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Ahmad al-Shukeiri (January 1, 1908 – February 26, 1980) (أحمد الشقيري) also transcribed al-Shuqayri, Shuqairi, Shuqeiri, Shukeiry, etc.), was a long time agitator and the first Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, serving in 1964–67. Used to preach defamation of Jews already in the early '50s. Incited for Jihad in the 1960s. Infamous especially for his genocidal calls pre-1967 Six-day war. Less famous, his pro Hitler and pro Nazi activities.

Early life

Shukeiri was born in Tebnine, south Lebanon then part of the Ottoman Empire to a Turkish mother and an Arab father As'ad Shukeiri (1860–1940) (who was elected to the Ottoman Parliament in 1908 and 1912.

At the age of 19, while at American University in Beirut, in 1929 he was deported from Lebanon for agitating against the British at the university.[1][2]

With the Grand Mufti / assassination of his brother

He allied himself with his father's arch enemy, the radical Grand Mufti of Jerusalem since the 1930s, (during which time, the Mufti/his gangs assassinated over 3,000 moderate Arabs and caused 18,000 to flee[3]) till 1959.

In 1939 he helped the Grand Mufti's gang to assassinate his moderate brother Dr. Anwar Shukeiri.[4] Ahmad Shukeiri said of it: "He had it coming, this traitorous dog."[5]

Pro-Nazi during WW2 & post the Holocaust

In 1940 Ahmed Shukeiri and all his surrounding cheered and prayed for the victory of the Nazis over the Allies.[6][7][8]

From 1941, as the Communists began fighting Hitler, he and his Mufti's gang left the Communists and helped Hitler against the Jews.[9][10][11][12][13]

In 1946, together with Jamal Husseini, have justified the Holocaust.[14][15]

Pre-esrablishment of State of Israel

In 1946, he joined the Arab Higher Committee. Shukeiri declared that negotiations or dialogue with the Jews were out of the question.[16] And threatened that there would be violence the like of which the land had never seen before.[17][18]

In that same year, 1946, whereby he rationalized the Holocaust, Shukairy in reaction to Truman's letter to Atlee recommending more Jewish migration to Palestine (as Truman's emissary reported of sad conditions in Europe after WW2), stated:

"I would have thought that this latest declaration was made by one of the great Nazi leaders who had escaped prosecution at Nuremberg."[19]

Shukairy rejected even liberal Judah Magnes whose proposal included renunciation of a State. He declared that Magnes was more dangerous than Ben-Gurion.[20]

(Magnes himself gave up on his campaign of Bi-Nationalism [pushed especially in his July.27.1938 speech] after the April 13, 1948 Arab massacre of Jews, Hadassah medical convoy massacre as it was "in effect the final nail in the coffin of Magnes' binationalism. It was not that he publicly recanted. But he understood that it was a lost cause - and that his own standing in the Yishuv had been irreparably damaged."[21] And after the establishment of the State of Israel he congratulated Weitzmann and told one of his sons "do you think that in my heart I am not glad too that there is a state? I just did not think it was to be." [22])

As United Nations Partition Plan - November 29-1947 went on, Shukairy threatened that "every word of the UN would be erased with the blood of the Jews,"[23] and from that day on, anti-Jewish Arab violence did gain momentum.

Anti-Semitic incitement since the early 1950s

Since the early 1950s, he began preaching anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic rhetoric, tropes. [24]

1956: Palestine just southern Syria

In 1956, Shukeiri declared that: "Palestine is nothing but southern Syria." [25][26][27][28]

At the UN: hate

Shukeiri was a member for hire. First of the Syrian delegation to the United Nations from 1949 to 1951. He then became assistant Secretary General for the Arab League from 1950–56, Saudi ambassador to the United Nations from 1957 to 1962.

Shukeiri continued to spread Nazi-style hatred of Jews, even in the United Nations. [29]

Historian R Wistrich:[30] The PLO played a central role in encouraging the spread of this anti-Jewish “political cancer" throughout the UN system. Ahmad Shuqayri, Yasser Arafat, and Saudi ambassador Jamil Baroody did not invent the political exploitation of such bigotry at the United Nations, but they greatly intensified its use as a weapon to undermine the democratic world and to hijack the cause of international human rights.

Slander - legacy

As debates and conversations of apartheid in South Africa were continuing at the UN, Shukeiri came up with the idea to slander Israel with such a comparison. The legacy of his slur continues till today. He uttered it in October 17, 1961,[31][32] also in the context of his objection to Adolf Eichmann to be tried in Israel.[33]

Revealing: as expressed at Uruguayan representative

From ADL on the 1961 incident: [34]

During his various tenures as a delegate to the United Nations, Shukairy demonstrated virulent hatred of Israel and Jews which transcended even the passionate excesses other Arab delegates brought to the same subjects.

