready to assist." '

IDF hits 200 targets in Gaza; Troops uncover tunnel shaft in mosque Israeli incubators being transferred to Shifa Hospital. Two more IDF soldiers killed in Gaza. Two soldiers seriously wounded on the Lebanon border.

Israeli forces uncovered a tunnel shaft in a mosque. Israel transfers incubators to Shifa Hospital.

Gaza resident criticizes Hamas on Al Jazeera, reporter turns away and ignores him. (Nov.14.23)

On Al Jazeera (al JihadZeera) broadcast from the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza, 'a Gazan resident publicly criticized Hamas. "Why are the members of the organization hiding among the citizens?" the man asked. Upon hearing the man’s statement, the Al Jazeera reporter of the network took the microphone and immediately changed the subject.'

New US designations, sanctions on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

White House "has information Hamas, PIJ held weapons, hostages at Al-Shifa."

Israel air defense systems intercept Houthi missile over Red Sea area. IDF unveils Hamas ‘pit’ under headquarters.

US lawmakers horrified by video of (Oct/7) Hamas atrocities: It's like visiting Auschwitz.

IDF offers incubators for Gaza newborns, aid to Al-Shifa Hospital. Missile fired at Eilat intercepted over Red Sea.

Dozens of US troops injured in attacks in Iraq, Syria.

Israeli satire program: 'BBC' interviews Hamas leader - goes viral.

'March for Israel' rally - Nov 14 2023
'March for Israel' rally - Nov 14 2023
'March for Israel' rally - Nov 14 2023
'March for Israel' rally - Nov 14 2023

In DC, at 290,000-strong, ‘March for Israel’ is ‘largest pro-Israel gathering in history’ Another 250,000 watched via lifestream, according to organizers. Bi-partisan representation.

Palestinian Authority: The US is directing the war against Gaza, Israel is its "colonialist pawn."

  • Nov 15:

IDF enters Shifa Hospital in ‘targeted operation.’ Two IDF soldiers killed, four wounded in Gaza. IDF finds weapons in Shifa hospital as war rages on. Over 20 rockets fired from Lebanon toward Israel, IDF strikes Hezbollah.

We can never forgive': Knesset hosts second screening of October 7 doc.

Exposed, Rashida Tlaib member of secret Facebook group - Palestinian American Congress group - where Hamas terrorists glorified and denies Holocaust. group’s founder, Maher Abdel-qader, who has extensive ties to Tlaib and has also been linked to other liberal politicians, has come under fire in the past for his antisemitic social media posts, including questioning if the Holocaust ever occurred.

IDF publishes evidence of weapons found inside Shifa Hospital’s MRI center.

Weapons at Al Shifa hospital found 15.Nov.23

Jewish students sue NYU for allowing students to chant ‘gas the Jews’ and ‘Hitler was [sic] right’

  • Nov 16:

One Israeli killed, five wounded in Hamas terror shooting near Jerusalem - 'Tunnel road attack.' They were armed with rifles, axes, fake IDF uniforms & hundreds of bullets. As "they intended to carry out a massacre, an attack on a completely different scale."

IDF finds hostage photos on laptops at Shifa Hospital.

Israeli fighter jets hit home of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, use to direct attacks against IDF soldiers and civilians.

Rockets inside a girl’s bed: IDF reveals more evidence of Hamas' use of civilians In recorded conversation, two Islamic Jihad terrorists describe how weapons are transferred inside baby strollers.

Terror tunnel entrance uncovered at al-Shifah Hospital.

Body of abducted discovered. Yehudit Weiss (65, cancer sick) was murdered in Gaza. IDF: 'We didn't reach her in time.'

Terror tunnel entrance uncovered at al-Shifah Hospital.

Israel accuses: UN agencies ‘complicit’ in Hamas war crimes.

Body of Noa Marciano (19)was discovered by IDF forces near the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

US officials: Intercepted conversations show Hamas operating in Shifa Hospital. US officials tell CNN the US collected "solid" intelligence that Hamas was using Shifa Hospital as a command node.

Following an uproar as some have been pushing (2002) Bin Laden's letter on TikTok, which had also antisemitic trope, focusing on one particular paragraph about "Palestine" and gullible youths (born after 911, or just toddlers at the time) cheering it, the platform took action. The White House spokesman Andrew Bates said of the videos on Nov 16: "There is never a justification for spreading the repugnant, evil, and antisemitic lies that the leader of al Qaeda issued just after committing the worst terrorist attack in American history – highlighting them as his direct motivation for murdering 2,977 innocent Americans."

Survey finds majority in the West Bank support the Oct 7 massacre
Oct 31 - Nov 7, 2023 Survey: Three in four Palestinians support Oct.7.23 massacre

A survey publicized -- by Bir Zeit University -- conducted between Oct 31 & Nov 7: Arabs in Gaza and Judea & Samaria support to the Oct 7 massacre led by Hamas. More supporters of the massacre in Judea & Samaria than in Gaza. Judea Samaria, the rate of full support is 68% compared to 47% in Gaza (impacted by the consequences).

Netanyahu in a CBS interview elaborated on Hamas human shields usage including at hospitals, on their findings command center beneath Al Shifa hospital. On the messianic mad cult that doesn't give a hoot about their people VS Israel's efforts in avoiding civilian casualties including via text messages to Gazans to evacuate certain areas. Asked anout a "two state,' on the aftermath, he replied about the need of a drastic change, the need of deradicalization of hate and terror among Palestinians.

Replying to the them question about "extremists settlers": Netanyahu: I have condemned it in Hebrew and in English and gere again with you.. Or committing vigilante justice I said that in the Judea Samaria community and by the way they agree with me. 99% of the settlers community in Judea Samaria are law abiding. It's only, a tiny, tiny fraction and some are teenagers who come from ouside the area. But even a tiny fraction is unacceptable. But I wouldn't make a false symmetry. There is no moral equivalence against the hundreds and hundreds of attacks and by Hamas. Even today, in Jerusalem. And, this is a big one. Every violence by extremists we condemn, by anyone. Yet, we are 42 days into the worst killing of Jews since the Holocaust, the horrific raping, the burning of babies, slaughtering children in front of their parents, slaughtering parents in front of their children and Mahmoud Abbas is yet to condemn it. Not only that but officials in his government lauded, lauded this. There is no symmetry betweem Israel and its foes.

In a recent interview with the English-language channel of French broadcaster France24, the doctor, who declined to give his name for fear of endangering his colleagues in Gaza, said he had worked at Shifa and other hospitals in Gaza and the West Bank for three months, three years ago.

Pro-Al-Qaeda media outlet incites Muslims to conduct so called "martyrdom operations" In the "Heart of Crusaders' lands," praises attacks on synagogues in Montreal, threatens similar attacks to 2015 attacks in Paris.

  • Nov 17:

Israel attacks Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Attempted shooting attack near Hebron, terrorists neutralized. Armed suspect arrested near Israel's embassy in Azerbaijan. IDF 'close to dismantling' Hamas military system in north Gaza. IDF troops eliminate five terrorists in northern Samaria. Blinken speaks to Gantz, discusses efforts to boost Gaza aid. Troops "had killed seven Palestinian gunmen in two separate incidents throughout the West Bank."

Top Hamas Official Ahmad Bahr Bahr eliminated. He prayed for killing every American and Jew 'to the last pne,' glorified Martyrdom.

  • Nov 18:

Four of 5 Palestinians terrorists said killed in strike in West Bank’s Balata refugee camp, were affiliated with Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, citing “hospital testimonies.” Among the five killed was "a terrorist who killed an Israeli man in a shooting attack on a West Bank road." One was a battalion commander in Fatah Muhammad Zahed.

