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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the current owner of HDNet and well known as the NBA Dallas Mavericks owner. Mark became a billionaire by selling his dotcom company to Yahoo. Worth approximately 2.8 billion dollars, he made number 133 on Forbes' "World's Richest People" in 2007. Mark, a native of suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is considered controversial on a number of issues both on and off the basketball court.

Cuban has said he has no problem doing business with the genocidal Communist Chinese regime.[1]

NBA oligarch

He is very passionate having paid well over $1 million in fines for lashing out at officials and referees.[2]


"Independent, leaning to libertarian. I vote for the candidate who I think will do the least." [3]

SEC insider trading scandal

Mark Cuban has been named in an insider trading scandal. Accused of saving $750,000. by dumping his stake in an Internet company just after he heard confidentially that the company was about to issue low-priced shares.[4]

Redacted movie

Cuban had financed the anti-American movie Redacted, which flopped at the box office. It was a story of an alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers.

Mark Cuban Foundation

Through the Mark Cuban Foundation, he matched 1 million dollars of his personal money with donations. All funds to be for families of U.S. military persons killed or injured during Iraq Afghanistan wars.[2]


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