In 1962 at the U.N., Shukairy even went so far as to praise the militant, anti-Jewish and neo-Nazi storm-troop gang in Argentina known as Tacuara.... instance, he declared: "I have never been an anti-Semite; I am a Semite myself." This semantic dodge has long been used by anti-Jewish Arab bigots, and by their supporters in the American anti-Jewish press, to obfuscate the palpable evidence of their anti-Jewish prejudice. During his various tenures as a delegate ...

Anti-Jewish Diatribe.

A year earlier, during a debate on the Arab refugee question, Shukairy's obsessive hatred was etched in sharp relief by statements he made about one of the U.N.'s most distinguished delegates, Professor Enrique Rodriguez-Fabregat, chief of the Uruguavan delegation.

In the course of a diatribe charging that Jews were expected to look upon Israel as their real government — the old dual loyalty canard by anti-Semitic propagandists — Shukairy wondered aloud whether Professor Fabregat who, Shukairy said was of the Jewish faith, also considered himself to be a Jew "in exile".

That Dr. Fabregat was a member of an old Catholic family and a practicing Catholic made no difference to Shukairy. Dr. Fabregat — in sorrow, but without anger — commented that the thoughts expressed by Shukairy were "more fitting to past ages".

Undaunted, Shukairy went on to declare that there was no real anti-Semitism in the world and that anti-Semitism was a propaganda device, a "tool" serving the interests of Zionists who had, he charged, created...

A year later, he still was at it.

In April, 1962, Shukairy bemoaned that there are "too many Jews at the UN. As the Christian representative of Uruguay, Enrique Rodriquez Fabregat passed by, Shukairy pointed at him saying: "there goes one of them."[35]

Promoting Nazis and being fired

In November 30, 1962, Shukairy promoted the Neo Nazi storm troopers, citing the New York Times [which explicitly stated its Nazi nature,[36]] stating that the UN should adopt this movement and that he hopes its ideology spreads.[37][38][39][40][41][42][43] The very gang who guarded Adolf Eichnann and a few months earlier has attacked Jews, including tortured a 19-yr old Jewess, carved on her body a swastika as a revenge for eliminating Eichnann.[44][45][46][47] This was too much even for Faisel of Saudi Arabia who removed him from the post at the UN around mid-December 1962.[48][49][50][51]

His later attempts to rewrite his action, to claim he supposedly "wasn't" aware was not accepted. [52]

Threatening the US with an alliance with the Viet Cong

Before the '67 Six-Day War, Shukairy had declared his support for the Viet Cong.


And has threatened the United States with an alliance with the Viet Cong.[54]

Chairman of the PLO

In May[55] 1964 Egyptian Nasser appointed Shukairy chairman of the PLO - the (Palestine Liberation Organization).[56]

Thus, the "liberation" title of the PLO preceded some 3 years[57] the capturing of territories in Arabs' defeat of Six-Day war.[57][58]

(And its organized terror are strains, continuation from even earlier years.[59])

PLO 1964 charter explained:[60]

This Covenant was written by the first PLO Chairman, Ahmed Shukeiry. This version reflects the Pan-Arab nationalism which can be clearly seen in the emphasis on the view of Palestine as part of an Arab collective homeland. The pan-Arab objective in the Arab-Israeli conflict is rather pervasive – the destruction of Israel. However, noticeably missing is the call for a Palestinian state and the subordinate position of the Palestinians in what is expressed as a battle for their rights and homeland.

The known intention was "to drive the Israelis into the sea."[61]

Shukairy attempted to resign twice, in September 1964 and in the following year around the same time - over Jordan, Lebanon's objection to his demands for these countries to military train Arab "Palestinians. " But was rejected by Arab leaders.[55]

Perpetating the refugees problem

In 1966, Ahmad Shukairy, the PLO said: We will force our people to remain refugees against their will - or else there is no Palestinian cause. Another PLO representative said then: "If they try to leave. We will stop them, by force if need be."[62]

Never negotiation

In 1966 published his book whereby he asserts that Palestine should be conquered only as a result of armed struggle and not as a result of compromise.[63]

Genocidal calls

Ahead of the 1967, Six-Day War, Ahmed Shukeiri expressed his genocidal aims, including predicting that no one will survive.[64][30][65][66][67][68]

S. Jumaa, who was Prime minister of Jordan at the time uttered: "After the war, we came to know that these chatter terrified the peoples of Europe and the American people, and caused everyone to identify with Israel, which Shukeiri intended to destroy and murder her wives and children."


