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"Gay pride", often referred to simply as "Pride", is a form of identity politics. It is a liberal buzz-word, an oxymoron actually, asserting that homosexuality is something to be proud of. As part of the homosexual agenda, there have been numerous "Gay Pride" parades in major cities around the world. Sodomite groups and the ACLU have brought legal cases against communities who refused to issue parade permits for gay pride parades because they violated obscenity laws and parents did not want their children exposed to homosexuality.[1] In the spirit of "political correctness", these parades have persisted, despite numerous reports of nudity, lewdness, public drunkennness and assault on innocent passerbys.[2][3]

Despite homosexuals having always been members of the elite,[4][5] and lesbian and female bisexual adult film actresses today making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year,[6][7] the LGBT community complains about discrimination against them being prevalent in the West.[8] Therefore, this community regularly holds rallies, parades, and even has an entire month dedicated to it. Its allies in the media constantly promote it,[9][10][11] along with commercial advertisers (see Essay:Worst Liberal Commercials), and those who hold critical, controversial, or insufficient views on topics such as gay "marriage" are excluded.[12] In 2019, this led to a satirical Straight Pride Parade being organized and held by heterosexual activists.[13] Many conservatives spoke out in favour of it,[14][15] and notorious homosexual Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulis was in attendance,[16] along with movement conservative founder of White History Month Jesse Lee Peterson.[17] Attenders waved Gadsden and Israeli flags.[18]

The marches held by LGBT and pro-LGBT groups, which are inherently immoral, contain, since 2019, in addition to sexual deviants and gender non-conformists, both drag queens and children.[19] In Canada, Black Lives Matter attempted to exclude police officers from Toronto marches, so populist Ontario Premier Doug Ford, in protest, attended a separate event which included the officers.[20]

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