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Democrats have eliminated winner-take-all primaries. Delegates will be awarded proportionately.

After the Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden was outed as a racist and his poll numbers crashed,[1][2][3] the next two runner-ups Harris and Warren vaulted in the polls and announced new plans for government to redistribute private wealth accumulated by worker's labor according to the race of recipients.[4]

Candidates for Democratic Presidential Nominee
Chance of becoming Democratic nominee Twitter followers
Candidate C
# of
June 26
as of
V. Pres Joe Biden Bid DE 29.6% 28.5% 14.9% 13.2% 03.6M:1 +8,000 +7,000
Sen. Cory Booker Boo NJ 1.3% 1.6% 1.5% 2.1% 02.4M:2 +20,000 +18,000
Mayor Pete Buttigieg But IN 13.4% 11.1% 10.4% 7.8% 01.2M:1 +61,000 +40,000
Sec'y Julián Castro Cas TX 0.4% 0.3% 1.2% 1.1% 00.2M:1 +88,000 +15,000
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Gab HI 2.6% 2.5% 3.5% 2.2% 00.5M:2 +42,000 +14,000
Sen. Kamala Harris Har CA 11.5% 12.5% 24.9% 32.5% 02.6M:2 +105,000 +107,000
Rep. Beto O'Rourke O'R TX 3.8% 4.0% 1.7% 1.3% 01.4M:1 +5,000 0
Sen. Bernie Sanders San VT 11.4% 11.2% 9.5% 7.4% 17.7M:2 +31,000 +41,000
Sen. Elizabeth Warren War MA 15.4% 15.9% 17.0% 19.0% 07.8M:2 +86,000 +84,000
Marianne Williamson Wil CA 0.1% 0.1% 0.5% 0.2% 02.6M:1 +55,000 +26,000


The Democratic National Committee moved the goal posts to cull the field before the herd gets a chance to vote in February 2020. By the September 2019 nationally televised Third Debate, each candidate must have received at least $1 from 130,000 individuals or corporate entities, doubling the required number of donors from the First Debate. A candidate must register at least 2% from 4 doctored polls. By rule, the impending doom of the climate crisis was shelved and limited to just 60 seconds in the First Debate. All Senate Democrats were absent for the vote on emergency humanitarian relief for children and families in the "manufactured" border crisis. Fringe leftwing Trump-Russia conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow was named a moderator of the First Debate.


The big money campaign of Soros and Scott Wallace was announced to defeat Trump and pour hundreds of millions of dollars in support of whichever Democrat/Communist nominee emerges,[5] targeting Midwestern voters to further Democrats' core issue of anal sex and "legalized" pedophilia as a "human right" and "cherished American value".[6][7] Tim Gill and Tom Steyer are also involved. The PACs involved are:

Donald Trump is the first American president to challenge the establishment political class in several generations.
  • Open Society Foundations
  • Wallace Global Fund
  • The Gill Foundation
  • Next Generation
  • Heartland Fund
  • Windward Fund
  • Arabella Advisors
  • Sixteen Thirty Fund
  • New Venture Fund
  • Democracy Alliance
  • Future Majority
  • Priorities USA

Democracy Alliance is the Left's largest dark money donor network. Members of the alliance also help fund the Center for American Progress and Media Matters. Eric Kessler, a former Bill Clinton appointee and member of the Clinton Global Initiative, founded Arabella Advisors and acts as president of the Sixteen Thirty Fund.[8] Arabella Advisors has a veritable ant heap of front groups, such as

  • Lady Parts Justice
  • Lady Parts Justice League
  • Abortion Access Force
  • Abortion Access Front
  • Abortion on Our Own Terms
  • All* Above All
  • National Institute for Reproductive Health
  • Center for American Progress

Lady Parts and Abortion Access claim "not all ladies have uteruses" and "not everyone with a uterus identifies as a woman." Many of these groups can be set up overnight with deceptive and local sounding names, such as Colorado Family Alliance, and likewise closed down overnight.

