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This article is about the city of Providence. For the influence of God, see Divine Providence.

Providence is the capital and largest city in the United States state of Rhode Island.

Founded by Roger Williams in 1636, the city currently has a population of 180,000, and is the second largest in the New England region. Providence has several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own architectural history and unique ethnic composition. The east side of Providence is home to institutions such as Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. The current mayor of Providence is David Cicilline. Voters in Providence are generally of a Democratic persuasion. The Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence is an Italian-American enclave and contains several gourmet restaurants. Nearby in Olneyville is the New York System, known for its famous hot wieners. Providence, along with neighboring Pawtucket, was one of the first American cities to industrialize, and has many historic mill buildings.