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Homosexuality in Schools

The Traditional Values Coalition states regarding the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that co-sponsored a workshop where "instructors encouraged children as young as 14 years of age to engage in life-threatening sex acts.":

GLSEN targets children for recruitment into the homosexual lifestyle...through GLSEN chapters that sponsor hundreds of Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs on junior high and high school campuses across the United States.

GLSEN gets into schools by claiming that homosexual and transgender students need to feel safe and encouraged; and that so-called homosexual/transgender teens have high rates of suicide and need a support group. When this tactic fails, GLSEN then threatens legal action against school districts that refuse to allow these recruitment clubs on campus. The American Civil Liberties Union has volunteered to serve as the enforcement arm of GLSEN to impose a homosexual agenda on the nation's public schools.[1]

Promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools

School in Chicago area (Prairie Ridge High School) with LGBT+ flag. Students in the same school who display the Confederate flag will face discipline.[2]
This Chicago-area school has "safe spaces" for homosexual students (sponsored by GLSEN).

Many public schools throughout the United States promote the homosexual agenda,[3] oftentimes through publicly-funded school programs created by GLSEN.[4] Much of this was the work of the Obama Administration.[4] GLSEN also promotes the homosexual agenda through a "day of silence."[5] In 2016, California became the first state to legislate the teaching of the homosexual agenda in public schools to children as young as second grade.[6] These California students are now banned from opting-out from this indoctrination.[7] New Jersey legislators passed a law requiring the homosexual agenda to be taught in public schools,[8] and in 2019, Illinois enacted a law requiring public and even private schools to teach "the role and contributions of [LGBT] people in [U.S. and Illinois history]."[9] Other states mandate the teaching of "LGBT history."[10]

In schools where the homosexual agenda is promoted, students who promote the Confederate flag may expect to face disciplinary actions.[2][11] In March 2019, an Ohio public school student was suspended for posting Bible verses next to homosexual flags.[12][13]

In the UK

In 2018, Scotland became the first "country" to require "LGBT+" education in schools, with no exemptions or opt-outs.[14][15] In February 2019, the UK Department of Education announced that public school children starting at the age of five would be required to learn about homosexual and transgender relationships, with parents being unable to withdraw their children from such classes.[16]

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