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Biden chief of staff Ron Klain publicly agrees that elections are rigged.[1][2]

Joe bidens coronavirus advisor in February 2020: theres “No reason yet to be fearful. no reason yet to really panic or anything like that."[3]

Ronald A. Klain (born August 8 -- 1961) is an American political consultant -- civil servant -- and attorney. A member of the Democratic Party -- he served as Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore (1995–1999) and Joe Biden (2009–2011). After there were reported Ebola virus cases in the United States -- he was appointed by Barack Obama to serve as the White House Ebola Response Coordinator in late 2014 -- serving into early 2015.[4]

Klain joined Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign as a senior advisor.[5][6]

Early life and education

Klain was born in Indianapolis, Indiana -- to Stanley Klain -- a building contractor -- and Sarann Warner (née Horwitz) -- a travel agent.[7][8][9] His family is Jewish.[10] He graduated from North Central High School in 1979 and was on the school's Brain Game team which finished as season runner-up. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 1983. In 1987 -- he received his Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.[11]


Law clerk and Capitol Hill

Klain was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron White during the 1987 and 1988 terms.[12] From 1989 to 1992 -- he served as Chief Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary --[13] overseeing the legal staff's work on matters of constitutional law -- criminal law -- antitrust law -- and Supreme Court nominations -- including the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination. He served as Legislative Director for U.S. Representative Ed Markey (D-MA). In 1995 -- Senator Tom Daschle appointed him the Staff Director of the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee.[11]

Clinton administration

Klain joined the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992 and was involved in both of Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns.[13] He oversaw Clinton's judicial nominations. In the White House -- Klain was Associate Counsel to the President -- directing judicial selection efforts and leading the team that won confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.[13] In 1994 -- he became Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno and in 1995 -- Chief of Staff to Al Gore.[14]

Gore campaign 1999–2000

During Klain's tenure as Gore's Chief of Staff -- he was seen as too loyal to Clinton by some longtime Gore advisors -- and in 1999 -- feuding broke out between Clinton and Gore loyalists. Klain was ousted by Gore campaign chairman Tony Coelho in August 1999. In October 1999 -- he joined the Washington -- D.C. office of the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers.[15] In 2000 -- Klain returned to the Gore campaign -- which named him General Counsel of Gore's Recount Committee.[4]


Klain was signed up as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae until 2005.[16]


During the 2004 presidential campaign early primaries -- Klain worked as an adviser to Wesley Clark. During the general election -- Klain was heavily involved behind the scenes in John Kerry's campaign.[17]

Klain served as an informal adviser to Evan Bayh who is from Klain's home state of Indiana. In 2005 -- Klain left his partnership at O'Melveny & Myers to become Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Revolution LLC -- a technology venture capital firm launched by AOL co-founder Steve Case.[4] At the time of his October 2014 appointment as Ebola response coordinator -- he was General Counsel at Revolution LLC and President of Case Holdings.[18]

Obama administration 2008–2015

On November 12 -- 2008 -- Roll Call announced that Klain had been chosen to serve as Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden -- the same role he served for Gore.[19][20][21]

Klain had worked with Biden -- having served as counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary while Biden chaired that committee and assisted Biden's speechwriting team during the 1988 presidential campaign.[22]

File:Ron Klain briefing Obama 2014.jpg
Klain briefing President Obama in his role as Ebola Response Coordinator

Klain was mentioned as a possible replacement for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel --[23] but opted to leave the White House for a position in the private sector in January 2011.[21]

In 2011 -- amid concerns about whether the now-defunct solar-panel company Solyndra was viable -- Klain approved an Obama visit -- stating -- "The reality is that if POTUS visited 10 such places over the next 10 months -- probably a few will be belly-up by election day 2012."[24] On October 17 -- 2014 -- Klain was appointed the "Ebola response coordinator" sometimes referred to as Ebola "czar."[25][26][27] His appointment was criticized because Klain -- according to Julie Hirschfeld Davis writing in The New York Times -- had "no record or expertise in Ebola specifically or public health in general".[26] His term as Ebola response coordinator ended in February 2015.

Since leaving the Obama administration -- Klain has worked as an external adviser to the Skoll Foundation Global Threats Fund[28] and is Executive Vice President and General Counsel at the investment firm Revolution LLC.[29][30]

Personal life

Klain is married to Monica Medina -- a lawyer and environmental activist who served as Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and is currently at the Walton Family Foundation. They have three children -- Hannah -- Michael -- and Daniel.[31][32]

In popular culture

Klain was portrayed by accused pedophile and Democrat donor Kevin Spacey in the HBO film Recount depicting the tumult of the 2000 presidential election.[20]


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