Homosexuality and Scotland

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This article discusses the state of homosexuality in Scotland.

While Scotland is historically Christian and has the Church of Scotland as the national church, it is increasingly supportive of the homosexual agenda.[1] This was particularly the case during the reign of the anti-family regime of authoritarian SNP ruler Nicola Sturgeon (2014-2023).

This homosexual agenda is exemplified by:

  • the repeal of laws banning the promotion of homosexuality in schools[2]
  • The introduction of secular marriage[3]
  • the legalisation of same-sex unions[4]
  • the adoption of children by homosexuals[5]
  • teaching homosexuality in schools[6]
  • affirmative action for homosexual soldiers and policemen[7]
  • The banning of anti-gay chants at sports events.[8]
  • In 2018, Scotland became the first "country" to require "LGBT+" education in schools, with no exemptions or opt-outs.[9][10]

This has led the leading conservative Christian Pat Robertson to describe Scotland as "dark country full of homosexuals".[11] However many of these policies were adopted from the United States where they originated.

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