Priorities USA attempted to obtain all Election Day ballots and related materials, absentee ballots and related materials, provisional ballots and related materials, and recount records throughout the state of Michigan from the 2016 election through a suspicious FOIA requests from an out-of-state front group, United Impact Group.[9] The requests were referred to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.[10] Marc Elias of Perkins Coie, who funded the fraudulent Trump-Russia dossier which was used to hoax the FISA court, sits on the board of directors of Priorities USA. Marc Elias also serves as general counsel for the Kamala Harris campaign. David Brock originally headed Priorities USA; Paul Begala, Bill Maher, Jim Messina and Jennifer Granholm are all associated with the group.

The Center for American Progress (CAP), headed by John Podesta, runs a supposed non-partisan group called the Democracy Forward Foundation in which Podesta and Marc Elias sit on the board of directors.[11] Democracy Forward specializes in filing frivolous and harassing lawsuits against the Trump administration.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and American Oversight also have missions similar to that of Democracy Forward. CREW shares employees with Media Matters, the fake news organization founded by Clinton flunky and Democratic operative David Brock. Democracy Forward, CREW, and American Oversight are all approved groups for funding by Democracy Alliance.

Soros launched Democracy PAC with $5.1 million, the single largest contribution as of mid 2019. Soros’s son, Alexander Soros, gave $408,000 to the prosecutor who dropped charges in the Jussie Smollett case.[12] Other Soros family members were frequent visitors to Jeffrey Epstein's "orgy island."[13] Known as the 2020 Project, Open Society Foundation’s funding efforts have been aimed at "building the capacity of community-based organizations to catalyze political engagement throughout the year and not solely around elections," and they feature coordination "with our anchor and core grantees, Democracy Alliance partners and other donors, and field leaders, such as Planned Parenthood, progressive labor, and other allies."[14]

Steyer’s NextGen America is also tied to the Sunrise Movement, and according to the New York Times, the two groups “strategize” together.[15]

Notably absent among this year's megadonors is Harvey Weinstein[16][17] and Jeffrey Epstein. Weinstein is currently facing rape allegations from 97 women,[18] and Epstein sat at the heart of global child sex trafficking ring of liberal elites prior to his death on August 10, 2019.

Data analytics

Once again Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google, is providing assistance to the Democratic National Committee, the DCCC, several primary candidates, Biden, Warren and Booker, and radical front groups, Planned Parenthood Votes and Tom Steyer's NextGen Climate Action. Schmidt's company is Civis Analytics.[19] Schmidt helped Obama in 2012 and Clinton in 2016 by rigging Google search results to favor Democrats and other extreme left causes.

Also ran

The following didn't make the cut:

Name Issues State Morning
Seth Moulton
Moulton, along with Ocasio-Cortez, led the movement to Dump Pelosi as Speaker in 2019. Moulton is a sponsor of the radical socialist Green New Deal. According to his bio, Moulton almost single-handedly was among the first to topple Saddam Hussein from power. Moulton was a top aide to Gen. David Petraeus, who was framed by the Obama administration and forced to resign as CIA director for refusing to go along with the Benghazi massacre cover story,[20] and replaced by John Brennan who weaponized and politicized the CIA to work for Hillary Clinton's election.[21] PTSD sufferer. Moulton says of Elizabeth Warren's free tuition plan "You could literally end poverty in America for five or six years for what she's going to give to kids who are trying to pay for their own college. Half of America goes to college and it's not the bottom half."[22] Compares funding abortion to paying troops.[23] Called America racist for not electing Stacey Abrams.[24] Like Ocasio-Cortez, Moulton thinks a $3 billion tax deferment that's intended to bring in $27 billion in future tax revenue is $3 billion in cash that can be spent now.[25] Moulton has been accused of sexism and ageism and thinks women and the elderly are disposable. Eliminated from the First Debate because he's a straight white male with military experience who wanted to dump Pelosi. MA 70-1
Wayne messam (2).png
Wayne Messam
Mayor of Miramar, Florida. Many of Messam's key staffers are women with connections to Barack and Michele Obama or Florida 2019 gubernatorial loser Andrew Gillum. Gillum's campaign was plagued by an embarrassing ethics and financial scandal in the late stages. Messam's chief strategist and Senior Finance Adviser were involved with the Gillum campaign. Of eight senior staffers, five are women. Among Messam's top issues is equal pay for women, however on April 15, 2019 Messam notified his mostly female staff they would not be paid at all. Messam's initial filing with the Federal Elections Commission showed he had $84,000 on hand, but later the same day he revised his FEC report showing he only had half that amount.[26] Eliminated from debates because he's black. FL 99-1


Unfortunately, the Democratic party and the nation was deprived of the wisdom, experience, and foresight of this illustrious group of leaders.

