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Biden chief of staff Ron Klain publicly agrees that elections are rigged.[1][2]

Ronald A. Klain (born August 8, 1961) is an American political consultant civil servant and attorney. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore (1995–1999) and Joe Biden (2009–2011). Klain is known for his seditious conspiracy theories that American elections are rigged.

After there were reported Ebola virus cases in the United States he was appointed by Barack Obama to serve as the White House Ebola Response Coordinator in late 2014 serving into early 2015.[3] Klain said of the Coronavirus in February 2020 that there is “no reason yet to be fearful. No reason yet to really panic or anything like that."[4] Klain joined Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign as a senior advisor[5][6] and was appoint junta chief-of-staff after the disputed 2020 election. In the wake of Garagegate Klain tendered his resignation on January 21, 2023.[7]

Rape of Afghanistan

See also: Rape of Afghanistan
The Fall of Kabul, August 15, 2021.[8]

As a vital element in the Biden junta propaganda apparatus, during the Rape of Afghanistan Politico solicited tweets from readers for chief-of-staff Ron Klain to reweet in an effort to clamp down on the calamitous situation. "If you want to say something supportive about Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, there’s a decent chance the White House chief of staff will retweet it. Klain’s feed the past several days has been stuffed with the likes of AARON RUPAR, JOHN HARWOOD, and JENNIFER RUBIN."

Politico even directed readers to:

  • "WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE WANTS YOU TO READ: Chief of staff RON KLAIN and deputy press secretary CHRIS MEAGHER pushed out this NBC Washington story...", and
  • "WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO READ: This Guardian story about the Taliban’s heavy presence at Kabul airport where “in desperate scenes, babies were passed to U.S. soldiers in the hope of giving them a life outside the country.” And this New York Times story about the dangerous road thousands of people face trying to get to the airport. “There were volleys of rifle fire, along with pushing, pulling and beating with wooden sticks, Kalashnikovs and hoses,” the Times reports. Or this Reuters story about all the American military equipment now in the Taliban’s hands. “Video showed the advancing insurgents inspecting long lines of vehicles and opening crates of new firearms, communications gear and even military drones."[9]

While trying to put the best face on the disasters and lies emanating from the White House, Klain attempted to dunk on CNN reporter Clarissa Ward, who was on the ground, at the airport in the midst of the catastrophic events. Ward tweeted, "I'm sitting here for 12 hours in the airport, 8 hours on the airfield and I haven't seen a single US plane take off. How on Earth are you going to evacuate 50,000 people in the next two weeks? It just, it can’t happen.” Klain responded, “We evacuated 5700 people in the past 24 hours. The best military operation in the world is in charge.”[10] The response to Klain's mansplaining to a woman in the midst of combat zone was swift and brutal.[11]

Coronavirus coverup

Ron Klain: Let them eat cake. Inflation is a "high class problem.'
See also: Coronavirus coverup

On January 9, 2017, eleven days before Obama left office and 3 days before James Comey and Sally Yates reauthorized a FISA warrant to spy on the incoming Trump administration for another 90 days, the Obama White House lifted a ban on funding gain-of-function research and weaponization of the bat coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, making the virus transmissible to humans [12][13] Two days later Anthony Fauci made a presentation at Georgetown University stating that there is “no doubt” Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.[14][15]

Klain was also in attendance and said, "It’s hard to think of a more important time to show a willingness to speak out in the public health community and the global health community than it is right now on the eve of Donald Trump becoming our next president. The risks have never been higher, and the question of his perspective on these issues has never been more dubious than it is with Donald Trump.”

Early life and education

Klain idiocy.PNG

Klain was born in Indianapolis, Indiana -- to Stanley Klain -- a building contractor -- and Sarann Warner (née Horwitz) -- a travel agent.[16][17][18] His family is Jewish.[19] He graduated from North Central High School in 1979 and was on the school's Brain Game team which finished as season runner-up. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 1983. In 1987 -- he received his Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.[20]


Law clerk and Capitol Hill

Klain was a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Byron White during the 1987 and 1988 terms.[21] From 1989 to 1992 -- he served as Chief Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary --[22] overseeing the legal staff's work on matters of constitutional law -- criminal law -- antitrust law -- and Supreme Court nominations -- including the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination. He served as Legislative Director for U.S. Representative Ed Markey (D-MA). In 1995 -- Senator Tom Daschle appointed him the Staff Director of the Senate Democratic Leadership Committee.[20]

Clinton administration

Klain joined the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992 and was involved in both of Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns.[22] He oversaw Clinton's judicial nominations. In the White House -- Klain was Associate Counsel to the President -- directing judicial selection efforts and leading the team that won confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.[22] In 1994 -- he became Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney General Janet Reno and in 1995 -- Chief of Staff to Al Gore.[23]

Gore campaign 1999–2000

During Klain's tenure as Gore's Chief of Staff -- he was seen as too loyal to Clinton by some longtime Gore advisors -- and in 1999 -- feuding broke out between Clinton and Gore loyalists. Klain was ousted by Gore campaign chairman Tony Coelho in August 1999. In October 1999 -- he joined the Washington -- D.C. office of the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers.[24] In 2000 -- Klain returned to the Gore campaign -- which named him General Counsel of Gore's Recount Committee.[3]


Klain was signed up as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae until 2005.[25]


During the 2004 presidential campaign early primaries -- Klain worked as an adviser to Wesley Clark. During the general election -- Klain was heavily involved behind the scenes in John Kerry's campaign.[26]

Klain served as an informal adviser to Evan Bayh who is from Klain's home state of Indiana. In 2005 -- Klain left his partnership at O'Melveny & Myers to become Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Revolution LLC -- a technology venture capital firm launched by AOL co-founder Steve Case.[3] At the time of his October 2014 appointment as Ebola response coordinator -- he was General Counsel at Revolution LLC and President of Case Holdings.[27]

Obama administration 2008–2015

On November 12 -- 2008 -- Roll Call announced that Klain had been chosen to serve as Chief of Staff to Vice President Joe Biden -- the same role he served for Gore.[28][29][30]

Klain had worked with Biden -- having served as counsel to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary while Biden chaired that committee and assisted Biden's speechwriting team during the 1988 presidential campaign.[31]

Klain was mentioned as a possible replacement for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel --[32] but opted to leave the White House for a position in the private sector in January 2011.[30]

In 2011 -- amid concerns about whether the now-defunct solar-panel company Solyndra was viable -- Klain approved an Obama visit -- stating -- "The reality is that if POTUS visited 10 such places over the next 10 months -- probably a few will be belly-up by election day 2012."[33] On October 17 -- 2014 -- Klain was appointed the "Ebola response coordinator" sometimes referred to as Ebola "czar."[34][35][36] His appointment was criticized because Klain -- according to Julie Hirschfeld Davis writing in The New York Times -- had "no record or expertise in Ebola specifically or public health in general".[35] His term as Ebola response coordinator ended in February 2015.

Since leaving the Obama administration -- Klain has worked as an external adviser to the Skoll Foundation Global Threats Fund[37] and is Executive Vice President and General Counsel at the investment firm Revolution LLC.[38][39]

Personal life

Klain is married to Monica Medina -- a lawyer and environmental activist who served as Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and is currently at the Walton Family Foundation. They have three children -- Hannah -- Michael -- and Daniel.[40][41]

In popular culture

Klain was portrayed by accused pedophile and Democrat donor Kevin Spacey in the HBO film Recount depicting the tumult of the 2000 presidential election.[29]


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