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Fred Karger (born January 31, 1950) is a RINO former political consultant, an openly homosexual "gay rights" activist and a former candidate for the Republican nomination for the 2012 United States Presidential Election. For the last several years he has spent most of his time promoting the homosexual agenda.

Early life and political career

Karger was born in Glencoe, Illinois. He has described his childhood as “carbon copy” of the television show “Leave it to Beaver”,[1] but since he is a homosexual this claim is extremely unlikely. When he was in his early 20's, Karger lost an uncle (who was also gay) to suicide,[2] suggesting a history of mental illness in the family.

His first involvement in politics was in 1964. Fourteen years old at the time, Karger campaigned for fellow RINO Nelson Rockefeller.[2] In 1977 he joined the Dolphin Group, a political consultation firm. From that year until his retirement in 2004 he worked as a senior consultant in several reelection campaigns of Republican candidates and office holders including former presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.[3] His later actions and promotion of the homosexual agenda and other liberal causes suggest he did not truly identify with the candidates he was working for.

Homosexual activism

Karger's first involvement in homosexual activism was in 2006, when he came out of the closet and spearheaded the unsuccessful campaign to prevent the closure of the Boom Boom Boom, a gay bar in the Californian city of Laguna Beach.[2] Seeing that gay bars serve to facilitate sexual relationships between people of the same gender, the Boom Boom Boom was most likely a major source of STDs, similar to a gay bathhouse.

Three years after the failed attempt to save what might have been the biggest health hazard in the history of Laguna Beach, Karger joined the campaign of intimidation against supporters of California's proposition 8.[3] Among the many homosexual activists who have praised Karger's bullying is Chad Griffin, a Democratic political strategist who is hoping to persuade federal judges to engage in judicial activism in order to overturn the Californian ban on same-sex "marriages".[2]

Presidential campaign

On August 2010 Karger formed an exploratory committee for the presidential elections[4] and on March 23, 2011 he officially launched his candidacy.[5] A couple of days later Karger won a presidential straw poll in New Hampshire,[6] through it is likely that the poll was manipulated by Karger and his supporters.

Karger's had two main motives for participating. The first was to enter at least one of the presidential primary debates in order to use it as a stage for promoting the homosexual agenda. The second motive was to try to bully Mitt Romney into backing off from his (current) opposition to same-sex “marriage” and have him influence the leadership of the LSD church to do the same.[2]

Karger's behavior during his presidential campaign was typical of a radical homosexual bully. In June 2011 Karger submitted to the Massachusetts Election and Tax board a frivolous complaint against Romney alleging that he committed election fraud.[7] Karger's complaint was without merit and nothing came out of it. When the mainstream media attacked Marcus Bachmann (Husband of Michele) for his work in helping misguided homosexual teenagers live a healthier life, Karger hurled what was probably the most hateful of his comments and went on to call Michele Bachmann a “liar” and “just another hypocrite and bigot.”[8] Despite the fact that Karger often brags about his connection to Reagan (to whom he refers as “my old boss”[9]), he pays little attention to one of the most famous quotes by the 40th president: "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."[10]

Karger and the presidential debates

Karger's main goals was to enter as many Republican presidential debates as possible with the intention of using them to promote his homosexual propaganda. Luckily, he has been invited to none.

On August 5, 2011 Karger claimed to have met the criteria for participating in the Iowa debate that was about to be held in six days and asked to be let in.[11] Quickly it was discovered that Karger had selectively quoted from the criteria for participation and did not qualify for it.[12] Karger has tried joining later debates as well.[13][14]

Political positions

When looking at Karger's political positions, as expressed through his campaign website and statements made to the press, one can only note how lacking in Conservatism they are. Most of his positions are identical to those advocated by the most liberal members of the Democratic Party.

The issues on which Karger is most focused on are those related to the homosexual agenda. He is supportive of the same-sex “marriage”, the repeal of DADT and enacting “anti-discrimination” laws which will give special privileges to homosexuals as a group.[15] He is fully supportive of abortion and marijuana legalization;[15] he might have a selfish motive in doing so considering the link between homosexuality and narcotic abuse.

Karger's positions on foreign policy are fully concurrent with those of Barack Hussein Obama. He wishes for a complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, but supported the US led intervention in the Libya.[15] Karger claims to be pro-Israel,[15] despite the fact that the Obama's intervention in Libya, which Karger supported, will probably lead to the strengthening of anti-Israeli terrorists[16] and that due to the war weapons from Libya's army reached the hands of Hamas.[17] Karger supposed pro-Israel credentials are further put into question considering that he met with Nitzan Horowitz, an openly homosexual Member of Knesset from the terrorist supporting party Meretz.[18]


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