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Symone Sanders: "We don't need white people"

Symone Sanders is the former Bernie Sanders campaign press secretary[1] who was hired as Joe Biden's press secretary in the 2020 presidential campaign only to be bumped from the top slot in the White House by the white privileged Jen Psaki.[2] Symone Sanders told CNN, "In my opinion, we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now. The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels."[3] After serving the campaign press secretary, Sanders was relegated to the back of the bus, along with Kamala Harris. She became Kamala Harris's chief spokesperson.

Before the first year was up, Kamala Harris's approval ratings by American citizens, taxpayers, and voters, stood at 28% - the worst approval ratings for any vice president in human history. Sanders bailed on her White House position to protect her career and viable job prospects.

Sanders spent ten months in Kamala Harris' "toxic and dysfunctional" office,[4] Sanders joined a mob of Harris aides abandoning the abusive atmosphere.[5] Some former Harris staffers sought therapy after leaving the Democrat presidential hopeful's employment.[6]

When Biden appointed Kamala Harris as border czar, Symone Sanders told the Associated Press, "the vice president is not doing the border."[7]