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Left-wing violence in the Trump era (2020)

Sen. Kamala Harris solicited money for the MFF to bail out the terrorists who burnt down the Minneapolis Police Station.

The following is a list of left-wing violence in the Trump era during 2020, this being a subpage whose information was moved here from the main content page.

January 2020

A Time magazine survey found 570 leftwing terrorist incidents in 220 cities between May 24, 2020 and August 22, 2020.[1]
  • Florida anti-Trump leftist Matthew Ajple was sentenced to 90 days in jail, one year of supervised probation and ordered to pay $155 restitution and court fees after pleading no contest to battery for spitting on a person wearing a MAGA hat and slapping at the hat in October 2019.[2][3]
  • Leftist Bernie Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek profanely called for gulags and violence against both Trump supporters and more moderate liberals.[4][5][6]
  • The far-Left began imploding on itself as immature Antifa-associated punks cowardly attacked Democratic Socialist congressional candidate Heidi Sloan by childishly throwing paint and eggs at her during a campaign stop in Austin, Texas.[7] Far-Left news website Incendiary News admitted what happened in two stories posted to its website, but when Sloan subsequently accused members of that website, as well as members of the far-Left groups Red Guards and Defend Our Hoodz, of attacking her, Incendiary News and Defend Our Hoodz both publicly denied any involvement in the attack and refused to say who was involved when asked about the assault by Austin NBC affiliate KXAN-TV.
  • Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte was violently assaulted without justifiable provocation by gender-confused sexual predator and pedophile Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv.[8][9] Bexte, who had originally been barred from entering the courthouse by its police unit at the behest of Yaniv (who also attempted to make other outrageous demands during his hearing), had been waiting outside of the courthouse and attempted to ask Yaniv about his prohibited weapons charges when he suddenly charged at Bexte. The paranoid and desperate Yaniv then punched Bexte in the head and attempted to steal his microphone before he cowardly fled the scene, then threatened to sic the police (who Yaniv mistakenly thinks is at his beck and call) on Bexte and have him arrested when the latter pursued him toward the street by the courthouse. The RCMP initiated an investigation into Jonathan Yaniv for the violent assault when Bexte, who suffered subsequent bruising and headaches due to the attack,[10] decided to file charges against him in the aftermath.[11] If charged and then convicted for the assault, Yaniv risks facing up to five years in prison. Yaniv was subsequently arrested by the RCMP in Surrey, British Columbia for the assault on Bexte, as well as possible charges for making online death threats against a video blogger during a video conversation and filing a false police report against the blogger, accusing him of what Yaniv himself had actually done.[12]
  • Yaniv and his mother, who frequently runs interference for him, also attempted to cause trouble for Amy Eileen Hamm, a reporter for the Post Millennial news website (who incorrectly called Yaniv "she/her" instead of the correct "he/him" in her report), when they confronted her outside the women's washroom at the courthouse after she fled the washroom to escape Yaniv, who had no business being in that washroom to begin with, and falsely accused her of "voyeurism" and of trying to take pictures of him while he was in the women's washroom.[13] A quick investigation of Hamm's cell phone by courthouse police found no such pictures, disproving Yaniv's false claim.
  • An unhinged Trump-hating leftist went into a violent rage and verbally attacked a MAGA hat-wearing volunteer for conservative journalist Laura Loomer, who is running for Congress, at a restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida, then while he was forcibly removed from the restaurant by security guards, cowardly attacked the same volunteer by slapping the volunteer's hat off his head from behind, which provoked a near-fight as a result.[14]
  • Corrupt beta-male York Regional Police officers assaulted Rebel News reporter David Menzies when he tried to get an interview with Hockey Night in Canada host Ron Maclean in Vaughan, Ontario, regarding the controversial firing of former co-host Don Cherry for comments defending Canadian military veterans, which liberal media pundits proceeded to deliberately misinterpret and twist out of context by falsely accusing Cherry of being "racist" and "anti-immigrant".[15][16] One of the officers who assaulted Menzies hypocritically accused him of "criminal harassment" while criminally harassing the reporter himself and illegally preventing him from getting into what was a public media event. When Menzies tried to interview Maclean at a later public press event in Ancaster, Ontario, Maclean sidestepped Menzies' questions before Hamilton Police Service officers confronted him as well and illegally forbade him from attending the press event, despite it being open to the public.[15] Rebel News subsequently announced that it will be suing the York Regional Police, as well as its three unidentified officers in the video of the assault, for the assault on Menzies and illegal obstruction of a journalist at a public press event.[17]
  • Paranoid anti-Trump leftist Mason Toney, who claimed the government was "out to get" him, was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orlando, Florida after witnesses saw him murder his Pro-Trump boss William Knight at a construction site, after which Tomey fled the scene and remained at large for several hours prior to his capture.[18]
  • Man With Acute Trump Derangement Syndrome STRANGLES Girlfriend After She Gets Bored Of Impeachment.[19]

February 2020

Eric Holder: "They go low, we go lower. We kick 'em."
  • Immature Antifa terrorist mob commits acts of vandalism and disrupts the New York City public transit system as part of a childish and profane anti-police "protest" while also demanding "free" public transit.[20] Multiple arrests were made against the punks for their actions by the NYPD, while Twitter did nothing to punish the "protest" organizers who used that site to put out their calls for criminal behavior and violence.
  • Daily Caller reporter Mary Margaret Olohan was assaulted by a leftist pro-abortion male college student, who walked by and snatched leaflets she was holding out of her hand and threw them on the ground before walking away without acknowledging those who berated him for his cowardly action.[21]
  • Hannah Roemhild, a registered Democrat, deranged leftist and supporter of Bernie Sanders and abortion who has posted anti-Trump screeds on her Facebook page, rammed a rented SUV through two security checkpoints at Mar-A-Lago.[22] Roemhild, who behaved erratically in front of a Florida Highway Patrol officer at a hotel prior to driving to Mar-A-Lago, was fired at by both Secret Service agents and Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies and was pursued by police vehicles to a motel in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she and another woman inside the vehicle were eventually arrested. Roemhild is now under investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, the FBI and the Secret Service for the incident.
  • Hartford, Connecticut brewery the Hanging Hills Brewing Company went into damage control when it came under heavy public criticism after one of the brewery's co-owners used its main Twitter account to send violent threats to Andy Ngo, who publicly outed the threats (which made reference to the brutal "milkshaking" attack on him by Antifa in Portland in 2019) by retweeting the threats on his Twitter account and posting the news coverage of the incident by Hartford CBS affiliate WFSB on his YouTube channel.[23] Not surprisingly, when called out for his behavior, the leftist co-owner who sent the threats tried to minimize the seriousness of the incident by dismissing it as "a joke", but while the brewery subsequently issued an apology on Facebook for the incident and announced it would conduct an internal investigation for the co-owner's actions, the damage had been done as it was hit with a backlash of negative online reviews against it from offended customers.
  • A deranged leftist college student came unglued as he confronted a Students for Trump group at a campaign table at Arizona State University in Phoenix and screamed profanely at the top of his lungs about threatening to slash the throats of Republicans and President Trump.[24]
  • Comedian Steven Crowder was targeted for assaults twice (the second of which failed miserably) by two gender-confused men who did not like what he had to say about gender confusion at a "Change My Mind" event near the Women's March 2020.[25] The second gender-confused man, who played both the race and gender cards against Crowder during an argument before storming off, later returned and attempted to throw a stolen lunch container at Crowder from behind, but missed his target and was then caught on-camera running away cowardly while doing a stereotypical "sissy boy" run, with both arms flailing at his sides.
  • Andy Ngo reported that Portland photographer Brandon Brown was attacked by rioting Antifa thugs.[26] Portland police, acting in dereliction of their duty once again, refused to do anything to stop the punks.
  • TDS-afflicted leftist Gregory Timm deliberately drove his van into a Trump voter registration event for the Duval County GOP in Jacksonville, Florida.[27] Timm then got out of the van, shot a video of the chaos he caused and made an obscene gesture at the victims before cowardly fleeing the scene. Donald Trump, responding to a tweet by GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel regarding the van attack, weighed in on the incident and tweeted that law enforcement had been notified about the attack,[28] while the attack also drew widespread condemnation from other public figures. Timm was subsequently caught and arrested by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department and was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a person 65 years of age or older, one count of criminal mischief and driving with a suspended driver's license.[29] Jacksonville independent station WJXT, one of the media outlets which covered the story, subsequently drew harsh criticism against it on its Twitter account from Republicans (including the Republican National Committee and the Students for Trump group) and Twitter posters for portraying Timm in a sympathetic light, giving him fawning press coverage and falsely portraying him as the "victim", especially after Timm publicly denied attempting to deliberately target GOP volunteers at the event by driving right at them with his van, which contradicted the story he originally told the police.[30]
  • The New Mexico Republican Party headquarters was vandalized by a masked hoodlum.[31] Cameron Chase McCall, a former intern for New Mexico's liberal Democrat governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, when Grisham was a member of Congress, was caught on video and arrested in relation to the incident.[32][33][34]
  • Antifa punks attacked a journalist and vandalized a war memorial in Portland, leading to the arrests of three of the punks.[35]
  • An unhinged TDS-afflicted leftist woman attacked a former NYPD detective, who was celebrating his 50th birthday, and punched him in the face and snatched his hat off at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee when she mistook the red hat the man was wearing, which commemorated the occasion, for a MAGA hat.[36][37][38] The punch delivered by the woman was hard enough to open a cut on the ex-cop's face before she cowardly fled the scene; a police report has since been filed against the assailant.
  • Antifa criminals acted aggressively toward the public and childishly hurled projectiles and obscenities at police during an Antifa riot in Portland.[39]
  • Unsavory anti-Trump leftist Patrick Bradley was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and three counts of simple assault after he slapped a 15-year-old Trump campaign volunteer across the face and assaulted two adults who tried to intervene at an incident in Windham, New Hampshire.[40][41] Bradley, who also identifies as a supporter of Antifa and has made online attacks on critics of Antifa and Communism as well as falsely comparing the Covington kids to Democrat opponents of the Civil Rights Movement,[42] has a lengthy history of arrests for violence[43] and drug possession.[44]
  • Leftist LGBTQ activist Martina Martin, who has claimed to be "non-binary", and another female attacked a College Republicans campaign display at University of California - Santa Cruz,[45] followed by Martin assaulting guest speaker Hayden Williams (who was manning the booth at that point), falsely accusing a Trump 2020 banner of being a "symbol of white supremacy" (while ignoring that Martin is herself white), screaming obscenities and then spitting on a Betsy Ross United States flag before the two women fled the scene in cowardly fashion and were pursued and filmed by UCSC College Republicans president Dylan Temple, who was subsequently doxed on social media with false accusations of "violently attacking" clients at the UCSC campus' Cantú Queer Center, which Martin and her accomplice had fled into.[46] Martin subsequently took to her Twitter account (which has since been made private by Twitter to cover for her criminal behavior[47]) to belittle her victims and openly brag about her actions, which may earn her legal trouble as Williams and Temple then announced that they intend to file charges with the police against her for assault and vandalism.
  • Maine Democrat Senate candidate Bre Kidman, a woman who claims to be "non-binary" and has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, unveiled a guillotine as the campaign logo for her US Senate campaign.[48] When grilled about the use of a guillotine as campaign symbolism, Kidman, in a flimsy attempt to take the heat off herself, claimed that the guillotine was not meant to be taken literally, despite its notorious use as a method of execution by the Left against its opponents during the French Revolution; Kidman was subsequently criticized on her Twitter account for what her critics called a poor taste campaign stunt at best and a not-so-veiled threat of violence against opponents and critics at worst.[49]
  • Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt.[50][51]
  • Racist Leftists assault Black Trump supporter at Ohio University.[52] Libertarian activist Kaitlin Bennett, her colleague Joel Patrick (the black Trump supporter), her fiancée, and their security guard were viciously mobbed by leftists and even some fake "conservatives" at the university, where she simply wanted to ask students fun trivia questions about Presidents' Day. She "asked one person one question" before students began calling her "racist" and harassing her. Bennett, who is a woman, and Patrick, who is African-American, apparently possess immense "privilege" rather than minority status because they hold different opinions from the liberals on campus and don't act like victims. Besides noise pollution, cursing, and obscene gestures, many objects were thrown at her, primarily toilet paper (which she later claimed was wrapped around heavier objects that actually hurt her more than toilet paper could), hot coffee was poured on her, she was violently shoved multiple times, and as they attempted to leave the premises, various liquids were thrown at their vehicle. OU campus police, acting in dereliction of their duty, stood by and did nothing, and one officer even claimed to Bennett that there was nothing he could do and that Bennett was "blocking traffic." The toilet paper and chants about diapers stemmed from a conspiracy theory that Bennett defecated herself at a party. Even Hunter Avallone, a shill for corporate neoconservatism who attacked Bennett repeatedly in February 2020,[53][54][55] admits that this is untrue. Several conservatives condemned this incident on the day it occurred,[56][57] but many liberals either implicitly or explicitly stated that Bennett and the other conservatives "provoked" the left-wing students and the incident.[58] 40-minute footage of this incident was published by Liberty Hangout on YouTube.[59] Bennett discussed the incident the same day on Elijah Schafer's "Slightly Offensive" podcast.[60]
  • A racist black leftist was arrested for kidnapping and uttering death threats after kidnapping a Michigan woman and threatening to kill her if she did not watch all nine hours of the miniseries Roots.[61]
  • Far-Left terrorists, acting in collusion with British Columbia First Nations hereditary chiefs and some supporters claiming to speak for their people (even though those chiefs do not have the support of the majority of their people or the elected councils of 21 BC First Nations, which voted in favor of the pipeline), illegally derail the Canadian railway system through criminal sabotage as part of co-ordinated illegal blockades designed to sabotage the Canadian economy.[62][63] Although the terrorists, who have taken credit for their crimes through the far-Left website Northshore Counter-Info, claim to be acting to "protect" the environment by engaging in "protests" against a natural gas pipeline project in British Columbia, their sabotage actions, which resulted in train derailments and spillage of crude oil the trains had been carrying in Saskatchewan and Ontario (which led to environmental damage at the derailment sites), exposed the terrorists as hypocrites who do not practice what they preach regarding the environment. Nearly 1,000 employees of train companies CN Rail and VIA Rail have been temporarily laid off as a result of the criminal actions of the saboteurs and blockaders.
  • Indiana leftists Kyren Perry-Jones and Cailyn Smith were arrested on felony charges of intimidation and criminal recklessness for driving two twin brothers with Trump flags on their bikes off the road and driving through several yards while chasing after them in Hobart, Indiana.[64] Perry-Jones and Smith were also charged with theft and criminal mischief for stealing one of the flags and threatening to assault the boys for calling 911, and Perry-Jones also exposed himself as a racist in the video of the incident when he threatened to play the "race card" against the boys by lying about them to the police, claiming that he would tell the police that they "used a racial slur" against him even though they did not. After dropping the stolen flag and deliberately driving over it, Perry-Jones and Smith then cowardly fled the scene after the boys called the police.
  • Laura Kealiher, the mother of deceased Antifa thug Sean Kealiher (a violent anti-police career criminal who had used numerous online aliases to incite violent acts by fellow Antifa punks and other far-Leftists dating back to his participation in the Occupy Wall Street movement as a junior high school student, supported vandalism and arson against public and private property and the killing of police officers, and had been arrested numerous times for assault at leftist riots before he was killed by a fellow leftist in October 2019[65]), attacked and assaulted a female Trump supporter, then falsely claimed (despite the video of the incident proving otherwise) that the other woman "attacked" her first.[66]
  • Left-wing website Politico reported that police were repeatedly called on "Bernie backers" following late-night bullhorn protests at public officials' homes.[67][68]
  • Two 20 year old adult Central American migrants, at least one of whom is living in the U.S. illegally, were arrested in the sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Maryland for allegedly raping two 11-year-old girls. Both were enrolled in public high school while trying to pass themselves off as "teenagers".[69]
  • Alleged comedian John Mulaney gave an opening Saturday Night Live monologue with a joke about assassinating President Donald Trump.[70]

