Gaza City

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Gaza City
Gaza jan 09.jpg

Country State of Palestine
Region Gaza Strip
Settled 15th century BC
Population 645,576
Area (sq mi) 17 sq mi
Population density (/sq mi) 34,000 sq mi
Demonym Gazan
Co-ordinates 31°31′N 34°27′E

Gaza City is the biggest city in the Gaza Strip and has about 500,000 inhabitants. It is controlled by Islamic terror organization Hamas since 2006.[1] Most inhabitants of Gaza are Sunni Muslims, and most of the Christians are Greek Orthodox. It also was an ancient city in pre-Christian times, and was subsequently mentioned in the Bible.

Christians in Gaza Strip

Main article: Palestinian Authority#Christian minority
Greek Orthodox Christians in the Gaza Strip.
Maronite Catholic Church in Gaza which has direct line with the Pope.

The Arab Palestinians are roughly 94% Muslim. 89% of Christians in Gaza are Greek Orthodox while 9.3% are Catholic and 1.52% belongs to other denominations.[2] Pope Francis affirmed in 2024 that he calls the "church in Gaza every day".[3][4]

The Gaza Strip is currently under the control of Hamas, an Islamic terrorist organization. Christians face persecution and pressure to convert and have next to no rights[5] however they have managed to coexist with/under Muslims as they share the struggle. When Mar Mari Emmanuel visited the Gaza Strip (years before 2023) he got along with the people there, even with Muslims.[6] Some work in Israel as thousands flock to enter Israel for work.[7] (Despite Gazans in general being under blockade from Egypt and Israel due to security[8]).

There are three churches in Gaza: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, the Near East Council of Churches, Myrrh Bearers Society, the Orthodox Council of Churches and Baptist. Also the Ahli Arab Hospital is Christian.[2] [9][10] [11]

At least since 2012, Gaza Christians sense pressure to convert to Islam [12]

2019 report cited "Islamic oppression" as the main source of persecution at Christian small minority of Arab Palestinians.[13]

Since the 2007 Israel blockade of Gaza, Christians have not being able to visit Holy Sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, having the same struggle as other Gaza inhabitants. This has led many to hold extreme positions "which does not differentiate between race and religion", warns a report from the Young Men’s Christian Association.[2]

Palestinian Christians in Gaza fear for the future of their tiny community.[14] This sentiment of fear of disappearing grew after the Israel-Gaza War that started in 2023.[15]

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