Irish National Liberation Army

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The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) is a terrorist organisation formed in Ireland in 1974 by Irish republicans dissatisfied with the actions and policies of the IRA. Although it claimed to seek the end of British government in the six counties of Northern Ireland and the consequent political unification of Ireland, and carried out the assassination of Conservative Party Northern Ireland spokesman Airey Neave MP in 1979 (other atrocities carried out by INLA included the Ballykelly pub bombing, in which 17 persons were murdered), the organisation was known more for bloody feuding, internally and with both the Provisional and Official IRA. INLA 'Chief of Staff', Dominic 'Mad Dog' McGlinchey, was shot dead in 1994 by unknown assailants.

The political wing of INLA is the Irish Republican Socialist Party.

INLA declared a cease fire in 1998.