March 2020

Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer threatened Justices Gorsuch and Kavanagh.[71]
  • Mexican restaurant owners Jorge and Betty Rivas, who are both legal immigrants and naturalized US citizens, were harassed with fake bad reviews of their restaurant on Yelp and Google by spiteful leftists, as well as threatening phone calls by anonymous racist cowards, after attending a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona.[72] When President Trump heard about the incident, he tweeted in support of the Rivases and their restaurant, resulting in a spike in support for them from locals and out-of-towners.
  • Black Lives Matter protesters threatened the family of Los Angeles prosecutor Jackie Lacey (the first woman and first African-American to hold that office) at her home, only to be chased off when Lacey's husband David emerged from the Lacey home pointing a gun at them.[73]
  • Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer threatened Supreme Court Justices Bret Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch during a speech at a pro-abortion rally: “I want to tell you Gorsuch, I want to tell you Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.” “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”[74] In response, Chief Justice John Roberts admonished Schumer for his comments, pointing out that such comments from government officials are both inappropriate and dangerous, while Republican Senator Josh Hawley announced plans to file a motion to censure Schumer in the Senate (which was backed by 14 other senators[75]) for his open threats against Kavanagh and Gorsuch, and even fellow Democrats criticized Schumer for his comments.[76] Rather than apologize, Schumer tried to double down and distract from the controversy by making moral equivalence attacks against President Trump for his admonishment of liberal Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor for their partisan behavior on the bench, then tweeted a selectively-edited video of his speech where he conveniently left out his public threats against Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, which in turn drew massive criticism against him on his Twitter account (including some posters calling for Schumer's resignation and arrest for his public threats against the conservative judges).[77] Even President Trump joined in on the criticism of Schumer for his threats, indicating that he has to pay a severe price for his ill-advised comment.[78]
  • California leftist David Delgado faces four years in prison after he plead no contest on a felony assault charge for attacking a MAGA hat-wearing bar patron in a restroom in Hermosa Beach, California, then stealing the man's hat and cowardly fleeing the scene.[79]
  • New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik was harassed while grocery shopping when an anonymous leftist bigot left a vile, hate-filled note on the windshield of her car outside the store.[80] When Stefanik disclosed the incident on her Twitter account, she was attacked and ridiculed for it by other leftist bigots who sided with the note-writing bigot (and some of which even falsely accused her of "faking" the note for sympathy).
  • The Lafayette Police Department and the District Attorney in Boulder County, Colorado are asking the public for help after anti-ICE Democrat county officials illegally released Francisco Barraza-Porras, an illegal alien charged with child sexual assault.[81]
  • In another case of liberal stupidity, unhinged Antifa feminists in Mexico City accidentally firebombed themselves in a pro-abortion "protest", which turned into a riot and saw the rioters commit numerous acts of vandalism.[82] Seven of the rioters were arrested while 13 people (including some of the rioters) were taken to hospital for treatment for burns and other injuries.
Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has a reputation as a street thug in Washington, D.C..[83] It didn't go over well when he attempted to bully a blue collar worker in Michigan's Democrat primary.[84]
  • While campaigning at an auto plant during the Michigan primary, Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden was asked by an autoworker about his gun confiscation plan. The discussion got heated, Biden got up close and wagged his finger in the face of a blue collar worker. The blue collar worker told Biden he didn't appreciated him sticking his finger his face and Biden's bullying tactics. Biden told the voter, "you're full of s---", and threatened "you wanna take this outside?" [85]
  • Assault charges were filed by independent journalist Jack Allison against MSNBC reporter Chris Jansing and several MSNBC security goons after she and the goons violently attacked Allison and attempted to steal his cell phone for asking why the fake news channel tried to cover for Bernie Sanders by refusing to report on an anti-Semitic attack at one of his rallies.[86]
  • Missouri Republican lawmaker Ben Baker received death threats from cowardly and immature proponents of Drag Queen Story Hours in that state's public libraries.[87]
  • Leftist election violence occurred in Germany as SPD-supporting far-Left punks, putting their inability to make cohesive or rational arguments for their positions (and the weakness and indefensibility of same) on display, interfered with (and engaged in censorship and silencing of) an information booth for conservative political party Alternative for Germany by blocking the booth from public view with a large banner, then vandalized and destroyed the booth and fought with police officers who tried to remove the punks.[88] Several of the hoodlums were arrested by police for their actions while the rest were later seen running away in cowardly fashion to avoid arrest, demonstrating the lack of courage of their convictions.
  • Trump supporter Markus Gohring was viciously assaulted by a security guard at a Bernie Sanders campaign event at Virginia Wesleyan University in Virginia Beach, Virginina.[89] A VWU spokesperson tried to claim that Gohring was "disruptive" and attempted to "get violent" against the guard at the event while the school itself tried to twist video of the incident out of context, but the video itself discredited the school's deceitful claim by showing that at no point did Gohring get violent toward the guard, but that it was instead the guard, who he said was motivated by political reasons and hatred of President Trump, who became violent against him. Gohring subsequently announced that he intends to file criminal charges against the security guard for the assault.
  • Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, drew heavy criticism on Twitter for putting up a tweet which tastelessly celebrated both the 2017 assault on Senator Rand Paul and Paul's recent diagnosis of COVID-19.[90][91] The tweet has since been deleted for being in violation of Twitter's rules, an extremely rare instance of a leftist's tweet being deleted for that reason.

April 2020

  • Leftist Rhode Island public school teacher Amy Bednarz is now under investigation by her school district after posting a tweet offering to pay someone with the CCP virus to cough on President Trump.[92] Bednarz deactivated her Twitter account soon after she was exposed by the Gateway Pundit when that site contacted her Facebook page for comment regarding the tweet, and she was also exposed as having alternate Twitter accounts which she used to make racist comments and harass people she disagreed with.
  • Andy Ngo exposed Antifa anarchists and terrorists seeking, via Twitter and other social media (which has frequently provided cover for them), to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and use it as their excuse to openly advocate committing crimes against the public, including home invasions.[93]
  • Anti-Trump Florida doctors Geoffrey Fraiche and his wife Laura Webb-Fraiche were arrested and charged with criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The two were caught on camera stealing a senior citizen's Trump flag with their kids in tow.[94] Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz chastized the Fraiches for their actions on Twitter, calling what they did "despicable parenting".
  • Unhinged Antifa terrorist Luis Marquez publicly made a vile and profane death threat against Andy Ngo on a podcast, threatening the journalist with cannibalism.[95]
  • Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago drew heavy criticism (including from Donald Trump Jr.) on Twitter after she openly hoped in a since-deleted tweet that the CCP virus would kill President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and their supporters.[96] When an unapologetic Santiago lashed out at her critics with more vitriol in response,[97] she was met only with even more criticism.
  • A church in Raleigh, North Carolina was targeted with violent threats and ignorant hate mail from anonymous cowards, despite the church being permitted to hold services while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines, thanks to a sensationalistic, alarmist and irresponsible "news" report by Raleigh NBC affiliate WRAL-TV which conveniently left out that the church had permission to hold services and made a false claim about what churches are legally allowed to do during the pandemic.[98]

May 2020

The real “face” of the instigators in Minneapolis. Screenshot from FB video of guy who smashed Autozone windows, carrying hammer, trying to sneak away.[99][100][101]
See also: 2020 Antifa riots
  • The New Black Panther Party held a protest today outside a Chinese-American restaurant in DC to protest China’s treatment of Africans. The restaurant has no affiliation with the Chinese government.[102]
  • Mentally ill 20-year-old black racist[103] Jaydon Hayden, who was sent to a nursing home for seniors in the Detroit suburb of Schaefer, Michigan despite being diagnosed with COVID-19, was arrested and charged with assault and removed from the facility to the Detroit Detention Center after he brutally beat a 75-year-old resident at the same complex and hurled racist slurs[104] at the man, the footage of which Hayden filmed and posted online (along with footage showing him also viciously assaulting other elderly facility residents and hurling racial slurs at them).[103][105] The assault victim, an Army veteran, had been illegally seized from his apartment without his family being notified and was sent to the same facility Hayden ended up in as the result of a misguided order given by corrupt Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer where nursing homes in Michigan were forced by her to accept people who test positive for COVID-19 but are not sick enough to require hospitalization, despite those nursing homes not being equipped or being underequipped to handle such patients; Whitmer has come under heavy criticism as a result of the incident and her mishandling of the order which led to the Army veteran's victimization. When Donald Trump spoke out on the incident after hearing about it,[106] most who replied called for Hayden (who has also posted racist black supremacist videos to YouTube under the account name "pranks and dares theanimalferrari"[103][107]) to be severely punished for his actions and for the nursing home he was placed in to be investigated, while some TDS-afflicted Trump-hating leftists who replied used Trump's response as an excuse to attack the President while they chose to side with Hayden because of his race and ignored the crimes he committed. The elderly man subsequently died of his injuries,[108] and Hayden was subsequently discovered to have attacked the man on multiple occasions as well as stealing and fraudulently using his credit cards, which led to additional charges against Hayden and may also lead to an upgrading of the existing charges already against him due to the man's death.
  • For the second time, attention-seeking has-been "comedienne" Kathy Griffin posted an unhinged profane tweet on her Twitter account threatening death against President Trump by suggesting that someone inject air into his bloodstream using a syringe, then when she was called out and savaged for that tweet by other Twitter posters and the Washington Examiner, she doubled down on that with an equally-profane follow-up tweet unapologetically proclaiming pride in the first tweet,[109][110] as well as lashing out profanely at individuals who criticized her for the original tweet, all of which only earned her even more criticism in response.[111] The Washington Examiner reported that within moments after Griffin posted the original tweet, numerous posters reported her to the Secret Service for openly advocating incitement to commit murder.
  • White Antifa terrorists, most of which were speculated to have bussed in from out of town, were caught on video getting up to their usual childish and criminal antics as they were seen smashing windows and committing other acts of vandalism in the Minneapolis riot spawned by the death of a Black man by Minneapolis police.[112] According to responders to the video clip, Antifa was simply using the death as their excuse to resume their criminal activities, with no regard to the damage or further suffering they caused by their actions.
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is a major supporter of Antifa.
  • Leftwing news organizations such as CNN and NBC repeatedly referred to riots as protests and rioters as protesters.[113] Protesters takeover CNN headquarters. [3] Rapper KillerMike to CNN: "Stop feeding fear and anger every day." [4]
  • Leftist rioters breach Treasury Department.[5] White House on lockdown. [6] White leftists block DC police. [7]
  • Leftist rioters beat up L.A. cop. [8]
  • Leftist rioters assault Chicago police woman. [9]
  • Oakland "protests" started at 8 pm; two security guards shot. [10]
  • Trump Campaign Event Comes Under Attack from Gunfire.[114]
  • Gateway Pundit columnist Cassandra Fairbanks was doxxed by Antifa, overwhelmed with death threats by anonymous cowards and her house in Washington, DC attacked by a pack of cowardly Antifa hoodlums in retaliation for her writing about the Antifa riots in Minneapolis and elsewhere, forcing Fairbanks and her daughter to flee their home with their pets.[115][116] A GoFundMe account was set up to help Fairbanks and her family relocate to a safe location, while on Twitter, most posters were supportive of and sympathized with her, but a few leftist troublemakers callously belittled her and her situation, with one even accusing her without proof of "grifting".
  • Violent Antifa punks, the majority of them braindead teenagers and college students taking part in the Antifa riots plaguing parts of the US, attempted to viciously mob and vandalize a truck towing a horse trailer containing horses, as well as unhitch the trailer from the truck and throw gas bombs and firecrackers into the trailer to intentionally scare the horses, as the punks illegally blocked a highway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.[117] The punks showed their true childish and cowardly colors when the truck driver, attempting to protect his cargo, accelerated his truck and plowed through that crowd, knocking several of the punks aside as some of them, having a misguided sense of invincibility, stupidly attempted to jump in front of the truck and block it as it was moving and ending up getting injured through their own fault as a result. Subsequent to the incident, one of the horses in the trailer died from burns suffered from the fireworks thrown into the trailer, which opens the punks responsible for the fireworks to now face criminal charges for mischief and animal cruelty causing death.[118][119][120][121][122]

