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Michael Bloomberg 2020 presidential campaign

Michael Bloomberg with Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein is currently on trial in New York and California on rape allegations. More than 80 women have accused the Democrat mega-donor of violent sexual assault.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg switched parties to become a candidate for the Democratic party nomination in the 2020 presidential election.

After the only remaining people of color, Sen. Cory Booker and Sec. Julian Castro, were driven out of the 2020 presidential election contest, the racist DNC changed debate rules to accommodate Bloomberg, a rich white man, in an effort to stem the tide of a full socialist takeover of the Democratic party and defeat frontrunner Bernie Sanders.[1][2]

With former Vice President Joe Biden sagging in the polls due to the Biden-Ukraine corruption scandal, Elizabeth Warren's insane healthcare for all plan and unconstitutional wealth tax, Bloomberg entered the race as a Democrat. Biden hired a Maoist, Anita Dunn, to salvage his faltering campaign.[3] Bloomberg posed as the lone moderate amidst the cacophony of leftwing extremists.[4]

Bloomberg, a rich, white 1%'er, is a pro-abortion globalist and opportunist who was willing to spend $100 million of his own money on a personal vendetta against President Trump. Bloomberg represented the Wall Street gang that refused to back Elizabeth Warren.

Earlier Bloomberg threatened to get back in the race if Biden's harassment and abuse of young girls and women and were to become an issue, however Biden's racist and segregationist background didn't seem to be a problem for Bloomberg or Democrats. Bloomberg flipped on racism and now claims to be anti-racist,[5] and only wants to disarm gun-toting, law abiding Blacks and Hispanics.

In his recent television campaign ads, Bloomberg, like Democrats in general (and their liberal media cheerleaders[6]) tend to do,[7] dishonestly attempts to take credit for work and achievements actually accomplished by Republicans.

Record and positions

The 8th richest man flying as Mary Poppins.

With Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden's hope's dashed by corruption revelations in the Biden-Ukraine scandal, Bloomberg was pushed forward by the mainstream media and Democratic National Committee to save the Democratic party from a complete takeover by the violent supports of Bernie Sanders and communists.

As New York mayor, Bloomberg wanted to fingerprint all public housing residents and foodstamp recipients and compared civil libertarians and teachers union to 'NRA ‘extremists’.[8] Bloomberg has mocked the intelligence of people who feed the human species, farmers.[9]

When Bloomberg threatened to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket as Vice President. The prospective ticket was immediately dubbed, super-frisk. Former Clinton campaign manager Dick Morris replied that Bloomberg "better hire a food tester."[10] Most viewed it as a Clinton/Bloomberg personal vendetta against Donald Trump.

Bloomberg seeks to buy the election by hiring all experienced and successful campaign consultants and advisers to either work for him directly, or not work for opponents. Even opposition campaign professionals are paid to keep silent. The Rev. Al Sharpton, for example, never spoke a word about Bloomberg's racist stop and frisk policy when Bloomberg announced his candidacy. Bloomberg's payoffs are laundered through charitable contributions.


Bloomberg campaigned on a program to keep African Americans on the Democrat plantation.[11]

Bloomberg claims 95% of all murderers are minorities:

They are male, minorities, sixteen to twenty-five. That's true in New York, that's true for virtually every city. And that's where the real crime is....You want to spend the money on a lot of cops in the streets? Put those cops where the crime is, which means in minority neighborhoods. So, one of the unintended consequences is people say, "Oh, my God! You are arresting kids for marijuana that are all minorities!" Yes, that's true. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Yes, that's true. Why do we do it? Because that's where all the crime is.[12]

Bloomberg said,

For a long time people have said there's nothing you can do about it. But the blacks and Latinos score terribly in school testing compared to whites and Asians. If you look at our jails, it's predominantly minorities. If you look at where crime takes place, it's in minority neighborhoods. If you look at who the victims and the perpetrators are, it's virtually all minorities. But nevertheless there's this enormous cohort of black and Latino males, aged, let's say, 16 to 25, that don't have jobs, don't have any prospects, don't know how to find jobs, don't know what their skill sets are. Don't know how to behave in the workplace with others collaboratively or collectively."[13]

