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According to the Jewish historian Samuel Igra in Germany's National Vice, Nazism was ideologically rooted in "homosexualism."[1]

  • I came out of homosexuality after a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ and a desire to serve and obey Him. I can say with complete honesty that I NEVER have homosexual desires of any sort - physical or emotional. - Ex-lesbian Yvette Cantu Schneider[3]

  • Homosexual activists like San Francisco researcher Michael Scarce resent it and cry “homophobia!” when the obvious health risks linked to male homosexual behavior are brought up in debate, much less studied by scientists. After all, that’s “discrimination” since everything is “equal,” right?...Allowing homosexual activists a “protester’s veto” over legitimate medical inquiry and research will only cost more men’s lives, as larger society and especially young men are denied clear information on the special health risks of “gay” sex viz a viz normal, natural straight sex. - Peter LaBarbera[5]

  • ...I have no memory of actually appearing before NAMBLA, but that does not constitute a flat denial. I just don’t remember an actual appearance... - Homosexual activist icon Frank Kameny in an email to Peter LaBarbera [6]

  • ...Again, if in fact I did appear [before NAMBLA], (and it now appears that I probably did) I have no recollection whatever as to what I said... - Homosexual activist icon Frank Kameny in a second email to Peter LaBarbera a short while later [6]

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