June 2020

See also: 2020 Marxist uprising

Note: Many of the violent actions in the pre-planned Marxist uprising across the United States beginning May 28, 2020 are too numerous to count and may not be recorded here.[123][124]

  • In a turning of the tables from the usual Antifa-instigated trouble, several Antifa punks who attempted to invade the town of Yucaipa, California to stir up the group's usual criminal mayhem were dealt a rude awakening as they were instead beaten and chased out of the town by many of the town's citizens, who rose up to defend themselves en masse against the young and cowardly hooligans.[125]
Retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered by socialist revolutionaries during the Marxist uprising.[126]
  • Bay Area Democrats rioted in Oakland, California.[127] Nearly 10,000 people took to the streets of the California community, looting stores like Target and Walgreens, and setting fire to a Chase bank. A Black officer from the Department of Homeland Security was murdered and another officer shot.[128][129]
  • St. Louis: 24-year-old convicted felon Stephan Cannon murdered 77-year-old retired Black Police Captain David Dorn, who was working as a private security guard, during the riots in that city.[130] The shooting and theft was posted on Facebook live. Dorn served on the St. Louis police force for 38 years. Dorn’s personality was described as “bigger than life...a fun guy, a happy guy....He wanted them to do the right thing all the time." The Ethical Society of Police, which represents black officers in St. Louis, said in a news release that Dorn was “the type of brother that would’ve given his life to save them if he had to.”[131] Cannon, who was caught on video shooting Dorn, was subsequently arrested for Dorn's murder and has been chraged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, armed criminal action, and unlawfully possessing a firearm.[132]
  • In response to a Catholic prayer rally announced by the Gateway Pundit at a statue of St. Louis (the saint which the city is named for, and whose statue is being targeted for removal by far-Left Islamic activist Umar Lee) in Forest Park, the city's racist Democrat treasurer Tishaura Jones irresponsibly called the rally a "KKK meeting" and the attendees "white supremacists", displaying clear ignorance of the fact that the KKK is the creation of her own party and is historically as anti-Catholic as it is anti-black.[133] Following Jones' comments and a false claim by Lee that the rally attendees were "connected" to the Charlottesville riots in 2017, over 100 violent leftist thugs soon after crashed the rally at Lee's urging with a "protest" that degenerated into violence as the hoodlums viciously harassed and childishly mocked the rally attendees, hurled profanities at them and acted disruptively,[134][135] vandalized the statue with racist and sacrilegious graffiti[136] and made open threats against the St. Louis Cathedral,[137] and several of the rallygoers were assaulted by the thugs, one of which, racist black activist and member of the notorious Crips gang Terrence Page,[138] was caught on camera using brass knuckles to viciously assault a rally attendee in a cowardly blindside attack, then kicked him in the head after the man went down and also assaulted two other rallygoers,[133] then openly bragged about the assaults on his Facebook page afterward. One of the rallygoers, Conor Martin, announced later that he intends to file criminal charges against the thugs (including Page) who invaded the rally and assaulted him and other attendees,[135] while the Gateway Pundit itself intends to file libel charges against liberal "fact-checking" website for a defamatory and falsehood-filled hit piece written by that site about the event and the Gateway Pundit.[138]
  • Corrupt Soros-funded St. Louis Democrat circuit attorney Kim Gardner threatened legal action against a local couple who brandished firearms to exercise their Second Amendment rights and defend their home against Antifa and BLM rioters who were threatening the couple's neighbors (including St. Louis Democrat mayor Lyda Krewson[139]) in a private gated community the punks had broken into, while she stood up for the lawless hoodlums.[140] Gardner was heavily criticized for her legal threat afterward on Twitter as a majority of respondents stood up for the couple while also criticizing the unruly mob,[141] while supporters of the rioters illegally doxxed and threatened the couple on Twitter after another such supporter, whose Twitter account has since been terminated, demanded the couple's private information in a since-deleted tweet.
  • Nashville: Democrat mayor John Cooper openly urged "protesters" to join him in a rally downtown; the attendees instead responded by burning down the courthouse and setting off riots.[142]
  • Dallas: A huge pallet of bricks was found just outside of a Dallas court house. There was no construction going on in the area. The bricks are suspected to have been brought to the area by Antifa rioters with the intent of using as weapons.[143][144]
4 year old LeGend Taliffero was murdered by Marxist gangbangers while sleeping in his bed during the BLM riots.[145]
  • Kansas City: Police announced they found “stashes of bricks and rocks in & around the Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot”. The Daily Caller reported:
Kansas City police officers found bricks and rocks staged near protest sites around the city, stoking concerns that individuals or groups had pre-planned looting and destruction that hit the city over the weekend, the department said Sunday.

“We have learned of & discovered stashes of bricks and rocks in & around the Plaza and Westport to be used during a riot,” the department said in a tweet on Sunday.[146]

  • Los Angeles: Crates of bricks were left at a bus stop on Ventura Blvd.[147] Leftist rioters beat up a cop.[148] The city's Democrat mayor Eric Garcetti moved to cut funding for the police department by $150 million, implicitly declaring his support for the Antifa rioters.[149]
  • Redlands, California: Amazon warehouse was burned down.
  • Baltimore: Law enforcement officials found “mounds of bricks and bottles” that had been staged in downtown Baltimore.[150]
  • Chicago: White rioters assaulted a policewoman.[153] Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot acknowledged “an organized effort”. Chicago Business reported Lightfoot as saying,
“There is no doubt. This was an organized effort last night,” she said. “There were clearly efforts to subvert the peaceful process and make it into something violent.”[154]
  • St. Petersburg, Florida: Tampa Bay Times reported:
officers at about 12:16 a.m. found a container of gasoline, bricks and “materials used to assemble crude incendiary devices commonly known as a ‘Molotov cocktail’” inside a red Mitsubishi Outlander parked on Central Avenue, near the police department at 1301 First Ave. N, according to arrest reports.[155]
Progressives looted expensive stores on Hollywood's fashionable Rodeo Drive.
  • Seattle: DSA provided logistical support. Seattle's Democrat-dominated city council openly aids and abets Antifa rioters and seeks to handicap the Seattle Police Department by filing legislation to ban police use of chemical and crowd control weapons against the rioters.[156]
  • Antifa rioters, acting on Seattle city council's unwillingness to do anything to stop their lawless behavior,[157] illegally seized control of a number of blocks in the Capitol Hill area of the city,[158][159] forced the Seattle Police Department to surrender the area's precinct[160] and declared it an "autonomous zone" under the rule of a self-proclaimed "warlord", a local rapper and black activist named Raz Simone,[161] then issued a lengthy list of demands, including the abolition of the Seattle police, amnesty for Antifa members, and "free" health care and college[162][163] and basically holding the area's residents hostage.
  • The liberal media colluded to declare a "blackout" on any reporting of the Antifa-seized area of Capitol Hill,[164] while Washington Democrat governor Jay Inslee feigned ignorance in claiming that the illegal seizure of parts of Capitol Hill was "news to (him)",[165] and Seattle's openly-lesbian Democrat mayor Jenny Durkan likewise displayed her detachment from reality as she cluelessly claimed that the Antifa-seized parts of Capitol Hill were "not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection",[166] claiming the opposite of what was actually happening in the area.
At left, BLM terrorist fires into a car in Provo, Utah; at right with his back to the camera is John Sullivan, organizer of the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill riot.[167][168]
  • In response to the Antifa lawlessness in Seattle, Donald Trump threatened to send the military in to free the city from the criminal terrorist group if Inslee and Durkan refused to do anything to stop them;[169] Inslee[170] and Durkan[171] responded to Trump with open and childish defiance,[172] telling the President in effect to "mind his own business" while basically declaring their total support for the criminals holding the Capitol Hill area captive.
  • Within days of the seizure, things fell apart for the rioters as they ran out of food, Simone and his gang of thugs (who, in true Communist/fascist form, were acting as the seized area's self-styled "people's police") came under heavy criticism for their vicious and unprovoked attacks on area residents they deemed "suspicious"[161] and attempted extortion of area businesses and residents[173][174] and Simone himself was outed as a misogynist and sex slaver,[161] and Seattle police took back control of the Capitol Hill precinct they had previously been forced to vacate.[175]
  • A number of Antifa punks viciously attacked and sexually assaulted a street preacher who attempted to enter the occupied area,[176] with the assault ending when a Black Lives Matter activist intervened and freed the preacher.
  • After shootings in the occupied zone that left two teenagers dead and three other people injured, along with various other crimes committed by the rioters, Durkan finally took action and ordered the dismantling of the illegal occupation;[177] to date, dozens of the rioters have been arrested by Seattle police for refusing to leave the area and other crimes,[178][179] while some defiant Antifa rioters unsuccessfully attempted to rebuild barricades that were bulldozed by city workers.[180] Durkan has also called for the investigation and possible expulsion of far-Left city councilor Kshama Sawant,[181] who led Antifa and BLM rioters to Durkan's home to agitate against her, and had previously unlocked the doors to Seattle City Hall, despite its closure due to the CCP flu pandemic, to allow hundreds of rioters inside to stage a sit-in.[182]
  • Northern California: 70 looters descended upon a car dealership simultaneously and stole 70 vehicles.[183]
Democrat riots.png
  • Davenport, Iowa: Democrat protester murdered another protester.[184]
  • Columbus, Ohio: Police seized a bus supplying riot equipment, bats, rocks, meat cleavers, axes, clubs and other projectiles.[185]
  • North Carolina: A white rioter stupidly lit himself on fire attempting to burn down a museum.[186]
  • Portland: Man carrying American flag was beaten by white Antifa terrorists while Portland police, acting in dereliction of their duty, refused to help the man.[190]
  • Richmond: Leftist rioters torched a home with children inside and then blocked the fire department.[191]
  • Beijing: Chinese Foreign Ministry and state media expressed sympathy and support for the Communist uprising.
  • New York City: Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, whose daughter openly declared her support for Antifa and was among those arrested in the city during the riots, retaliates by threatening to cut funding for the NYPD, effectively also implying his open support for the Antifa rioters and their general and anti-police criminal activity.[199] This controversy, coupled with his gross incompetence in his mishandling of the CCP flu pandemic locally, has led to calls for De Blasio to resign as mayor.
BLM terrorist James Edward Marshall IV, an attorney, shot an innocent pick-up driver at a stop light in Alamosa, Colorado.[200]
  • Minneapolis: Democrat-dominated city council declares its open support for Black Lives Matter racists and announces its intent to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department,[201] then followed through on their threat soon after by announcing that a vote would be held to abolish the local police.[202] Anti-police animus is catching on among like-minded corrupt Democrat politicians across the country who similarly wish to abolish local police departments in their cities, even though such attitudes have come under heavy criticism from the general public, who have correctly pointed out that eliminating the police in Democrat-ruled cities would effectively be rewarding bad behavior by the young rioters and an open invitation to anarchy by leftist criminals. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany subsequently denounced the Minneapolis city council and other Democrat politicians (including "Squad" members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib) who support defunding/abolishing local police departments, calling what they demand lunacy and pointing out that President Trump was also appalled by what the leftist politicians are demanding in their open support for criminals and crime.[203][204]
  • The Associated Press went through the records of arrests at protests around the United States and determined that more than 10,000 people had been arrested in the first week on charges ranging from curfew violations and failures to disperse to looting. Most of the arrests occurred in Los Angeles (where there have been more than 3,000), New York, Dallas, and Philadelphia.[205]
  • Leftist punk Aidan Courtright was arrested for assault by police in Fall River, Massachusetts for viciously attacking an elderly Trump supporter by bodyslamming him and kicking him in the ribs before running away cowardly.[206]
  • Black racist and cowardly punk Rashid Brimmage, who was caught on video punching a 92-year-old woman in the face without provocation in New York City, was arrested for the crime after the NYPD called on the public's help in identifying the punk.[207] Brimmage was later discovered to have previously been arrested 103 times on a variety of charges, including various petty crimes and sexual assaults, and was also discovered to be listed on the New York state sex offender registry.[208]
  • White Black Lives Matter attorney James Marshall was arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault after he was caught on camera shooting a driver in the head during a Antifa/BLM protest in Alamosa, Colorado.[210] The shooting victim, Danny Pruitt, is currently on life support in hospital in Colorado Springs.
Black Lives Matter homophobes beat a gay Democrat state senator and left him for dead.[211] Party leaders refused to condemn the violence.
  • A leftist punk assaulted a senior citizen, then cowardly ran and hid behind police officers during a clash between leftist rioters attempting to topple a Christopher Columbus statue and patriots defending the statue in New Haven, Connecticut.[212]
  • Antifa punks viciously gang-assaulted one of their own supporters, Democrat senator Tim Carpenter, when he caught them on camera vandalizing and toppling a statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg in Madison, Wisconsin.[213]
  • A Detroit Police Department officer had his police SUV surrounded by dozens of Antifa rioters in that city when he stepped on the gas and used his car to extract himself from the swarming mob of violent and screaming punks, plowing into and injuring several of them when they foolishly tried to pile onto the car and refused to move from its path.[214] Even as the police car escaped from the scene, several dozen of the determined and deranged punks continued chasing after the car on foot for some distance. Not long after the incident, a Twitter supporter of the rioters attempted to dox the officer by posting photos of the license plate and ID number of the officer's car in a pair of tweets, which drew heavy criticism against the Antifa supporter from a number of posters, some of which pointed out to him that doxxing is illegal, while the video footage of the SUV incident, which was filmed and posted by another of the rioters on his Twitter account, was manipulatively edited for airing by local liberal media outlets to make it look like the police were the "aggressors" instead of the rioters.
  • Racist BLM and Antifa rioters brazenly invaded a church in Troy, New York, assaulted and intimidated a number of its parishioners (several of which were black) and behaved childishly as they screamed mindless chants and profanity to interrupt a sermon being delivered by the church's pastor, all as they falsely claimed "We're not here for violence!" while engaging in their violent acts (including even threats to burn down the church - a tactic also historically favored by Antifa and BLM's leftist brethren the KKK).[215] One of the leaders of the attack on the church was far-Left racist black activist Lukee Forbes, a city employee in nearby Albany.[216] Not surprisingly, the liberal media minimized what happened in the incident as they stood up for the rioters, calling them "protestors" and "demonstrators" and even claiming that the church "had it coming".[217] No arrests were made against the rioters, despite the presence of local police.