Brother of the (Nov 16) tunnel road attack perpetrator was arrested in Hebron.

Successful interception: missile launched from Lebanon at IDF drone.

Residential building damaged after rocket attack targets Sderot.

IDF's Duvdevan Unit raids Hamas infrastructures, finds weapons in school.

Israel calls on Gazans in south to evacuate, kills Hamas terror cells.

Captured terrorist explains - Hamas operatives place civilians on the roof of the house so that the IDF does not shell
Hamas surrounded with kids

Published: at an investigation of a Nukh'ba force terrorist, he revealed: "Hamas operatives place civilians on the roof of the house so that the IDF does not shell". Another photo was published that shows how Hamas uses civilians: soldiers documented how armed men hide among a group of children so that they would not be harmed.

  • Nov 19:

Fortified Hamas's terror tunnel exposed - 55-meter-long tunnel at Al-Shifa Hospital complex. The IDF unveiled its military moves and intelligence process which led to revelation.

55-meter-long terror tunnel 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital (1)
55-meter-long terror tunnel 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital (2)

Dramatic footage: Hostages led through Shifa Hospital on October 7th.

Surveillance footage of hostages being led inside Shifa Hospital. (On 7.Oct.23)
Surveillance footage of hostages being led inside Shifa Hospital. (On 7.Oct.23)

Israel to discuss death penalty for terrorists in Knesset committee.

Israel pounds Iran proxies in Lebanon as US assists with Hamas hostage negotiations in Gaza.

Israel has allowed shipments of fueld and aid into Gaza, restarting some phone and internet communications.

IDF says hostage Noa Marciano was murdered by Palestinians (after being injured) inside Al-Shifa Hospital.

Remains of Liel Hezroni found 11.19.23 weeks after she was burned alive with her twin - of Be'eri

Found remains of 12-year-old Israeli girl, Liel Hetzroni, who with twin brother Yanai, were burned alive by Hamas led terrorists at Kibbutz Be’eri on Oct. 7.

Former New Jersy Governor Chris Christie at NBC's Meet the Press shows off dog tag from hostages' families.

On the pictures of infants in incubators all over the world last days, in a post 'Infant photos at Shifa are not believable' noted blogger, writer': 'The caption from Reuters says, "Newborn babies in al-Shifa hospital are swaddled and laid down seven or eight to a bed in a desperate effort to keep them warm and alive." But if you want to keep the babies warm without an incubator, you would swaddle all of them - not leave some naked. You would cover their heads with the knit caps some of us are familiar with.Or, ideally, you would find people to hold them - preferably their mothers - and give them skin to skin contact to keep them warm. You don't just lie them on a bed, some of them without clothes, one of them (who does not look premature or sickly at all) with their face pushed up against the sharp corner of a box. This is not treating premature babies. This is abusing them for a photo-op. Another photo of babies from Shifa hospital shows something interesting. There is equipment and lights in the background that is clearly running on - electricity.'

Some asked if the electricity was cut off by Hamas after the photo -- with electricity running in the background was publicized - supplied by Hamas to media.

In a long elaborated post, activist posted 'International media and the Hamas supporting Doctors of Shifa,' on so many 'doctors pro Jihad activities.

Grenade Found On Pole Outside Synagogue, Lakewood, NJ.

  • Nov 20:

PA deletes statement denying Hamas massacre.

Three Hezbollah drones hit near the outpost, the IDF attacked in Lebanon. About 25 rockets were launched from Lebanon, Hezbollah fired a heavy rocket at a border post. 3 IDF fighters fell during an operational activity in the Gaza Strip. Forces in Gaza are operating near the Indonesian hospital.

The IDF and Shin Bet eliminated three additional Hamas division commanders.

2 more soldiers killed in Gaza.

Group of premature babies evacuated from Gaza into Egypt.

Attempted terror attack in Samaria, no casualties reported.

Hamas-operatives-in-Red-Crescent-complex. Detained Gaza terrorist says Hamas hid as hospital staff in Al Shifa

Publicized: 'Detained Gaza terrorist says Hamas hid as hospital staff in Al Shifa.'

Pics of the 40 kids held hostage by Hamas in Gaza (Published Nov 20, 2023 - World Children's Day)

Israel posts pics of the 40 kids held hostage by Hamas in Gaza - raising awareness of their plight on World Children's Day.

After a defamation piece (on Oct 17) in WaPo by Louisa Loveluck, Sufian Taha and  Hajar Harb: 'SWC vs. Washington Post: Hamas is thrilled when Gaza death toll ramps up.'

Pro-Israel libertarian Argentina's new president (- elected a day earlier), Javier Milei says, first overseas trips to be U.S., Israel.

'Genocide' accusations by anti-Israel activists 'pretty inappropriate' — White House. "Israel is not trying to wipe the Palestinian people off the map. Israel is not trying to wipe Gaza off the map. Israel is trying to defend itself against a genocidal terrorist threat. So if we’re going to start using that word, Fine. Let’s use it appropriately," Kirby says.

Kidnapped-sign-outside-times-office-accuses-paper-of-whitewashing-jew-hatred (20.Nov.23)

Kidnapped sign outside ‘Times’ office accuses paper of ‘whitewashing Jew-hatred’.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, who took an anti-Israel line all along, attacked Israel, was caught in a lie - and slammed by users. His post "unparalleled and unprecedented in any conflict since I have been Secretary General" - on X tagged in 'community notes' as 'helpful.' One replied: "Syria - 500,000 dead, Yemen - 377,000 dead, Afghanistan - 176,000 dead, Darfur - 300,000 dead, Iraq - 400,000 dead, Ukraine - 500,000 dead, Congo - 860,000. These are data from the United Nations, for your information." Researcher and journalist Ksenia Svetlova also responded: "God, you really don't know what's going on in Sudan right now, do you?" With reference to non-stop reports and testimonies about a widespread massacre of the civilian population under the auspices of the civil war in the country. Another surfer wrote: "You are a shameless liar, here are the casualty figures in the war in Syria since 2017 when you became the UN Secretary General."

With publicized documentation of Hamas using hospitals for terrorism and for holding, transferring Israeli hostages, FDD's senior adviser asked: "How many aid groups knew Hamas was hiding in a hospital and lied about it?" And: 'Within days of the Hamas massacre, Fabrizio Carboni, the Middle East regional director for the International Committee of the Red Cross, began spreading Hamas disinformation — telling international media that Gaza “hospitals risk turning into morgues.” When Carboni said this, he may have already known that hospitals in Gaza were used as terror bases and hostages were being stashed under those hospitals.'

Award-winning actress Julianna Margulies Slams lack of solidarity with Israel, ‘laughable’ support for Hamas in podcast Interview.

  • Nov 21:

IDF surrounds Jabalia; IAF hit 250 Hamas targets in 24 hours. Fighter jet destroys launch site from which rockets were fired at central Israel a day earlier. Haniyeh says hostage release deal close. Two more fallen soldiers named. Iron Beam laser intercepts Hamas rocket from Gaza. IAF strikes three armed terror cells at Lebanese border. IDF surrounds Jabalia; IAF hit 250 Hamas targets in 24 hours.

Israeli Arabs arrested in Turkey on terror charges, plans to "liberate" the Al-Aqsa Mosque atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem's Old City.

'Adolf was right [sic],' 'gas the Jews' [sic] written on NYC subway train.

IDF eliminates senior Hamas official in Lebanon

Freedom Center cuts ties with Candance Owens over Israel stance.

IDF launches website revealing how Hamas uses Gaza hospitals.

Israeli source: We are close to closing a prisoner swap.

Gantz: 'Nasrallah, do not endanger Beirut for the sake of Tehran.'