He fired up the crowds into a frenzy Jihad.[70][71]

(He also said "who ever dares to speak in public of Arab friendship-with the United States in any Arab village or town would be torn to pieces.") [70]

He vowed to set up in Jerusalem a "purely Arab government" for all of Palestine.[72]

Stressing, Ahmad Shukairy made sure he really meant his genocidal calls and only realizing the PR disaster and military defeat of '67 is when the following PLO, Arafat tried to camouflage its real aims - progressives admitted that This once even the Right could be Right: [73]

The P.L.O. - What Sort of Precedent?

This Once Even the Right Could be Righ

...professing its genocidal ambition openly, without hiding it in any disguise whatever. Its leader, Ahmed Shukairy, kept making a point of it that the Arabs were absolutely literal when speaking of pushing the Israelis into the sea. Following the military disaster Israel that year inflicted on the Arabs, they were internationally overheard discussing the public relations error of their past genocidal candor. Heads of Arab states and Palestinian leaders were voicing this tactical self-criticism in newspaper interviews and articles, in radio and television broadcasts, in speeches before parliaments.

The adjustments made in the aftermath of this self-criticism included the replacement of the undiplomatic Ahmed Shukairy with the highly diplomatic Yassir Arafat as leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization . Also included was a new semantic formula which, incorporated in the Charter of the PLO, for the first time provided however thin and tortuous a camouflage of the genocidal ambition. What used up until that point to be loudly and proudly advertised was now being pro forma denied whenever necessary, accompanied by a meaningful wink of an eyelid.

Post 1967 war and his genocidal calls

Shukeiri was forced to resign after the Six-day war - Arab humiliating defeat. He was succeeded as Chairman of PLO by Yahya Hammuda in December 1967.[57]

Post 1967, the term "Shukeirian" referred by Arab politicians at the time to genocidal, as in Ahmad Shukeiri's.[74][75][76]

In 1970 he complained that his calls of "sweeping of the Jews into the sea” was blamed on him alone, as he reflected the accepted official Arab outlook, an outlook that was changed only by the outcome of the war.[77]

And in 1971 he justified his calls of throwing the Jews into the sea.[78]

Baby tigers

In 1969, Shukeiri, with Yassir Arafat and George Habache, established child soldiers.[79]

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    Then I found him, in 1954, at a Dorothy Thompson's conference "The Association of American Friends of the Middle East," the editor of a Catholic weekly in Africa "Commonville" spoke at that conference, causing the organizers a little discouragement. He said: I think that as an American my job is to take care of peace, and not to support only one side. And let me say frankly, that I have no respect for a person who agrees with the words of the King of Saudi Arabia on the destruction of Israel ("I am willing to sacrifice 10 million Arabs for the destruction of Israel"). "A man who applauds the words Ibn Saud's son, will stand in the street and applaud Hitler as well."

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  40. "This World," Issue # 1318 - December 12, 1962, Page 7 (15 Kislev 5723): Argentina's Nazis have been in the news again for the past week. At the UN General Assembly, Saudi Arabia's representative Ahmad Shukeiri welcomed the Tacuara organization and demanded that the UN take it under its wing. In Buenos Aires itself, 500 Nazis, in the brown uniform of Hitler's Storm Troopers, marching downtown. While from New York came the news that the American Fuhrer, Lincoln Rockwell, organizes of a Nazi convention International, to be held in Buenos Aires, 1963.
  41. Hitler’s Ghost Haunts Halls Of Assembly. New Jersey Jewish News, January 4, 1963

    "Arab Spokesmen Help The Cause of Israel."

    ...The ghost of Adolf Hitler haunts the halls of the United Nations.

    Hitler’s shrill voice has bellowed through Ahmad Shukairy, Minister of State for UN Affairs in the Saudi Government and through Amil Al-Ghoury, another spokesman for the so-called "Palestine Arab delegation."

    Shukairy made the mistake of saluting the Tacuara movement in Argentina. Al-Ghoury helped his cause not at all by attacking what he called U. S. support of the "unlawful Zionist occupation of Palestine."

    Praise of Argentina’s fascistic Tacuara movement brought instant criticism from the Argentine and Chilean delegates, thoroughly embarrassed by this aping of Hitler’s methods in their countries.
  42. Year 24 (Vol. 27) Cheshvan-Kislev, 5723 Booklet II (234):

    'The debate over refugees and the Black International'.

    By Yitzhak Abadi.

    The debate over Arab refugees, still in full swing on the UN stage, came as no particular surprise this year. Except for one typical line. Though it is not new to us, this time was highlighted: the line of full partnership and brotherhood, to the point of complete identification, between Representatives of Arabia and the Dark-International, the Nazi-Fascist International, already discussed its nature in a previous article.