July 2020

Black Lives Matter protesters murdered 8 year old Secoriea Turner on July 5, 2020 in Atlanta.[218]
See also: Defund the Police
  • Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden called the police "the enemy."[219]
  • Two white female leftist rioters who were illegally holding up traffic in downtown Seattle were hit and seriously injured by a car driving along Interstate 5 in the area.[220] One of the rioters, Summer Taylor, later died of her injuries in a Seattle hospital, while the driver was charged in the incident.[221] The driver was later targeted and illegally doxxed by Antifa, who faslely called him a "racist monster"[222] even though he is black, while a friend of Taylor's posted in a since-deleted tweet paying tribute to her while claiming her to be "non-binary", incorrectly calling her "they/them" and implying her to be multiple people.
  • Black racist Cedric Charles Moore Jr. jumped out of a car and viciously sucker-punched a 12-year-old street dancer in a blatant and unprovoked hate crime in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, then got back in the car and cowardly fled the scene.[223] Cape Girardeau police subsequently began looking for Moore, who has been charged in absentia with second-degree felony assault and first-degree felony child endangerment;[224] his friends and members of his family, who have refused to co-operate with the police in their search for him, could likewise face charges of aiding and abetting for helping Moore evade the police.[225] After several days on the run from police, Moore subsequently turned himself in to face the charges against him.[226] Moore pleaded guilty on the assault charge and was sentenced to seven years in prison in May 2021.[227]
  • Canadian Black Lives Matter member Yusra Khogali was outed as a blatant racist when old social media posts (since deleted by Khogali after she received heavy backlash for them, but archived elsewhere) were released calling white people "sub-human" (misspelled in her posts as "sub-humxn") and "genetic defects", used pseudo-scientific false claims about whites (with nothing to back them up) in her racist comments and stated explicitly that she wished to kill white people, then later self-righteously lashed out at her critics when she was criticized for making those death threat posts.[228]
  • During a riot in Bloomington, Indiana started by leftist punks over a claim that a black man had been "threatened and assaulted" after he and some friends trespassed on private property several days earlier, one of the rioters, who were illegally blocking traffic, was hit and injured by a car whose driver was attempting to escape from the area as several of the punks risked injury by attacking the vehicle and stupidly piling onto the car,[229] with a large number of the punks chasing after the car for some distance following the incident.[230]
  • A female Antifa member posted a video to Twitter which openly advocated criminal behavior by instructing her fellow Antifa rioters on how to stop cars at their riots and smash in the cars' windows and windshields to get to the drivers, pull them out of the cars and viciously swarm and assault them.[231]
  • Seven Antifa rioters were arrested on various federal felony charges after they and other rioters repeatedly attacked and vandalized the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, assaulted police officers and committed other crimes while rioting.[232]
  • Corrupt Soros-funded Contra Costa County, California Democrat district attorney Diana Becton filed false "hate crime" charges and other bogus charges against a couple who removed Black Lives Matter graffiti from a road, leading to the couple getting harassed by liberal media outlets and activists, as well as getting illegally doxxed after video of the couple removing the graffiti was spread on social media.[233]
  • Jessica Doty Whitaker was murdered in Indianapolis by a racist Black Lives Matter thug who shot her in the head for her declaration that "All lives matter", then cowardly ran off after he shot her.[234] Indianapolis police are still looking for the shooter. Soon after the shooting, while the liberal media chose to initially all but ignore the shooting and then twisted the events of the incident and resorted to their usual creative fiction-writing to fit their preconceived narratives, BLM supporters, showing their true sociopathic and cowardly natures, added insult to injury by invading Whitaker's Facebook page and leaving vile, racist and taunting comments that libeled her, celebrated her death and childishly mocked her grieving family.[235]
  • Police are searching for violent rioters in Columbus, Ohio who viciously attacked a 58-year-old man with cerebral palsy and also attacked bystanders who tried to help the man.[236]

Bernell Tremmell was murdered by Marxists in Milwaukee in July 2020 for his outspoken beliefs in freedom, justice, and racial equality.[238]
  • Dozens of violent BLM punks were arrested on various assault charges after they threw eggs at New York police officers, burned an American flag and a Blue Lives Matter T-shirt and assaulted a Trump supporter at a pro-NYPD rally.[239] A number of officers were also viciously assaulted by the rioters but were prevented from taking action against the punks thanks to corrupt New York City Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, who is on record as openly siding with the anti-police punks while intentionally handicapping the NYPD to prevent them from taking more direct action against the hoodlums. In response, members of the NYPD's largest police union have declared that they vowed to take back the city from the rioters and other criminals and directly blamed De Blasio, as well as New York Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, for the current state of affairs in the city, pointing out that De Blasio illegally released thousands of criminals from jail under the ruse of "preventing the spread" of COVID-19 while cutting NYPD resources.[240]
  • Violent BLM rioter Daundre Fitzpatrick was arrested for assaulting two city employees in St. Louis with the butt of a rifle in an unprovoked attack in the early morning hours as the employees were towing illegally-parked cars.[241]
  • Damire Palmer was arrested and charged with felony assault and misdemeanor retail fraud after he was caught on video committing an unprovoked and racist assault on a Macy's store manager in Flint, Michigan.[242] Palmer and his brother, Damarquay Palmer (who are both black), falsely claimed that the manager used racial slurs against the attacker, but Flint police, after examining the video, determined that there was no evidence to back the Palmers' false claims. If convicted on the charges, Damire Palmer may face ten years in prison for the assault.
  • Antifa, thanks to the continued illegal aiding, abetting and enabling of anti-police Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler, continues its reign of terror in Portland as its rioters continue to vandalize and burn parts of the city and viciously assault police and residents.[243] A female Antifa punk made a profane threat toward one Portland police officer, screaming she hoped that someone killed his family and that someone burned his precinct down with all its officers inside, while other rioters mobilized dumpsters to use against the officers and illegally blocked traffic and committed acts of vandalism, arson and assault throughout the downtown area. In addition, the hoodlums also made use of large rocks, paintball guns, mortars and dangerous fireworks as illegal weapons against police and the public.
  • Rioters barricaded federal officers inside the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, trapping officers inside. A commercial-grade mortar firework was launched by rioters. A federal agents hand was impaled by planted nails. Another federal agent was shot with a pellet gun, leaving a wound deep to the bone. Three federal officers were permanently blinded by the rioters using lasers pointed directly at their eyes.[244] Mayor Wheeler, who joined the protests and was tear-gassed by federal agents,[245] later suffered the wrath of the mob, was cursed at and called a fascist by the very group of leftists he represents.[246] With the refusal of Wheeler, Oregon Democrat governor Kate Brown and the Portland Police Department's upper brass to do anything to stop the rioters, the Department of Homeland Security was forced to act as they moved to stop the punks' rampage and made numerous arrests, causing leading anarchy-supporting Oregon Democrats (including Brown, Wheeler, Senator Jeff Merkley and US House candidate Earl Blumenauer) to flip out and blame President Trump for the violence instead of themselves and the punks they support.[247]
  • White BLM supporter Michael Ney Berry was arrested and held on $100,000 bail for felony assault and other pending charges when he belligerently threatened to kill everyone aboard an Alaskan Airlines flight (which was forced to make an emergency return to its point of origin, Seattle) unless they said that Jesus Christ (who was ethnically Jewish) was "black" before Berry was taken down and stopped by two of the passengers, one of which is a Chicago Police officer.[248]
  • A masked Antifa punk ended up paying the price for his stupidity when, after he opened the door of a driver's car (presumably with the intent of pulling the driver out and assaulting him), the driver, who is black, intercepted and bodyslammed the young punk, then told him off while the punk's Antifa comrades cowardly backed off, before getting back in his car.[249] Subsequent to getting humiliated by the driver, the punk and several of his fellow rioters called on other Antifa rioters to swarm the car and illegally dox the driver over a specious claim that the car had "arrows" inside it.
  • Dozens of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters attempted to pull down a statue of Christopher Columbus at Grant Park in Chicago and viciously attacked police officers who attempted to defend the statue by using various projectiles and fireworks against the officers, but the rioters soon paid for their criminal actions when police reinforcements arrived and, with that backup, the police turned the tables and beat down the punks with batons and pepper-sprayed them.[250] Several of the hoodlums were arrested while the other punks, showing themselves as the cowardly crybullies they are, ran away when the tide turned against them.
  • In the month of July 2020 alone there were 105 homicides in Chicago compared to 44 the previous July.[251]
  • No less than a dozen police officers were injured after Antifa and BLM smashed windows of businesses in Seattle, attacked reporters covering the riot, and engaged in arson.[252] Several of the rioters were arrested and the Seattle Police Department condemned the punks' actions as criminal acts, not "peaceful protests".
  • Coleman Lamb, the brother of Democrat U.S. representative Conor Lamb, called for the latter's 2020 Republican's opponent Sean Parnell to "burn in hell and die" via a retweet of a childish call to do so by another Twitter poster against an opponent.[253]
A Black Lives Matter protester kneels on a two year old white child's neck.[254]
  • Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin was attacked by violent Antifa and BLM thugs as those groups charged the stage at a Back the Blue rally in Denver, Colorado while, ironically, local police, acting under orders of their pro-BLM chief Paul Pazen, acted in dereliction of their duty by refusing to protect Malkin or the rally attendees.[255] The anti-police punks, who outnumbered the pro-police side, attempted to overwhelm the rally and acted in their typically childish fashion to drown out and silence the pro-police message while also assaulting rallygoers and police officers, leading Malkin to call out Pazen and Colorado Democrat governor Jared Polis for their allowance of anarchy and lawlessness by the punks, then to tweet an SOS to President Trump to intervene with federal agents to restore law and order in Denver.
  • Rioters in Portland paid the price of getting tear gassed after lighting buildings on fire and looting businesses.[256]
  • The home of Oakland's Democrat mayor Libby Schaaf was vandalized with far-Left slogans (including the usual "free stuff" and "defund police" demands) and shot at with illegal fireworks by a gang of Antifa punks during the early morning hours.[257]
  • Antifa and BLM thugs in Seattle continued to vandalize stores and viciously attack law enforcement officers with dangerous fireworks.[258]
  • Extremely malicious BLM thug Isaiah Jackson kneeled on the neck of a two year-old white baby while another held down his arms; the outraged paternal grandmother of the child later shared that he was safe with her son;[259] the local sheriff later confirmed that charges will be filed against the thug.[260] A Georgia special education "teacher" publicly told Jackson to "lean into it until death!"[261]
  • A white Antifa racist, Blake David Hampe, stabbed a homosexual Black Trump supporter.[262] Hampe, a left-wing racist, homophobe and beta male, previously was convicted of child pornography.[263] The Antifa white supremacist stalked and menaced the Black man for several blocks before the stabbing. The victim believes that Antifa fascists illegally doxxed his identity and posted his location on social media before he was stabbed.
  • As similar to the savage atrocities committed by barbarians centuries ago, rioters who stormed neighborhoods in Springfield, Oregon threatened to rape the female residents of the area,[264] though they were quickly chased out.