Chief of Staff: 'IDF pressure on Hamas makes better conditions for hostages' From salient details of a hostage deal: The release of at least 50 live hostages, which will be spread over 4 days, mainly children and their mothers, in increments of 12-13 abductees daily. In return, Israel will stop the fighting for 4 days and release about 150 security prisoners. Israel agreed to refrain from aerial activity in the Gaza Strip for 6 hours each day.

CAIR Defends promotion of bogus Anti-Palestinian supppsed "hate crime" by Arab-Palestinian Hesham Ayyad of Oct 22.

Ibrahim Mossallam removed from service [at United] amid anti-Semitic claims after he posted messages supporting terror group Hamas’ vile slaughter of 1,200 Israelis hours after the Oct 7 invasion, calling it ‘resistance by brave people. The Arab-Muslim is also the board vice president for the New York chapter of the Council on American-Israel Relations (CAIR).

Noted: earlier NYtimes' reporting that 'Hamas Restricts Journalists in Gaza,’ — that Could Explain its Hospital Obsession. 'Instead of covering the war between Israel and Iran-backed Hamas, the New York Times has turned itself into the newsletter of the Gaza hospital association.'

  • Nov 22:

White House warns: Wagner Group plans to provide air defense system to Hezbollah.

'Threat the PA built in the heart of the country and Greater TA.' Regavim: PA built 18,899 illegal buildings in Area C on Judea and Samaria border, which can turn into a terrorist outpost in seconds.

Week 7 - Live updates: Ahead of prisoner swap, rocket barrages intensify.

Hostage deal: These are the 300 terrorists on the list for release. The Ministry of Justice published a list containing the names of 300 prisoners 'intended for release,' as part of the hostages deal.

Hamas to provide Israel with list of 10 hostages to be released.

IDF: We destroyed 400 terror tunnel shafts in Gaza.

'Hamas morale suffers as Israel gains ground in Gaza, fleeing from IDF.

Al Shifa underground terror tunnel. Entrance door
Al Shifa underground terror tunnel. Weapons
Al Shifa underground terror tunnel. Tunnel entrance

IDF Spokesperson provides new details on tunnels at Shifa Hospital. 'Behind the Blast Door: Hamas Terrorist Base Under a Hospital.' 'The vastness of the tunnel itself, with the Post viewing a variety of sophisticated rooms and the blast door which the IDF displayed earlier this week, was testimony to how important this location was to Hamas. Among the rooms was a spacious bedroom with two large beds and a large modern air conditioning unit, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and other facilities, as well as extensive plumbing and electrical wiring to enable all of the infrastructure... the Yahalom unit had to survey and inspect a large amount of land and courtyards around and between the Shifa Hospital buildings... The extensive weapons that IDF Col. Elad Tzuri presented were, he said, just a taste of what Hamas had hidden throughout the Shifa Hospital complex, considering that all the displayed weapons were only found in the last 48 hours. This meant that all of the weapons, military equipment, and intelligence material that the IDF seized and publicized to the world in the early days of the Shifa-Hamas discoveries, including those hidden behind an MRI machine, were located in another area.'

'Bombshell exclusive: The BBC doesn’t just push Hamas propaganda. The BBC even gets a Hamas terrorist supporter to help write the story for them! ' (So much for: "BBC verify").

Longtime anti-Israel activist Christiane Amanoour, as part of demonizing Israel and an obsession with hyperbolic rhetoric, has been seeking the G word "genocide" for days, after the UN' Guterres was caught lying about supposedly unprecedented and was slammed on social media (X), Amanpour selected UN's Mr. Griffith to demonize, who termed civilian (used by Hamas) deaths with extreme rhetoric against Israel along Guterres lines.

Ex Human Rights Watch editor (Dani Haas) explains 'shocking indictment of politicized organization' - confirms what was known all along: 'the organization is wildly biased against Israel.'

'Video of massive terror complex under Al Shifa hospital makes media' (who kept questioning until days earlier) 'look ridiculous.'

  • Nov 23:

IDF arrests director of Shifa Hospital Muhammad Abu Salmiya was detained "following evidence showing that Shifa Hospital, under his direct management, served as a Hamas command and control center."

IDF hits 300 Hamas targets ahead of expected Friday ceasefire. It IDF chief: War to continue until Hamas destroyed

U.S. warship downs Houthi drones heading toward Israel.

Hamas-linked group claims it fired rocket from Jenin area.

IDF uncovers more weapons hidden under children’s beds in Gaza. The army also discovered four deep tunnel shafts in Jabalia.

Hamas naval commander in Khan Yunis eliminated.

Report published: 'At least 11 schools, including eight operated by the P.A. in Judea and Samaria, commonly known as the West Bank, have enthusiastically celebrated the horrific Hamas attack, which killed 1,200 persons in Israel, mainly civilians, the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) said in its report'.

'Hamas calls to escalate war with Israel ahead of ceasefire, hostage deal.'

Hundreds of German police raid properties of Hamas supporters in Berlin and across the country.

A reaction that went viral: in a height of stupidity: UK Host Claims Israel Devalues Palestinians By Swapping 1 Captive For 3 Prisoners. Following the overwhelming evidence of the Hamas presence in Shifa Hospital, British Sky News host Kay Burley asked a "question" unprecedented in its absurdity. Speaking to Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy, she accused Israel of not valuing Palestinian lives as highly as Israeli lives since it agreed to swap 50 hostages for 150 Palestinian prisoners. She asked this question in all seriousness. And no, she did not mention the fact that the “Palestinian lives” are people who have committed violent crimes, including attempted murder, and will be released back to the streets of Israel. Levy, who somehow manages to remain calm despite speaking to outrageously anti-Israel morons on a regular basis, wrote on Twitter that the "question left me speechless (but only for a second)." His raised eyebrows becamea meme - GIF. A 'user said that it was life imitating satire, as he had previously quipped that foes of Israel would criticize the cease-fire deal despite Palestinians getting back more people. He predicted they would claim that three Palestinians per Israeli hostage suggested their lives meant less.'

Minitser Shlomo Karhi against Haaretz: 'in light of the consistent distribution of "defeatist and false propaganda, and incitement against the State of Israel during the war" in the Haaretz newspaper.' (Haarerzism).

  • Nov 24:

Hostage release deal begins today. Ceasefire went into effect at 7:00 a.m. At 4:00 p.m., 13 hostages will be freed. Their families were informed about it the day earlier. [As "Israel had no choice but to make a 'bargain with the devil'"]. Ahead of prisoner swap, rocket barrages intensify.

Prior to ceasefire, the IDF eliminated five senior Hamas commanders - who operated both in the Gaza Strip and in Judea and Samaria and participated in planning the October 7th massacre.

85 Jews graves vandalized in Belgian cemetery.

Report: Baby names Be’eri, Nir and Nova surge in popularity after Hamas attacks.

IDF destroys home of terrorist who murdered Chen Ami iin a shooting attack in Tel Aviv in August. In Jericho, a terrorist affiliated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in a firefight - eliminated.

Shortly before the ceasefire: the terrorist tunnel in Shifa was destroyed. IDF to tens of thousands of Gazans who are trying to return to their homes in the northern Gaza Strip: "This is a dangerous area." It's in your hands.

13 hostages held by Hamas - released - 24.Nov.23. [6]

Operation "Heaven’s Door" Underway; IDF prepares to receive 13 hostages with therapists, toys.

The freed 13 Israelis - the complete list: Doron Katz Asher, 34 years old. Aviv Katz Asher, two years old. Raz Katz Asher is 4 years old. Danielle Aloni, 44 years old. Amelia Aloni, 5 years old. Karen Munder [], 54 years old. Ohad Zachary-Munder [Mundar], 9 years old. Ruthie Munder [Mundar], 78 years old. Yaffa Adar, 85 years old. Margalit Mozes, 77 years old. Hana Katzir, 77 years old. Adina Moshe, 72 years old. Hanna Perry, 79 years old.

