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Rep. Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik (Republican) is the representative from New York's 21st Congressional District in the U.S. House. Stefanik was elected to the U.S. House in 2014. At age 30, she was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at the time. Stefanik is a relatively liberal Republican, taking liberal stances on immigration and foreign policy, among other issues.[1]

Srefanik serves on the House Intelligence Committee.


Stefanik exposed the Deep State coup against President Donald Trump when she got disgraced FBI director James Comey to admit under oath that he failed to inform the Gang of Eight as required of the Obama administration's illegal political spying and the ongoing FISA abuse after President Trump took office.[2]


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  2. STEFANIK: So if that's quarterly...
    COMEY: ... to brief them before Congress is briefed.
    STEFANIK: So it's quarterly for all three then, senior congressional leadership, the White House, and the DNI?
    COMEY: I think that's right. Now that's by practice not by rule or by written policy which is why, thanks to the chair and ranking giving us feedback, we're trying to tweak it in certain ways.
    STEFANIK: So since, in your opening statement, you confirmed that there is a counter-intelligence investigation currently open and you also referenced that it started in July. When did you notify the DNI, the White House, or senior congressional leadership?
    COMEY: It's a good question. Congressional leadership, some time recently. They were briefed on the nature of the investigation in some detail as I said. Obviously the Department of Justice has been aware of it all along. The DNI, I don't know what the DNI's knowledge of it was because we didn't have a DNI until Mr. Coats took office and I briefed him his first morning in office.
    STEFANIK: So just to drill down on this, if -- if the open investigation began in July and the briefing of congressional leadership only occurred recently, why was there no notification prior to the recent -- to the past month?
    COMEY: I think our decision was it was a matter of such sensitivity that we wouldn't include it in the quarterly briefings.
    STEFANIK: So when you state our decision is that your decision? Is that usually your decision what gets briefed in those quarterly updates?
    COMEY: No, it's usually the decision of the head of our counter- intelligence division.
    STEFANIK: And just again, to get the detailed -- on the record, why was the decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership until recently when the investigation had been open since July? A very serious investigation -- why was that decision to wait months?
    COMEY: Because of the sensitivity of the matter.