August 2020

Officer Joseph Mensah
See also: Democrat urban issues
  • After Cuban restaurant owner Fernando Martinez in Louisville refused to bow down to local BLM demands and called out the group for using "mafia tactics", the latter proved him right by vandalizing his restaurant.[266]
  • A teenage boy at a Walmart in Post Falls, Idaho was punched for not wearing a face mask.[267] The unidentified woman (who was referred to by the Gateway Pundit as a "Karen") who was caught on camera assaulting the boy had assault charges filed against her by the boy's parents for the incident.
  • 7-year-old Zamar Jones, who had aspired to become a police officer,[268] was murdered on the porch of his home in the midst of street thugs recklessly firing bullets, one of which hit Jones.[269] One of the shooters has since been caught and charged with attempted murder, while Philadelphia police are searching for two other suspects.
  • Antifa and BLM rioters in Portland, Oregon got a gun pulled on them by a driver after attacking him for trying to navigate through a street they were trying to barricade; the thugs slashed his vehicle's tires, broke the windows and tossed a motorcycle in front of the truck in an unsuccessful attempt at blocking him, then chased after the truck on foot for 12 blocks before they were scared off by the gun-toting driver.[270] Following the incident, the punks attempted to play "victim" to their liberal media sympathizers.
  • Racist BLM supporters shot at and viciously assaulted black police officer Joseph Mensah and his girlfriend at the latter's home (which was also vandalized by the domestic terrorists while there were children inside) in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin[271] before the mob of intruders were dispersed by Wauwatosa police and neighboring police departments. Wauwatosa mayor Dennis McBride declared in a press release that any of the criminal suspects that are identified as being involved in the riot will be arrested, charged and prosecuted.
  • BLM rioters stormed Georgetown, intimidating residents and causing noise pollution in the middle of the night.[272]
  • Rioters in Portland, Oregon burned a police union building, assaulted officers with glass bottles and illegal laser pointers, and threatened to burn down the home of a resident there.[273] The thugs also harassed a woman who defended the local police, dumping paint on her head.[274]
  • Chicago rioters vandalized and looted stores, and a 20-year-old was injured after confrontations between the looters and police officers.[275]
  • Continuous rioting and anarchy in Portland led to police officers there being wounded by mortar attacks by Antifa punks.[276] Sixteen of the punks were arrested and jailed after an unlawful assembly was declared when the rioters continually refused to listen to police orders.
  • Amid lawlessness and mass looting in Chicago, a local BLM organizer justified such as being "reparation".[277] A private security guard was also shot amidst the massive amount of violence taking place.[278]
  • Peaceful Christian protesters in Seattle, including black pastors, were confronted by knife-wielding Antifa racist punks, who screamed obscenities and yelled "Hail Satan!" in childish mockery of the Christians.[279]
  • Chicago BLM thugs vandalized a Ronald McDonald house, terrifying sick children and their families inside;[280] a two-year-old cancer patient who intended to have his birthday celebration at the place had the planned event ruined following the terrorizing.[281]
  • Leftist employees at a grocery store in Cedar City, Utah cursed and threatened a customer and yelled anti-Trump slurs at him, claiming he was improperly wearing a face mask[282] and even falsely accusing him of being a "Nazi" while ironically behaving like Nazis themselves. The customer did not take the threats in stride and made counter-threats against the offending employees before police arrived, but no charges were filed in the incident.
  • North Carolina felon Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, who is black, was arrested by police on a first-degree murder charge for shooting and killing 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant at point-blank range in front of the boy's family in a possible racially-motivated hate crime in Wilson, North Carolina.[283] If convicted of the crime, Sessoms could receive the death penalty as a possible punishment as North Carolina is a capital punishment state. Subsequent to the shooting, Cumberland County Juvenile Detention Center officer Rome Smith was suspended by county officials, pending the outcome of an internal investigation, after he made insensitive and racist comments about the murder victim while implying support for Sessoms.[284]
  • Racist BLM rioters stormed a Seattle neighborhood in the middle of the night, harassing residents and demanding that they leave their homes for "reparations".[285]
  • Racist Minnesota Democrat political candidate John Thompson, who was endorsed by fellow Democrats Ilhan Omar and state governor Tim Walz, yelled obscenities toward young children outside the home of Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll,[286] including falsely calling Kroll a "KKK member" (while ignoring that his Democrats are the actual party of the KKK and that the Republicans have always opposed the Klan) and hurling anti-police slurs at police supporters. Violent protesters also smashed an effigy of Kroll's wife Liz Collin, who is a journalist.[287] Thompson was criticized for his racist and anti-police remarks by Minnesota GOP chair Jennifer Carnahan and Minnesota State House GOP candidate Elliot Engen.
  • 17-year-old Veronica Lee Baker was murdered in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant by four thugs in a racially-motivated shooting;[288] however, because the victim was white and the perpetrators (who have all since been arrested and face multiple felony charges) were black, the reporting mainly appeared on local newscasts and was ignored nationally by the liberal media.
  • Deranged supporters of mentally-faltering Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden stooped to new lows as they swarmed and attacked a 7-year-old boy for wearing a MAGA hat, stole the hat from him and assaulted his mother at a virtual venue for the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, Delaware,[289] then attempted to get increasingly aggressive against the boy and his mother when they tried to get the hat back. One of the pro-Biden aggressors, Olivia Winslow, was later arrested by Wilmington police and charged with robbery, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child for her attack on the boy,[290] while Winslow's unidentified female accomplice remains under investigation. Donald Trump Jr. weighed in on the incident on Twitter, condemning the two women for their criminal actions and calling for police action in bringing them to justice, while the mother likewise condemned the women for their cowardice in gang-attacking an innocent child.
Leftwing fascists threaten restaurant diners.[291]
  • BLM punks ran over a raccoon twice before beating it to death and then laughing about it in a savage act of animal cruelty because, as echoed by the niece of one of the malicious thugs in a racist tweet, "only white people" would supposedly ever worry about animals.[292] The punk who posted video of the barbaric act to Instagram and Facebook (where he is identified with the Facebook handle "James Blue"), and likewise justified his actions with racist and anti-Trump comments, has since had his accounts with those sites disabled, but Twitter posters were able to save the video and have called on the public to identify the animal killer and his cohorts and have heavily condemned "James Blue" and his crew for their sociopathic actions,
  • A police report was filed against far-Left DNC hack Debbie Wasserman Schultz for allegedly assaulting a 16-year-old volunteering for her primary opponent, fellow Democrat Jen Perelman.[293]
  • Portland BLM thug and career criminal Marquise Love is currently on the run from police after being part of a mob that viciously beat a driver to the point of unconsciousness and robbed a gender-confused man claiming to be a "woman".[294]
  • Portland rioters paid the price of being tear gassed after vandalizing an ICE building and setting a bonfire in the street.[295]
  • Militant BLM protesters in Chicago, led by spokeswoman Taylor Norwood, made open threats against the public, declaring that those who don't listen to their demands will get "ran over".[296]
  • Amid increasing violence in New York City under the mayorship of the far-Left Democrat Bill de Blasio, a shooting suspected to be gang-related violence killed an 18-year-old and left 33-year-old bystander Sam Metcalfe severely paralyzed.[297]
  • Rioters in Portland, Oregon put their childishness and immaturity on full display as they vandalized a local Blazer's Boys and Girls Club and hurled balloons with feces at police cars.[298] They also burned American flags and brought a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear in it,[299] a reference to the far-leftists led by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution. Multiple arrests were made against the punks.
  • Chicago BLM rioters violently beat a pinata pig they symbolized as police, dancing around the severed head.[300]
  • BLM thugs stormed a pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills, threatening and assaulting conservatives there, who refused to back down from the punks and, outnumbering the punks by about ten to one, stood their ground against them.[301] At least one of the punks was arrested at the scene.
  • Nine rioters were arrested in Denver after they had joined an anti-police group in breaking windows and setting fires in the city.[302]
  • A church in Tennessee where Roger Stone is scheduled to speak at was vandalized with vulgar spray paint messages by immature leftist fascists that included "burn in hell" and "fascists beware".[305]
  • Antifa punks in Portland showed their true cowardly colors when, contrary to their anti-police stance, they began demanding police protection after local patriots fought back and clobbered the young punks in retaliation for the punks crashing a pro-police rally and behaving in their usual childish manner (including throwing their own waste, along with eggs and rocks, at the pro-police side).[306] An attempt by the Antifa punks to use illegal fireworks as weapons against the pro-police patriots also backfired on them as the firework exploded in the punks' faces instead.
  • The pet of a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma woman whose boyfriend is a local police officer was ruthlessly tortured and murdered in what is now being investigated as a hate crime.[307] It has been suspected that the animal killing was inspired by the earlier racism-fueled torture and killing of a raccoon by BLM thugs.

