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Map of the Appian Way

The Appii Forum (Greek: Ἀππίου Φόρου, 'the market of Appius')[1] was an ancient town located on the famous road and highway called the Appian Way, from Rome to Brundusium, located 43 miles away from Rome, which likely dates from the time of Appius Claudius Caecus, the man who laid the foundations for the Appian Way. During the first century AD, the Appii Forum maintained the rank of a municipality.[2] It may be possible to identify the Appii Forum with some ruins near Treponto.[3]

According to the early Christian and historian Luke, Paul met with some Christians who had traveled from as far as the Appii Forum and Three Taverns in order to meet him, and Paul was encouraged there by his fellow brethren.[4]


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