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Jump to: navigation, search is a liberal website that was originally devoted to collecting and debunking urban legends. It was started in 1997 by husband and wife team Barbara and David Mikkelson. Because the Mikkelson's have no formal background or experience in investigative research, it is filled with intentionally inaccurate information. The site is popular with liberals,[1] and it tends to explain away all criticism toward liberal politicians and public figures while giving conservatives the hatchet job. In 2016, Snopes spent the entire year unsuccessfully trying to defend Hillary Clinton.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8] At the same time, Snopes has defended some conservatives, such as its refutation that Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke wears "fake medals,"[9] the claim that the Polish first lady did not shake U.S. President Donald Trump's hand.[10] and even admitted that Trump is a victim of mainstream media fake news.[11] Snopes has attempted to "fact-check" intentionally satirical articles from The Babylon Bee.[12][13]

In July 2017, a financial dispute with an advertising firm forced Snopes to seek crowd-sourced funding. They raised $500,000 on their first day. Also, it has been alleged that Mikkelson has been embezzling company funds to spend on personal expenses and prostitutes. [14]

Mikkelson has been accused of rape and embezzling $100,000 that was spent on prostitutes.[15]

Dana Loesch incident

In March 2018, having been abusively targeted on Twitter indirectly by liberal activists who couldn't meet her arguments on the issues (like David Hogg, who claimed she "controlled" the NRA), radio host and 2nd Amendment advocate Dana Loesch joined with other targets of abuse of free speech to warn that they would watch and report on the Oscars for slights and more serious verbal attacks on America's supporters and its sovereignty.

Brooke Binkowsky, managing editor of Snopes, unprofessionally made an unsolicited reply with a deliberate (and inaccurate) personal slight from her Twitter account with no informational value and surely none regarding fact-checking or targeted harassment of those expressing faithfulness to their country, rather only making a "statement" of her immaturity by joining in on the abuse.[16]

Intentionally inaccurate/misleading information

  • In 2016, the site tried to deny the basic fact that Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist and was later heard laughing about the case in an audiotape provided by the Washington Free Beacon. The site rated this basic fact as "mostly false."[17]
  • Snopes is skeptical about a great number of different topics. When it comes to Barack Obama, they have all the answers even though his records are sealed from the public.
  • They reference Obama's autobiography Dreams From My Father as a debunking source. This despite the book was ghostwritten by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.[18] Controversial subjects such as his birth certificate, Obama's 1981 Trip To Pakistan using a U.S. passport, his college records, social security number, law license, etc., Snopes knows what hundreds of lawsuits have unable to unseal by the courts.
  • Snopes calls concerns about deaths attributed to the HPV vaccine false despite CDC whistleblower publicly stating otherwise.[19]
  • Voter Fraud in 2012 was non-existent according to Snopes [20] except they ignore existing cases such as 35,000 instances of double voting in N. Carolina.[21]
  • Article on if illegal immigrants in detention centers[22] can "leave at any time" says it is "mostly false" because they cannot literally just walk out the door. In fact they can leave by signing deportation papers and will be put on the next available flight to their home country with airline ticket provided at US taxpayer expense.[23]
  • On a meme which stated that Democrats tried to impeach every Republican president since Eisenhower, Snopes admitted that articles of impeachment were introduced against five of the six Republican presidents who served since Eisenhower, yet rated the meme as "Mostly False".[24]

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