Left-wing domestic terrorists set fire to a church with a Black Lives Matter sign out front in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  • Riots arose in Kenosha, Wisconsin over an officer-involved shooting of a black man wanted for various crimes. Police scanner audio indicates a woman called 911 to report Jacob Blake was at her home and wasn’t supposed to be, and had stolen her keys. Responding police were made aware of Blake’s arrest warrant for domestic abuse and a felony sex crime. Blake brawled with cops before reaching inside his car and was shot. He survived but the incident sparked mass BLM-inspired deadly violence in Kenosha in support of the felon.[308] Democrat Gov. Tony Evers encouraged violence by publicly condemning the police before the investigation was completed and the facts established.[309] Marxist rioters from Chicago were notified by Twittter.[310] The small town police department of Kenosha, unprepared and untrained in riot control, was quickly overwhelmed.[311] The court house, Probation and Parole Dept., car dealers, businesses, and public service vehicles were set on fire. Thugs jumped on police cars, slashed tires, knocked out an officer, and tossed incendiary grenades at the cops.[312] Amid the violence, one rioter accidentally lit herself on fire.[313] BLM leader Shaun King, who is white but claims to be "black", applauded the violence and openly called for further mayhem.[314] As reported on August 25, 2020, the thugs beat an elderly store owner to the point of unconsciousness for defending his property.[315] A conservative reporter had a pistol pointed in his face while covering the riot.[316] The Kenosha Police Department, which can only field a maximum of 90 officers on the street per shift, asked Wisconsin Democrat governor Tony Evers for 750 National Guardsmen. Evers sent only 250. President Trump offered to send the additional 500. Acting for partisan political reasons, Evers rejected the offer.[317] Two white BLM terrorists who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old boy guarding private property, were killed while a third rioter, far-leftist, People's Revolution Movement member and career criminal Gaige Grosskreutz,[318] had part of his arm blown off by rifle fire; one of the deceased attackers, Joseph Rosenbaum, was a racist and a pedophile registered as a sex offender in Wisconsin,[319] while the second punk, Anthony Huber (who ineffectually wielded a skateboard as a weapon against Rittenhouse), also had a lengthy criminal record.[320] Democrat Squad member Ayanna Pressley stood up for the criminal punks on Twitter and falsely called Rittenhouse a "white supremacist", but she was later heavily criticized by Andy Ngo and others for her comments (with some critics even accusing Pressley of defending pedophile Rosenbaum). A Kenosha BLM militant called for "retaliation" killings against white people.[321]
  • A militant BLM protester in Portland, Oregon called for unborn children to be strangled by their umbilical cords as her comrades applauded her disgusting screed, then openly declared that she was ready and willing to shoot and kill police officers.[323]
  • An Oregon Democrat was violently assaulted by unhinged far-leftist thug Joshua John Thompson for joining Republicans in gathering signatures to recall Gov. Kate Brown.[324] Thompson was subsequently arrested for third-degree assault and second-degree disorderly conduct.
  • Militant and mostly white BLM protesters in Washington, D.C. harassed a white couple at a Mexican restaurant for refusing to raise their fists.[325]
  • BLM thugs in Minneapolis verbally attacked reporter Rebecca Brannon, assaulted her, stole her phone, and smashed it in the streets.[326]
  • Seattle BLM terrorists attempted to burn police officers alive in their precincts by using quick-dry concrete to seal the doors before setting the building on fire;[327] however, their extreme lack of discernible skills due to their stupidity led them to use too much water in the concrete mixture to attempt closing the doorway shut, and the officers were able to kick their way open and disperse the murderous thugs.
  • Deranged North Carolina leftist Marquise Damarius Asomani was arrested on multiple counts for firing gunshots into a crowd of Trump supporters in Fort Mill, South Carolina.[328] Not surprisingly, the liberal media covered for Asomani, who is black, by refusing to report on the incident.
  • Rioters in Atlanta attacked local police with Molotov cocktails and set up barricades to prevent emergency response vehicles from passing through.[329]
  • Lionel Timms, a Minneapolis man bailed out by the far-Left Minnesota Freedom Fund that was touted by Kamala Harris, was arrested on a felony assault charge for a violent beating that left his victim with a traumatic brain injury and fractured skull.[330] Timms faces five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for the vicious assault.
  • Pablo Perez, an illegal alien in Alabama, was arrested and charged with raping an 11-year-old girl.[331] Perez currently remains in custody and faces up to 20 years in prison for the sexual assault.
  • Extreme looting and riots broke out in Minneapolis following the suicide of a murder suspect.[332]
  • Militant BLM thugs in Washington, D.C. assaulted an elderly man, punching him in the jaw.[336] A woman was also cursed at by the mob while leaving the White House,[337] and hundreds of rioters harassed a Trump supporter.[338] Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley were also attacked.[339] A Florida man in the vicinity of Sen. Paul has been arrested for assaulting a police officer.[340] In addition, the goons attacked #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka and harassed him with homophobic slurs.[341]
  • BLM terrorist Steve Sinclair stabbed a white man in Aurora, Colorado while screaming "Black Lives Matter!"[342] Sinclair was subsequently arrested and faces hate crime and attempted murder charges for the incident.
  • Racist anti-white Georgia thug Jayvon Hatchett, who was arrested for aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime after brutally stabbing an AutoZone employee, said he needed "to find a white male to kill".[343]
  • Two police officers in Brooklyn were assaulted by a mob after after writing a parking ticket.[344]
  • A BLM terrorist from Utah at Washington, D.C. called for ripping President Trump from the White House.[345]
  • The Chicago Teachers Union A group of violent Marxists tweeted its support of a guillotine threat in front of the home of Jeff Bezos.[346]
  • A pro-Trump patriot in Portland, Oregon was shot dead amid clashes between conservative group Patriot Prayer and far-Left domestic terrorists.[348] His murder was celebrated by the BLM rioters in the city.[349] The murderer was later shot dead by law enforcement officers in Lacey, Washington.[350]
  • BLM and Antifa rioters in Oakland attacked local police with projectiles and laser pointers while chanting "Death to America" (a chant also used by Islamic terrorists).[351]
  • Far-Left thugs on an overpass threw objects at passing vehicles with Trump flags.[352]
  • 29 year-old police officer Tamarris Bohannon, a father of three, was killed by a gunshot in St. Louis.[353] The killer, identified only as a 43-year-old white male, was later caught and arrested by St. Louis police following a standoff.
  • A black Baltimore thug attacked a white man with a brick because "white lives don't matter".[354]

September 2020

Biden terrorist Michael Reinoehl (right, white shirt, black hat) lies in wait drawing his pistol for Patriot Prayer warrior Aaron Danielson (left, tan shorts, black shirt and hat).
Rep. Pelosi entering a salon without a face mask.
  • Moronic Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was turned against by far-left rioters in his own city, who smashed the windows of his condo building and tried to set it on fire.[355]
  • A Target employee was fired for posting a TikTok video of making a toxic bleach "drink" for a police officer.[357]
  • A violent Wisconsin Antifa snowflake who carried smoke grenades and a flamethrower "cried in a fetal position" after being caught by police;[358] he had previously been charged with assaulting and pointing a firearm at a police officer.
  • An unhinged woman in Boulder, Colorado allegedly punched a boy over a Trump sign.[359]
  • BLM rioters in the D.C. swamp protested outside the home of mayor Muriel Bowser in the middle of the night, threatening arson.[360] A teacher who attended the militant protest at the nation's capital screamed expletives at police officers.[361] The racist thugs also harassed and agitated non-white police officers present there with excessive expletives and even the n-word.[362][363][364]
  • Indiana BLM rioter Denzel Draughn was charged with attacking police officers in San Diego with tear gas.[365]
  • A Portland thug who previously was arrested for disrupting police at a riot was arrested over the stabbing murders of two people who resided in the same building he did.[366]
  • A Florida woman with a possible mental illness was shot after stabbing a police officer.[367]
  • Five suspected members of the ruthless MS-13 gang were arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of a 16 year-old.[368]
  • A San Francisco salon owner reported death threats after liberal hypocrite Nancy Pelosi (who repeatedly reminds others to wear face masks[369]) went to her salon without a mask, without permission, in violation of statewide lockdown orders, and doubled down by blaming the former, calling it all a "setup" and denying responsibility for her own actions.[370] The matter has been referred to as Salongate.
  • BLM domestic terrorists in Rochester, New York stormed and vandalized restaurants, harassing diners there.[371] The racist militant thugs also started climbing onto people's houses[372] and called for targeting "white folks";[373] local police declared a riot and deployed tear gas. Local families were further outraged to learn that among the mob was an assistant principal who screamed "F*** the police!"[374]
  • In a comment on a blog to which he contributes, University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis wrote regarding Reinoehl's killing of the Patriot Prayer activist, "He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective."[375]
  • Denver BLM thugs harassed diners at restaurants and blocked cars in the street.[376] Their bullying of restaurant customers repeated for a second night.[377]
  • At a BLM rally in Seattle, one thug singled out a black police officer to call by the n-word.[378]
  • A member of a BLM mob punched a security guard at a #WalkAway rally in Dallas.[380] The thugs among the far-left group also threw bottles at Brandon Straka, stole his employee's cell phone and smashed it.[381]
Leading up to the Biden Putsch, Marxist insurrectionists laid siege to the White House.[382]
  • Eight rioters in NYC have been charged for causing damage worth $100,000.[383]
  • A moronic "peaceful protester" in Portland attempted to lob a Molotov cocktail at police officers, hitting a fellow rioter instead.[384]
  • A retired teacher and Mark Kelly supporter in Glendale, Arizona is under investigation for threatening to shoot Republican representative Paul Gosar in the head.[388]
  • BLM thugs in Pittsburgh harassed a white couple, screaming "F*** white people!"[389] A mob from the group also stormed in a McDonalds restaurant and assaulted the black manager there.[390]
  • Woke Portland thugs surrounded a black woman in an SUV and harassed her for trying to steer away from the mob.[391]
  • Seattle Antifa terrorists were arrested for hurling rocks, bottles, and projectiles at police officers.[394] After again showing up on the streets for violence, they paid the price of being pepper-sprayed.[395]
  • A racist Georgia thug who previously stabbed a man over "needing" to "find a white male to kill" (see here) murdered his white cell mate in a jail.[396]

Democrat riots in Compton, California, 2020.[397]
  • A BLM "protester" in Pittsfield, Massachusetts knocked out a Trump supporter in a fight.[399]
  • A South Carolina police chief was stabbed in the face with an ice pick by a man who knocked on his door.[401]
  • A moronic far-left BLM activist in Washington, Jeffrey Alan Acord, was arrested for arson.[403] In 2014, Acord was arrested in Seattle during alleged protests in support of the Ferguson riots. Acord was carrying a loaded gun without a permit, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a box of ammunition, a box of large fireworks in his car, and a 7-inch knife in his backpack.[404]
  • Despite MSM suppression by fake news sources that promote global warming-related hoaxes, a Portland dentist warned of Antifa setting fires;[406] unsurprisingly, two men were later arrested in the state for arson.[407] In mid-September 2020, a woman in the state found an arsonist on her property and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.[408]
  • A medical license has been suspended for an abortionist who bragged about cutting the vocal cords of babies while murdering them to prevent screaming.[409]
  • Two police sheriff deputies in Los Angeles were shot in an ambush and sustained critical injuries; BLM terrorists attempted to block them from being transported to the emergency room and cursed death wishes at them.[413] Several malicious bystanders laughed at the deputies when they had been initially injured, refusing to help them.[414] The Gravel Institute, founded in 2019 to carry on the life work of former senator and 2020 Democrat primary presidential candidate Mike Gravel,[415] reacted to the gunning down of two LA County Sheriffs officers by tweeting that “blue lives don’t matter” because they are not a “thing”.[416] Anti-cop protesters there had previously chanted "Blue Lives don't matter here!"[417] An NPR hack who interfered with police officers paid the price of being arrested.[418]
  • A reporter in Georgetown was assaulted by BLM "peaceful protesters" for filming their mob.[419]
  • "Peaceful protests" erupted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after a violent criminal[420] was fatally shot by local police. A BLM terrorist there called for police officers to be shot after they had fired rubber bullets at rioters.[421]
Nebraska bar owner Jake Gardner on the left and rioter/thug James Scurlock on the right. The latter was part of a mob invading Gardner's bar amidst violent protests following the death of George Floyd. Scurlock was fatally shot, and Gardner was subject to liberal attacks because he killed a black man. The far-left Daily Beast published a vicious smear attacking Gardner and those backing him after he committed suicide.[422]
  • A Trump supporter in Milwaukee faced arrest after he pointed a gun at a BLM terrorist mob that surrounded his house, intruded onto his property, and threatened him.[426]
  • Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former CNN host who once ate human brains and tweeted about how "punchable" Covington Catholic kid Nick Sandmann's face was threatened to "burn the entire f***ing thing down" if any attempts to replace the Justice proceed.[431]
Breonna Taylor[435]
  • A rural Wisconsin school was toilet-papered, with messages reading "BLM".[442]
  • An unhinged anti-Trumper was caught on video vandalizing a Trump sign in Castle Rock, Colorado; unsurprisingly, she called the person who filmed her a "racist".[445]
  • Leftists verbally harassed the McCloskeys as they went to pick up Christmas cards.[446]
  • Arsonists torched the garage of Minnesota Trump supporter Dennis Molla, causing an explosion;[447] a GoFundMe was set up to help him and his family.[448]
  • BLM militants in Washington, D.C. harassed a livestreamer for filming their activities, ironically accusing him of being a "domestic terrorist".[449]
  • A far-left Seattle rioter in an "anarchist jurisdiction" hit a police officer in the back of the head with a baseball bat.[452]
  • Florida "Justice for Breonna Taylor" protesters harassed, threatened, and assaulted diners;[454] an anti-Semitic hate crime is suspected.[455]
A cathedral in San Diego was vandalized with "Biden 2020" and swastika graffiti, demonstrating the true fascist mentalities of the leftist vandals who put the graffiti there.
  • Left-wing riots rose in Louisville, Kentucky. Racist far-left militants threatened to assault any white people who didn't exit a local church that, out of cowardice, bowed down to the mob.[457] BLM domestic terrorists, who are often unsurprisingly regarded as uneducated and possibly illiterate thugs, torched a public library.[458] Notorious anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, who had been present in the "peaceful protests", was arrested.[459] A man who shot two police officers amidst far-left riots there was arrested and charged.[460] He apparently had been cowardly, as evidence shows that he used fellow rioters as human shields.[461]
  • An unhinged BLM activist in California was arrested and charged with attempted murder after driving her car into a group of Trump supporters, injuring two.[463]

