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Gardening is the cultivation of plant species for their beauty, or for private harvest of their fruit or leaves for the kitchen. It is often done as a relaxing hobby, though some people can supplement their income or even make a full-time job from what they produce.

Gardeners commonly grow annual and perennial plants for their ornamental flowers or foliage; shrubs and trees for shade, windbreaks, fruit, or their ornamental flowers, foliage or structure; and herbs to use for cooking.

Many gardeners enjoy the hobby not only for its end products, but also for the pleasure of working the soil, as an escape from modern mechanized lifestyles. There is also the challenging aspect of trying to grow delicate or rare plants, or producing new hybrids.

To start a garden you need to decide what kind of garden would you like to have, then decide where would you like to grow your garden. Watch for how much sun the area get in a day to decide what plant will grow well there. There are many sun-loving plants as well as shade plants.

Some people choose edible garden where they plant anything edible in their garden, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts. Some people like to plant different kind of flowers in their garden to attract butterfly and hummingbird.

Consider the mature tree size when planting a small tree in the garden. There are many trees to choose from, such as fast growing tree, flowering tree or fruit tree.


Some of the earliest garden were created in Asia, first China and then Japan. In both these countries there was an essential link between gardening and spiritual values. This is especially seen in Zen gardens, which are associated with Buddist meditation. However, probably the earliest recorded formal garden was Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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