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Michael Moore (left) with Leslie Cagan (right)

Leslie Cagan a founder and co-chair of the Committees of Correspondence, a reorganized splinter group of the Communist Party USA. Cagan co-chair's of United For Peace and Justice, is the national director of the U.S. Peace Council, and co-founder of Iraq Occupation Watch. She has been an outspoken member of the Communist Left since the 1960s.

Cagan is an strong and vocal supporter of Fidel Castro. Cagan was on one of the first "Venceremos Brigades" to Cuba. She served 7 years as Director of the Cuba Information Project, where she coordinated the largest U.S. delegation to Cuba for the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1997.

Former congressional investigator Herbert Romerstein says that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks Cagan organized the first meetings to plan opposition to any United States military action against those responsible.

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