October 2020

Patriot Lee Keltner, BGM provocateur Jeremiah Elliot, Antifa hired goon Matt Dolloff, and NBC affiliate producer Zak Newman. Elliot, Dolloff, and Newman were seen colluding together shortly before the murder.[469] The Colorado Democrat and Denver Communist parties advertised a counterprotest which hurled projectiles at the Patriots. Newman is a known Antifa terrorist sympathizer, and Elliot disrupted a Bernie Sanders event with a brawl in February 2020 which went viral. Denver Post 'Crisis Photographer' Helen Richardson was at Elliot's side as he attempted to provoke multiple Patriots, including African American, with racial epithets and insults.[470]
  • It was announced that police were searching for two women who vandalized a police memorial in Plymouth Township, Pennsylvania for an officer who was shot dead.[471]
  • A Trump supporter was attacked and assaulted by Antifa for carrying an American flag.[475]
  • Washington County (Oregon) Democrat Party communications director Clayton John Callahan pulled a knife on Trump supporters during a pro-Trump event.[476] Callahan was arrested soon after on unlawful weapon charges, and a subsequent Twitter post criticizing Callahan for his actions called his pulling a knife on others because he hated their political beliefs a hate crime.
  • A young Trump supporter received a box of bloody animal parts via the mail.[478]
  • For the third time in 2020, Kaitlin Bennett "caused" a riot on campus, this time at the University of Southern Florida.[479]
Matthew Dolloff, an unlicensed armed guard was hired by an NBC News affiliate. Dolloff murdered an unarmed peaceful protester during a Patriot Rally, in Denver, Colorado, on October 10, 2020.[480]
  • Following the announcement that Officer Joseph Mensah will face no charges for a likely justified shooting of a teen,[481] violence arose in Wisconsin starting in Milwaukee, with seven people shot at a funeral home in the city.[482] Massive robberies occurred,[483] with BLM thugs looting a store and aided by the cashier there who handed out bags to help the thugs.[484] Far-Left domestic terrorists in Wauwatosa smashed businesses and attacked homes with people inside.[485] This included the home of a terrified 70 year-old woman, with her property damage costing $10,000.[486]
  • 16-year-old Aurora, Colorado resident Amarion Harlan was arrested and charged for the attempted murder of two police officers.[487]
  • Lee Keltner, an unarmed peaceful protester at a Patriot Rally in Denver, Colorado was murdered by an unlicensed "security guard" hired by Denver NBC affiliate KUSA to provide "security" for its news staff.[488] Matthew Robert Doloff,[489] whose resume consists of being an Occupy Wall Street activist, Antifa recruiter and BLM advocate,[490] was subsequently arrested by Denver police on a first-degree murder charge after getting caught on video shooting Keltner, and was later discovered to not be licensed to work as armed security in the city,[491] as well as to have made profane anti-Trump posts that exposed a hostile and combative attitude Doloff held toward conservatives (including falsely calling Trump supporters and other conservatives "racists" while ignoring that it is actually liberals, and the Left in general, who hold racist beliefs and attitudes).[492] Hours earlier, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann called for Trump supporting "maggots" to be removed from society,[493] becoming the latest of many liberal media pundits openly calling for the illegal persecution of conservatives by said pundits' Democrat masters and their Antifa/BLM supporters.
In a racist attack, an Antifa white supremacist knocked out the front teeth of Philip Anderson at a Free Speech Rally.[496][497]
BLM/Women's March misogynists beat Trump supporter.
  • A 15 year-old student in Utah was assaulted for wearing a Trump hat; two of the bullies are being charged.[500] Donald Trump later sent the student a personally signed MAGA hat.[501]
  • Following the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA finals, massive riots arose in the streets of California, with police officers being assaulted.[504]
  • New Jersey congressional candidate Billy Prempeh was harassed over his support for Trump.[505]
  • A Virginia boarding school student faced harassment for holding conservative views, being threatened with disciplinary actions.[510]
  • A truck with Trump flags on it in Vancouver, Washington was lit on fire by Antifa thugs.[511]
  • A leftist punk set a Seattle Police car on fire with a policeman inside.[512][513][514] The punk then cowardly attempted to run away after he was shot at by the officer but was quickly caught and arrested.
  • The chair of a South Carolina elections board resigned after being caught vandalizing Trump signs.[515]
  • Portland Antifa terrorists attacked a biracial videographer who they accused of being a member of the Proud Boys, assaulting him and stealing his cell phone.[516]
  • A pro-Trump rally was attacked by BLM protesters In Ithaca, New York.[517]
  • Far-left domestic terrorists stormed a Portland neighborhood in the middle of the night, shining flashlights at windows and yelling for residents to wake up.[520]
  • Ninety violent street criminals are facing a lawsuit by a real estate company after having previously been arrested for damaging businesses in a BLM riot.[521]
  • A Maryland Biden supporter was arrested and charged for firing a gun at two Trump supporters driving a truck by his home and honked.[525]
Far left Antifa fascists attack Jews.[526]
  • A police officer in North Carolina was viciously assaulted by a thug who resisted arrest; bystanders laughed at the violence.[527]
  • A Democrat candidate for Congress posted on social media the address of his Republican opponent after she expressed concerns of Antifa violence, and doubled down by dismissing condemnation of his doxxing.[528]
  • Antifa/BLM rioters in Portland became hysterical after several of their members faced arrest after having been warned against engaging in criminal activity.[532] The thugs later threw projectiles at federal agents in the city, ironically calling them "Nazi terrorists".[533]
Philly riot: Biden supporters rammed a pick-up truck through a line of 30 police.[534]
  • Far-left rioters in Providence, Rhode Island hurled heavy objects at police officers, hitting five and sending one to the hospital.[535] The violence repeated for a second night, resulting in eight arrests.[536]
  • Nebraska farmer Jonathan Rempel, who flew pro-Trump flags, had $400k in heavy equipment ravaged by a suspicious fire.[537]
  • Far-Left Seattle thug Brian Leil was arrested on assault chrages for stabbing a police officer with a burning spear.[538]
  • Two teenagers were arrested on assault and battery charges for punching Trump supporters in in Palm Springs, California.[539]
  • BLM rioters in California assaulted a woman driving on the road and scratched her car.[540]
  • Authorities launched an investigation after a dead animal and a brick with the name of Republican Tom Reed's family member was left on the door of the representative's home.[541]
  • A BLM mob in Lake Oswego, Oregon marched through the city harassing and demanding compliance from residents in the suburb,[545] with one group vowing to "f*** s*** up".[546]
  • Cowardly and anti-Semitic Antifa fascists violently attacked children at a Jews For Trump Rally in New York;[547][548] as a pro-Trump Jewish family were participating in the rally, the terrorists pepper-sprayed the young kids, leaving them traumatized.[549] The car was also vandalized by the thugs who splashed it with red paint, and others in the rally had eggs thrown at them.[550] The domestic terrorists also punched and threw rocks at the peaceful demonstrators.[551]
  • Far-left riots arose in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[552] after a black man who once pointed a gun at a woman's head was fatally shot by police after charging at them with a weapon and being warned multiple times to drop it.[553] Massive looting[554] and mob violence occurred,[555][556] with hundreds robbing from businesses such as Walmart.[557] Others were also heavily vandalized and destroyed, including a black-owned boutique.[558] The looters also turned on one another, shooting each other.[559] Eleven were shot overnight,[560] and over two dozen police officers were injured;[561] one female cop was run over by a truck, breaking her leg.[562] Arsonists in the city burned a Vietnam Baptist Church.[563] According to Democrat governor Tom Wolf, the riots were "peaceful protests".[564] The city's policy deputy commissioner reportedly ordered officers to ignore burglary/theft reports.[565] Jewish activists who joined the far-left mob were turned against by the anti-Semitic far-leftists.[566] BLM thugs who harassed a group of religious Jews yelled "Synagogue of Satan!"[567] One moronic looter among the thugs whined to local police he participated in violently attacking about his robbed goods being stolen by fellow rioters.[568] The Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer, who was attacked by the racist domestic terrorists,[569] said that they had specifically targeted white people.[570]
  • Far-leftists rioted in Washington, D.C., hurling fireworks at police officers that caused 14 to be injured and one among them to lose eyesight.[571][572] The windows of police headquarters in the city were also destroyed.[573] Looters there assaulted a police officer during a "protest".[574]
  • At a BLM riot in Brooklyn, one car was driven into a a line of NYPD officers.[575] The thugs in the city also burned an American flag.[576]
  • George Washington University in D.C. warned students to stockpile at least one weeks worth of food and medicine.[578]
  • An Antifa mob in Vancouver, Washington surrounded a house with a Trump sign, vandalizing it and harassing the residents inside.[579] Members of the far-left group in the city also stole and burned a U.S. flag from the back of a truck.[580] Local restaurant customers were attacked as well.[581] A group of thugs surrounded an SUV and threw rocks at it before it drove away and a passenger in the car fired two shots into the air.[582]
  • A BLM mob confronted peaceful Trump supporters in Beverly Hills, California, assaulting them.[584]
  • The Portland Police Bureau declared a local Antifa protest in a business district to be a riot.[585] After such, the mob moved their terrorism to residential streets.[586]

November 2020

  • An Antifa mob in Vancouver, Washington burned U.S. flags while yelling "Death to your f***ing empire!"[588] They also shined lights on the homes of residents, yelling for them to wake up.[589]
  • An unhinged female Antifa rioter in New York City childishly and sickeningly screamed for police officers' children to be raped and killed.[593] Anti-Trump rioters in the city who went to attack Trump supporters were faced with police;[594] ten were arrested.[595]
  • A BLM mob stormed a North Carolina early voting station in an attempt to intimidate voters, only to pay the price of being pepper-sprayed by police officers.[596]
  • Left-wing snowflakes stormed the studios of Seattle NBC affiliate KING-TV for reporting on their violent protests and the resulting arrests of many of the punks, absurdly and ironically accusing them of "looking to kill and harm".[597]
  • A far-Left group of protesters organized illegally in New York City, yelling "Fascist f***s, your lives don't matter!" before some in the group faced arrest.[598]
  • BLM thugs in Richmond, Virginia attacked a peaceful caravan of Trump supporters, throwing liquor bottles at them and pointing guns.[599] The mob also stole flags belonging to the group to break windows; children among the group of Trump supporters were terrified at the firsthand sight of the far-left violence.
  • A liberal in Florida dressed up in an outfit with Confederate flags and swastikas to "join" a Trump rally as an attempt to associate them with bigotry; his plan backfired when, after picking a fight with the Trump supporters who saw through his ruse and assaulting a police officer who intervened, he was arrested.[600]
  • Portland Antifa members smashed the first-floor Starbucks shop of the 300-apartment Portland State University, doused it in kerosene, and moved to set the building on fire though police officers halted the attempted arson.[601]
  • Unhinged and childish female leftist rioter Devina Singh, a former intern for Jerry Nadler,[605] was arrested in New York City for assault for spitting in a police officer's face while profanely screaming at him and falsely calling him a "fascist", all while ironically behaving like a fascist herself.[606] Singh's arrest was among multiple arrests made by the NYPD against numerous lawless leftist rioters on various charges that night.
  • A BLM thug assaulted a woman at a Biden celebration party in Madison, Wisconsin.[609] A similar mob threat happened in Washington, D.C., where the domestic terrorist group stormed a Biden celebration to demand that the liberals there who refuse to raise their fists are equatable to "police killing black people".[610] An Antifa mob in Portland, Oregon vandalized a Democrat party office.[611]
  • An out-of-control man screaming "F*** Trump!" in the streets of Chicago viciously assaulted a woman outside of her burning car with her husband inside it.[614]
  • Left-wing activist group Choose Democracy, under the ruse of wanting to "prevent" a "coup" by the Trump Administration (i.e. the administration's efforts to block illegal voter fraud by the Democrats to steal the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden) while hypocritically accusing Trump of "stealing" the election, is hypocritically and not-so-subtly advocating for the violent overthrow of the duly-elected President and the Constitutional Republic via an illegal coup.[615] Choose Democracy subsequently came under heavy criticism for its post by Twitter posters, who correctly pointed out that the Communist-infiltrated Choose Democracy is openly advocating treason and violence against the United States and its government.
  • Corrupt Democrat poll workers at Cobo Hall in Detroit went out of their way to continue to hide the illegal vote fraud they are engaging in on Joe Biden's behalf by assaulting Republican poll challengers trying to prevent fraud.[616] In addition to the assaults, the Democrat poll workers are actively and illegally trying to impede the GOP challengers from seeing what is being done with suspicious electoral ballots and are also hypocritically applying rules regarding the CCP flu against the GOP challengers while not applying those same rules to themselves. One of the Democrat poll workers even openly admitted that she and her fellow criminals did not want the Republicans present and the workers reacted by childishly applauding every time a GOP poll challenger was illegally ejected from the polling station at Cobo Hall.
  • Several assaults on Trump supporters by leftist punks occurred following the Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C.:
    • A Trump supporter was swarmed and viciously assaulted by childish and cowardly Antifa punks and BLM thugs after being attacked from behind by cowardly BLM thug Kenneth Wayne DeBerry, who was later outed as a registered sex offender after his arrest for assault in the incident.[617]
    • Racist white BLM supporters swarmed and assaulted a pro-Trump black woman accompanied by her two daughters.[618]
    • A young Trump-supporting couple were viciously assaulted, cursed at and terrorized by leftist rioters and doused with an unknown liquid by two female Antifa cowards pretending to be "medics".[619]
    • Antifa punks and BLM thugs childishly harassed and cowardly assaulted elderly, female and grade school-age Trump supporters, used illegal fireworks and projectiles as weapons against restaurant patrons and used illegal laser pointers against hotel patrons.[620]
    • Another racist Antifa punk backhanded a black Trump supporter, instigating a fight before the punk was pulled away by police as Trump supporters correctly called the punk a Nazi.[621]
    • Trump supporters were harassed and assaulted by a violent BLM mob after police in the city forced them to walk through the group of thugs by blocking off their route.[622]
    • Unhinged leftists threw fireworks at Trump supporters who were dining.[623][624]
  • BLM thugs in San Francisco assaulted a man at a restaurant and shoved him onto a street with moving traffic;[625] local police ignored the episode of far-left extremism.
  • Registered Democrat Karen Jones was arrested by Palm Beach County, Florida police officers for openly making death threats against Republicans Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott and Marco Rubio in a Twitter post.[626] In typical fashion for leftists who get caught committing such crimes, Jones, who was booked in the county jail and later released on a $15,000 bond, later dismissively claimed that what she said was a "joke", but a Palm Beach County detective disagreed in a written affidavit, pointing out that there was nothing in Jones' tweet that indicated it to be a joke.
  • A skinny black-clad Antifa punk armed with a chain was caught on camera attempting to use the chain to assault the cameraman filming him before he was taken down and arrested for assault by police in Washington, D.C.[627]
  • Michigan Democrat state representative-elect Abraham Aiyash was caught on video chat openly and cowardly threatening and illegally doxxing the children of Wayne County Board of Canvassers member and Republican Monica Palmer (as well as falsely accusing her of "racism") in a racist rant to cow her into submission and force her to change her mind about not certifying illegal Democrat election fraud in Wayne County, Michigan (which includes Detroit).[628] The video of Aiyash subsequently drew heavy criticism when it was posted on Twitter, with some calling for the arrest and prosecution of Aiyash for public intimidation and election interference, while some leftist apologists for Aiyash denied any wrongdoing by him (despite the video chat of him proving otherwise) and parroted his false accusation of "racism" against Palmer.[629] When he was later called out on Twitter for the video of his cowardly threats, Aiyash refused to take any responsibility for his actions, denied any wrongdoing and flimsily claimed that the story was "fake", which only earned him an even heavier wave of criticism from angered posters.[630] Palmer, along with fellow board member William Hartmann, later rescinded their reversals, both originally made under coercion and threats from another Democrat, election observer and unhinged Antifa/BLM supporter Ned Staebler, as they once again refused to certify election fraud in Wayne County and then later filed affidavits that their families were threatened by the Democrat criminals, which will most likely lead to legal action against Staebler and Aiyash.[631]
  • Unhinged Maine resident Katrina Preble was arrested for threatening senator Susan Collins in multiple voicemails, saying that she would shoot her in the face and decapitate her.[632] Preble is currently being held without bail while she undergoes a psychiatric evaluation for the threats she made.
  • An unhinged anti-Trump liberal directly drove a vehicle into a group of Trump supporters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; Proud Boys among the rally gave crucial aid to those who were injured until EMTs managed to arrive, while the assailant attempted to plow into more supporters with his car before he turned tail and cowardly fled the scene.[633] An elderly woman in the crowd was shoved to the ground by an anti-Trumper, while another militant leftist assaulted members of the Proud Boys and was quickly arrested.[634]
  • An NYPD officer was ambushed and viciously assaulted by a mob in Long Island City, sustaining injuries at his throat, head, knees and shoulders before the punks ran away cowardly.[635]
  • Antifa vandals in Portland, Oregon committed arson against a restaurant whose owners, Rick and Reo Varnado (both uncles of hip-hop performer Snoop Dogg), had criticized them for their criminal behavior.[637]
  • Gender-confused hijab-wearing Islamic Antifa punk Eric Austin (who claims to be a "woman" named "Britney Erica Austin" and also goes by the alias "Sumayyah Dawud") was arrested, along with 17 other Antifa punks, at a riot in Phoenix.[638] Austin, per the norm for leftist criminals and troublemakers, attempted to play the "victim" following his arrest as he claimed that he was "misgendered" and attempted to play the gender confusion and "Islamophobia" cards to excuse his criminal behavior.

