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Previous Breaking News/Global Warming

This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about Global Warming.
Last date of Archived news is Sep. 30, 2007. Contains archives from June to Sep. 2007.

  1. Global warming controls agreed to by some countries: APEC agrees to cut emissions
  2. Global warming another Enron scam? [1]
  3. Russia Welcomes Global warming as Answer to All Its Prayers [2]
  4. Senator’s Office Objects To Disgraceful Newsweek Global warming Article [3]
  5. $100,000 Offered to Prove Global warming: Can You Save Al Gore? [4]
  6. Gore Refuses to Debate Global warming Theory [5]
  7. Newsweek's Attack Job on 'Global warming Deniers' [6]
  8. Global warming at Odds With Science [7]
  9. Ex-Clinton Official Ties Minneapolis Bridge Collapse To Global warming [8]
  10. Junk science: How Now Brown Cloud? [9]
  11. Abnormally Cold Temperatures in Texas Threaten Cotton Crop [10]
  12. 'Arctic Tale' 'Documentary' Scripted; Tricks Kids Into Worrying About Global Warming. Environmentalists are targeting kids and using deception to get their message out.NewsBusters
  13. Georgia Legislature Dismisses Gore, Global Warming Alarmism. NewsBusters: [11]
  14. US Senator James Inhofe's global warming brain trust now reports a new Brookhaven study: global warming is nothing but hot air. Says one reviewer: "You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide." WorldNetDaily. Read the study here.
  15. New York Times Offers Two Glowing Reviews of Kristin Gore’s Global Warming Film.NewsBusters
  16. Greenland ice find debunks Al Gore's Global Warming theories. NewsBusters article: [12]
  17. Al Gore can't even recite his global warming pledge accurately. Business & Media Institute article: [13]
  18. Why is America's NBC airing Al Gore’s Live Earth concert this weekend? Steven Milloy at Fox News says, "European governments and companies expect that global warming regulation will give them a competitive advantage over U.S. businesses." [14]
  19. 'Global Warming Now World's Most Boring Topic’ NewsBusters: [15]
  20. The Washington Post reiterates the Climate Change narrative. NewsBusters: [[16]