Palestinian terrorists exchanged for Israeli hostages quickly put on Hamas headbands and have green Hamas flags hoisted in front of their bus.

A video featuring Rawda Abu Ajameyyeh (Roda Agamiya) of PLFP, a released female terrorist, went viral for her call for more Jewish blood and cheering for Hamas’s Muhammad Deif.

Nov 23-24: The BBC has told news staff that attending a march against antisemitism would be seen as “controversial” and a violation of the company’s policy on impartiality. “Many people here have been to the pro-Palestine marches and are happy to talk about it at work. People here seem to think Zionists are evil. One colleague said I was OK because I wasn’t ‘a proper Zionist’”... “They don’t have a clue.”

'Three British police forces are investigating antisemitic hate speech at local mosques after “footage of preachers calling for Jews to be slaughtered and Israel to be destroyed has been handed to detectives at West Midlands Police, Scotland Yard and Northamptonshire Police,” the Daily Mail reported. “Oh [Allah] God, limit their number. Kill them indiscriminately and do not leave any of them alive,” one reportedly said. “Oh God, our Lord. Disperse them. Weaken their strength, shake the ground bene ath their feet and freeze the blood in their veins. Make them captive to the Muslims.'

Palestinian Arab's daughter Gigi Hadid deletes 'anti-Semitic' post whe posted to her millions of followers falsely accusing Israel of abducting, [sic] torturing, [sic] raping [sic] children. Her example was Ahmed Almansara. But a video of Ahmed and his cousin running through a Jewish settlement looking for people to stab, settling on critically stabbing a 13 year old boy and another man. Her example was Ahmed Almansara. But a video of Ahmed and his cousin running through a Jewish settlement looking for people to stab, settling on critically stabbing a 13 year old boy and another man.

'There wasn’t a dry eye in the hospital' as hostages reunite with family.

According to hospital staff at Wolfson Medical Centre, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as some families were reunited with loved ones who were taken.

Captured moments of family members hugging abductees returning, and 'the moment nine-year-old Ohad Munder, held hostage in Hamas since October 7, reunited with his father following the former's release.'

Abductees: In the last two weeks the food ran out. On the way to the Rafah crossing they [the Arabs] threw stones at the cars, they were afraid it would end in a lynching.

Hamas's cheap propaganda: terrorists pick up a child and "help" the elderly women they kidnapped (24.Nov.23)

In an edited and disturbing video: the propaganda that Hamas spread about the release of the abductees. The inhumane 'terrorists were seemingly behaving humanely and as if "helping" the Israelis.'

At Sky News: 'a Sky News reporter (Muslim, Afghani born: Yalda Hakim) claimed that Israel released (plainly) children - the Prime Minister's spokesman attacked: "Do you even know what he was accused of?" Once again there was a storm on the broadcast of the important British network: Mark Regev did not remain indifferent to the problematic definition of the foreign reporter. Was he accused?", and she admitted: "I don't know."'

At BBC anchor tried to make some equivalence between innocent Israelis kidnapped on Oct 7 and criminal Arab Palestinians on terror-violence offenses in Israeli jalis.

At least 3 executions tonight in Tulkarm and Jenin on suspicion of collaboration with Israel. 'Past experience shows that many times there are mistakes in identification, closing accounts for other things and sometimes not.' Bodies mutilated, dumped in garbage can. Many cheered.

  • Nov 25:

Jerusalem Institute of Justice claim: 'Red Cross shows clear anti-Israel bias.' 'Despite numerous social media posts on Palestinians suffering from the war with Hamas, the Red Cross failed to make a single mention of Israeli civilians suffering on October 7 or thereafter.' The analysis 'comes at a time when the Red Cross has been scrutinized heavily for failing to visit Israeli hostages and not reporting that the hostages had been taken to Shifa Hospital.

Announcement for plan for the foreign citizen hostages released.

Red alert sirens sound in northern Israel. IAF intercepts suspicious aerial target that crossed Lebanon border Rocket sirens sound in north.

IDF spokesman Avichay Adraee to Gazans: 'Please don't head north in Gaza.'

Cargo ship owned by Israeli attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean.

Hamas started the games by claiming that Israel is not complying with the agreement. Israel threatens that if there is no release by midnight, the maneuver in Gaza will be renewed. Statung: "Hamas is aware that if the captives are not released by midnight, the IDF will continue the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, so they are trying to control the narrative." "Hamas played the same games yesterday, altering the travel route and transfer of the captives contrary to the plan," the official added. According to the officials, "More than 61 aid tracks were transferred to the northern Gaza Strip out of 200 scheduled for the day, including solar and gas."

Qatar, which is involved in the details of the deal, also sent a message to Hamas: "Enough with the games, it will harm you."

Defense Minister Galant assessing the situation in the Gaza Strip: "We will not leave Gaza until all the abductees are returned."

Thousand at protests in Israel: "We don't stop until everyone returns": thousands at a support rally in Tel Aviv. In the shadow of the delay, family members and artists gather in the "Square of the Hostages."

After Hamas' delay of at least five hours, Israel's threat, shortly after 8:30 PM local time, the hostage deal of receiving 13 aditional kidnapped women and children (plus 7 foreigners - not part of the deal), was back on track.

After 50 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, 13 children and adults who were released were reunited with their families Nov.24.23. As almost 200 still remained in captivity

The 13 Israeli hostages released on November 25, 2023: Sharon Avigdori (52 ) and her daughter Noam (12), siblings Alma Or (13), and Noam Or (17); Hila Rotem (13), Emily Hand (9), Shiri Weiss (53), and her daughter Noga (18); Adi Shoham (38), and children Yahel (3), and Naveh (8), Maya Regev (21), and Shoshan Haran (67).

Hamas confirms, among the releaed today is: terrorist Israa Jaabis, who suffered burns to her face while attempting to carry out a terror attack with a canister and demanded that Israel finance her nose job.

Hamas's propaganda is revealed: the instruction to the kidnappers - "keep waving." (25.Nov.23)

Exposed: '"Keep waving" - the instructions Hamas terrorists gave to the Israeli hostages are exposed... They tried to present themselves as humane and as if they were taking care of the hostages who love them - but these are cruel terrorists who make propaganda about the lives of our kidnapped civilians!'

Hamas accused of violating truce by separating mother, (Twelve-year-old) child (Rotem).

Report: Netanyahu pledged not to target Hamas leaders in Qatar.

Fire exchange in Jenin between IDF forces and terrorists.

Pro-Hamas ISM Alison Russell has been deported from Israel to Belgium (over the weekend).

[Apparently Arabs] “Free Palestine” hate crimes target three Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday Afternoon.

Experts: 'US support for Hamas office in Qatar backfired, must end policy immediately. The US has used the Hamas office in Doha to negotiate for the release of hostages with Qatari help.'

  • Nov 26:

Hila Rotem Shoshani, the girl who was released last night from Hamas captivity without her mother Raya, revealed to her family members the lie of the terrorist organization Hamas. Last night (Nov/25) a drama unfolded that almost led to the cancellation of the second round of the release of 13 Israeli hostages from Hamas captivity. It turns out that Raya Shoshani was in captivity together with her daughter Hila, when two days before the release Hamas separated them. Kibbutz Be'eri: 'Hamas callously trampled the agreement.'

IDF kills 5 terrorists in Jenin raid, guts bomb lab.

Watchdog: 'What does it say about NYtimes that the lead photo on its online frontpage features freed Palestinian terror offenders rather than an image of released Israeli kids being reunited with their families after being held hostage by Hamas?'