December 2020

  • Multiple Republican senators including Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham had their homes piled with body bags by liberal activists intent on harassing them, with provocative messages such as "TRUMP COVID DEATH 270,000".[639] This included Maine Republican Susan Collins, who has been targeted with threats by leftists multiple times for not voting with Democrats enough.[640] It's important to note that Collins and other Republicans fought to pass coronavirus relief Democrats blocked, which liberals willingly ignore.
  • Antifa punks attempted to crash and violently disrupt a pro-Trump rally in Olympia, Washington which was protesting against the illegal and unconstitutional CCP flu lockdowns being imposed by Democrat state governor Jay Inslee, but the punks found themselves badly outnumbered and outgunned by the pro-Trump patriots who fought back against them.[641] A gunshot was fired during the skirmish which resulted in the shooter being arrested, while an Antifa social media account claimed that one of its rioters had been shot, but the claim could not be verified.
  • An unhinged leftist rookie teacher pulled up in her car to a group of anti-lockdown protestors in Bend, Oregon and hysterically and immaturely screamed at them that they should "kill themselves" for refusing to support the illegal CCP flu lockdowns imposed by corrupt Oregon Democrat governor Kate Brown, all as the woman hypocritically did not have a mask on while she screamed at them.[642] The woman continued to scream profanities and engage in deranged behavior and make a fool of herself on camera before she drove off after she was shouted down by the protestors. Bend NBC affiliate KTVZ later reported that the teacher had been placed on administrative leave after her on-camera outburst went viral online.[643]
  • Antifa punks viciously attacked Portland police officers when the police attempted to evict vagrants illegally squatting at a drug house and causing trouble in a Portland neighborhood.[644] Several of the punks were arrested on trespassing and resisting arrest charges, while a local Antifa group attempted to falsely claim "victory" on Twitter despite the arrests. Local Antifa groups later illegally set up their own "autonomous zone" in the area around the drug house, patterned after the illegal occupation of several blocks of Seattle by Antifa and BLM last summer,[645] and have viciously assaulted news crews and anyone else going near the area while Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler has been largely ineffective at his attempts to quell the uprising by the lawless hoodlums.
  • A Trump supporter's home in Macomb County, Michigan was bombed, leaving a large hole in the living room;[646] video footage was caught from a surveillance camera by a neighbor. The homeowner said to local press that his friends suspected his politics to have motivated the attack.
  • Loudmouthed Michigan Democrat state representative Cynthia Johnson, who hassled and attempted to illegally dox witnesses testifying on illegal Democrat election fraud during the 2020 Presidential election as part of her efforts to impede hearings on the election fraud, was disciplined by the Michigan House of Representatives after she posted an unhinged online video on her Facebook page openly calling for violence against supporters of Donald Trump.[647] Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield announced that Johnson had been stripped of her committees (which include her duties with the hearings) and also faces further disciplinary actions pending the outcome of investigations by police and other legal authorities. Subsequent to the video being posted, Michigan attorney Matthew DePerno, who had been investigating Democrat vote fraud relating to the 2020 election in the state, contacted the Michigan Attorney-General's office to request a criminal investigation of Johnson, as he suspected that recent increased suspicious activity outside of his house was tied to the Johnson call-to-action video.[648]
  • Leftist violence became rampant in Washington, D.C. amidst largely peaceful right-wing demonstrations:
    • BLM/Antifa militants viciously assaulted a couple, attacking them from behind.[649] The far-leftists also pointed a laser at a man who recorded their activities to attempt blinding him, then proceeded to knock his iPad out of his hand. Another smashed a megaphone on a Trump supporter's head; Proud Boys at the area retaliated against the rioters, three of whom were later arrested.
    • BLM thugs harassed an elderly couple, yelling at them: "F*** your grandkids! F*** you!"[650]
  • Left-wing militants in Manhattan harassed a driver, pounding on her car;[651] in response, she charged forward, plowing through the crowd of street thugs. Among them was an out-of-state protester from Colorado. Local NYPD officers arrested the driver, charging her with "disorderly conduct" despite such a trait being that of the activists who blocked the street.
  • Leftist thug Jesse Martinez was arrested at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster, California, where he was a patient, on charges of murder, elder abuse and a religion-motivated hate crime after he beat an 82-year-old hospital patient to death with an oxygen tank when the elderly man, a Latino Catholic, began praying.[654] Martinez had his bail set at $1 million following his arrest and is due to appear in court on the multiple charges.

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  248. GUY FREAKS OUT Onboard Alaska Airlines Flight 422
  249. Masked Antifa Goon in Portland Opens Black Man’s Car Door During Violent Protest, Gets Body Slammed at the Gateway Pundit (Warning: Contains Twitter video with foul language)
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  449. DC Black Lives Matter ‘Protesters’ Harass Livestreamer: ‘We Don’t Need You White Man,’ ‘We Have Our Own Press’
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  536. Watch: Protesters Attack Police Cars in 2nd Night of Rhode Island Riots
  537. Farmer Who Flies Trump Flags Has $400k In Heavy Equipment Ravaged By Suspicious Fire
  538. PURE EVIL: Seattle Police Officer Injured after Feral Antifa-BLM Thug Attacks Officers with Burning Spear (Video)
  539. Teens Assaulted Trump Supporters in California, Say Police
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  553. BREAKING: Riot Erupts in Philadelphia After Black Male is Shot By Police While Charging at Them With a Knife (VIDEOS)
  554. Watch: Aerial Footage Shows Protesters Looting in Philadelphia
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  556. Philadelphia sees second night of riots, looting in response to police shooting
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  561. At least 30 Philadelphia cops injured during riots over police shooting of Walter Wallace
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  575. BREAKING: Car Rams Through Line of NYPD Officers During Brooklyn Black Lives Matter Riot
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  577. VIOLENT, UNHINGED Biden Supporters Attack Trump Supporters Outside Joe Biden’s Little Rally in Georgia (VIDEO)
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  580. WATCH: Antifa Steals, Burns U.S. Flag from Driver in Vancouver, Washington
  581. WATCH: Antifa Attacks Restaurant Patrons in Suburban Vancouver, Washington
  582. WATCH: Shots Fired After SUV Rammed by Antifa Truck Protest in Vancouver, Washington
  583. Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star Vandalized, Repeat Offender James Otis Surrenders to Police
  584. Antifa Goons Confront TRUMP MAGA Rally in Beverly Hills – Beat Trump Supporters with Sticks (VIDEO)
  585. Police Declare Riot as Antifa Attacks Businesses in Portland
  586. WATCH: Rioters Move from Businesses to Residential Streets in Portland
  587. BLM Protesters Block Car of Disabled Man, Harass and Threaten Him in Kentucky (Warning: Article contains foul language)
  588. WATCH: Antifa Shouts ‘Death to Your f**king Empire’ While Burning U.S. Flag
  589. Antifa Protesters Shine Lights into Homes Shouting ‘Wake Up, Mother F**ckers’ (Warning: Article contains foul language)
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  593. Antifa Protester Screams at Police, ‘I Hope All of Your Children Get Raped and Killed’
  594. Lefties Targeting Trump Supporters Arrested in New York City
  595. 10 arrested after cops clash with anti-Trump protesters in Manhattan
  596. Black Lives Matter CRASHES North Carolina Polling Station — Police Officers Respond with Pepper Spray (VIDEO)
  597. Leftists Storm News Station for Daring To Report on Rioters Being Arrested
  598. Protesters Chant, ‘Fascist F**ks, Your Lives Don’t Matter,’ in NYC (Warning: Article contains foul language)
  599. MARAUDING BLM GOONS Throw Liquor Bottles, Point Guns, Bust Windows, and Steal Flags from Trump Caravan — Video Shows Terrified Kids in a Truck as It was Attacked
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  602. Two Arrested in DC Following Antifa Mob Attack… Man Hit in the Head With a Baseball Bat (VIDEO)
  603. BREAKING: Prominent Black Conservative Bevelyn Beatty Stabbed in the Back… Multiple Proud Boys Stabbed in DC (VIDEO)
  604. BREAKING: Portland Antifa Mob Home of City Council Member Dan Ryan For Voting Against Defunding Police (VIDEO)
  605. SHOCKER! Nasty Foul-Mouthed Woman Who Was Arrested After Spitting on NYPD Officer Is Former Jerry Nadler Intern
  606. WATCH: Woman Spits in NYC Cop’s Face, Screams ‘F*ck You, Fascist’ at Breitbart News Network (Warning: Contains video with foul language and violence)
  607. JUST LIKE STALIN’S GREAT PURGE: AOC Leads Democrat Effort to Create ‘Trump Accountability Project’ Hit List to Pay Back Trump Supporters – Update: sitting judges added to the list
  608. WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Threatens Republicans, Says They Are ‘Going to Lose Way More Than the Election’
  609. Shocker: Vicious Beatdown Breaks Out at BLM and Biden Celebration Party in Wisconsin (VIDEO)
  610. WATCH: Black Lives Matter Crashes Biden Celebration, Say Democrats Who Won’t Raise Their Fists Are ‘Just as Racist’ as ‘Police Killing Black People’
  611. LOL! Antifa Terrorists Smash Up Portland Democrat Party Office
  612. Just Bizarre: Watch Unhinged Liberals Gather to Take Turns Attacking a Trump Pillow (Seriously)
  613. WATCH: Liberal Lunatics Gather to Beat Effigy of President Donald Trump With a Baseball Bat in Hollywood
  614. ‘F-CK TRUMP B-TCH’, Man Savagely Beats Up Woman While Her Car is on Fire With Her Husband Inside (SHOCKING VIDEO) (Warning: Article contains foul language)
  615. Choose Democracy: "What we’re talking about is a coup. We need an unprecedented number of Americans to take to the streets and stay in the streets until he concedes. But protest won’t be enough. Keep reading for 3 things Democrats can do to stop Trump from stealing the election" at Twitter (Warning:' contains some social media posts with foul language)
  616. MICHIGAN WITNESS: GOP Poll Challengers Were Assaulted at TCF Center trying to Protect the Vote
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