Lord's Resistance Army

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The Lord's Resistance Army is a central African militant force feared for their brutality, murder, mayhem and other human rights violations. In particular, they are well known for abducting children to turn into child soldiers and aim to establish a Christian theocracy based on the ten commandments[1] The U.S. State Department has classified them as a terrorist group. They are primarily located in northern Uganda and southern Sudan.

Rebel leader Joseph Kony of The Lord's Resistance Army is a wanted man. In October 2011, Barack Hussein Obama sent 100 special forces troops to Uganda to serve as advisers in efforts to hunt down the rebel leader.[2] The Obama Administration stated that the decision is in the interest of national security to secure peace in the region by eliminated the LRA. Not all people agreed with the decision though, including well known conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who argued the Obama administration was sending troops to kill Christians in Africa.[3] Limbaugh later stated he had been misinformed as to the group's crimes.


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