    In this regard, we should be grateful to Mr. Shukeiri, the professional Palestinian refugee. Serving as King of Saudi Arabia's pilgrimage to Moscow, worshiping Mecca and the Kremlin alike, he pays tribute to Tacuara in Buenos Aires to [Colin] Jordan in London and [George Lincoln] Rockwell in Washington, D.C., all in the name of Arab unity and hatred unrestrained to Israel and the Jews.

    But anyone who thinks that the Shukeiri man is an exception and that the other representatives and statements of Arab countries at the UN are less extreme, is bitterly mistaken. Representatives of Egypt and Iraq, Syria and Lebanon supported this position full support. And even the representative of King Hussein of Jordan, a wretched king whose kingdom does not exist except mainly because the IDF separates him and Nasser's troops by force of threat, because Israel will not stand in the way if they invade the Jordan to the east - even he followed suite, in the crown of supreme Arab patriotism, which means, in theory and in fact, hatred of Israel to the point of full cooperation with the Nazis of all kinds in all parts of the world.

    It was found that, ostensibly, nothing had changed in the position of the majority of Arab statesmen from the same *mass murderer* in the early 1930s and Holocaust years of World War II.

    At the time that the dark masses of the Arab world and their leaders prayed for the victory of the "axis" and even helped its agents as much as they could, out of the foolish assumption that in his victory - they had a victory.

    The hatred of the Jews and the hostility to democracies in general, and to Britain and France in particular, then put the Arab peoples on track, who did not deviate from them except ostensibly, near the end of the war, when it was already apparent that Hitler and Mussolini's game was aost game.

    Now, as began to rise again in the sweltering field of an embarrassed and confused and turbulent world, the weeds of Nazism and Fascism, Arab statesmen, their kings and tyrants, began to cling to these weeds as a rescue-straw on the assumption that they might be saved from the "natural alliance" between the Dark-International and the Arab world - in the name of the brotherhood of hatred of Iarael and united - thirst for Jewish property and blood.
  43. Knesset Divrei - Knesset Website - Home Page. Meeting 226, 8 Adar 5723 (March 4, 1963) - Budget Law for 1963/64 (Kesse, Idelson, Unna) - .. Shukeiri's defamation and scandal speeches ... and even sent a greeting to the fascist movement in Argentina "Tacuara", which engraved on its banner "Extermination of the Jews of Argentina"...
  44. Lev Bezymenskiĭ, "Tracing Martin Bormann," 1966, pp.149-150: Eichmann was under Tacuara protection. Dr. Mengele, before he left for Paraguay, lived on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in a house guarded by Tacuara members. Tacuara has lately become extremely active. One of its new leaders is Horst Eichmann, son of Adolf Eichmann. He walks about in the black SS uniform with a swastika on his sleeve. Tacuara is not the only nazi organisation in Argentina...
  45. Mordecai Schreiber, "The Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia," Taylor Trade Publishing, 2011: Argentina... following in 1961 in Jerusalem. On June 21, 1962, the antisemitic movement called Tacuara kidnapped a 19 years-old Jewish girl, Graciela Sirota, tortured her and scarified her with Swastika signs.
  46. "Current Anti-Semitic Activities Abroad: A Survey." Institute of Human Relations (American Jewish Committee) 1963. p. 24: On June 21, a Jewish university student , Graciela Sirota , was kidnaped and driven to an isolated place, where swastikas were carved on her body.
  47. Sebastian Klor. "Between Exile and Exodus: Argentinian Jewish Immigration to Israel, 1948–1967," Wayne State University Press, 2017: [Chapter 2]. The most vocal of them was the radical nationalist and anti-Semitic Tacuara movement. The gravest of the thirty incidents for which it was responsible took place on June 21, 1962, in Buenos Aires, when three of its members abducted nineteen-year-old G. Sirota while she was waiting for a bus on her way to the university. The young woman was brutally beaten and tortured. Before she passed out from the pain she heard her kidnappers say that their actions were meant as revenge for the hanging of Adolf Eichmann.
  48. The National Jewish Monthly, Volume 77, B'nai B'rith, 1962, p. 1:

    Review Of The Month.

    Anti Semitism at UN.

    Arab delegates spouted the most vicious kind of anti-Semitism ever heard in the halls of the United Nations during a debate on the Arab refugee issue in the General Assembly's special political committee.

