2005 Andijan Uprisings

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The 2005 Andijon Uprisings was an uprising and terrorist attack held on May 13, 2005. In the uprising, members of Akromiya, with support from Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan raided a police station, killing several guards and taking a large quantity of military equipment. Not long afterward the militants raided a prison and freed more than 500 prisoners, including several imprisoned Islamists. The militants then set fire to the city's main cinema, forcing patrons and nearby residents to run into the main city square. After civilians fleeing the burning building entered the square, militants members took them as hostages, beating, torturing, and using them as literal human shields by tying them to the perimeter of the city square with wire. Ill-prepared Uzbek troops fired on the square, but due to their poor training killed an estimated 45 civilians. The militants filmed themselves throughout the event, showing that they were heavily armed, but were later seen putting down their weapons before fleeing to refugee camps in Kyrgyzstan. On the video, several men were heard shouting "Allahu Akbar", taking hostages (including two human rights activists) and throwing grenades. In total 176 people were killed; 79 Islamists, 45 civilians, and 31 Uzbekistani soldiers; although some groups claim 187 people were killed.[1][2][3]


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