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Ezion-geber (ets-yone' gheh'ber, Hebrew: עֶצְיוֹן)[1] was an ancient Judean city and harbor on the shore of the Red Sea nearby the Gulf of Aqaba and city of Elath, primarily known for being mentioned in the Bible on six different occasions throughout the biblical books.[2] The city known from ancient texts has not yet been positively identified with any modern-day certain location, although Tell el-Kheleifeh has been suggested in the past.


Ezion-geber is primarily known for its mentions throughout the biblical books, being the location of a number of biblical events. In the Bible, it is always mentioned alongside the other Judean city of Elath, probably because the two locations are very close in vicinity to one another, similar to how the biblical cities of Ai and Bethel are almost always mentioned alongside each other because they were very close in vicinity.[3]

Ezion-geber was one of the first sites that the Israelite's camped at after the exodus, after their camp at Abnorah and before the one at Kadesh. Then, the Hebrew monarch Solomon, son of the famous King David, built ships in the region of Ezion-geber. It is not surprising that Solomon would decide to build ships at Ezion-geber, for of course, it was a harbor on the coast of the Red Sea. Then, the last time we hear of Ezion-geber is when Jehoshapat had his ship fleet wrecked on Ezion-geber's coast.[4] The exact location of this ancient city is to this day unknown.

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