Name Issues State Closing odds
Michael-avenatti (2).jpg
Michael Avenatti
Celebrated porn lawyer and MSNBC analyst. Prominent Democrat party spokesman. Accused woman beater,[27] embezzler, extortionist and tax cheat. Faces 482 years in prison. Racist. Avenatti told Time magazine the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee: "I think it better to be a white male."[28] CBS reported, "He said the party's nominee in 2020 "better be a white male" like him, because "when you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight."[29] Referred for criminal investigation in the Kavanaugh smear.[30] Withdrew amidst a multitude of personal, professional, ethical and legal problems.[31][32] Avenatti became an enthusiastic backer of the Democrat older white male racist agenda of Joe Biden. NY Scratch
Mcauliffe (2).jpg
Terry McAuliffe
Corrupt Clinton crony, paid Andrew McCabe $700,000 to throw the Clinton email investigation; after the payoff, McCabe was promoted to James Comey's second in command[33] overseeing the pay-to-play schemes involving McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton with a Chinese businessman.[34] McCabe refused to merge the investigations.[35] McAuliffe is a Clinton Foundation board member and was Hillary's 2008 campaign manager. McAuliffe ran Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign which was marred by a foreign influence-peddling scheme known as Chinagate. 120 witnesses either fled the country or invoked the 5th Amendment to avoid Congressional investigations.[36] VA Scratch
Clintonfly2crop (2).jpg
Hillary Clinton
Serious mental and physical health issues.[37][38] Voted against banning the use of cluster bombs against children in Yemen.[39] After leaving the White House the former First Lady committed to "start thinking of the woman who cleans the toilets in my building as a human being."[40] Democrat nominee 2016. Violated the Federal Records Act of 1950[41] by setting up a homebrew server to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act of 1978.[42] Mishandled classified information and violated the Espionage Act of 1917[43] while taking $145 million from Vladimir Putin for American nuclear resources.[44] Compromised and blackmailed President Barack Obama to exonerate her by communicating with him through her illegal server.[45] Obstructed justice by deleting files and smashing evidence with hammers.[46] The Democrat superstars did so poorly making a public impression, despite hype and sympathy from the mainstream media, after Jeffrey Epstein was removed in August 2019 there was speculation she may get back into the race. NY Scratch
Holder-Eric-Kick-em-a (2).jpg
Eric Holder
Corrupt former Attorney General, only U.S. Attorney General ever held in criminal Contempt of Congress — a vote that included 17 Democrats. Advocate of violence to achieve political change, implicated in the massive Fast and Furious scandal leaving tens of thousands of dead along the U.S. border - including thousands of young women and girls kidnapped, raped, murdered or sold as sex slaves,[47] gun running, pardoning terrorists, selling pardons to tax cheats, etc. After Obama's IRS scandal was exposed, Holder oversaw the Secret Research Project,[48][49] the transfer of Obama administration illegal spying on political opponents from the IRS and Treasury Department to the Department of Justice and the beginning of Obama's FISA abuse in 2012.[50] Scratch
Eric Swalwell
Trump-Russia witch hunter, fake news source and classified information leaker on the House Intelligence Committee. Collusion hoax dead-ender, unable to think or act reasonably.[51] Apologized for being a "white guy" and lives in the make-believe world of the Marvel Avengers. Eats peanut butter at midnite. Suggested that the federal government could use nuclear arms against gun owners who resist confiscation. He was ranking Democrat of the Subcommittee on the CIA when director John Brennan organized a spy network to spy on candidate Donald Trump.[52] Likens Obama's negligence in dealing with Russian cyber attacks to 9/11. Refuses to answer if he ever settled a sexual harassment lawsuit while in Congress,[53] or if taxpayer money was used to settle such a claim. Anti-2nd Amendment. Swalwell's ideas are said to have the appeal of gas station suchi. Swalwell begged for $1 donations on his Twitter account.[54] Won a Twitter poll as the Lamest Presidential Candidate Ever, Swalwell 71%, Jeb Bush 12%, Kasich 12%, Other 5%. At the age of 38 Swalwell cashed out his retirement account. According to disclosure statements, Swalwell has no checking or savings account,[55] leaving questions about (a) how he cashes his paycheck for his $174,000 Congressional salary, and (b) how he makes payment on student loan and growing personal credit card debt. His "I will be bold, without the bull," is his most memorable line from 2020 campaign.[56] CA 99-1
John Hickenlooper