After 51 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, 13 children and adults who were released were reunited with their families Nov.26.23. As some 177 still remained in captivity or murdered.

13 Israelis, 3 Foreign Nationals are back In Israel from Hamas captivity.

Israeli hostages released:

Avigail Idan (3), - The Brodutch family: Hagar (40), Ofri (10), - Yuval (8) and Uriah (4); - Ella (8) and Dafna Elyakim (15), - The Almog-Goldstein family: Chen (48), Agam (17), Gal (11) and Tal (9); - Elma Avraham (84), - Aviva Siegel (64).

One of the released abductees was evacuated by helicopter to Soroka, in a serious condition. Elma Avraham is the hostage seen on a motorcycle grabbed by Hamas on Oct 7. "We tried to give her medicine, the Red Cross said no": Elma Avraham's children tell about her situation. Adding that it ahows the cruely of Hamas 'poor morality amd a shame to the world. And: "for someone to move the Red Cross and the women's organizations. What is the Red Cross there for?" Dr.: 'What we saw with Elma's admission is criminal neglect.' She did not receive life-saving drugs." "if Elma had arrived a few hours later, she would probably no longer be alive."

At Putin's request, out of a list of 8 he presented, Hamas released an Israeli hostage with Russian citizenship Roni [Kariboy] Kariboi. The building where he was being held in Gaza was bombed and collapsed & he managed to escape and for 4 days tried to reach the Israeli border. In the end he was captured by "Gaza civilians” who handed him to Hamas.

The released hostage orphan Abigail Edan is 4-year-old US national, abducted from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, daughter of Ynet photographer Roy Edan who was murdered by Hamas terrorists along with his wife Smadar. She ran to a neighbor's home where she was kidnapped

Israelis greet newly freed hostages with joy, but can’t forget those left behind Spontaneous celebrations welcome. returnees on way from Gaza; grandfather of 4-year-old Avigail Idan elated, but her parents' deaths are 'an open wound that will never heal.'

'Murderous organization Hamas presents 'farewell party' to hostages. propaganda video shows hostages waving goodbye to their captors as they are freed and handed over to the Red Cross... This time, the video was without sound, after one of the Hamas terrorists was heard instructing hostages "keep waving (to the camera)" in Saturday night’s video.'

Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar's post about little girl Emily Hand, freed Hamas held hostage - downplaying it, sparks Backlash.

March against antisemitism draws thousands in London.

Hamas formally requests Gaza ceasefire extension from Israel.

Israel's Justice Ministry published on Sunday a memorandum of law that will make it possible to investigate the children of the Gaza border region by social workers.

Elon Musk to meet Israeli president, Gaza hostage families next day.

'Jewish teacher at a NYC high school had to be locked in a classroom for protection against hundreds of rioting students (led by Palestinian "activism") trying to attack her for over two hours.'

Activist Shaun King posts video of ‘Palestinian’ woman arrested by IDF -- released in hostage deal -- with her attempt to stab a soldier edited out.

Turkish, Iranian leaders affirm mutual stance against Israel.

Israeli strikes said to target Damascus airport. (In recent tmyears it 'struck hundreds of targets in Syria in recent years as part of an effort to prevent Iranian military entrenchment in the country. However, Jerusalem rarely acknowledges these incidents').

List of noted Hamas terrorists eliminated (11.26.23 report)

Hamas confirms five of its senior commanders killed during the war. Including Ahmed Ghandour and Ayman Siam.

US Navy ensures tanker seized near Yemen is safe.

  • Nov 27:

Before the expected hostage deal agreement to go through today: '4th hostage release delayed due to Hamas violations of agreement. Hamas 'reduces number of hostages to be released on the final day of the ceasefire from 13 to 11, including 9 children.'

Then came an announcement: 'ceasefire extended for 2 days, 20 more hostages to be freed.'

CNN: Over 40 hostages held by others Islamic Jigad and 'ordinary' Gazans, not (directly by) Hamas.

After 52 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, 11 children and adults who were released were reunited with their families Nov.27.23. As over 160 still remained in captivity or murdered

11 freed hostages back in Israel after 52 days in Gaza, capping 4th day of truce. 9 children and 2 mothers freed, all from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Joy and vows to rebuild Gaza border area.

The released hostages today:

Sharon Aloni Cunio (34) and her twin children (3): Emma, and Yuli, Calderon siblings: Sahar (16) and Erez (12), Karina Engel-Bart (51), and her children: Mika (18) and Yuval (11), Yaakov siblings: Yagil (12) and Or (16), and Eitan Yahalomi (12).

Fathers still held hostage: David Cunio, 34, Ronen Engel 54, Ofer Calderon 53. The Yaakov boys' father, Yair Yaakov, 59, and his girlfriend, Meirav Tal, 54, were also taken captive on October 7.

Eitan Yahalomi, 12, was initially taken captive with his mother and two sisters, but somehow they managed to escape and ran away, returning to Israel, as Eitan was carrying into Gaza on a moped. Separately, Eitan’s father, Ohad, who was shot in a gun battle with the Hamas terrorists, was also apparently taken captive to Gaza, where he remains following Eitan's release.

84-year-old Elma Avraham fights for life.

Red Cross yet to see remaining hostages, despite US and Israeli claims such visits were part of truce.

Hamas warlords refused to release youngest hostage instead handing 10-month-old Kfir Bibas to separate Palestine terror group operating in southern city which is efusing to release him. (As of Nov.27.23)

Hamas warlords refused to release youngest hostage instead handing 10-month-old Kfir Bibas to separate Palestine terror group operating in southern city which is efusing to release him.

No word on release of six additional Thai hostages, despite reports.

Hamas issues daily propaganda video purporting to show its humane treatment.

Elon Musk, visiting Hamas atrocity site: 'No choice but to kill those who insist on murder'.

  • Nov 28:

'Israel seeks recognition of Hamas sexual violence at UN meeting UN rights bodies "downplayed" and "minimized" the sexual violence.'

Hostages return to Israel, land in Ichilov Hospital. Among those released are 9 children and 2 mothers.

'The rise of Hamas popularity in the West Bank. Since the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, support for Hamas has surged in the West Bank, where the rival Fatah party that runs the Palestinian Authority is deeply unpopular.'

'As antisemitism spikes across Europe, more fingers are pointing at Russia.'

Analysis: 'Hostage releases and family reunions clouded by Hamas's psychological warfare.'

Int'l Awareness Day highlights gender violence, but ignores Israeli victims.

UN Women posts, then deletes, statement condemning Hamas attack in Israel.

Ahed Tamimi --recently arrested for inciting violence 'will drink your blood' post while hinting a nod to Hitler-- headlines new list of Palestinian prisoners slated for release.

Israel receives list of additional Gaza hostages to be released.

Malmö school students make death threats against Jews, perform Nazi salutes. During a moment of silence for Palestinian victims in a Malmö, Sweden classroom, students began making violent antisemitic statements.

Multiple US synagogues hit with anti-Israel, antisemitic graffiti 7 weeks into Israel-Hamas war.

Hate Crime: 2 US women charged with assault, tearing down hostage posters. Mehwish Omer, 26, and Stephanie Gonzalex, 25, were charged with assault as a hate crime, criminal mischief and attempted robbery and assault as a hate crime.

Freed hostage's aunt: Hamas 'monsters' threatened any child who cried with rifles, forced them to watch videos of Oct. 7.

Hamas attacks IDF troops in Gaza, breaking ceasefire. Terrorists detonated three IEDs at two different locations, wounding several soldiers, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

9-year-old Emily Hand's father: 'She'd been conditioned not to make any noise.'

