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Template Creation

I just created this template. So far, it only includes the cities in the Bible that I found on. I will soon be including other cities and towns of the Bible as well in order to expand this template. This template can be used by typing ((Bible Places)), except using { and } instead of ( and ). Or, you can just copy and paste the Wikitext from here:

If you found any cities in the Bible not yet mentioned in this template, make sure to note it in the talk page or directly note this to me on my own talk page.

useful link: https://www.blueletterbible.org/study/pnt/pnt07.cfm


Template: Bible Cities
Use on Cities/towns of the Bible
Use for Bottom navigation box
Category template applies to page Biblical Cities


  • Iim = Iyim
  • Shiloh is currently a page on the name for the Messiah, disambiguation needed
  • Acre=Akko