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Liberal ideology, and liberal arguments, have their greatest appeal with intellectual wannabees: people who are long in academic degrees but short in intellectual achievements of their own. Perhaps they genuinely fall for the superficial, fallacious liberal logic, or perhaps they just enjoy the attention and extra income in being pseudo-intellectuals and media-promoted experts.

Examples of not-quite-intellectuals who promote liberal arguments include:

  • privileged youth, weak student at Yale, no original work
  • may have virtually flunked out of the pre-med program at Georgetown University, never released his grades, failed to earn a degree at Oxford (and also was expelled from the latter due to rape charges), no original work or ideas
  • Antioch College graduate (geology major), his work is riddled with contradictions
  • described as a "whiz kid," he wrote or did nothing of significance, mishandled Vietnam War
  • fluent in relatively few languages for a diplomat, had no insights or noteworthy work, mishandled Vietnam War and Soviet Union
  • repeatedly passed over for the Nobel Prize due to a lack of achievement, allowed multiple leaks from Los Alamos. Noted Communist.
  • famous for making a few guesses about linguistics some of which turned out to be partially correct. He has not done any work in linguistics in 30 years and just spends his time promoting left-wing politics outside his supposed area of expertise.
  • dropped out of math to pursue the less rigorous economics, but was unable to earn a doctorate even in that
  • claimed to be proving the completeness and consistency of math, a goal Godel proved was impossible. Advocated unilateral nuclear disarmament.
  • Offended millions of Americans by comparing those that died in 9/11 to Adolf Eichmann, notorious organizer of the Holocaust. Had the gall to sue the University that terminated him.[4]
  • privileged youth, rise to the top based upon family name and inherited connections. Currently publisher of the New York Times.
  • poor student
  • insisted that there must be life in outer space
  • flunked the D.C. bar exam; worked on the House Judiciary impeachment staff investigating Richard Nixon. Hillary's work was so poorly conceived and drafted that a member of the Committee, William Dixon said Hillary "paid no attention to the way the Constitution works in this country, the way politics works, the way Congress works, the way legal safeguards are set up."[5] In addition, she also later ended up fired from her position in the House Judiciary impeachment staff by Jerry Zeifman (who was himself a Democrat) and cited the reason for her firing was due to "lying, unethical behavior", including stealing the briefs for the Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas dealing with an impeachment proceeding in 1970 and writing in her brief that there was no precedent to impeachment proceedings requiring counsul.[6]
  • Supported Socialists in the Spanish Civil War. Overrated writer. Went insane and killed himself.
  • Mostly wrote silly comedies, little of substance. Sexual deviant.
  • Promoted, if not created the philosophical view of Existentialism with an atheistic bent, also ended up having to repeat College due to flunking philosophy the first time around. Spent his time promoting various revolutionaries as well as cited Che Guevara as being "the most complete human being of the age." Sexual deviant.
  • Promoted Post-Structuralism, promoted various revolutionaries, including the Shah of Iran and Mao. In addition, was a huge sexual deviant who knowingly spread AIDS after landing himself with the infection. Had also had to undergo two tries at entrance exams and two tries at aggregation, with evidence suggesting that his father managed to convince the proctor to have him pass the exam illicitly.[7]

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Praised Heaped by Pseudo-Intellectual Liberals on Each Other

It is remarkable how pseudo-intellectual liberals praise each other as geniuses. Examples include:

  • Laurence Tribe, who saw the best law students for several decades, insisted that fellow liberal Barack Obama was the "best student I ever had" and the "most exciting research assistant."[9]

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There are two primary motivations for the liberal advocacy by pseudo-intellectuals:

  • it is easier for them to obtain acclaim from the liberal press than from real intellectuals
  • they genuinely fail to understand certain abstractions, such as:
  • how cutting taxes often increases government revenue (Laffer Curve)
  • it should be noted that many economist also fail to understand this [10][11]
  • how guns save more lives through deterrence and prevention than they harm
  • how childbirth has a positive effect on health, and thus abortion harms health
  • how cease-fires always help a determined opponent in war
  • how arms limitations treaties always helps a dishonest adversary
  • they expect superficial, flawed logic to persuade others, such as:
  • claiming that inequality in outcome implies discrimination
  • demanding equal treatment for genders in all situations
  • claiming that the homosexual agenda is like the civil rights struggle by African Americans
  • insisting that government can reduce poverty with more programs

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Superiority Complex

The liberal believes they are superior to others. Not in a physical sense but mentally, they have their high ground and nobody dare challenge. If you challenge Liberal Intellectualism thinking and beliefs, you risk being ridiculed. A good example is the classic Democrats versus Democratics statement. Liberal Intellectualism will say that it is not proper to use the sentence with the word Democrats, it must be proper, so it must be Democratics. However, 'Democrats' will suffice rather well and the reader understands regardless. There are many instances where Democratic politicians use the word Democrats. Howard Dean says "Democrats have a lot of work to do among seniors." The nation's liberal newspapers use the word Democrats. Google's spellcheck prefers Democrats. The website for congress is addressed '' Excuses for insisting are endless and a part of Liberal Intellectualism thinking.

True Intellectualism Among Liberals

Some liberals, while holding false views on God and the world, have made serious intellectual achievements in limited areas.

  • Made significant breakthroughs in psychology that are considered foundational to this day, and was instrumental in developing pragmatism, and the philosophy of pragmatism (ignored by most modern liberals). However, he did not believe in religion.
  • Made monumental gains in modern physics. Like Newton, he saw his work updated and corrected, but many of his discoveries were experimentally proven years after he predicted. However, he was an agnostic communist.
  • Played a significant role in developing the atomic bomb at the Los Alamos Project.
  • Developed the Feynman diagrams in quantum electrodynamics.
  • Successfully discovered the cause of the Challenger disaster.
  • Atheist.
  • A musical genius, he was hostile to family values.

Explanation: some focus their powers of reasoning on the wrong problems, or start with a flawed set of assumptions. Because of their intellectual achievements in one field, they mistaken believe that they are right about everything.


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