Report: 'Women who were abducted from Israeli territory and held hostage by Hamas in Gaza were kept in cages.' 'This claim is not the first of its kind: In the days immediately following the October 7 attacks, videos from Hamas's Telegram channel showed child hostages being kept in cages for the majority of their time in captivity.'

After 53 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, 10 Israeli hostages who were released on Nov.28.23. As some over 145 still remained in captivity or murdered. Including a 4-year old and a 10-months-old baby Hamas transferred to other terrorists.

While many remained in captivity or murdered. Including a 4-year old and a 10-months-old baby Hamas transferred to other terrorists:

10 Israeli, 2 Thai hostages arrive back in Israel after freed from Hamas captivity.

Israeli hostages freed today (fifth day):

Ditza Heiman (81), Tamar Metzger (78), Ada Sagi (75), Noralin Babadilla Agojo (60), Meirav Tal (53), Clara Marman (62), Gabriela Leimberg, (59), and Gabriela's daughter, Mia (17)., Rimon Kirsht Buchshtav (36), Ofelia Roitman (77).

About 40 Democrats and Republicans attended the senators-only screening, which ran 47 minutes and was compiled by the Israeli government. Sen. Rubio: "The one thing that struck me was how proud and gleeful these people were with what they were doing to civilians."

Front pages and balloons: Everyone waits for baby Kfir to come home. 10-month-old Kfir Bibas is the youngest of all Hamas' hostages, and the spotlight has now shifted to him and his family; Supporters are flying orange --hair color of the Bibas kids-- balloons in Tel Aviv and newspapers around the world are putting his picture on their front pages.

Sky News cuts part of interview with Jerusalem deputy mayor. In the unaired segment, Fleur. Hassan-Nahoum explained to Yalda Hakim, (who quoted Jordanian FM outrageous rhetoric), why Hamas is committing war crimes and Israel is practicing self defense.

After long days, Mohamed Hadid's daughter, Gigi Hadid 'apologizes for claiming Israel abducts and rapes Palestinians. "I shared something that I did not fact check or deeply think about prior to reposting," Hadid wrote in a new post on Tuesday to her 79 million Instagram followers.'

'PIJ armed wing says it handed over 'some civilian detainees' as part of exchange deal.'

'US pausing drone flights over Gaza during truce - Pentagon.'

The New York Times sanitizes Palestinian provocateur Ahed Tamimi - arrested after posting: "We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skull."

A newfound sense of unity in Israel post Oct 7.

  • Nov 29:

IDF investigating ‘cruel’ Hamas claim that Bibas mother and children -- 4-year-old and 10-months old -- are dead. As 'Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups use such announcements for psychological warfare.' Thus Hanas claim comes after transferring the Bibas to PIJ.

Israeli forces kill commander of Islamic Jihad’s Jenin Battalion. In addition, IDF arrested 17 wanted terrorism suspects.

Al Quds Brigades of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, said on its Telegram account on Tuesday it handed over 'some civilian detainees' as part of an exchange deal with Israel.

Dying mother of hostage Noa Argamani releases video plea to see daughter.

Thai foreign minister welcomes releases of two more Thai hostages held by Hamas.

IDF eliminated three terrorists who violated ceasefire.

The PFLP which works under Islamic Hamas, participant in Oct 7 atrocities, is believed to be holding the Bibas family - mother and little children.

Hezbollah’s Ibrahim Aqil - Head of the deadly Radwan unit. The Alma Research and Education Center noted today that "Hezbollah’s Radwan unit is capable of invading the Galilee at any given moment."

US sanctions 21 of the Iran military’s financial backers.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: 'Queers for Palestine' shows how stupid our society is.

Italian rabbi attacked with screwdriver in antisemitic attack - Genoa Police Headquarters promptly intervened. (Genoa has considerable Arab, Muslim immigration).

Jewish School administrators from Latin America visit Israel in solidarity mission. During their visit, they explored the Gaza envelope area and held a meeting with the President of Israel Isaac Herzog.

A Jewish American school will volunteer in Israel for a month, as result of Hamas massacre.

Palestinian UN exhibit of Gaza suffering uses photo of Israeli kid (Ido Avigal) killed by Hamas in 2021.

2 senior terror operatives killed in West Bank operation by troops: Muhammad Zubeidi, a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative in the Jenin camp who was responsible for several shooting attacks in the area, and Hussam Hanoun, another local operative.

After Hamas' terror attack in Jerusalem targeting such as visibly Hassidic Jews, who, all are aware, overwhelmingly even refuse to serve in the IDF - Palestinian Authority justifies the attack (in its official news agency).

'Hamas founder's son calls for Israel to kill his father if hostages not released.'

Dying mother of hostage Noa Argamani releases video plea to see daughter.

After 54 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, the 12 hostages who were released on Nov.29.23. As many are still remained in captivity or murdered. Including Shiri. Bibas and her 4-year old and 10-months-old baby (seen in clip being kidnapoed on Oct 7) - Hamas transferred to other terrorists, and which Hamas claimed today, they are not alive.

While many remained in captivity or murdered...

After extended delay: 12 Israeli hostages, including two dual Russian-Israeli citizens released today.

The 12 hostages freed today (sixth day):

After 54 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, the 12 hostages who were released on Nov.29.23. As many are still remained in captivity or murdered. Including Shiri. Bibas and her 4-year old and 10-months-old baby (seen in clip being kidnapoed on Oct 7) - Hamas transferred to other terrorists, and which Hamas claimed today, they are not alive.

Raya Rotem (54), Raz Ben Ami (55), Yarden Roman (36), Liat Beinin Atzili (49) Liam Or (18), Gali Tarshansky (13), Yarden Roman (36), Itay Regev (18), Ofir Engel (17), Moran Stela Yanai (40), Yelena Trupanov (50), and her mother Irena Tati, (73).

Hostages held in homes of Hamas-sympathetic UNRWA employees.

'Thai hostages: Jewish hostages beaten with electric cables, held in worse conditions than us.' 'The report joins previous reports by freed hostages about deplorable conditions they suffered under Hamas captivity, including denial of showers and starvation.'

New Pallywood star, released terrorist Mohammed Nazel exposed in lying about "broke my arms, starved in prison...".

Christian cowboys give most wanted Hamas terrorists playing cards to IDF.

One of the earliest freed hostages, elderly Yocheved Lifshitz: 'I asked Sinwar how he wasn’t ashamed. He didn’t reply.'

Fron treating the hostages: Hamas drugged children; burned legs with motorcycle exhaust for identification. Each child seized by Hamas was placed on a motorcycle. They positioned the child's leg against the bike's exhaust pipe, causing burns.

  • Nov 30:

More detaills come out on: 'starvation, whispering and psychological terror: Life of captives in Gaza. They were beaten, haven't showered for 50 days, provided with almost no food, held captive in tunnels underground, slept on chairs and barely received medication; Some completely cut off from world, children forced to whisper, not allowed to cry.'

'Cruel psychological terrorism: Hamas publishes video of Yarden Bibas in captivity. In the footage, the father is seen begging to be released from captivity. His statements were dictated to him by his ruthless captors.'

Two Hamas Arabs from E. Jerusalem carrying an M16 and a handgun murder three: including a 24-year-old woman, a 60-year-old woman and a 70-year-old man, and injure 11at the entrance of Jerusalem, as they began firing at civilians at a nearby bus stop - before being eliminated. The two terrorists were identified as Murad and Ebrahim Nemer, brothers from Sur Baher in east Jerusalem who were affiliated with the Hamas terrorist movement. Murad was imprisoned in Israel from 2010-2020 due to his intention to conduct terrorist operations in Gaza and Ebrahim was imprisoned in 2014 due to terrorist activity.

It comes a year after bombing attack at same bus stop, where two Israelis, Tadasa Tashume Ben Ma’ada and Arye Shechopek, were murdered in a bombing attack.

