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The idea of "gay heroism" is part of a campaign to legitimize homosexuality[Citation Needed] by portraying homosexuals as more selfless and caring than ordinary people - and therefore just as good, despite their perversion. In film, this is often shown as the "gay cupid" who selflessly facilitates romantic relationships. Gay heroes can also be token gays, who appear briefly to perform one important, selfless act, and for whom little other information is provided, except that they are homosexual. This scant information forces certain implications to form about the cause of the heroism—it's homosexuality.

Ironically, according to Dr. Paul Cameron, homosexuals are among the most selfish people in society,[1] while (ironically) blaming society for their problems.[2]

Portrayals of them as champions of the common social good, for example as surrogate fathers,[3] are naively optimistic.


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