    The worst statement was made by Ahmad Shukairy, of Saudi Arabia. He said, Argentina "should be saluted" because of its violently anti-Jewish youth organization, Tacuara, and added: "Tacuara has proclaimed a crusade... we propose that Tacuara be adopted by the United Nations." This was too much even for Saudi Arabia's king Faisal, who removed Shukairy from his UN post.
  49. 'Israel’s Relations with Non-arab Lands in Middle East Irk Arabs.' JTA, September 12, 1963: ... The political committee then decided to invite Ahmed Shukairy, former Saudi Arabian delegation head at the United Nations, to join the body as a Palestine “expert.” Mr. Shukairy was fired from his UN post by the Saudi Arabian Government last winter, after some Arab representatives felt he had gone too far in the diatribes against Israel by calling upon the UN to encourage formation of anti-Semitic organizations similar to the Tacuara movement in Argentina.
  50. The Detroit Jewish News December 07, 1962, p. 1:

    Worldwide Expose of Anti-Semitism:

    'Bigotry's Internationalization Leads to Tests in UN, Appeal to Wotld to Avoid Resurgence'

    ... there was a shocking demonstration of bigotry at a session of the Special Political Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations, at which an Arab spokesman resorted to the vilest type of venom against the Jews. So revolting was his speech that even delegates from other Arab nations have begun to favor a move for that bigot's expulsion from the international body.

    The move for the recall by Saudi Arabia of its permanent representative to the UN, Ahmad Shukairy, appeared to be under way with Arab diplomats heading the drive. The desire for Shukairy's removal from the UN scene, long contemplated by more moderate Arabs here, gained heavy impetus after the official Saudi Arabian spokesman declared openly a "salute" to the anti-Semitic Tacuara movement in Argentina and proposed that the UN "adopt" the Tacuara movement.
  51. Recall of Arab Delegate from U.N. is Sought; ‘saluted’ Tacuara JTA, December 3, 1962. ...endorsing an open neo-Nazi movement...
  52. Though twisted narrative is pushed by anti-Israel propagandist [5]. Naturally.
  53. Irving Louis Horowitz (1974) "Israeli Ecstasies/Jewish Agonies". Oxford University Press. p. 11.

    In the 1930's Arab terrorists and "guerrillas" waged a continuous war against Jewish settlements in Palestine: arson, destruction of wells and pipelines, and murder. Then as now, they were part of the apparatus of "Arab liberation."

    It was with the active propaganda and financial support of the Nazis and Fascists that Haj Amin El Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem and Nazi propagandist, advocated mass murder of the Jews. Ahmed Shukeiri, present head of the so-called Palestine Liberation Organization, is a large landowner, an unmistakable heir of the revanchist chauvinism of the pro-Nazi Arab, who dares to proclaim himself leader of a national liberation struggle and offer "support" to the Vietnamese Liberation Front.

    One day the head of the reactionary Syrian delegation to the United Nations, another day leader of the Saudi Arabian delegation , on yet another day he heads "guerrilla war" against Israel, a war against individual citizens, with "guerrillas" who never dare attack a military force, a "guerrilla force" which is, in fact, not a guerrilla force at all but a band of mercenaries in the pay of a foreign power, Egypt.
  54. The Detroit Jewish News, May 26, 1967. "Fear for Israel May Avert Third World War". By Philip Slomovitz. ... To have permitted him to function, while he was threatening the United States with an alliance with the Vietcong, was viewed by many as a grave danger. Now Shukeiri and his PLO have come home to roost—and they could well instigate the Arab peoples who are unaware of the existing dangers to involve Israel and the entire free world in a third world conflict.
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    Beirut, Sept. 20 -- Ahmed Shukairy, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, has submitted his resignation to the Arab Heads of State, who met at Casablanca last week, because his demands for the military training of Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon were rejected by those countries.

    His resignation was reportedly rejected by the Arab leaders.

    This is the second time Shukairy has resigned - the first time was at the second Arab summit meeting in Alexandria last September -- for the same reasons.

    The P.L.O. was created in May, 1964... to establish a "Palestine Identity."
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  60. Palestine Liberation Organization: The Original Palestine National Charter (1964)
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    The Palestine Liberation Organization, which was set up two years ago to drive the Israelis into the sea, announced a second objective:: the liberation of Jodan from its present rulers.
  62. Thomas F. Brady, "Arabs Adamant Against Absorption of Refugees", The New York Times, April 4, 1966. p. 14. (qtd in: The PLO in 1966 said it: We will force our people to remain refugees against their will - or else there is no Palestinian cause. EoZ. Wednesday, October 17, 2018)

    JERUSALEM (Jordanian Sector), March 30 "The Arab states will not integrate the Palestine refugees because integration would be a slow process of liquidating the Palestine problem," Ahmed Shukairy, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, declared in an interview today.