Homosexual Colorado governor; proud communist;[57] "extreme moderate" demagogue noted for Marxist doubletalk, words and phrases. Single-party advocate; Hickenlooper stated "I can bring people together to produce the progressive change Washington has failed to deliver." Marxist worm who tries to burrow from within.[58] Open borders advocate. After refusing to answer point-blank if he were a capitalist, the owner of 15 brew pubs now tries to pretend to be a critic of Socialism. Was booed by Democrats when he suggested moderating their stance to mask their socialist objectives. Thinks people are still too stupid to understand that progressivism and socialism are the same thing. Took his mother to an x-rated movie.[59] Hung up on a radio interviewer when asked about the Born Alive bill.[60] After bombing in the First Debate, Hickenlooper's campaign manager and staff bailed days later. Hickenlooper lost his bid to tamp down the Democratic party's extremism and promote stealth socialism, dropped out in mid-August 2019. Hickenlooper mulls running a Senate bid with the cash he scammed donors out of. CO 50-1
Mike Gravel.png
Mike Gravel
Retired U.S. Senator.[61] Strong proponent of environmental issues, supports universal health care, opposed the War in Iraq and advocates for the legalization of all drugs.[62] Gravel was elected to the Senate in 1968, served on the Environment and Public Works Committee throughout his career, on the Finance and Interior Committees and he chaired the Energy, Water Resources, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees. Activist who supports stalking and public harassment. Gravel told a Washington, D.C. crowd that they should protest assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg for bringing criminal contempt charges against Sami Al-Arian who pled guilty to providing material assistance to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[63] "Find out where he lives, find out where his kids go to school, find out where his office is, picket him all the time.” Booted off the First Debate stage when the Democrats reached their quota of old white guys; due to the premature demise of the Millennial upstart Swalwell, the 89 year old Gravel was pulled out of the dumpster for the Second Debate. Gravel however got dumped again for Steve Bullock. Withdrew afterward and divided his support between Sanders and Gabbard. AK 70-1
John Kerry
Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee. Accused of violations of the Logan Act and interfering in American foreign policy. Kerry has advised Iran on how to circumvent the will of Congress embodied in the Iran Sanctions Act. Kerry negotiated the Iran nuke deal, scuttling the Drug Enforcement Administration's decade long Project Cassandra investigation into an Iranian and Hezbollah global narcotics trafficking scheme. MA Scratch
Michael Bloomberg.png
Michael Bloomberg
1%'er. Willing to spend $100 million on a personal vendetta against Trump. Said he'll get back in the race if Biden's harassment and abuse of women and girls becomes an issue. Biden's racist and segregationist background doesn't seem to be a problem for him. In a small world with only 3,000 billionaires there is a level of competition. They all tend to know each other or know of each other. Billionaires tend to hire a manager to run things, be it their own businesses or administrators such as George W. Bush or Barack Obama. Another billionaire who rolls up his sleeves and engages personal success and glory can evoke jealousy among billionaires, who feel themselves equally or more capable of the same job. Tom Steyer, Mark Cuban, Bloomberg, and others have all expressed dismay at the election of Donald Trump. But even among billionaires, there's a club - globalists, who view billionaire anti-globalists as the enemy. NY Scratch
Stacey-Abrams2-e1542057982308 877.jpg
Stacey Abrams
2018 Georgia gubernatorial loser; coulda woulda shoulda been the First Black female governor; likely Biden's pick for VP. Campaigned with Jew-hater Linda Sarsour the day after 11 Jews were murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Russophobe; claims we all will be speaking Russian by 2030 if we don't all die of climate change first.[64] Her pre-recorded Democrat response to Trump's SOTU was a rambling incoherent mess why she lost ala Hillary Clinton, blaming everyone but herself. Activist for dead people and illegal aliens to vote.[65] Still open to being VP. GA Scratch
Merkley (2).jpg
Jeff Merkely
Oregon Senator. Colluded in the Kavanaugh smear with a 15-hour filibuster on the Senate floor. Only Senator to endorse Bernie Sanders in 2016. No relation to German Chancellor "Mother Terrorista" Angela Merkel. OR Scratch
Sherrod Brown
Ohio senator. Criticized Democrat primary frontrunner Joe Biden's past support of segregation. "Politicians should never speak positively of segregationists. Period."[66] Attempt to divide Ohio and hold it for the Democrat camp as the state is necessary to whoever wins. OH Scratch
Martin O’Malley.jpg
Martin O'Malley
Strawman set up as sparring partner in 2016 primary debates with Hillary. MD