In an article published in Rolling Stone, entitled, Enter Mike Bloomberg, Exit Black Voters, author Jamil Smith observed that Stop and Frisk

"increased exponentially under Bloomberg, going from 97,000 in 2002 to more than 500,000 in 2006 and 700,000 in 2011. And the federal judge who declared stop-and-frisk unconstitutional in 2013 found nearly 90 percent of the people stopped hadn’t done anything illegal....NYPD officers disproportionately stopped black and Latino New Yorkers — 83 percent of the stops from 2004 to 2012, per ProPublica — despite their comprising about only half of the city’s population. ....I wouldn’t put it past the Wall Street oligarchs to be counting upon this, a forced compromise that will eject a charlatan wrecking their profits with trade wars and install someone who will be more friendly to them — but who will largely leave the most vital Democratic constituencies in the cold, possibly with their hands up and getting searched. This all may be a moot point. Democrats will only win the White House, or the Senate, when they can properly protect voters of color from suppression and give those voters reasons to choose them. That seems like too tall a task for a party hanging its hopes on the likes of Bloomberg. If defeating Trump really is his goal, then his cause is likely lost."[14]

Bloomberg’s support for the scheme, which targeted black and Latino males as young as 13, making their routine harassment and humiliation “just a fact of life in New York”.[15]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Bloomberg's entrance into the field,[16]

"New York City is about 60% people of color.

Stop and Frisk was an unconstitutional, devastating practice for the entire city that intentionally exempted White people from harm.

It was one of the most racist policies I’ve ever lived through that deeply impacted the entire city.
Will people get their records expunged?

Will young people sucked into the spiderweb of incarceration get their lives back?

Unless there is restorative justice, there is no “moving on” from Stop & Frisk. It’s just a billionaire trying to cover up authoritarian & racist policy.

Bloomberg, a certified liar, spent $10 million on a Superbowl ad using Obama/Biden-era video of children in cages in ICE facilities.[17]


Bloomberg said the elimination of a discriminatory housing practices against minorities known as “redlining” was responsible for instigating the 2008 Financial crisis.

“It all started back when there was a lot of pressure on banks to make loans to everyone,” Bloomberg said at a forum that was hosted by Georgetown University in September 2008. “Redlining, if you remember, was the term where banks took whole neighborhoods and said, ‘People in these neighborhoods are poor, they’re not going to be able to pay off their mortgages, tell your salesmen don’t go into those areas.' And then Congress got involved — local elected officials, as well — and said, ‘Oh that’s not fair, these people should be able to get credit.’ And once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn’t as good as you would like.”[18]

Elizabeth Warren commented on Bloomberg entrance into the Democrat field,[19]

"I'm surprised that someone running for the Democratic nomination thinks the economy would be better off if we just let banks be more overtly racist. We need to confront the shameful legacy of discrimination, not lie about it like Mike Bloomberg has done.[20]

Minority contractors

Taxing the poor, sugary sodas, and transfats

Mini Mike, in fish-tail outfit, as star of the show.[21]

Bloomberg justifies taxing the poor for a 32 oz. soda:

Some people say, "Well, taxes are regressive." But in this case, yes they are. That's the good thing about them, because the problem is in people that don't have a lot of money. And so higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior and how they deal with themselves. The question is do you want to pander to those people or do you want to get them to live longer.