Despite lack of formal agreement: Ceasefire extended, 8 hostages to be released.

Second terror atrack on the same day: Arab terrorist wounds two Israelis in Jordan Valley car-ramming. Security personnel killed the attacker.

Hamas's Oct. 7 slaughter was "just a rehearsal," the Islamist group's leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar threatened on Thursday, in his first public statement since the terrorist organization massacred more than a thousand people in Israel.

Report: US pressuring Turkey to end support for Hamas, Russia.

After slammed for weeks on his conduct since Oct 7. Antonio Guterres: 'Accounts of sexual violence on Oct. 7 must be investigated.'

Antisemitic incidents have surged 320% in Germany since Oct. 7. (It has also received a large Arab Muslim immigration since 2015).

Australian PM slams protest against Israeli hostage families: after blocking their entry to hotel.

Son of Hamas co-founder: Death penalty for October 7 massacre terrorists.

'We Stand With Israel' – Jewish National Fund-USA’s Global Conference. At the Global Conference for Israel, from Denver, Colorado.

Still-captive hostage Shani Goren took care of Eitan Yahami while in captivity, her sister says.

After 55 days in Hamas Jihad captivity, the 8 hostages who were released on Nov.30.23. As many are still remained in captivity or murdered. Including Shiri. Bibas and her 4-year old and 10-months-old baby (seen in clip being kidnapoed on Oct 7) - Hamas transferred to other terrorists, and which Hamas claimed today, they are not alive. As of now, it is estimated, about 137 hostages are now being held in Gaza

Hamas playing games: only 8 hostages on Thursday’s list.

Thursday’s hostage releases came after a deal to extend the ongoing truce was reached early Thursday morning, just ahead of a 7 a.m. deadline for it to expire

Two women, Mia Schem, 21, and Amit Soussana, 40, were freed in the late afternoon, while six others returned to Israel shortly before midnight.

Among the feed, Nili Margalit, Israeli Nurse who used her skills to care for wounded hostages The nurse from Soroka Hospital was abducted from her home on Kibbutz Nir Oz on Oct. 7

The delay in releasing the six once again led to a nerve-wracking wait for their families.

Israeli hostages released on November 30, 2023:

Ilana Gritzewsky (30), Bedouin Ziyadne sblings Bilal (18) and Aisha (17), Nili Margalit (41), Shani Goren (29), Amit Soussana (40), Sapir Cohen (29), Mia Schem (21).

Terrorists fire at Israeli vehicle in the West Bank.

Officials say Hamas claims that the remaining women in captivity not found, are lies and refuse to abandon women captives.

The Bedouin Muslims siblings - Alziadana - was one of those hostage releases during which there were no cheering Palestinian crowds present.

'The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday intended to permanently freeze $6 billion in Iranian funds released as part of a prisoner swap in September.'

As freed terrorists are feted upon their return to Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, noted: 'most terrorists freed in political deals resume violence.' 'The Almagor Terror Victims Association previously released a study that found that 80% of Palestinian terrorists released in political deals resumed their violent activities.'

Per NYT, 'Israeli officials dismissed it -- earlier warning on such an attack as Oct 7 -- as aspirational and ignored specific warnings.' there was lack of imagination by the Israeli intelligence. It mirrored pre 911 - and not connecting the dots. They thought it was as a goal for further ahead but that Hamas didn't reach the potential of executing it yet. Plus, that Sinwar isn't interested in a war.

Pallywood: 'Old, unrelated images shared out of context to show Israeli forces and Hamas treating kids in (supposed) contrasting ways.'

After 7 weeks of biased UN's silence on Palestinian Hamas led atrocities of Oct 7 that included mass rape, announcing a day earlier it's going to "investigate," ambassador Erdan: 'Israel has zero trust in antisemitic UN Commission of Inquiry. That it 'rejects UN Commission of Inquiry’s probe of sexual crimes perpetrated by Hamas on October 7.'

The U.N.'s controversial agency for Palestinian refugees UMRWA 'is making a remarkable, if not unprecedented, attempt to censor an Israeli journalist' for posting testimony: "one of the abductees, held for nearly 50 days in an attic, reveals he was held by a UNRWA teacher — a father of ten children."

  • Dec 1:

Kibbutz Nir Oz says 4 abducted by Hamas are dead. IDF confirms deaths of hostages Eliyahu Margalit, Mia Goren, Ronen Engel and Aryeh Zalmanovich.

IDF resumes combat in Gaza after Hamas violates ceasefire. The list did not arrive, Hamas fired at Otef before the IDF renewed fire. The PIJ terrorists unleashed arrages to the center for the first time since the resumption of fighting, alarms in the Galilee as well. Five soldiers injured by mortar landing in southern Israel. IDF strikes more than 200 Hamas terror sites in Gaza. It also hits terror cell in Lebanon as Hezbollah renews fire.

Israel still offered a truce if Hamas comes up with 10 more freed hostages today.

US blames Hamas for breaking the truce.

Israel wants buffer zone in post-war Gaza. IDF providing information to Gazans on how to move to safety. An interactive map showing Gazans the quickest routes to safe zones.

'According to an Israeli official, Hamas didn’t want to release the remaining female hostages because it doesn’t want them speaking publicly about what they have endured.'

Students for Justice in Palestine at Tufts University honors Palestinian 'Martyrs'—including Hamas terrorists who died attacking Israel, praised 'creativity' of Hamas's Oct. 7 terror attack.

United Nations Officials Complicit in Hamas’s Atrocities, Lawmaker Says Rep. Waltz presses UN to investigate agency’s role in hiding Israeli hostages.

NYPD arrests three for Pro-Palestinian hate attacks against Orthodox Jews on their Sabbath (of Nov 25) on Brooklyn, NY.

  • Dec 2:

'IDF discovers Gaza rockets, missiles hidden under UNRWA equipment. IDF destroys Gaza mosque used by Islamic Jihad as operational HQ - IDF strikes over 50 terror targets in Khan Yunis from air, land, and sea.'

'Separately, troops of the 414th combat intelligence collection unit operating in a home in northern Gaza found grenades, weapon parts and other military equipment inside a child’s bedroom.'

In addition, IDF forces located and destroyed an operational shaft in a school in the northern Gaza Strip, Jabalia.

Man, 22, injured by shrapnel in central Israel.

'Two Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) were killed in a reported Israeli airstrike in Syria, Iran announced through its state-run media on Saturday afternoon.'

Eliminated: Hamas commander who killed six soldiers in 2014 Protective Edge - Wessam Fathat.

"'For them, this is no game': Israeli gaming industry release video calling for release of hostages."

Hamas delegation in South Africa for Palestinian solidarity event. "The population is generally supportive of Israel but intimidated by a loud radicalized Muslim community."

'German soccer team Borussia Dortmund honored for fighting antisemitism.'

Report: 'Turkey's Erdogan mediates release of Hamas terrorists from Libya.'

"We will come to you, God willing, in a roaring flood. We will come to you with endless rockets, we will come to you in a limitless flood of soldiers, we will come to you with millions of our people, like the repeating tide," Hamas' Yahya Sinwar said on Dec. 14 a year earlier, according to Reuters.

Police (with the help of Hate Crimes Unit) arrest Arab-Muslim Nour Abaido, of Coral Springs, seen in the video (of late October) exiting his vehicle after stopping in the middle of traffic, trying to take down the sign and then slashing it after he fails, causing significant damage to the sign. Investigators are also searching for a woman, caught on surveillance video vandalizing an Israeli and an American flag placed outside the same bagel shop early, Nov 28 2023, morning, stumping on them.