    “Consequently. the refugees don’t want to be integrated.” he continued. “If there are no Palestinian people. there is no Palestinian cause. We can't conceive of a Babylonian cause today because there are no Babylonians. But we start from the premise that we will achieve the liberation of Palestine soon."...

    Hamdi Hizrallah, 40 years old, a representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was at the intetview... he said with great intensity: “I will tell you something. And I wish you would quote me. If they try to leave. We will stop them, by force if need be.”
  63. National Resilience, Politics and Society Volume 2, No. 1, Spring 2020, pp. 9-50. DOI: https://doi.org/10.26351/NRPS/2-1/1. Willful Blindness and the Mistake of Underestimation: The Oslo Gamble. Joel Fishman and Yossi Kuperwasser.

    From the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1964, the destruction of the State of Israel and the pursuit of the “armed struggle” has been its main goal.

    In fact, Ahmad al-Shukeiri [Shuqayrī], the first Chairman of the PLO (1964-1967) and

    the man who drafted the Palestinian Covenant, proclaimed in his book, Liberation-not Negotiation, that Palestine should be conquered only as a result of armed struggle and not as a result of compromise. Although the Palestinians and their well-meaning sympathizers

    have played it down, this fundamental policy has remained frozen in time.

    Despite having adopted a façade which has lent them a veneer of respectability, terror and violence have constantly remained a part of their program. Proof of this may be found in the well-publicized program of the PA to subsidize terrorists who have committed violent crimes against civilians. No Jewish (and Israeli) civilians can be innocent or entitled to mercy.
  64. Iyunim biTkumat Israel, 11, 2001, pp. 141-132 [6] [Merkaz le-moreshet Ben-Guryon]. Moshe Shemesh - Did Shuqayri call for 'throwing the Jews into the sea'?
    The fact that in that statement he explicitly spoke of the extermination of Jews strengthened the credibility of the claim. That he called for throwing the Jews into the sea...
  65. Fifty years on: Anti-Israel or antisemitic? Ira Forman, The Jerusalem Post, Jun 8, 2017. ... The then chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ahmed Shukairy, declared in late May 1967: “[t]here will be no Jewish survivors in the Holy War of liberating Palestine.”.
  66. Steven Heydemann, ‎Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East: 'War, Institutions, and Social Change in the Middle East.' University of California Press, 2000, p. 174:

    Israel and the 1967 War.

    Joel S. Migdal. From Doom To Boom.

    ... The dark warnings of Arab leaders about what would happen to Israel if their forces were to triumph had been all too explicit. Only a week before the outbreak of fighting, Egypt's president, Gamal Abdul Nasser , had threatened that "this will be a total war. Our basic aim is the destruction of Israel." And the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ahmed Shukairy, had added to the sense of looming tragedy, "Those native-born Israelis who survive can remain in Palestine. But I estimate that none of them will survive."
  67. Meyer Levin: 'The Story of Israel,' (Putnam), 1966 (1967), pp. 221-222.
    Again, Arab leaders began to vie with each other on promising genocide for the Jews of the Holy Land. It was to be a war of extermination in which not a man, woman, or child should be spared, announced Ahmed Shukeiri, the bloodthirsty organizer of commando units in the Arab refugee camps. Nasser promised to place Shukeiri's men in the front ranks when he invaded.
  68. "20 Years after six day war triumph, Israel still grappling with." Jonathan Broder, Chicago Tribune. June 7, 1987.

    For three weeks before the fighting erupted, the tiny Jewish state was caught in the stranglehold of an Egyptian naval blockade that cut off Israel's vital Red Sea port of Elat. Encouraged by Western apathy and indecision, Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser then ousted United Nations buffer troops from the Gaza Strip and moved his forces up to the 1949 armistice line with Israel.

    Sensing Israel`s vulnerability, the Arab world rallied to Nasser`s side. Jordan, Syria and Iraq signed mutual defense pacts with Egypt and began moving troops and tanks toward Israel`s eastern and northern borders. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco and Tunisia announced that their soldiers and facilities stood at Egypt's disposal.

    By the end of May, daylong broadcasts throughout the Middle East exhorted Arabs to join the jihad (holy war) against Israel. On May 25, Nasser declared publicly, The problem now before the Arab countries is not whether the port of Elat should be blockaded--but how to totally exterminate the state of Israel for all time.

