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Ziklag (tsik-lag', Hebrew: צִיקְלָג)[1] was an ancient Israelite town located in southern Judah, in the Negeb, allotted to the tribe of Simeon.[2] At one point, it once was conquered by the Philistines, subsequently being given back by Israel until it underwent destruction at the hands of the Amalekites. This city is most well known for its various mentions in the biblical records of Joshua, Samuel, and others.


Ziklag is a town located in southern Judah, however a precise location is not as of yet clear, although there have been numerous scholarly suggestions. This includes Haluza, Khirbet Zuheiliqah, Tell Halif, Tell Masos, and others.[3][4] Most scholars believe that Ziklag is located at Tell Sera (Tell esh-Sharia).[5]


Ziklag first became a town captured by Joshua and allotted to the tribe of Simeon, and became a Judean city, first mentioned in the account of the territory of the early Israelite tribes in the time of Joshua. However, as time passed, the Philistines took occupation of this city, and would retain control of it until the time of the ancient Hebrew monarch David. Before David became the monarch over all Israel, he was a vassal to the ruler of Philistine at the time, Achish. When David fleed to Gath, Achish gave him the town of Ziklag as a place of residence. Later on, as David increased in power and became king of Israel, he engaged in war with the Philistines who had become his enemy, and during this war, the surrounding Amalekites invaded Israel and destroyed Ziklag.[6] Ziklag became reoccupied again by Israel after the Babylonian Exile, and according to Nehemiah, it was assigned to the Judeans.[7]