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Jeff Bezos was the founder and former CEO of, the United States' largest online retailer.[1] He also owns the liberal Washington Post and the space agency Blue Origin.

Depending on stock performance on any given day, Bezos regularly trades the "world's richest person" title with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

He resigned as CEO for Amazon on February 2, 2021.[2][3]

Black Lives Matter

After the Amazon warehouse in Redlands, California was burnt down by socialist terrorists during the 2020 Antifa riots, Amazon placed the slogan "Black Lives Matter" on storefronts. Bezos tried to explain his support for the slogan on Instagram. Bezos shared an email from a customer who called the BLM slogan “offensive” and added that “all lives matter.” Bezos replied,

“Black lives matter speaks to racism and the disproportionate risk that Black people face in our law enforcement and justice system”

Heather MacDonald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of the book, The War on Cops, noted police officers are many times more likely to be killed by a black suspect than a white suspect. And more specifically,

“a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer"

MacDonald also noted the high murder rate of young black men by other young black men in certain urban centers. Specifically to Bezos’ claim that black families have more to fear from police than whites, MacDonald noted:

"The latest in a series of studies undercutting the claim of systemic police bias was published in August 2019 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers found that the more frequently officers encounter violent suspects from any given racial group, the greater the chance that a member of that group will be fatally shot by a police officer. There is “no significant evidence of antiblack disparity in the likelihood of being fatally shot by police.”

Additional evidence puts the lie to the ‘systemic racism among police’ narrative. MacDonald cited a 2015 analysis by the Philadelphia Police Department which

“found that white police officers were less likely than black or Hispanic officers to shoot unarmed black suspects....Research by Harvard economist Roland G. Fryer Jr. also found no evidence of racial discrimination in shootings."

MacDonald also noted a factor that is seldom taken into consideration by apologists like Bezos when it comes to citing false or misleading information regarding police interactions with the blacks.

“Any evidence to the contrary fails to take into account crime rates and civilian behavior before and during interactions with police,” adding that the “false narrative of police bias” begun during the Obama administration actually led to officers being targeted, often by black suspects.[4]

Bezos, who is major donor to leftwing terrorist causes, found a guillotine set up in front of his home during the riots he sponsored.[5]

Trump-Russia hoax

Langley's 7th floor is a reference to CIA headquarters. Trump was viewed as a threat to the NATO alliance for demanding NATO allies shoulder their share of the cost burden.

Bezos, who owns the Washington Post, is a CIA contractor.[6][7][8][9] The Washington Post took the lead in promoting the fake news Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. The CIA is barred from influencing U.S. domestic politics by the National Security Act of 1947. In January 2017 former NSA official John Schindler tweeted, "When @IgnatiusPost speaks, Langley's 7th floor lips are moving. They are taking traitor Trump out now."[10] Ignatius is a reporter for the Washington Post, and Langley's 7th floor is a reference to CIA director John Brennan's office.

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