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Donald Trump's age

CNN's Chris Cuomo recently declared that President Donald Trump isn't aging as fast as past U.S. presidents.[1]

Donald Trump, born on June 14, 1946, is 77 years old.

Chris Cuomo said Donald Trump not aging as fast as past U.S. Presidents

CNN's Chris Cuomo recently declared that President Donald Trump isn't aging as fast as past U.S. presidents.[2]

The Washington Post reported about this matter:

Mr. Cuomo stated, “Presidents should have a lot of heavy burdens that weigh on them, and yes, keep them up at night.” The host then showed photos of former Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton before and after they left the White House and how rapidly they had physically aged during that time.

“It’s been almost three years since Trump won the presidency,” Mr. Cuomo said, according to a clip flagged by the Washington Free Beacon. “He looks exactly the same.[3]

Golf Digest on Donald Trump's athleticism

According to Golf Digest:

My main memory of playing golf with Donald Trump—preserved with more care now that he's the president—is that he really went after the ball hard. But the interesting thing is that though Trump's action might have looked a little reckless, it soon became clear that it was quite under control... Trump was 67 when I played with him in 2013 at his course outside Charlotte and in early 2014 at Doral, but he still possessed a significant remnant of big-man athleticism... As a golfer, the 45th president is the real deal."[4]

According to Golf Digest, Trump is the better golfer than Barack Obama.[5] Specifically, Golf Digest said that Trump was the "best golfer ever to hold the presidency."[6]

Donald Trump on Joe Biden's age and his aging

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President Donald Trump has called Joe Biden "sleepy" and said that "he looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to, he’s even slower than he used to be".[7] See also: Biden's age

The New York Times stated:

Meeting with a group of union officials in the West Wing this year, the president appealed for their support in part by tapping on his head and saying, “Biden is losing it,” according to a participant in the meeting who disclosed the president’s comment on condition of anonymity.[8]

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