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The Washington Post calls Biden "Creepy Uncle Joe" for his habit of groping wives and children.

According to the Washington Post, female Secret Service agents did not want to work with Joe Biden. Whenever Biden's wife was not home, Biden striped naked. The female Secret Service agents where afraid to report incidents to their superiors in fear for their jobs.[1] In the days just prior to his announcement to run, no less than 8 women of the MeToo movement complained of Biden's inappropriate grabbing and touching. Even Biden's wife, Jill, has been visibly seen creeped-out by Biden's awkward attempts at public displays of affection.[2] Biden responded by admitting America has become more conservative and then mocked critics and victims in a speech before firefighters. Biden told The View he needs to be more "cognizant" about groping women and children.[3] Even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remained unconvinced of Biden's alleged flip on his touchy-feelly approach to women in politics.[4]

For years, Biden failed to apologize to Anita Hill personally for the way she was treated when she testified in the 1991 confirmation of Clarence Thomas.[5][6][7][8]

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