    Palestinian leader Ahmed Shukeiry, asked about the fate of the Jews in Israel after the war, replied, I estimate none of them will survive.
  69. Ahmad Shukeiri and the failure of Palestinian nationalism Dr. Yohai Sela, The Mideat Magazine, Aug 30, 2008. Shukeiri in the eyes of the Jordanians. Shortly after the Six Day War, two Western journalists - Vic Vance and Pierre Lauer - met with King Hussein to hear his version of wartime events. The king's words, which were visible, were translated into Hebrew and published in a book published in 1974. The book also includes a chapter by the Prime Minister of Jordan in 1967, Saad Juma... Juma continued to describe Shukeiri the day after they arrived in Jordan:

    "The next day Shukeiri visited my office. During his visit the king suddenly appeared, and Shukeiri began to spill as usual and utter his long, routine, corny and inflated words. Most of all, and what good would it be if the army from Syria entered Jordan, and he, namely Shukeiri himself, would command him in the liberation system. I told him willingly: 'In time of calamity you will be at the forefront of talks. The Syrian: The effort, the sacrifice and the fierceness do not depend on certain circumstances or a certain front. If the war breaks out, it will be general and comprehensive, and will not separate a Palestinian from a Jordanian, and between a Syrian and an Egyptian. I find in my diary that I told him briefly; 'Shukeiri, I'm asking you not to make speeches these days. The days are recruiting days. I'm afraid that you will provoke the emotions of the masses, which are tense anyway, and in preparation for war. 'Shukeiri smiled, unsatisfied a will, and promised not to travel, since if he traveled he would no doubt speak. Eventually he broke his promise, drove off and spoke.

    The demonstrators, who left the mosque that day, almost turned to destroy the foreign consulates in Jerusalem - if the wise men did not cooperate with the security personnel in dispersing non-violent demonstrations. Shukeiri was not content with that, and on the same day (June 2), as he was leaving the mosque, held a press conference. On this occasion he uttered his famous words..:'We will destroy Israel and its inhabitants, and those who remain - if anyone remains - the ships are ready for their exile.' He told me ... a lecturer from the University of Jordan, that he saw Shukeiri on the television screen in London when he uttered these nonsense. After the war, we came to know that these chatter terrified the peoples of Europe and the American people, and caused everyone to identify with Israel, which Shukeiri intended to destroy and murder her wives and children. "When the fighting started, on the morning of June 5, Shukeiri fled from Jerusalem to Amman, and from there - I do not know where."

    Saad Juma'a, of course, forgot to mention the contribution of Amman Radio to Arab enthusiasm on June 5, 1967, when he exclaimed, "Oh Arabs, strike everywhere. Beat until the end. The end of Israel is in your hands." On June 7, 1967, King Hussein delivered a speech calling on his subjects "Kill the Jews with whatever you can get your hands on. Kill them with your arms and your hand, and your nails and your teeth." Shukieri's statement on June 2 was similar to his statement given to the Arab media on May 28, when he said that "the natives of Israel, who will survive, can stay in Palestine. However, in my best estimation, none of them will survive." As Shukieri said these words, dozens of mass graves were prepared in Israel, as there was no doubt that the Israeli victims would be enormous. Rabbis went from site to site and consecrated them as burial places. Israelis who watched Egyptian television in those days were attacked with real existential anxiety in the face of the scenes seen from the screen, since Arab ecstasy was at its peak. For example, Algeria Radio put it this way on June 4, 1967: Brethren, this is the battle of the Arab homeland, of the Arab nation. Battle of Fate, we must look at the battle from this point of view. "The true freedom of the entire Arab homeland must be achieved through the elimination of the Zionist state."

  70. 70.0 70.1 The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California, December 31, 1967, p. 28:

    Shukairy Steps Down It Might Be Said that Terror is his middle name.

    "We will wipe Israel off the face of the map and no Jew will survive," warned Ahmed Shukairy last June. As head of the clandestine Palestine Liberation Organization for the past four years, Shukairy has been responsible for the murders of dozens of Israeli men, women and children in bloody midnight raids across the borders of Jordan and Syria.

