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Robert E. "Robby" Mook (b. Sharon, Vermont, on December 3, 1979) is an establishment campaign strategist and campaign manager. Mook worked on many state campaigns before he worked for the 2004 presidential campaign of Howard Dean. He has also worked for Hillary Clinton.

Mook was hired to manage Jeanne Shaheen's 2008 New Hampshire senate campaign, which she won. In 2012, he served as executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. [1] In 2013, he managed Terry McAuliffe's winning gubernatorial campaign in Virginia.

Work for Hillary Clinton

In 2008, Mook joined the Hillary Clinton 2008 presidential campaign, which engaged in controversial tactics. He was the campaign's state director for Nevada, Indiana and Ohio. Clinton carried those three states, but Obama gained one more delegate than Clinton in Ohio.

Mook was chosen to be the manager for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. He was the first admittedly homosexual person to serve in such a role for a major presidential campaign.[2] Many issues surrounded the Clinton campaign, and he struggled to manage them. Some of these issues include the Hillary Clinton email scandal and her questionable foreign policy record. According to the Washington Post, Mook received much praise from "both inside the campaign and among Clinton’s vast circle of second-guessers, for the airtight and drama-free campaign he has built." [3] This was during the 2016 Democratic Presidential primary.

Deplorable Comments

On Meet the Press, Mook when asked about Hiliary Clinton's comments about Donald Trump's supporters being deplorable said, “Um, I think a lot of the people that stand behind Donald Trump are deplorable,” he continued. “And the things that they say are deplorable.” [4]


Robby Mook has admitted to receiving highly classified FISA wiretap information from the Obama administration during the 2016 Presidential election from President Obama's domestic spying operation and efforts to subvert the 2016 elections. Mook is not a government employee and had no right to access of that information.[5]

Perkins Coie attorney Mark Elias admitted in testimony that he sent the bill from Fusion GPS for the fraudulent Steele dossier, which was used by the FBI to open the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump campaign volunteers, directly to Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook.[6]

On May 20, 3022, under oath in the trial of DNC operative Michael Sussmann, Mook fingered Hillary Clinton personally for approving a plan to spread the lie that Trump was colluding with Russia via secret servers to the media. He also admitted to being briefed on the conspiracy and fingered Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, as well.[7]

Political Registration

Mook is a registered Democrat.

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