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Russell Brand (b. 1975) is an English comedian, actor and commentator.

Brand was formerly a leftist, but had taken aim at the political and media establishment on numerous occasions. For example, he criticised Western globalist neocons and the military industrial complex for provoking foreign wars, and also criticised COVID-19 tyranny such as vaccine mandates. In late 2023, Brand became the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations. The conservative press noted that Brand was subject to investigations of sexual impropriety only after he started attacking establishment lies and political correctness.[1]


On November 6, 2014, Brand was labelled by social media users as a "the epitome of a champagne socialist" after he left a protest, in which he was partaking alongside masked demonstrators, at Buckingham Palace to attend a press event alongside celebrities including David Walliams and Jimmy Carr.[2]

In February 2015, Brand identified the British and American military industrial complexes arming Islamic State terrorism.[3] The globalist rag, The Sunday Times, accused brand pf rape,[4] and the UK Parliament and Big Tech colluded to demonetize and cancel Brand.[5]


Russell Brand's political standpoints have generally been regarded as controversial, anti-Western hegemony and anti-neo-fascist.

Brand has spoken out against left-wing mainstream media narratives. He has shed light on the corruption of the Biden crime family.[6] He also exposed the Trump-Russia claims to be a hoax.[7] Brand has also criticized corporate political correctness, and joined Joe Rogan in calling out cancel culture.[8]

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