    A Jowly heavy-lidded Haifa lawyer, he 'fired up his followers with injunctions for a "sacred war," like the Koran's: "Kill them wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you." 'Israel and the Jews have by no means been Shukairy's only targets. - He hates the United States nearly as much and isn't terribly fond of Jordan either. With characteristic temperance he once said that anyone "who ever dares to speak in public of Arab friendship-with the United States in any Arab village or town would be torn to pieces." He once described Jordan's moderate king as the "tyrant of Amman, Hussein; who betrayed Allah, the "Prophet"...
  71. Flora Lewis, 'FOREIGN AFFAIRS; The Lessons of Hate.' The New York Times. April 10, 1988, Section 4, Page 31. the Six-Day War, which was the watershed both within Israel and for its image in the West. It was a frightening time, for there was no assurance that the Jewish state could hold off the heavily armed Arabs and no knowledge that Egypt's Nasser was bluffing. In Cairo, in Amman, huge crowds demonstrated in frenzied anticipation of a victorious war. Ahmed Shukairy, then the Palestinians' leader, preached holy war at the Great Mosque in East Jerusalem the Friday before the war began, promising to throw the Jews into the sea.
  72. The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia, June 13,1967, p.4: 'Palestine Liberation Group Badly Mauled. By Michael Goldsmith, Beirut, Lebanon (AP).' The Arab defeat in the Middle East war leaves a big question mark over the future of the Pafestine Liberation Organization and its firebrand leader -leftist Ahmed Shukairy. Shukairy narrowly escaped capture by Israeli forces in Jerusalem and many of his "Liberation Army" are now prisoners of the Israelis. "We will wipe Israel off the face of the map and no Jew will survive," Shukairy declared two days before the war broke out June 5. He vowed to lead the vanguard of his troops into the Israeli sector of Jerusalem and set up a "purely Arab government" there for all of Palestine.
  73. In Search of Facts, Ideas and Challenges, Vol. 5, Iss. 80. Vol. 8, Iss. 159. Institute for the Study of Relevant Progressivism. 1976.
  74. Yehoshafat Harkabi: 'Palestinians and Israel,' Wiley, 1975. p. 73 The meaning of a "Democratic Palestinian state." Echoes of the debate in the Arab press also reveal something of the mood of the Congress. Al - Hurriyya (29.9.69), the Popular Democratic Front weekly, stated: Even general slogans like “Democratic State ,” which had won support from the Palestinian Right, were rejected by sikth national assembly. There appeared among the rightist ranks in the Assembly manifest racist tendencies in the solutions they proposed which were reminiscent of the known Shukeirian ones.
  75. The Wiener Library Bulletin, The Wiener Library, 1970. p. 2
  76. Joseph Neyer: 'Middle East Happenings, Colloquies, Images, Mythologies: A Response in Perspective to Some Current Positions.' American Academic Association for Peace in the Middle East, 1971, p. 24 Quoted in Y. Harkabi, "Liberation or Genocide", Transaction, VII, 9-10, July - August, 1970, p. 63... The reference to "the well-known Shukeirian" solution is intended to recall the views of Ahmed Shukeiri, leader of the P.L.O. until the defeat of June 1967. His name has become a symbol of genocidal aims against the Jews.
  77. The New Middle East, Issues 16-39. New Middle East 1970, p.4:
    Mr Shukairy claims that when in his days of glory he publicly advocated the liquidation of Israel and “sweeping of the Jews into the sea”, he reflected the accepted official Arab outlook, an outlook that was changed only by the outcome of the war of 1967. Mr Shukairy is indignant that such extremism should be fathered on him alone ...
  78. 'Arab Guerilla Power,' 1967-1972, Edgar O'Ballance, 1973, p.37:

    Shukairy sank into obscurity, and later (in May 1971) published his apologia, which he called Dialogues and Secrets with Kings (in Beirut in Arabic).

    In it he defended his notorious demand 'to liquidate the state of Israel and throw the Jews into the sea' as being the accepted view then of the Arab heads of state, Arab politicians, who had since turned on him and prised him from office and the Arab press...
  79. Lewiston Evening Journal. Apr 28, 1969, p.3:

    'The Palestine Arabs can be mobilized only around the issue of fighting.'

    'Arab Commando Attacks.' By Henry J Taylor:

    Baby Tigers.

    The State Department finds that such leaders as Arafat, Shukairy and Habeche talk of "fighting for 20 or so years." They even have training camps for 12-year-old youths, a expanding cadre called Baby Tigers...

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"The Mufti.. concocted a new kind of antisemitism that combined traditional Muslim antisemitism, like the anti-Jewish verses you find in the Koran, with the Nazi antisemitism that demonised Jews... His whole ideology was antisemitic and from the very beginning he targeted Jews, not Zionists."
The difference between lies and reality is sometimes just a color on a map

W. Ormsby-Gore as he was preparing the royal commission report, "Though I knew there was ill-feeling between Jews and Arabs, I had not realized the depth and intensity of the hatred with which the Jews are held by the Arabs..."
"It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements . The Jew-hatred in this region must no longer be played down as a kind of local custom ..."
The only tweet (July 2014) on the Twitter account of the late American Elan Ganeles - murdered by Arab-Islamist "Palestinian" on Feb 27, 2023 hy"d: "I think you're always going to have tension in the Middle East, when there's [are] people who want to kill Jews, and the Jews don't want to be killed, and neither side is willing to compromise."