Bloomberg supports illegal immigration and is an open borders advocate who told WABC-AM radio co-host, John Gambling:

"You and I are beneficiaries of these jobs. You and I both play golf; who takes care of the greens and the fairways in your golf course?"[22]


Bloomberg apparently does not understand the role of women in society. A former saleswoman sued Bloomberg personally alleging workplace discrimination. She alleged Bloomberg told her to ‘kill it’ when he learned she was pregnant.[23] At the financial data company he founded, Bloomberg allegedly browbeat a saleswoman in front of other employees. He’d just heard that the woman was having trouble finding a nanny, according to the lawsuit.

“It’s a f****** baby! All it does is eat and s***! It doesn’t know the difference between you and anyone else! All you need is some Black, who doesn’t even have to speak English, to rescue it from a burning building!”

The woman, who is not named, “cried at hearing her employer say such things to her, in so public a manner,” the lawsuit stated.[24]

A New York Magazine journalist reported that in his time spent with Bloomberg, he degraded women based on their appearance, in one instance ignoring the conversation they were in to gesture at a woman and say, “Look at the ass on her.” The same article recounts a female politician detailing how the mayor shamed her for wearing flats rather than heels and demeaned the gray streaks in her hair.

New York Magazine also reported on a list of “Bloombergisms,” common phrases and quips the mayor would make. These reportedly included “If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s,” and “I know for a fact that any self-respecting woman who walks past a construction site and doesn’t get a whistle will turn around and walk past again and again until she does get one.”[25]

Bloomberg calls women "fat broads" and "horseface lesbians."


“As Bloomberg’s New York Prospered, Inequality Flourished Too” (New York Times, 11/9/19) is corporate media’s ambivalent way of acknowledging that Bloomberg’s tenure benefited the few at the expense of the many, with the “growth and prosperity” the Times illustrated with the controversial Atlantic Yards/Barclay Center in Brooklyn accompanied by increases in rents, gentrification and [[homelessness.[26]

Most of Bloomberg's elitism can be seen in his most cringeworthy moments.[27] Bloomberg joked about using Predator drones to dispatch his political opponents at a Goldman Sachs event in 2016, stating that they’d be used on a “list of everybody that’s annoyed me or screwed me for the last 74 years.”[28]

Transgender toilets

We the intelligentsia, people who could make it into this room, we believe in a lot of things. In terms of equality and protecting individual rights that make no sense to the vast bulk of people. They're not opposed to you having some rights, but there's a fundamental disconnect between us believing the rights of the individual come first and the general belief around the world.

I think it's fair to say that the rights of society comes first. And so, I don't know how many of you familiar with the the bathroom issue in the United States. Anybody know what I'm talking about? If you want to know if somebody a good salesman, give them the job of going to the Midwest and picking a town and selling to that town the concept that some man wearing a dress should be in a locker room with their daughter. If you can sell that, you can sell anything. I mean, they just look at you and they say, What on earth are you talking about? And you say, Well, this person identifies his or her gender as different than what's on their birth certificate. What do you mean? You're either born this or you're born that.

And you know I will say, in our prison system in New York City we have to have the policy when you walk in, you drop your trousers, you go this way you go that way. That's it. Because you can't mix things in a jail. That's a practical case of where you have to make a decision. But it's so many things that we are nuanced, and the social issues that we're very proud of achieving aren't believed by the vast bulk of the people."[29]

China apologist

Bloomberg, the eighth richest man on the planet, has endorsed shipping American jobs to China.

Bloombereg thinks China is not a dictatorship and its leaders listen to the people[30] when they are not running them over with tanks.[31] 10,000 pro-democracy protesters were murdered in the Tiananmen massacre,[32] for which Chinese leaders were rewarded with entrance into the World Trade Organization by globalists and an $800 Billion (that would be $1 million x 100,000 x 8) trade surplus with the United States. According to Bloomberg News, President Trump is succeeding in making China pay most of the cost of the trade war.[33] Bloomberg is more pro-China than Trump ever was pro-Russia.[34]


Michael Bloomberg is known for his unusual behavior towards dogs. Namely, shaking and tugging dogs' mouths and snouts.[35]