Like President Trump's Democratic opponents, establishment GOPe[67] challengers are corporate stooges who want to see the continued decline of American living standards through unbalanced trade deals which impair American competitiveness, "equalize" global wealth distribution and continue destruction of the middle class. (America is thoroughly self-sufficient, and does not need imports of any kind from the rest of the world, other than to beggar American citizens with cheaper foreign made goods). None have a serious chance of carrying a single state. Most are simply unethical fundraising schemes aimed at a gullible public.

Name Issues State
Kasich (2).jpg
John Kasich
Vetoed the Heartbeat Bill after pretending to be pro-life, and vetoed a self-defense which was overridden by the Ohio legislature. Globalist. The favorite of FBI Trump-Russia conspirator Lisa Page among all 2016 Republican primary candidates. OH
Bill Weld
Red headed step child of Mitt Romney; supported abortion and the homosexual agenda as Massachusetts governor, endorsed Obama in 2008 and endorsed Clinton in 2016 even as he ran for Vice President as a Libertarian with LINO Gary Johnson in 2016. Member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations.[68] Corrupt former prosecutor in the Boston U.S. Attorney Office with Robert Mueller. Sick; insane; delusional; Weld has said of Hillary Clinton: "I’ve known her for 40 years. I worked with her, I know her well professionally. I know her well personally. I know her to be a person of high moral character. A reliable person and an honest person." Weld is on Barry Seal's Boss Hogg list.[69] MA Scratch

In the Democratic party, the ability to motivate voters to the polls takes precedence over policy positions and qualifications. (Qualifications and policy positions only apply to Donald Trump). The Democratic party is an amalgamation of identity politics groups built on promoting divisiveness and resentment between citizens, usually between God-fearing patriotic capitalists and everyone else ("the oppressed," for example, those who have never seen a garbage disposal in their life[70]). Virtually all declared and undeclared candidates as of the Spring of 2019 are running for vice-president until the Anointed One appears.[71]

Under FEC regulations, funds raised by this group can be poured into other activities. Politicians have exempted themselves from disclosure requirements mandatory for all other non-profit entities. For example, funds raised for the Stacy Abrams for President fund can be re-channeled into the Stacy Abrams for Senate fund. If a private sector entity were to raise money for one cause, and uses it for another cause, that is considered fraud.

Name Issues State
Howard schultz (2).jpg
Howard Schultz
Ex-Starbucks CEO; required workers nationwide to attend sensitivity training after a racial incident;[72] critic of Ocasio-Cortez and opposes the communist Medicare for All proposal.[73] Grew up in Brooklyn housing project. Announced in June 2019 he'd be suspending his candidacy due to back surgery.
Mark Cuban
NBA oligarch, game show host, greedy capitalist pig, self-centered narcissistic Trump hater.


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