Elaborated report in The Times (UK) on the mass rape of Oct 7: 'First Hamas fighters raped her. Then they shot her. The terrorists were ‘on a mission’ to carry out sexual attacks on October 7. Campaigners have asked why the UN stayed silent. “I saw this beautiful woman with the face of an angel and eight or ten of the fighters beating and raping her. She was screaming, 'Stop it — already I'm going to die anyway from what you are doing, just kill me!' When they finished they were laughing and the last one shot her in the head..." '

  • Dec 3:

'IDF uncovers 800 Hamas tunnel shafts since start of war, destroys 500. Hamas has spent years and billions of dollars perfecting its underground tunnel network, with many routes leading into Israeli territory.'

IDF warns Hamas's Shujaiya commanders: 'You are all targets.'

'IDF eliminates commander of Hamas’ Shati Battalion.Haitham Khuwajari oversaw raids into Israeli territory on October 7th during the invasion and massacre in southern Israel.'

Analysis: 'UN Women finally says something about October 7 - but it is almost as bad as its silence Finally, nearly two months after Hamas' systematic mass sexual assault on Israeli women and after withering criticism, UN women has issued a statement of condemnation. The details of the statement show that they are not serious at all about caring about Israeli women...'

UNRWA fact-checked after calling report about hostage 'unsubstantiated'. UNRWA claimed that a report that a hostage was held by a teacher in the agency's schools was "harmful and presumably gratuitous"

UNRWA fact-checked after calling report about hostage 'unsubstantiated.'

Proof that Gaza Health Ministry just makes casualty statistics up. Analysis when taking a careful look at the 'number of Palestinians killed, according to the Gaza Health Ministry (as reported by UN-OCHA).'

Report: For decades, 'Arab countries invested billions which have shaped academic discourse. Resulting also in 'the rise in anti-Semitism on US campuses.'

Angry Muslim men chanting "from the river to the sea" at 2 Jewish women on the subway in Toronto, Canada.

  • Dec 4:

IDF uncovers tunnels under Gaza school, attacks 200 Hamas targets overnight.

US State Department spokesman: Hamas violated hostage deal so women wouldn't talk. (Before Matthew Miller, days earlier, this was also expressed by Israel's spokesperson).

IDF opens safe corridor for civilians near Khan Yunis.

More than 11,500 rockets launched at Israel since Oct. 7 by genocidal jihadi Palestinian regime.

Radical-liberal Rep. Pramila Jayapal slammed after (a day earlier) demanding ‘balanced’ criticism when asked about Hamas rapes in heated interview. 'The rape … but,' Jayapal twice hedges on Hamas sexual violence.

US points to Iran after intercepting down Houthis' firing upon ships, several times.

Some 20,000 brave sub-freezing temperatures for pro-Israel Ottawa rally.

Turkey warns of ‘serious consequences’ if Israel targets Hamas members on its soil.

From CNN on organizers of today’s meeting on Oct 7 Hamas sexual crimes: '... showing mounting evidence that rape occurred during the attacks on Oct. 7, including graphic video footage of bodies, videos of Hamas fighters admitting under interrogation that rape occurred and testimony from Israeli police officers and witnesses to the attack and its aftermath. Speakers who prepared bodies for burial described evidence that militants gang raped some victims, purposely shot or mutilated victims in genital regions and murdered victims with cruelty such as multiple gunshots wounds.

“A survivor from the Nova rave party testified, ‘Everything was an apocalypse of corpses, girls without any clothes on, without tops, without underwear, people cut in half, butchered, some where beheaded,” said Yael Reichert, a chief superintendent with the Israeli national police who is helping lead the investigation into sexual offenses committed on Oct. 7. Moreover, there seemed to be “a systematic genital mutilation of a group of victims,” said Shari G. Mendes, who worked in an Israeli military reserve unit to prepare deceased female soldiers for burial after the attacks. She said she witnessed the body of one young woman arrived “with no legs, they had been cut off.” Mendes said she “saw several severed heads. One with a large kitchen knife still embedded in the neck.” Simchat Greyman, a volunteer for ZAKA Search and Rescue, which recovered bodies from Southern Israel near Gaza after October 7th, testified to seeing a murdered woman with “nails and different objects in her female organs.” He also recalled a body they found that was so brutalized they “couldn’t even identify if it was a man or women.” '

More and more comes out: 'Hostages young and old endured physical and psychological torture. Family, doctors and some of the 110 hostages released tell of the suffering under Hamas captivity.'

Hamas raped men as well as women during October 7 attack: 'One horrifying image .. was the moment a woman's decapitated head rolled across the road, after she was beheaded for refusing to be stripped naked.'

Hamas terrorists had 'a thing with sexual organs' and targeted genitalia of Israeli victims: UN testimony. This was premeditated. This was planned. This was instructed." UN accused during the special session of moving too slowly to address reports.

Philadelphia Jewish restaurant faces 'genocide' chants by hundreds of anti-Israel "Palestinian" led protesters.

  • Dec 5:

Israeli Health Ministry confirms 'Hamas gave hostages tranquilizers, extra food, right before their release so they would look better than their actual health condition.' The 'drugging is part of the physical violence, psychological torture and neglect to which the hostages were subjected.'

Countering terrorism: 21 wanted persons were arrested throughout Judea and Samaria. Operation in the Jenin camp.

IDF, Shin Bet raid Hamas security headquarters in Jabalia.

Palestinian rockets wound three Israelis: one in Tel-Aviv, two in Ashkelon.

Leaked IDF document suggests anti-Arab violence in Judea and Samaria dropping.

White House, Pennsylvania officials denounce (racist "Palestinian" led) anti-Israel restaurant protestv (Dec/3): 'Blatant act of antisemitism.' A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli," the Pennsylvania governor continued. "This hate and bigotry is reminiscent of a dark time in history."

Outrage over Washington Post’ saying (Dec/2) Israel, Hamas exchanged ‘captives,’ seeming to equate credibility of two.

US President Joe Biden called' 'for global condemnation of what he said was "horrific" sexual violence by Hamas during the October 7 attacks on Israel.'

Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears.

Democrats working on resolution condemning Hamas’ use of sexual violence.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed resolution H.Res.894 condemning the rise of global antisemitism in the wake of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attacks and declaring "clearly and firmly" that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism.

House committee probes university presidents on campus antisemitism - Harvard, MIT, Penn. "Your institution is clearly producing students who are sympathetic to a terrorist organization," said Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.). “Don’t you think that’s a misuse of taxpayer dollars?”

  • Dec 6:

Taking in "Palestinians"

Trump and Ron DeSantis both vowed not to let any of them in, Progressives such as Jamaal Bowman member of the Socialist-Democratic "Squad" called to take in Arab Palestinian refugees.

Further reading

Sources Part I

Swords of Iron: sources

Sources Part II

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    And I think that in this, Israel more or less was extending a hand to Hamas without saying it in as many words. And they, at the same time -- and at the same time, as receiving all of this, they were planning something totally different and they were able to keep it secret.
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    Hamas is desperate! They released a video showing a dead Palestinian baby... but wait for the catch. It's not a real baby; it's a doll; yes, you read that right, a baby doll!

    They realized their mistake and already deleted the video.

    This exposes how hard the lying and slanderous propaganda arm of Hamas and the Palestinians works.

    It’s time we stop believing your crap! In the end, Hamas will be destroyed!

    (Oct 13, 2023)

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    (Oct 13, 2023)

See also

"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map

W. Ormsby-Gore as he was preparing the royal commission report, "Though I knew there was ill-feeling between Jews and Arabs, I had not realized the depth and intensity of the hatred with which the Jews are held by the Arabs..."
"It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements . The Jew-hatred in this region must no longer be played down as a kind of local custom ..."
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."