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Sean Misko (b. 1982?) is a Deep State seditionist who as of August 2019 served on leftwing extremist Adam Schiff's congressional staff. Misko is an Atlantic Council Millenium Fellow.[1] The Atlantic Council is in the forefront of Washington, D.C. think tanks with a central policy aim of annexing the Crimea, and it's warm water naval port at Sevastopol, away from its native Russian and Ukrainian peoples and into the globalist European Union.[2]

Misko's boss, Schiff, is beholden to financial contributions from Ukrainian arms dealers.[3]

Ukraine has been beset by violent and xenophobic Neo-Nazi groups for decades whom the Obama administration incorporated into a ruling coalition in 2014 during the so-called "Revolution of Dignity".[4] Democratic operatives Alexandra Chalupa, Victoria Nuland and other Russophobes have been connected to these groups.[5]

Misko collaborated with CIA operative Eric Ciaramella in August 2019 to set in motion Deep State coup 2.0 against American democracy. Misko was close friends with Ciaramella at the Obama White House. Misko was the director for the Gulf States at the National Security Council from 2015 until the first half of 2018. Both officials arrived during the Obama administration and were ousted from the White House during the Trump administration.[6]

Misko was also part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's policy planning staff under Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan.[7]


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