Bloomberg advocates letting elderly people die without medical treatment.[36]

Putin stooge

Bloomberg backed Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression and invasion of the Crimea.[37] Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin highlighted Bloomberg’s comments from an appearance at the Aspen Institute. Bloomberg compared Russia’s move to annex Crimea to the United States colonialism in California in 1848.[38]

Weinstein bailout

See also: Leftwing war on women

Harvey Weinstein was honored at a 2013 ceremony in the New York City mayor's home at where the disgraced movie producer cracked sex jokes and praised Michael Bloomberg. Weinstein expressed gratitude that Bloomberg “dropped a lot of things” in helping bailout his company after it fell on difficult financial times during the Financial Crisis of 2008. The full version of the Bloomberg event, which has been on YouTube since 2013, also shows Weinstein thanking Bloomberg for helping bailout his movie company.

“I called our mayor, and I just said, ‘you know, things are a little topsy-turvy here at the company, you know, we’d be moving jobs to California and we don’t want to leave New York City.’ And the mayor, extremely busy as he was with so many more important things, dropped a lot of things and got it done for us. The mayor’s there in a big way. The mayor was there in a visual way. And I don’t think Bob [Weinstein] and I would be on this stage if the mayor wasn’t there for us, so thank you mayor.”[39]

Weinstein was charged on May 25, 2018 with raping two women in New York. He was charged on Jan. 7, 2020 with sexually assaulting an actress in Los Angeles on Feb. 17, 2013. More than 80 other women have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Weinstein.[40] Weinstein is a longtime leftwing activist and Democratic mega-donor.[41]

Weinstein and Bloomberg appeared to have built a close working relationship as early as 2001, when the filmmaker supported Bloomberg’s bid for mayor. In May 2006, the Mayor’s Office put out a press release with Weinstein to announce that financing for the city’s Film Production Tax Credit Program had increased by $30 million. As part of the news, Bloomberg stopped by the set of The Weinstein Company-produced movie, “The Nanny Diaries,” starring Scarlett Johansen and Chris Evans.

Weinstein joined Bloomberg at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in 2009 to celebrate that Beacon Theatre’s reopening. In July 2010, the pair was photographed walking with Bloomberg’s longtime girlfriend, Diana Taylor, in Sun Valley, Idaho, where they were attending a conference.

In 2014 Weinstein was photographed with Bloomberg at Bloomberg Businessweek’s 85th Anniversary party in New York City. They were also spotted together at another Bloomberg business function in 2014.[42]


These Democrats have received the following amount of money from Bloomberg and endorsed Bloomberg's campaign:[43]

Rep. Harley Rouda: $4.5 million

Rep. Mikie Sherrill: $2.2 million

Rep. Haley Stevens: $2.2 million

CityTime scandal

The CityTime scandal, which federal Judge George Daniels called “the largest city corruption scandal in decades,” was a 2011 debacle in which digitizing the city’s payroll system resulted in ballooning costs and the conviction of three contractors for bilking the city. Unions had rallied against the system, but Bloomberg, who oversaw and championed the overhaul, pressed on.

As long-time city reporter Bob Hennelly noted on WNYC (6/29/11), even though Bloomberg never faced prosecution in the mess, this was his responsibility.

Deutsche Bank fire

For months, Lower Manhattan residents and worker advocates had raised alarm bells about the controversial simultaneous decontamination and demolition of the former Deutsche Bank Building, which had been badly damaged on 9/11. They alleged that shoddy contracting could endanger the community, but the city pressed on despite these loud objections. On August 18, 2007, faulty construction work led to a fire that killed two firefighters, largely because the contractors had violated construction codes that would have allowed for quicker emergency exits. The incident soured relations between the Lower Manhattan community and the administration, and inflamed tensions between Bloomberg and the firefighter unions.


