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Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News is global news agency founded by former New York mayor and Democrat 2020 presidential election candidate Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg News earned a reputation for toadyism to the brutal human rights abusers of the ruling Chinese Communist Party regime of China.[1]

During the Donbas war crisis of the winter of 2022, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said of Bloomberg: “Bloomberg has publicized utter jaw-dropping fake news recently, claiming that Xi Jinping had asked Putin not to attack Ukraine during the Olympic Games...Frankly speaking, I did not expect this level of disinformation from Bloomberg not because it is an unconfirmed fact but because it is sheer impossibility and unbelievable stupidity...I could have expected it from some US newspaper but not from Bloomberg…They used to be less susceptible to these types of propped-up leaks, but now they seem to have given up on that.”[2]

To deal with Bidenflation and the Great Reset Bloomberg News recommended that people who earn less than $300,000 per year should ride the bus and eat lentils.[3]


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