Gay violence

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Homosexuals have been known to lash out violently in anger over being "different". This is a typically unfortunate case of a sinner who can't accept responsibility for his grave sin. Such acceptance is the necessary first step to being repentant for the sin and breaking the sexual addiction.

Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute, has falsely claimed that "The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay.".[1] The worst killer mentioned by Cameron, Donald Harvey, claimed 37 victims. In 1999, when Cameron made this claim, there were multiple male heterosexual serial killers with more victims than Donald Harvey. Examples include Donald Henry Gaskins (100), David Parker Ray (60), Tommy Lynn Sells (70), Gerald Stano (41), Charles Cullen (45), and Coral Eugene Watts (40). Gary Ridgway confessed to 48 murders in 2003. In addition, there are multiple other American heterosexual male serial killers with greater numbers of victims than those farther down on Cameron's list.

Cameron also makes the oft-repeated claim that an "Auschwitz executioner", Ludwig Tiene, performed numerous violent homosexual acts. The only evidence of Tiene's existence comes from a single book, They Called Him Piepel, a.k.a. Moni or Atrocity, by Auschwitz survivor Yehiel Dinur.[2] Dinur had, understandably, serious issues with post-traumatic stress disorder for the remainder of his life following his two-year incarceration at Auschwitz. His literary works about Auschwitz have been criticized by fellow survivors as being factually inaccurate.[3] Some modern Jewish scholars describe his works as pornographic fiction rather than accurate historical accounts. At any rate, Tiene was described in the book as a Lageralteste- a senior camp inmate, not one of the Nazi guards.[4]


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