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Iowa caucus

See also: 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses and Fake news in the 2020 presidential election

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was appointed by the DNC as Acting-Winner of the Iowa Democratic caucuses after an app designed by a shadowy group of Democratic operatives failed to accurately award delegates properly in the DNC's Stop Bernie attempt.[44][45] FEC records show the Buttigieg campaign also contributed to the Clinton-connected company.[46] The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), working in coordination with state elections officers, have an existing relationship to ensure computer systems and data collection systems are safe and secure. The DHS reported their offer to review the data system was rebuked by the Iowa Democrat Party.[47] The DNC lost the public's trust in the primary process on very first day of primary voting.[48] Democrats called upon party chairman Tom Perez to resign after rigged results.[49]

Shadow, Inc. is the company that developed the Iowa and Nevada Democratic caucus app. FEC records show Buttigieg for America paid Shadow Inc. $42,000. Former Clinton campaign chairman Robby Mook vetted the app for the Democratic party.[50] Shadow, Inc. was launched by a dark money SuperPAC called Acronym,[51] headed by CEO Tara McGowan, a former journalist and Obama for America operative who is married to a senior advisor of Buttieg’s presidential campaign.[52] Acronym was founded by billionaire Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Hoffman funded Project Birmingham, a covert voter suppression and fake news campaign based on the Russian model during dirty the 2017 Doug Jones/Roy Moore Alabama Senate race. Obama crony David Plouffe sits on the board of Acronym.[53]

On election night the Iowa Democratic party stopped counting when 98% of precincts were counted and Bernie Sanders was ahead by 2,500 votes. Only the the precincts that would likely help Buttigieg were recounted, and the remainder of precincts were weighted to Sanders. Under the apportionment system Buttigieg was awarded two more delegates and claimed victory, but Sanders won the statewide popular vote.[54] Seven of the last nine winners of the Iowa Caucus went on to win the Democratic nomination, and the DNC rigged the election to prevent Sanders from gaining momentum from a victory. Of Buttigieg's 2 delegate margin of victory, 3 were awarded by coin toss.[55] Due to Democrat corruption and election rigging, the Associated Press refused to recognize Buttigieg's claim of victory.[56]

On election night the Iowa Democratic party stopped counting when 98% of precincts were counted and Bernie Sanders was ahead by 2,500 votes. Only the the precincts that would likely help Buttigieg were recounted, and the remainder of precincts were weighted to Sanders. Under the apportionment system Buttigieg was awarded two more delegates and claimed victory, but Sanders won the statewide popular vote.[57] Seven of the last nine winners of the Iowa Caucus went on to win the Democratic nomination, and the DNC rigged the election to prevent Sanders from gaining momentum from a victory. Of Buttigieg's 2 delegate margin of victory, 3 were awarded by coin toss.[58]

Bloomberg News, owned by Michael Bloomberg, tried blaming Trump supporters for the Iowa caucus fiasco[59] after Democrat insiders (Robby Mook) stole election results from Bernie Sanders.[60]

New Hampshire primary

Main article: 2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary

With Biden's usefulness ended in the impeachment sham, the DNC tossed Biden aside and made Bloomberg the go-to guy to Stop Bernie. Bloomberg bought influence with the Democratic party by giving $200 million to Democratic candidates in the 2018 Midterm elections to win back the House, thwart congressional investigations into Obama FBI/DOJ corruption and 2016 election interference, and set up the impeachment sham.

After Sanders beat Biden like a drum in Iowa, Biden hired Maoist and Harvey Weinstein public relations consultant Anita Dunn to takeover his campaign.[61]

Nevada caucus

The DNC removed the individual donor requirement previously required of Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and other people of color to qualify for the Nevada Democratic debate stage, opening the opportunity for Mike Bloomberg to appear.[62] Before the debate people chanted "Bloomberg is a f****** fascist".[63]

South Carolina

Super Tuesday

A woman seized the microphone at a Bloomberg event in Tennessee and shouted, "This is not democracy! This is plutocracy!."[64]

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